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Expat Guide to Living in China

Whether you're already living in China or preparing to move to China, our Expat Guide to Living in China offers articles and reports submitted by expats about expat life in China. For answers to specific questions, visit our China Forum to talk with expats in China.

6 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in China

Expats living in China discuss health insurance and quality of medical care in China.

10 Best Places to Teach Abroad

Anne Keeling highlights the 10 most popular cities for teaching overseas. From Dubai to Bangkok, Doha to Shanghai.

15 Expats Talk about Moving to China

Expats talks about the adjusting to China's squatty toilets, spittoons and small shoe sizes. But, these challenges are outweighed by the friendly Chinese people, affordable tailors on every corner and a surprising number of bakeries.

5 Tips for Living in Qingdao, China

With its huge expat population, expats in Qingdao enjoy numerous expat-oriented social events and local resources. Expats also appreciate the friendly and welcoming to locals, sea view homes in the Laoshan district and Qingdao's international schools.

Thanksgiving in Beijing

For American expats looking to dine out on Thanksgiving, here's a list of several restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinners in Beijing.

Living in Tianjin, China

An expat in Tainjin talks about expat life in China. Tainjin has lots of pollution, lousy winters and hot sticky summers. Having an airport and train station are very convenient. Plus, being 2 hours from Beijing is a major bonus.

Retirement in Nanning, Guangxi Provence, China

An American retiree in Nanning, China appreciates the low cost of living and friendly locals. Unfortunately, the traffic is horrendous -- motor bikes are the fastest way to get around.

Reviews of Schools in China

Reviews and school profiles from expat parents and even a few school administrators in China. Great place to find insight into school facilities, teachers and curriculum. Below are some of the reviews from expats in China:
Submit an International School Review

Dream vs. Reality Report

Most expats have have "dreams" (and fears) about the expatriate experience before they moved to China. If you are already living in China, share how those "dreams" have been fulfilled, and how they have not by filling out our Dream vs. Reality Report.

Submit a Dream vs. Reality Report

Retiring in China Reports

Retiring abroad can be a great option for retirees seeking their dream lifestyle at an affordable price. Help other retirees, who are thinking about retiring in China, by filling out our Overseas Retirement report. Below are some of the reports from expats in China:
Submit a Retire Abroad Report

Having a Baby in China Reports

How did expats choose their doctors, midwives, hospitals? What is childbirth like in China? Below are some of the reports from expats in China:
Submit a Having a Baby Abroad Report

Working in China Reports

What's it like to find a job in China? How difficult was it to obtain a work permit? What types are jobs are typical for expats in China? Below are some of the reports from expats in China:
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Additional Articles
International Schools in Shanghai, China

Shanghai has a number of great international and bi-lingual schools. Some of these schools cater primarily to expats while others have mostly local students. We cover several popular schools in Shanghai and include feedback from parents.

Expat China: 10 Tips for Living in China

Expats living in China find learning Mandarin a big challenge, but most say that learning even a little is very worthwhile. They also agree that the spitting, squat toilets and Chinese culture take some getting used to. Expats share their tips and experiences living in China.

Living in Shanghai - Five Top Tips for Families

Rob Kellaghan shares 5 top tips for families relocating to Shanghai - from where to live to how to meet people.

Newcomers Handbook to China

Modernism and traditionalism, communism and capitalism – all seem to be living comfortably side by side. It's amazing how the Chinese have achieved this as it certainly is not an easy mix to deal with.

Hired in Shanghai: How I Did It

Blogger, Camden, shares tips for finding a job in Shanghai.

Want to teach in China? Here's what you need to do

Practical information about how to get a job teaching in China.

Learning Chinese in Shanghai: China's financial powerhouse

Expat Alex Phillips shares his adventures moving to Shanghai to learn Chinese - he tells how he chose his language school and where to live to his cultural impressions and practical advice for others moving to or traveling to Shanghai.

Sanku Bay Marsh -- Jamaican in China!

There's more to speaking the language than just mimicking the right sounds. Walt explains how one's meaning can be utterly lost without the right subtlety -- a subtlety that comes only with time, practice and a basic foundation in the language.

Invest in China - 10 Points to Help You Make a Wiser Decision

There are plenty of things to consider when you invest in China. Spencer Jan shares ten tips for anyone considering investments there.

China Business Negotiation: 11 Useful Tips

Negotiations in China is a tough thing to master. But with enough practice and a little preparation, you'll do fine. I hope the above tips help you out on your next trip to China.

10 Tips for Moving to China

With its booming economy and increasingly better standards of living, China is a major destination point for expats from all over the world. Author Navjot Singh offers great tips for newcomers to China.

Tips on Employing Domestic Helpers in Asia

Your feelings about hiring domestic help while living in Asia will range from guilt about having someone ironing your underwear to being deprived of the love and attention of your children. Many Southeast Asian countries show high figures of unemployment and you may not just feel privileged to have maids, but may even feel morally obligated to give work to these people.

Culture Shock: It's the Little Things That Count in the Biggest Ways

This hilarious article for expat author, Desi Downey, is a must read for anyone preparing for expat life and those grappling with the stages of culture shock. If you're having a challenging expatriate day, this article will life your spirits!

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