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An Expat Talks about Living in Alytus, Lithuania

Submitted by migleb


What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


How long have you lived there?

10 years

What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?

Hanging out at local bars and city festivals.

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In terms of religious, racial, economic and cultural diversity, are the people of this city or town diverse? Are they accepting of differences? Describe.

The people are very closed up. There is little cultural diversity unlike Vilnius. But there won't be any backlash for a foreigner. People tend to accept internationals. It is a very quaint town and feels very homey.

What are the main industries in this city? What types of career opportunities commonly exist? How do most people find new jobs?

A lot of people have been employed in the refrigerator business a couple decades ago. One of the major Lithuanian refrigerator makers called "Snaige" was situated in Alytus. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt not too long ago and many people were out of a job. The job industry is weak here. In the current economic crisis there is great competition for a simple cashiering job.

In general, what are peoples' priorities in this city? For example, do lives revolve around work, family, socializing, sports, etc.?

This is a very typical Lithuanian city. There is a very small international population. Most people have lived in this city all of their lives and can recognize a lot of their friends by simply walking down the street.

If a friend of yours was thinking of moving to this city or town from far away, what other advice would you give them.

Living in Alytus is very cheap. A simple apartment will run you a fraction of what it does in other European countries. For a foreigner first moving to Alytus will cause great culture shock but after some getting used to you will really love the small details that makes this city great.

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Jun 18, 2013 09:19

Can anyone tell me about house / home prices in Palanga or Klaipeda? I know they are both coastal towns on the Baltic Sea.

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