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Expat Advice: Living in Cuenca, Ecuador

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What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


How long have you lived there?

3 years

What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?

Well if you are suffering from cancer, Alzhiemers, HIV or any other degenerative disease that results from a compromised immune system & HIGHLY recommend you cotact Quantum Health. 419-293-5701 Thats the reason I cmae myself. They practise aleternative medicine w/out chemo, Pharma drugs or invasive surgery & have a succes rate aroung 95%. For bars I recommend La Cigales. Live music the California kitchen. Meet people by practising your Spanish on Calle Larga or check out a dance club there.

Moving to Ecuador soon?

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In terms of religious, racial, economic and cultural diversity, are the people of this city or town diverse? Are they accepting of differences? Describe.

Maybe 10% tourist of anglo Saxon decent. Many Catholics. They love the English lalnguage & white skinned people for the most part. Very accepting & caring people.

What are the main industries in this city? What types of career opportunities commonly exist? How do most people find new jobs?

This reminds me of America 40 years ago. Construcrion is booming. Restaurants are all over the place. Many banks as would be expected.

If a friend of yours was thinking of moving to this city or town from far away, what other advice would you give them.

Bring whatever technology items you can w you bc they are very expensive here. If your car is less than 4 years old you can bring that, if it has a smaller engine.

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Jan 9, 2012 19:21

My understanding regarding the importation of vehicles is that they need to be the same model year (2011 or newer), under 2 liters of displacement and have a sales price (invoice) of under $20,000. There are few, if any vehicles other than subcompacts that meet those parameters such as any 4x4 crossover vehicle or the Jeep Wrangler, for example. In addition, the emissions control systems, airbags, safety systems etc are different. I do not believe the warranties are valid internationally either. I have also been here for almost 2 1/2 years and have yet to me anyone who brought a vehicle with them. You can buy a Nissan Sentra, which is a rock-solid vehicle used all over Asia for taxi service, for under $15,000 including taxes. Not fancy, but reliable and easily repaired.

Jan 10, 2012 08:07

Dont bring anything. If they dont have it here, you dont need it

Jan 10, 2012 09:20

What type cancer did you have and what exactly was the treatment?

Feb 7, 2012 06:35

The only people who can import a car to Ecuador that is more than one year old are former Ecuadorians who are moving back. And those cars are free of duty and taxes. Everyone else is limited to cars of the current or previous model year and the taxes and duty can be as much as 50% or the car's value plus the shipping costs. I have a 2011 Prius and it would cost almost as much as the car is worth to import it to Ecuador.

Mar 25, 2013 04:52

my wife has cancer in her liver - i need info on the alternative medications - PLEASE ADVISE - URGENT. Thank you Rich

Jul 29, 2014 17:06

What do we need to know about driving our vehicles there?

Jul 29, 2014 17:07

South American Explorers Club in Quito! what a fabulous organization for anyone visiting & exploring Ecuador!

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