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Expat Advice: Working in Hanoi, Vietnam

Submitted by radardren

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What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


What are the main industries in this city? What types of career opportunities commonly exist? How do most people find new jobs?

Connections are important.

What type of work do you do and how did you find your job?

Professional architect. Job was advertised in Vietnam.

How did you obtain your work permit? What advice would you have for others about work permits?

Company failed to file required documents.

Have you taken language and cross-cultural training courses to prepare for your assignment? If so, how have they helped you on the job?

No. But did study the language at a local university.

If you were transferred abroad by your employer, were you guaranteed a job upon repatriation? What type of mentoring programs does your employer offer?


What advice would you offer others about finding jobs and working abroad?

Do your homework and work for a reliable company.

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Dec 24, 2010 01:50

what is the situation regarding teaching english in vietnam

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