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GadoGadoGal replied to the thread Teaching in Australia on the Australia forum on December 13, 2014:
donjuanc initially posted:
Is it possible to get a teaching job in Australia? I've been teaching English/ESL around Asia. How easy is it to get a job teaching English literature there? If not, how about a foreign language? I taught Spanish in a US school.
GadoGadoGal replied on December 13, 2014 with:
Hi DJC, I've found this site to be great for general living questions and conversation. If you don't get any responses here, you might try looking on Dave's ESL Cafe ( or the jobs forum of the Living and Working in Australia Forum ( Cheers
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GadoGadoGal replied to the thread Travel and Private Health insurance for Expats on the Australia forum:
cdes9656 initially posted:
Hi, I have been living in Canada for almost 2 years (2 years in mid-Dec) and am about to renew my 2nd Visa. I need to get travel insurance for when I cross the border in order for the Canadian government to re-issue my Visa. My problem is, not many travel insurance providers will give insurance for Australian permanent residents beginning their travel journey from outside their country of origin. World nomads is one of the few I can find. HOWEVER, they won't cover Australian citizens who have lived at the same address overseas for more than 2 years. This means, as of Dec, I won't be covered under travel insurance. I am hoping to travel across Canada and to south america in May so it is paramount of public Alberta Health care can't cover this. I do not have permanent residency in Canada either. Can someone please suggest travel or private health care options for people with my circumstance?? Thank you!!!
GadoGadoGal replied most recently with:
Did you find anything? I've only had experience with WorldNomads, which was great, but unfortunately doesn't work for your circumstances. Have you seen this?
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mhsbd replied to the thread Starting the Visa Process on the Australia forum:
Wilso16 initially posted:
My boyfriend (who is Australian) and I are just about to start the visa application for a de facto spouse visa. We were thinking of doing this process ourselves or possibly employing an Migration Agency to do it but their costs seem very high and there are many to choose from. Can anyone give me some advice on this? Thanks
mhsbd replied most recently with:
Thanks very for the information share with us...
mosvar replied most recently with:
Vicky! Thanks so much for this link I am pretty familiar with the visa appilication but am exhausting all possibilities in research. From that link and the form I needed I ran into this: Attach a cover letter to the application form with • your name; • current address; • reasons for applications; and • list of documents attached to application. If you are waiting for any information to be included with the application say that it will be provided to the Department as soon as it is received. Also offer to provide any further information required by the Department of Immigration. That was so helpful! I reckon there may be more. Reading it now.
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sami1 replied to the thread House Sitter on the Australia forum:
stacek68 initially posted:
I am a language teacher who has recently arrived from Australia with my 12 year son. We are looking to house sit/car sit in San Jose while we both study. We are available from now until mid December. We are clean, tidy and responsible and love to garden. If you need a pet sitter, we would be keen to walk your dogs and keep them healthy and happy.
sami1 replied most recently with:
thank you for share with us.i have already read your messes.don"t worry .....
stacek68 replied most recently with:
I have no idea why this post was changed from the Costan Rican page to the Australian page. I have a house in Australia - I need one in Costa Rica. Could you please change it back to the Costa Rican page please. : )
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sami1 posted how can protect the winter on the Australia forum:
i have a garden.but now here is winter session what can do for my garden ...... please help me................................
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Hey everybody, I am making a thread for people traveling to Australia for the AFC Asian Cup. I will be traveling solo and am looking for cool people to hang out with at the beach and go to the games. Looking for some input from locals/seasoned travelers regarding transportation times and costs, phone service, food and drink suggestions, etc. #ContinentalTyresAFC If you are on the same boat as me join in the conversation, looking forward to hearing from all of you. Regards :)
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catchahat posted Small business apportunity on the Australia forum:
Hello, Dear expats. I am Vilia, originally from North Europe, living in Cuenca Ecuador and looking for partners to make business with Panama Hats. Hats are handmade only in Ecuador but called so because of the Panama Canal builders wearing them at the beginning of XX century. I am looking for parners to sell hats in Australia. The investment for the starter would be not more than few hundred USD. For more info, ideas contact me:
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Nilhara replied to the thread Australian certified trainer on the Australia forum:
Nilhara initially posted:
Does anyone know an Australian registered personal trainer? Pls email me if you do. Thanks
Nilhara replied most recently with:
Living in Sri Lanka
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Does anyone know if my mother is able to ship her belongings free of import duty/tax and GST if she has applied for a contributory aged visa subclass 864 and currently in Australia on a bridging visa. Man thanks in advance.
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Renny14 posted Cat from Sydney to Perth on Sat 8.11.14 on the Australia forum:
I have my cat in the Sydney, Eastern Creek quarantine. I had to send her there since they closed Byford in Perth last November. Anyone could help with picking her up and taking to the airport as they do not provide this service?! I get the ticket for her, and pay your costs. It must be done on Saturday 8.11.2014. Please let me know on Thank you!
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