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catchahat posted Small business apportunity on the Australia forum on November 18, 2014:
Hello, Dear expats. I am Vilia, originally from North Europe, living in Cuenca Ecuador and looking for partners to make business with Panama Hats. Hats are handmade only in Ecuador but called so because of the Panama Canal builders wearing them at the beginning of XX century. I am looking for parners to sell hats in Australia. The investment for the starter would be not more than few hundred USD. For more info, ideas contact me:
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Nilhara replied to the thread Australian certified trainer on the Australia forum on November 10, 2014:
Nilhara initially posted:
Does anyone know an Australian registered personal trainer? Pls email me if you do. Thanks
Nilhara replied on November 10, 2014 with:
Living in Sri Lanka
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aletalot posted Shipping personal belongings if applied for an Aged Visa 864 on the Australia forum on November 09, 2014:
Does anyone know if my mother is able to ship her belongings free of import duty/tax and GST if she has applied for a contributory aged visa subclass 864 and currently in Australia on a bridging visa. Man thanks in advance.
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Renny14 posted Cat from Sydney to Perth on Sat 8.11.14 on the Australia forum:
I have my cat in the Sydney, Eastern Creek quarantine. I had to send her there since they closed Byford in Perth last November. Anyone could help with picking her up and taking to the airport as they do not provide this service?! I get the ticket for her, and pay your costs. It must be done on Saturday 8.11.2014. Please let me know on Thank you!
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Hi, I have been living in Canada for almost 2 years (2 years in mid-Dec) and am about to renew my 2nd Visa. I need to get travel insurance for when I cross the border in order for the Canadian government to re-issue my Visa. My problem is, not many travel insurance providers will give insurance for Australian permanent residents beginning their travel journey from outside their country of origin. World nomads is one of the few I can find. HOWEVER, they won't cover Australian citizens who have lived at the same address overseas for more than 2 years. This means, as of Dec, I won't be covered under travel insurance. I am hoping to travel across Canada and to south america in May so it is paramount of public Alberta Health care can't cover this. I do not have permanent residency in Canada either. Can someone please suggest travel or private health care options for people with my circumstance?? Thank you!!!
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ferran posted A few questions on the Australia forum:
My employer has been discussing the possibility of me moving to Australia to work for one of their locations there. It has been weighing on my mind, and I have done some research. However, I still have some questions that I would like to be answered by some individuals with personal experience. A little information about myself: I work in Human Resources, and I have an MBA with a Human Resource Management focus. I have traveled, but I have never worked in another country. 1. How much of a culture shock or change in culture will I experience moving from the USA to Australia? 2. How do you think my education and experience in the states will transfer over into the business culture in Australia? 3. What are some things (even small things) that are overlooked when considering working in another country? I thank you for you time and thoughts! Ferran
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Melbourne, Australia was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
If you don't like it somewhere, move away! (Continue)
ghonline posted Monthly Luncheon with Frances Mirabelli on the Australia forum:
Come and hear Frances Mirabelli speak on 'AMA Victoria - What this organisation does and my role as CEO' at Graduate House's monthly luncheon. Frances Mirabelli became the CEO of AMA Victoria in March of 2014. Prior to this appointment she held many senior roles in the health and aged care sectors, including as CEO of the Mayflower Group (retirement living, aged and community-based care), as Chief Operating Officer of Wintringham (housing and care for the homeless) and as Deputy CEO of LASA Victoria, the peak body for the state’s aged care industry. Ticketing Details: Full: $40, concession: $35, non-resident members: $30, resident members: $10. Booking Essentials: Book by Monday, 10th November 2014, via our website or call us at 03 9347 3428 or email us at show contact info or in person at the venue 220, Leicester Street, Carlton, VIC 3053.
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stumpy replied to the thread Moving to Australia (studies, work, life) on the Australia forum:
edvinas initially posted:
Hi! I'm Edvinas and I'm from Lithuania (little country, you probably never heard about it). I'm currently 18 years old. This year I'm finishing my school (you have to learn here 12 years and our education system is strong) and I'm planning to emigrate to Australia.. But I need your help. I want to study IT in Australia (because I love it ). I believe I know more and I can do more with computers than some people who works in IT companies I have questions I need you to answer.. I would want to begin my studies in college and then, after few years, I would want to study in university. I cannot study in university from the start because I do not have enough money for it. So.. 1. If I study IT in college, will I have time for work? 2. If yes, is work hard to find? Maybe (if I'm good enough) it is possible to find a job in office? 3. If you work and earn some money would it be enough to cover the expenses of living and studying? 4. Which city you would recommend to me? I'm thinking about Perth or Melbourne They both look good. I like the laidback style of life so I believe Perth would be a good choice for me, but I have read somewhere that Melbourne has a lot more and better jobs (IT). As for me, I could work with MS Office (word, excel, powerpoint), photoshop. I know how to create websites (CMS, HTML+css). I have certificates that I finished studies of ms office, photoshop, responsive web design and CompTIA a+ (2012 objectives)
stumpy replied most recently with:
First thing to do is to find a course that suits your study needs. Then a student visa. You should check out this website for visa information and applications. Australia is an expensive place to live. Perth is officially the highest cost city to live in. For cost of living On a student visa you can only work part time 20 hours a week. I suggest that if you do decide to come you should have enough money to pay for the full course fees and have enough to survive on for at least 3 months. Unemployment is rising here and so jobs are becoming harder to find, even part time. Good luck.
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stumpy replied to the thread pets on the Australia forum:
strumoloa initially posted:
I have a small dog a 10lb Chihuahua. I would like to ship him to australia what is the best and most inexpensive way
stumpy replied most recently with:
There is no cheap way. Customs and immigration are very thorough when it comes to importing pets into Australia to avoid any exotic diseases getting into the country. You will need vaccinations and heaps of paperwork. I suggest you check out companies who transport pets overseas.
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