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brightonprincess replied to the thread consular help for Honduran citizen in Mel on the Australia forum:
brightonprincess initially posted:
hi there. does anyone know which other foreign mission provides consular assistance to Hondurans currently in Au? Ive tried Mexico without luck Lost passport situation
brightonprincess replied most recently with:
I'm afraid the closest consulate is in Tokyo or Taipei. Ive dropped them an email so fingers crossed they can direct me to someone local
stumpy replied most recently with:
Try Honduran Consulate 83 Clarence St Sydney. ph 0293508115 Don't knw if it s still operating. You may have to try NZ to see if they have an Embassy or Consulate there.
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stumpy replied to the thread What should i do if i can't graduate normally? on the Australia forum:
sandyhanfeng initially posted:
What should i do if i can't graduate normally? That's the problem that many overseas students may ask. Don't worry, i can help you. I am diplomasellers, click the website, you can get whatever university diploma you want from us. Our universities various from American to Australia. Any more questions, you can ask me. My email address is Hope to see you soon.
stumpy replied most recently with:
So you are selling fake diplomas...
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KentuckyAussie replied to the thread Casting Exciting New Expat Series on the Australia forum:
stilson initially posted:
Hello expats! I am currently casting for an amazing new docu-series that is looking for compelling stories from US expats about their experiences living abroad. Please email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself and your experiences living in a foreign country, or with any questions you may have. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you! Sophie
KentuckyAussie replied most recently with:
Hello - My wife Km and I (both in our early 50's) relo'd to Oz 4 years ago. For both of us, it's our 1st expat living/working experience. For her in particular, it's quite new, as up to then, she had never lived anywhere but Louisville, KY in her entire life. Since coming to Oz, she has become the Marketing Manager for the Courier Mail (Brisbane's major daily newspaper) and through this position has met may of the most famous people in Australia (politicians, sports heroes, etc.). Meanwhile, I work for a management consulting firm that serves Australia's booming/busting resources industry, which has taken me all over Australia, including to many areas in the 'bush' and 'outback' that tourists or major city dwellers (even natives) rarely visit. We have enjoyed our Oz expat experience so much that I am now in active discussions with my firm about our next adventure, which could well be Dubai. You can reach me at Cheers, Russ
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stumpy replied to the thread Cost of Living in Sydney vs Melbourne on the Australia forum:
blr2oz initially posted:
I am moving from Bengaluru to Australia with my wife and two sons (first son is 8 year old and second just a year old). Need advise in choosing the city - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth. The most important factor for me is cost of living and then the schooling for my son. Please help.
stumpy replied most recently with:
For cost of living Just be advised that Australia is not a cheap country to live in. Rents are high in the cities.
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stumpy replied to the thread LOOKING FOR MY SISTER on the Australia forum:
DUDE01 initially posted:
HI , i am currently living in budapest , and I,am trying to track my sister, MRS I V JONES WHO LIVED IN ALBANY , PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA. DOES ANY ONE LIVING IN THE AREA, KNOW OF THEM OR ANY WAY I CAN FIND HER ADDRESS ON TH INTERNET . I WOULD WELCOME ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS AS DESPERATELY, NEED TO CONTACT HER MY CONTACT IS or uk mobile number 07523280393 you can text me on this number . thank you in anticipation, for any help
stumpy replied most recently with:
Google 'white pages perth'.
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amit1arora posted Primary education in South Australia on the Australia forum:
Hi I am Amit, an IT professional migrating to Adelaide in first week of May 2015. I will be accompanied by my wife who is also an IT professional. And also with my daughter who is 8 years of age. My question is related to her only as I need expert advice for her schooling. Being Indian, she has to learn a lot to adjust with Australian culture. I wonder if any one suggest some good schools for her in which she can adjust, preferably in Findon Suburb if possible. Any suggestions are welcomed and admired. Regards Amit Arora
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catchahat replied to the thread Small business apportunity on the Australia forum:
catchahat initially posted:
Hello, Dear expats. I am Vilia, originally from North Europe, living in Cuenca Ecuador and looking for partners to make business with Panama Hats. Hats are handmade only in Ecuador but called so because of the Panama Canal builders wearing them at the beginning of XX century. I am looking for parners to sell hats in Australia. The investment for the starter would be not more than few hundred USD. For more info, ideas contact me:
catchahat replied most recently with:
Hi, Jim. I can not contact you directly . Please write to me from your personal email. Want to send you a package of information. It is a great opportunity. Thanks Vilija.
zakzakeri replied most recently with:
Would you please send pictures of hats nd also mention price.
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Canadianonthemove replied to the thread Relocation Packages to Australia on the Australia forum:
Canadianonthemove initially posted:
Hello all, My family (me, my spouse and three young kids) are potentially transferring to Australia with my spouses work for a 2 year term. We are trying to negotiate a relocation package, but don't really know the expenses there (we are in Canada). Also, we may have some choice of city, and I am hoping for a city that may have opportunities for me as well (either academic/research or community based social science research). Thanks in advance!
Canadianonthemove replied most recently with:
Thanks for the reply! I am a social science researcher, and my PhD is in geography, looking at community building around local food, including Indigenous food security work (in Canada). My real research love is work in Brazil (and I have done a lot of work there in the past) but I figure that is not realistic moving to Australia! :) I currently do consulting on community engagement and research type stuff for some local NGOs in Canada (and some Brazil food movement research for a university here)... so I am open to a bunch of different options, I just don't want to move somewhere with NO options! Thanks!
GadoGadoGal replied most recently with:
Hi COTM, In terms of work opportunities for you, if you can be a bit more specific that would help. The ANU in Canberra is the oldest research university in Australia and remains high in international rankings. Depending on your area of interest there are also great institutes and universities in Sydney, Melbourne, and other states. The exchange rate is still favorable for Canadians, however as others have mentioned the cost of living in Australia is generally high. Anything that is imported (i.e. most things) carries high prices. If you're accustomed to accessing cheap imports or seasonal things year-round, you'll be paying more for them down here even with the exchange rate factored in.
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Hello, I hope you don't mind me posting on this forum. My name is Sam and I am a television researcher for 12 Yard Productions. I know it is a bit of an obscure ask but I am on the look out for British families who have emigrated to Australia to take part in a brand new pilot game show for the BBC. The show is going to be called 5 Star Family Reunion and is a game show where eight family members play in real time across the globe in a series of general knowledge rounds. Four family members must be UK based while four expat British family members are based overseas. The basic idea is to answer questions in order to win a family reunion in Oz. Ideally we're looking for families who haven't had the chance to see their UK based family in person for a while, years even. If anyone is interested or knows of anybody who they think might be interested please email me and I can get in touch with more information. My email is Thank you, Sam
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Perth, Australia enjoy diverse cultural options despite the fact that it is in a geographically remote area compared to Melbourne and Sydney . Find some ideas on how to make the most of expat life in Perth. (Continue)
aaronbennis replied most recently with:
Greetings Joshua, Thank you for the FYI update on Perth. Now, what about the general cost of living factors of Perth, compared to Sydney or Melbourne? If I need to ask, then I cannot afford it, maybe? :-)
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