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Chui replied to the thread Cost of living in Nassau on the Bahamas forum on July 26, 2014:
Dally1963 initially posted:
Hi can anyone give me a ball park figure for the following please: A TV Package with sports channels An average grocery shop for a couple Monthly utility bills during the winter and the summer. Thanks
Chui replied 57 minutes ago with:
Hm, I did wonder! It seemed too good to be true with some UK comparisons
clcizme replied 1 hour ago with:
That comparison engine is not accurate at all. I live on GBI and have another condo in NYC, so I used the two that I know. Not even close. It was partly right on things for NYC, like grocery prices and utilities. But it wasn't right on much else. For Freeport, completely wrong. Groceries weren't even close to the actual costs. I can't speak for prices in Nassau, but it seems that isn't a good tool. Just letting you know.
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SoulChef replied to the thread relocating (?) to Nassau on short notice on the Bahamas forum:
tinyfrogs initially posted:
Hi, I've been offered a job in Nassau. The job itself is quite interesting. The decision about whether to take it is very hard. They want my response next week and my arrival in less than a month. We have many factors to consider. Among them, the salary might be modest considering cost of living on New Providence (I have a wife, baby, and dog). We'd need to rent a place within 2 weeks of arrival and we'd also need a car. We know to expect higher prices on almost everything, but our lifestyle can be modest. We'd prefer to live in a simple, relatively quiet retreat with some private outdoor space, but we have little idea if that is possible there. So I am somewhat concerned about affordability, but I'm at least as much concerned about safety. St. Thomas seems to have many similarities to New Providence but not as large. We had mixed feelings about leaving that island. At the time, we didn't think it likely that we would ever live on an urban island again. Had our circumstances been just a little different, I think we would have much more fond memories of STT. But there was also a rise in crime on STT and most of the people we met were much more into partying than simple living. Our dog factors into both affordability and safety. Leaving him behind is not an option. He is expensive to own (food) but the love and security he provides is priceless. I am more concerned about transporting the dog than anything else in the travel phase, but I know I can work it out. We are an adventurous lot, and while it would take hard work to relocate, it's a good opportunity for me right now. What a ramble. I guess I hope someone can tell me about living in Nassau with a family. Thanks.
SoulChef replied on July 24, 2014 with:
PS: You will need papers for your dog too. You won't be able to just bring him in. Here's some info that may help:!ut/p/b1/vZTLbqNAEEW_JR-Q0N00YJbYvMz7bWCDMAYb8zJ2DIavHzKziSIl2UzSvWrpdt26R6UiYiIk4jYdymP6WnZtWr-9YzohgaRzHF7pEgVosPUtjbMYGZkUTeyIUI5mg--2o7B1ipM9yHHZoGOVQRDriZ5FgtbsL2J_VDaULFFkcTIsy_C4uO_XpKwWsX05tPWh7QoH03lEdSJwWSbLklx5Lh7K7N7mMKjYYj1vVYGaA-rEn8WxniaGSyLcqQ45kPYxeRiobbx85Xd3QXS624FPxaxDeWrqk9--7lqpBnvPgdKswZtiF0OcDDANHPvpaQkZLSHBJ4cD3zH49_8zAQbfM4y_lLxV-Cv4qsUvK9iIiBYB807gBQBsIeAcF9oAy4jwiBDgxD1Pl-1czc4ZjMDzbNIQRgTnwNCrq2t4wsN9laDHmZMmjLqPR8OnNF0zFJ0N9YPo-Gv3zpTGuFD9YGgij10MN5BWfQq4JvxpQ4kyVwsCxrM4CgFJBb9t-LtIJcskfzzhh6H5_4YKEZf75mXMmhfwQlIrzLAsjdEK0TRkiODsY4q_LavGeqjSpVDufcQrUolPa05ND1yjH0pXY2tNlmlLgJ3aX-udOeqQ3LhOOPNmLvQXv0cXs8kiGSNUhUIR6iw-Yw-wnfaY68qt-008-SdbZ3CyvzPX6-oZT6fyNplj6exFaMO48Y6MWTeZE8RskLSPwI-laUYqvaNF4chWbOk2fIKiGvjR4GQlM3B3wbybV5heZ8lYCyk_uZoSsKZ6SqAvsDAS8sPtZlV7Q9m8cTDkrsmJSzOoGu3Ic_ju5tzTHxXEPcw!/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/
SoulChef replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Make sure you have your papers IN HAND before you arrive from the employer otherwise at Immigration they will ask you your purpose for being here and you will have to show it in order to remain for an extended amount of time. Everything is expensive so keep that in mind. Read some of the previous postings here. Alot of what you are asking have been answered and will give you lots of info. Renting a place on short notice will be a challenge. Try or and just type in Bahamas. There are a lot of short term rentals if you need something ASAP. Good luck.
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SoulChef replied to the thread Opportunities? on the Bahamas forum:
Allie0318 initially posted:
Hello All!! I have had my Spousal Permit for a few weeks now and was wondering if anyone knew of any job opportunities? It seems to be really hard to find things online down there but I am looking to relocated ASAP!! My background is in insurance (health primarily) but I am open to just about anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Allison
SoulChef replied on July 24, 2014 with:
You've got your permit already and you just married in May? That's amazing; one for the records.
Allie0318 replied on July 11, 2014 with:
Dolfie yes I am! We tied the knot in May! :)
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breija replied to the thread Moving to Nassau on the Bahamas forum on July 24, 2014:
anghanee initially posted:
Hi All, I was given a job offer to work in Nassau that pays a monthly salary of 5000 USD and a company vehicle. I am a married mother of an 8 yr old girl. My family would be migrating with me. Is that salary more than enough to cover rent, school fees for my daughter and living expenses? My husband would nee to find a job in Nassau. He's a trained personal bodyguard. Is there a market for that job in Nassau? Please help
breija replied on July 24, 2014 with:
You said that the salary and vehicle are the only offers - if you get a company vehicle, it would make sense to try to negotiate living expenses ( including rent) and school fees. These can be pretty expensive. To live in a safe area with a family, you are likely looking at $1500 and up. As for a job for your husband, it is really important to remember that to be able to get a workpermit here, a potential employer would need to be able to certify that they cannot find a Bahamian who is willing and qualified for the job. So, this may be a tougher prospect. Good luck!
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Opportunities for those residing in Bahamas. Job offer close to you.
Dally1963 replied to the thread Cars and Driving in the Bahamas on the Bahamas forum on July 17, 2014:
Dally1963 initially posted:
Hi My husband and I are thinking about moving to the Bahamas for 2/3 years. We currently have a car which we have only had for a couple of years which is worth about £17,000. Is is right that wee had the car shipped across that we would have to pay import tax at around 50-75%? If this is so we may have to think about leasing a car. Does anyone know of a company that does this that I can check out some prices from please. Secondly how long can we drive in the Bahamas on our UK licences. I have heard that we would need to get an international licence. Does this mean we will have to take a test or is it just about filling in a few forms and applying for one. Thanks
Dally1963 replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Thanks for that really useful especially the news that we won't have to sit another driving test!
breija replied on July 15, 2014 with:
If you are only coming for 2 to 3 years, it really does not make sense to bring your vehicle. Duties are anywhere up to 85% depending on the vehicle. That said, there are plenty of used vehicles that you can purchase as the expat community is constantly in flux. Nassau Motor Com; Nassau Bus & Truck, and numerous other auto sales companies are options - probably options that are most reputable - for leases or off lease purchases. Without knowing the other new & used dealers well, here is the link for NMC's used vehicle listings: These are pre-owned and off lease listings. As for driving on your UK licenses, once you have a work permit, you should get your Bahamian licence (not an international) - you do not need to give up your UK licence, and you can use a valid UK licence to get your Bahamian licence without requiring testing - just paperwork. If you are a non-working spouse, once you have a spousal permit, you can get your Bahamian licence. Hope that helps!
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Allie0318 posted Opportunities? on the Bahamas forum:
Hello All!! I have had my Spousal Permit for a few weeks now and was wondering if anyone knew of any job opportunities? It seems to be really hard to find things online down there but I am looking to relocated ASAP!! My background is in insurance (health primarily) but I am open to just about anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Allison
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: From duties on household goods to bringing your dog, expats in the Bahamas offer advice for expats and people moving to the Bahamas. (Continue)
terethetiger1989 replied most recently with:
In my research I learned if I only stay there for six months without working everything will be fine.. If I stay longer then 8 months I have to report in.
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terethetiger1989 posted Looking for a male room mate on the Bahamas forum:
Hello.. My name is Tere I am a single 50 yr old female living close to the beach in white rock BC Canada. I plan to live in the bahamas for six months a year beginning in april of each year. I am looking for a nice honest gentleman close to my age who will rent me a room at his home for half a year every year. can you e-mail me at tere64@shaw to exchange pictures and get to know each other. I have been to nassua visiting my friends there
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sdamazo posted Buying land in Exumas on the Bahamas forum:
Hello, I am interested in buying land in Exumas (for reference: 23°31'35.7"N 75°47'43.5"W) and would like to know if there is safety issues to consider. /r/ Shirley
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