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tinadav replied to the thread Need a tenant for Apartment on Paradise Island on the Bahamas forum on May 20, 2015:
tinadav initially posted:
Hi guys, I am in search of a tenant for a 2bed 2 1/2 bath apartment on Paradise Island. If this interests anyone please send me a message (PM). Thanks
tinadav replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Sure, check your private message.
jlb5217 replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Do you have pics? Thanks.
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QueenBC posted British female looking to socialize. on the Bahamas forum on May 19, 2015:
Good Evening, I've been in Nassau for a while now and I'm extremely bored and lonely as my boyfriend works a lot. I'm 27 from the UK and looking to mix and socialize with other expats. Message me if you would like to meet up and socialize. Becky
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goingtropic posted lets do something on the Bahamas forum on May 19, 2015:
Ok, I have lived here a month (but visitors kept me busy) all are gone and it is time to start LIVING.. here. Husband is in and out of the country often, I work during the day, but would like to meet some of you for a drink or a coffee, and maybe start making some expat plans. Anyone up for it? I currently live in Sandyport.
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windersnest posted Chinese supermarkets on the Bahamas forum on May 18, 2015:
I heard there are Chinese supermarkets here. Where are they located?
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paradisebound initially posted:
Hi All I have read page after page on this forum with great interest, but feel I still have so many questions in preparation for our move to Nassau from the UK this July! Many of the questions have been asked before, but I've noticed that many of the replies have been in PMs so I've not quite found all of the answers I was looking for. By way of background, my husband has recently secured a job at St Andrews school and will be starting this August. I am currently an Insolvency lawyer in England, and don't yet have a job to move to. I understand that it is very difficult for trailing spouses to secure jobs/work permits, but I'm willing to give it a good go! Whilst I have several years experience, I only qualified in October last year and so I am told that I would be better to find something once I'm there rather than to use a recruitment agent (partly due to their fees and partly due to abundance of lawyers already working in the Bahamas). Accordingly, my questions are as follows: 1. On the basis that my husband will be based in the East and (hopefully) when I find employment it's likely to be in downtown Nassau, which area would you recommend we focus our housing search (we're looking for a secure 2 bed apartment in a gated community with pool access)? I have read that the commute to downtown from the East is horrendous and that most ex-pats seem to live in the West, would this be a realistic commute to St Andrews? (Please note that we only intend to buy one car and whilst I'm content to use public transport, I anticipate that I will no doubt have to work very long hours and would only be content with this if the public transport is safe enough (and reliable) to use after dark. 2. I'm told that finding an apartment without engaging a realtor will be cheaper, are there any recommended websites that aren't run by realtors to source one, or are we best waiting until we get there? Please note, since we don't know what my income will be (if any) we are limiting our budget to $2k and there appears to be very little inventory for this online. 3. If anyone here does work in law or insolvency, what are typical hours like in the Bahamas and should I expect similar annual leave as in the UK (circa 4 weeks) or is it more like the US with 2 weeks per year? 4. Given the climate, do people still wear business suite to work? (we're trying to clear out anything we won't need!) 5. I've read a lot about safety/crime, but again many of the responses to women with these questions appear to be in PMs. We live in Manchester, so I'm very aware as far as city living goes, however should I be nervous about travelling home from work after dark, or indeed out and about on my own during the day outside of our residential community? 6. In terms of deciding what to bring, we're hoping to just fill suitcases and pay for extras if necessary and bring mostly clothes. Are there any other particular items that you took from home that you were really pleased you did, or conversely didn't take and really wish you had, particularly with regard to the high cost of goods in the Bahamas versus the high cost of shipping/import duty? 7. Similarly, I've read so much about the import duty - will they really charge us 40% of the original cost of our used clothes? Will they go as far as to charge import for things like wedding/engagement rings or is that just taking it too far? I looked at the list published on the government website and saw that it goes into such detail as to include pens etc, I just can't imagine this really being the case! 8. Anything you know now about moving that you wish you knew before?? Thank you for taking the time to read. I should be grateful for any advice you can give!
Pocahontis replied on May 12, 2015 with:
Hi mgo, so nice to hear some good things after reading so much bad and scarey stuff. My husband has the opportunity to work in Bahamas and myself and my 7 year old son would relocate wih him . Currently we live in Brighton, UK. Ive been a bit alarmed by the info on here about violent crime & murders!! 45 so far his year!!! Dont think here is even a quarter of that in Brighton in one whole year. What do you think, is the move worth it, is it a sunshine paradise with good opportunity to make friend's and socialise? What line of work are u in? My husband is in construction.
casalibre replied on May 11, 2015 with:
CABLE BEACH is very safe, especially near the bahamar and breezes.
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Chui replied to the thread Grand Bahama v New Providence for safe living & medical care on the Bahamas forum:
Chui initially posted:
Hi. We live on one of the family islands but have friends who may move to New Providence or Grand Bahama. What are your thoughts on safety these days in each island? Where are the best areas to live at the moment on each island? (last posts on that topic are a few years old so thought I'd ask again) Also what is medical care like on each island? Thanks!
Chui replied on May 11, 2015 with:
Thanks casalibre. Its reassuring to know there are good areas!
casalibre replied on May 11, 2015 with:
We just moved to the Island of Providence Nassau, we are located in the area of cable beach. We have been here only a week, and we have taken the bus to downtown, and walked all around cable beach. So far so good, the area is very safe day and night, we are next to the bahamar and breezes, people seem nice and friendly. The busses don't run after 7pm so that makes it a little creepy to take taxi cabs when they look rather suspicious with the lights off. All we can say about the area we are at, is that it is safe, and it will only get safer once the bahamar is finished. GOOD LUCK!
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Nrik posted Immigration: Looking for information on the Bahamas forum:
Hello everyone! I have a few questions for you. Maybe you are in the same situation or maybe you know someone that is/was! I am a manager of a sales team that is all around Americas. I live in Montreal and i HATE winter! I am single and no kids and my company doesn't mind where i live as long as it is close to an international airport. I am evaluating my options and the Bahamas seem to be a nice place. Question 1: Is that possible? My job requires me to fly somewhere in Americas (Usually in Canada or USA or mexico) 2-3 weeks out of 4 to meet with my staffs. I can do this easily with my Canadian citizenship. Would it be that easy once living in Bahamas? Question 2: Is it easy to immigrate? What steps should i know? Would it be simpler to fly there and meet with government officials? I would not "work" in the Bahamas but always fly back to the continent to do it. Would i be right to think i would not need a work permit? Only a residency? Thank you very much :)
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frankielitz replied to the thread Sandyport Real Estate Sites on the Bahamas forum:
frankielitz initially posted:
Hello, My wife and I and daughter may be relocating to the Bahamas and it's likely that the Sandport area will be where we live. Can anyone reccomend some good real estate sites for renting a home. I've checked on line and there is so much information and hard to seperate the good from the bad. thanks...
frankielitz replied most recently with:
Thanks for this goingtropic!
goingtropic replied most recently with:
I actually just moved here and ended up in Sandy Port also, love the convenience of everything around this location. I used Kerryann Pearce Island Living Real Estate #701 Bay Street, Nassau Tel: (242) 322-7979me. Kerryann was great, only showed me places with exactly what I told her was necessary and very patient till I found what I wanted.
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bergie posted Carnival Junkanoo on the Bahamas forum:
Hi! does anyone know if it is worth it to get the VIP Junkanoo passes for this weekend? Has anyone gone before? Advice?
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lmh initially posted:
Hi, I am moving to Nassau with my 3.5 year old and my 4 month old and am interested in activities and playgroups for them. I currently live as an expat in Grand Cayman and we have a lot of Mommy and Baby groups that meet on a specific day each week as well as local weekly events/activities like story time at the local bookstore, or a toddler play days at the gymnastics centre. Does Nassau have anything like this and is there a resource for finding out what events are going on in Nassau for kids/families? I lived in Nassau for a year a while back but did not have kids at the time and never gave it any thought. This time back, these things are priorities. Thanks in advance.
andrewroberts replied most recently with:
When, I was new to the city, I found on web search. Here kids learn various new lessons on social skills. For good Playgroup there, check affiliated local schools on the web.
MooMoo replied most recently with:
There are a few groups for Moms with young kids. 1) On Tuesday mornings there is an art class at the New Providence Community Centre (in the west). I'm not sure what ages it goes from and to but our daughter has been going since before she was one and is now just over two. You can call them for more details. 2) There is a book reading for kids at Logos book store at the Harbour Bay shopping centre (east) on Wednesday mornings 3) Music morning at the New Providence Community centre on Thursdays, morning and afternoon. These are really good places to meet other moms and dads and many form up for playdates based on age and area where they live If you're looking to meet people and you're not a parent then try joining groups where you have an interest, like sports or culture etc. There are not many pure expat groups as such, people tend to just meet for activities, at events and then get together socially once they have established a connection. Volunteering is another way. The Humane Society for instance is a great place to meet people, they have quite a few events and once you are involved you see many of the same people frequently. I'm sure there are lots of other opportunities for volunteering too.
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