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Hello. My name is Tere. I live in BC, Canada. In about five to eight years from now I plan on living in the bahamas for six months a year every year. I have two friends in nassua who might help me. I am also looking for another female my age intereted in sharing a two bedroom furnished condo near the beach on any of the islands.
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Scogen replied to the thread GARBAGE on the Bahamas forum on August 26, 2015:
casalibre initially posted:
Would any one be interested in planning a sign to be placed on key sections of public beach access areas to create awareness of the garbage in the location? Idea is to present the sign to the city and find if they will be willing to pay for the expenses of making the sign (would be like a traffic sign) that would say: Respect your beach, or Respect water, or if you have any suggestions or ideas. Lets talk. Need help finding out who to call or go to in the bahamas to get the signed commissioned.
Scogen replied on August 26, 2015 with:
This continues to be a huge and ongoing issue. At least 7 years ago I participated with my 3 year old in a massive beach cleanup effort hosted and sponsored by NPCC (New Providence Community Church). Large (20 ft x 5 ft) trash receptacles were brought out to the beach where numerous bags of trash and several refrigerators were removed from the beach. After the cleanup was completed we stayed to enjoy a proper beach barbecue and we were sure to remove all of our trash! Fast forward to 2015 and the Coral Habour beach continues to be an eyesore, especially after long holiday weekends. My other half who is Bahamian, contacted the radio station to complain. He was invited to come in and voice his concerns on air. You should be able to get direction on who to contact to create a sign and voice your concerns by contacting Darold Miller (proactive radio personality) @ 325-5405. He will probably know of other keep the environment clean initiatives.
bergie replied on August 26, 2015 with:
I think this is a great idea. I walk Goodman Bay quite frequently and it is so sad to see the amount of trash everywhere. The trash cans are always overflowing so that doesn't help the situation. Maybe the city needs to pick up the trash more often than once a week, I believe I normally see them on Tuesdays. I would love to help out in anyway possible. ie- more trash cans, talking to the city about picking up the trash more often, signs etc...
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goforth posted Moving to Treasure Cay on the Bahamas forum on August 26, 2015:
Any advice on what to bring and what to leave in California? We will be moving from CA to TC soon. Furniture - books - clothing? Thank you
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Scogen replied to the thread FRESH FISH on the Bahamas forum on August 26, 2015:
casalibre initially posted:
Whats your favorite place to buy fresh fish to cook at home? Most of the fish you find at the super market is imported, interested in finding fresh local fish to cook. Thank you.
Scogen replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Awesome!!! Glad it worked out.
bergie replied on August 23, 2015 with:
Thanks! We got some lobster this morning and are pouching them tonight! Yummy!
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Drsin replied to the thread Moving to Bahamas on the Bahamas forum on August 26, 2015:
Bepa initially posted:
Hello Moving soon would like some suggestions of places to buy food,where to go, where not to go. Thank you.
Drsin replied on August 26, 2015 with:
still on moving to Bahamas: please what are good & bad of living in Paradise Island??
breija replied on August 24, 2015 with:
Hi Bepa, Been here almost 10 years, and have lots of thoughts to share. As bergie suggested, west, specifically Sandyport & Balmoral, are good areas to check out. However, everyone's situation is different. Feel free to provide more info, publicly or via PM, to clarify your situation and what info you are looking for. If you are 20 something and wanting to socialize, vs being in your 30's with a young family and wanting to be able to connect with other young moms and families, what you may be looking for will differ. Feel free to PM!
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bergie posted Friends need a temporary place to live on the Bahamas forum on August 23, 2015:
Hello, If anyone has a place they are renting out, my friends need a temporary place to live. They have two little dogs and are looking around $2,000/month. they need from September 13th- October 13th. Thanks! Pls PM me if you have a place. (they are a couple.)
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BigYard replied to the thread US Income Tax on the Bahamas forum:
Flamingoer initially posted:
I will be a permanent resident of the Bahamas receiving my income from the US govt.. How long will I have to file/pay US income taxes?
BigYard replied on August 17, 2015 with:
Yes - There is a navy base on Andros Island, where a US government contractor manages US employees. The company is called Pacific Engineers Corporation. they are only located on Andros.
bettymiller replied on February 14, 2012 with:
Of course every citizen of the state is entitled to pay their taxes.One large emergency many individuals face is having the government question their lives. After just a couple of years of forgetting to file taxes, the IRS may come after you for back-taxes. Not only do they want the taxes you never paid, but they also put some fines to them for not paying to begin with. A pay day loan can help you pay the IRS and get them out of your life until next year. Get more information at: Payday Loans
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Cusim posted Need some gamer buddies on the Bahamas forum:
23 year old, I'm moving down in October for work. I need some ps4 buddies and pc gaming buddies for some destiny, dayz,star citizen, etc Are there any comic shops that do Friday night magic?
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debib posted 90 day place to stay? on the Bahamas forum:
Are you looking for temporary accommodation? I have a great apartment in desirable Sandyport and there is a large bedroom with en-suite bathroom available for you to rent. My apartment is two large bedrooms with two large en-suite bathrooms. We would share living room, kitchen and dining room. Central Air, Washer/Dryer, Terrace. Fully furnished with all you need. $1,600 per month includes all utilities (that would be your share). Available Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 and maybe beyond. I have plenty of photos to send to seriously interested persons. Inbox me with questions. Thanks!
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ferackers posted purchasing property on grand bahama on the Bahamas forum:
Hi, We are very much looking forward to completing our purchase of a 3 bed house on Grand Bahama(hoping the end of this month) can anyone help?recommend people with the following 1- any good local building contractors, property is in need of much renovation 2- any decent furniture shops on the island 3- any insurance companies to insure the property(either uk or bahamas based) many thanks
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