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Lahry posted Turks/Caicos on the Bahamas forum on June 30, 2015:
I'm hoping someone who lives there will reply. I'd like to know more about expat living there. I'm single, retired male. All I need is a room to sleep and bathe, make coffee. Must have internet. Must be walking distance to some kind of food supply. :) Is that too much to ask?
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Chui replied to the thread MEDITATION on the Bahamas forum on June 29, 2015:
casalibre initially posted:
Hello guys. As you all know this wednesday night July1st is a full moon. Usually back home I meditate in the dark on every full moon night for an hour or so, but since I am now here in Nassau on the beach, was thinking of doing it on the beach on the night of the full moon. My beach is the one between the breezes hotel and bahamar. Anyone out there with beach access would like to participate in a collective meditation session on the night of the full moon? We can talk about techniques, and do it together, with the hope that the group will grow and expand into other interested topics of conversation. We could start at sun down and stop when is dark, Or start at around 8/9 and go on till midnight. Any thoughts?
Chui replied on June 29, 2015 with:
If we lived in Nassau we'd join you but we're on Abaco. Loved your bit about drums on the beach too, wish we could have come to listen. :-)
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ScottBurlin replied to the thread VOLUNTEER WORK PROGRAMS on the Bahamas forum on June 25, 2015:
casalibre initially posted:
Hello again internet friends. Any locals here familiar with volunteer programs in the bahamas? Would like to use my spare time to volunteer and help the community. Any new or current residents would like to join me in my quest? Thank you Antonio libreros
ScottBurlin replied on June 25, 2015 with:
I volunteer on Eleuthera with a world class orgination called Bahamas Methodist Habitat, a construc tion ministry affiliated with the Methodidt churtch. You do not need to be Methodist to volunteer.
casalibre replied on June 24, 2015 with:
Hello, thank you for replying, I am staying in Nassau by cable beach. Any info is greatly appreciated. whatsapp: 17866605887
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ScottBurlin posted weather on the Bahamas forum on June 25, 2015:
I will be on Eleuthera for three weeks in October-November. What is the weather like at that time of the year?
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clcizme replied to the thread Vacation Freeport july to august 2015 on the Bahamas forum on June 24, 2015:
Yvan initially posted:
Arriving July 29 Freeport with my wife and 2 dauthers, is it safe ? to walk, to rent a car, and visite the island....What are the must see or due... thanks for your help
clcizme replied on June 24, 2015 with:
Welcome to this forum and greetings from GBI. I have lived here many years and find it to be extremely safe. Rent a car from any of the agencies, all good, but we recommend Brads Car Rental. They have an office at the airport to the left as you leave the baggage claim area. Things to do are plentiful, it all depends on your desires. My list of top to dos include snorkeling, fishing, beach combing, the National Park ( for hiking, swimming, exploring), Calabash Tours for kayaking, birding and butterflies (Shammie is a walking encyclopedia on those topics), food is good everywhere. For most things recommendations would be based on your desires and budget. If you need some more specific info, write again and I will try to be as helpful as possible. Enjoy GBI.
Yvan replied on June 22, 2015 with:
thanks for the info.
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goingtropic replied to the thread lets do something on the Bahamas forum:
goingtropic initially posted:
Ok, I have lived here a month (but visitors kept me busy) all are gone and it is time to start LIVING.. here. Husband is in and out of the country often, I work during the day, but would like to meet some of you for a drink or a coffee, and maybe start making some expat plans. Anyone up for it? I currently live in Sandyport.
goingtropic replied on June 23, 2015 with:
Hi sorry for the delay. I live in sand port and also go to the gym. I do it before work in the mornings If you are not far can always meet at the local restaurant. Spritz or twisted lime Laura
goingtropic replied on June 23, 2015 with:
Sorry for the delay. I was off line for a while. I live in sandy port and I too rely on the bus. I work downtown. Can meet up for coffee or after work drink Laura
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casalibre replied to the thread Part time voluntary work on the Bahamas forum:
Jackied63 initially posted:
My husband and I are hoping to Nassau around September time (subject to work permit). I will not be working but would be interested in doing some voluntary work. Does anyone have any contacts I could use to get into this sort of work part time please?
casalibre replied on June 22, 2015 with:
Also interested in volunteering. I would appreciate some info. Thank you
pauld61 replied on June 15, 2015 with:
I have some ideas - let me get back to you on that..
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WaterSprout posted Andros - visit on the Bahamas forum on June 22, 2015:
Looking for a place to stay on Andros for about four days. July 3 - 6. 2015. Also need suggestions on how to quickly get to Andros from West Palm Beach.
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breija replied to the thread Considering Nassau Bahamas on the Bahamas forum on June 22, 2015:
Inna11223 initially posted:
Hello, My husband and I with our 4 year old son are considering moving to Nassau for a couple of years. Can someone please recommend best gated communities to live in (my husband's office is going to be all the way on the west side of the island) and schools that we should be considering. Also wondering, is the crime really as much of an issue as it appears to be from reading on line? What kind of lifestyle do people have if one is no working? Do people tend to stay in their communities? I am concerned if I am not working, I will be very very bored...... The biggest concern is of course safety of our son. Thank you for all the honest answers!
breija replied on June 22, 2015 with:
Hi Inna, Where to live - A lot will depend upon whether you have a living allowance and how much. If your husband's office is "way out on the west side" then anywhere from Cable Beach and west is good. However, there are huge differences in the communities. As a non-working expat spouse, Sandyport, Old Fort Bay, and Lyford Cay will offer a lot of opportunities to meet others in similar situations. For schools, Meridian, Tambearly, and Lyford Cay School would likely be your best options. All can be found online. A lot of non-working moms are able to connect with one another and find social activity. Otherwise, it is good to be sure to have things that you enjoy that you can do. Read through some of my previous posts for more ideas. As for crime, if you remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings you should be fine, especially if you life in a gated community. Being a non-working spouse can definitely contribute to boredom, and it is important to think about what you want to get out of your time here. Feel free to PM with more specific questions.
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debib replied to the thread RIDES on the Bahamas forum on June 18, 2015:
casalibre initially posted:
Hello again, I have been trying to find a place where I can find used stuff. At the moment interested in: - bicycle -Skateboard -surfboard -Drums -canoe -raft If anyone knows or has one from the above available for sale please reply. Thank you all
debib replied on June 18, 2015 with:
Facebook has a page called Ex Pats Nassau or something like that. Maybe its Nassau Ex Pats. You can post what you are looking for. Also there is a page called "Tings for Sale in Nassau".
casalibre replied on June 16, 2015 with:
Oh thank you, I will give that a try. Hope its easier than it sounds.
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