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FlyElvi replied to the thread possibly moving to Nassau/motorcycles on the Bahamas forum on September 01, 2014:
let initially posted:
We are possibly moving to Nassau for a few years. We have 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles, can anyone tell me if there are any regulations with taking them there?
FlyElvi replied on September 01, 2014 with:
You should check what the import duty would be. Possibly anywhere between 65 - 85% of what the customs agents here place the value at plus shipping costs. It's crazy.
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terethetiger posted Canadian female looking for a furnished condo to rent on the Bahamas forum on August 27, 2014:
Hello. My name is Tere. I live in BC Canada. I am planning on living in the bahamas for only six months a year every year. I am also looking for someone to share a 2 bdrm condo with me to save some money. can you e-mail me at Tere
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breija replied to the thread cost of living on the Bahamas forum on August 26, 2014:
Dilmir initially posted:
My wife , kid and I will be moving to Bahamas next year. We have an internet home based business 3.500 monthly. Is it enough for an average lifestyle. I'd like to have an idea of cost of living in a safe gated place. Thanks alot.
breija replied on August 26, 2014 with:
Here are links to the most common private schools and their fee schedules.
Dilmir replied on August 25, 2014 with:
What's the avarage tuition for a good elementary school? Thank you so much for your help.
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KathWilley posted Shipping to the US on the Bahamas forum on August 26, 2014:
We are moving back to the USA at the end of September and we are looking for the cheapest and most reliable way to ship our stuff home.
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seaslover posted Teacher - relocation in a few years - Jobs?? on the Bahamas forum on August 25, 2014:
I'm new to the forum, so forgive me as I've not had time to search all of the archives. I've done *some* research online and have called the Ministry of Education - was a little difficult to get firm answers on some of my questions. I currently teach science - very highly qualified with advanced degrees and national certification. If you are a teacher in the Bahamas - can you provide insight on the government schools? Working conditions? Salary (I know it will be a significant pay cut to what we have now)? How difficult to get a government school job as a non-Bahamian? We are looking at GBI - not New Providence, so I'm hoping someone who lives there can respond. If you are not in a govt school - what private school options? I've seen a few online - most are religion based except for Lucaya International School. Same questions as above. My husband is researching setting up his own business there - we know he needs a Bahamian citizen as a "partner" to get it up and running - we are working with someone on that. But, if you are a business owner there already, can you provide any insight as to the timetable to do something like this? We are a ways off on doing this - I"m essentially under contract for at least 3 years. I know teaching jobs are probably going to be few and far between, but we are ready to leave the US. Thank you in advance to any advice/insights you can offer :) J&D
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Navair67 replied to the thread Idea for locals on Eleuthera. on the Bahamas forum:
Navair67 initially posted:
Moving to Eleuthera next year ( retiring ). What are the thoughts of importing supplies for local families. We own a plane that can haul over 800lbs of goods. If we took orders for supplies and divided the tax amount by how many folks order I think it would be a good idea and fun to do as well as make a couple of dollars. Since will have no mortgage and our pension is over 60k per yr we thought this would make sense. Any thoughts or even takers on this idea.
Navair67 replied on August 21, 2014 with:
There was nothing illegal it was we are thinking of doing. Give the government there share and sell off the rest. If not us then who?
Living1 replied on June 18, 2014 with:
I know a person who owns a wholesale company in Nassua, they may be a good person to speak with, may be able to work a deal with you since you own a plane.
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KathWilley replied to the thread Used shipping boxes on the Bahamas forum:
FlyElvi initially posted:
Around the end of the month we will have about 90 boxes of several assorted sizes to dispose of. The question is there a place or a need to let others know that they could have boxes in case they were planning a move? Wouldn't like to see them go to waste or recycled if someone could use them.
KathWilley replied on August 19, 2014 with:
Thank you very much! :)
FlyElvi replied on August 19, 2014 with:
KWilley, I will hold for you. I'll call when we get our stuff and try to get as many unpacked as soon as we can. Glad they might be of use!
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Allie0318 replied to the thread Casino Salaries on the Bahamas forum:
jk4166 initially posted:
Hi, Can anyone give me a range or idea of what the casino salaries are?
Allie0318 replied most recently with:
Ok I sent you a PM! :)
jk4166 replied most recently with:
Baha Mar
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blackanese replied to the thread moving to Bahamas on the Bahamas forum:
blackanese initially posted:
I am a certified Musician and also a teacher... i have been offered a job has music director in a church in Nassau Bahamas. i have some question need some answers. 1. Firstly i have been to the island before and i found it very expensive. why is that so? .2.What is a good salary for a musician there? 3.How safe is Nassau? 4.What entertainment can i find in Nassau? 5. I also want to teacher preferably preparatory school. 6. Accommodation is provided...i need to have an idea as to the salary for expenses
blackanese replied most recently with:
The offer is a permanent position, therefore it would be full time in Nassau
breija replied most recently with:
Congratulations! Have you been given a time frame within which your work permit might be approved? What church (or at least, what area is it in?)? 1. Almost everything you purchase here comes by either boat or plane. There are import duties of 0% to 85% on anything brought into the Bahamas, and soon 7.5% VAT will be added to goods and services. 2. No idea 3. There is a lot of crime in Nassau, but most violent crime is between known individuals. 4. What are you looking for? The water here is beautiful, and there is an abundance of water activities that you could be involved in. There are service clubs you could belong to. There is the Nassau Music Society, and there are a few theatre productions. However, for most music and theatre events, people are most likely to go to the US (primarily Florida). That said, Atlantis does have some great concerts as well. However, for classical or jazz, you would need to go away. There is a bowling alley/entertainment centre, and there are lots of opportunities to go to the out islands on day trips. 5. What grades? There are not really prep schools here, but there are private schools, some of which are also international schools. There is a lot of information that answers a lot of your questions on this forum. Check out some of the other posts for more detailed answers.
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breija replied to the thread Internet cost on the Bahamas forum:
FlyElvi initially posted:
What does an internet connection cost and what do most use? Is it bundled with TV?
breija replied most recently with:
Your options are either Cable Bahamas or BatelCo. Cable Bahamas has more options. You can see their options and prices at You can choose bundling with TV or separately.
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