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breija replied to the thread Shipping and broker on the Bahamas forum on January 21, 2015:
lookingintofreeport initially posted:
I am (slowly) building a house in Freeport. We are almost ready for walls. I will need to buy or ship lumber and a truss package from the states. Has anyone done this? Up until now we have had little to ship so we just use bins on the Baleària Bahamas Express. We have partnered with a Bahamian builder to build under his bond even though we are doing the work. (all of our materials are bonded) So here is the question(s): Who is the best/cheapest shipper and broker to work with? Will 20 foot pieces of lumber actually fit in a 20 foot container? Is it best to buy a container? What are all the logistics? What is the best way to get the lumber to the dock? Will someone load a container for me? Will I have to rent a forklift or other equipment? How about once it gets there? I'm not sure I even know all the questions to ask. Will the paperwork/manifest need to be any different than when I use a bin? Can lumber and a truss package be purchased in Freeport? Would this be cheaper easier? What company? Do they deliver to site? Thank you in advance for any help/questions you can enlighten me on.
breija replied on January 21, 2015 with:
Just sent you a PM
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blchapman replied to the thread Roommate Wanted - Nassau on the Bahamas forum:
debib initially posted:
Professional Female - Expat living in Nassau in very desirable Sandyport Marina Village looking for roommate. My current roommate returns to her home country mid January 2015. I am seeking roommate to share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. Fully Furnished with EVERYTHING you would need. Photos and more info available. Short or long-term roommates - I'm flexible. Please contact me for more details.
blchapman replied on January 20, 2015 with:
My name is Belinda and I live in Phoenix, AZ I am looking into moving to the Bahamas. I know it's more expensive than Arizona how much would it cost to be a roommate ? I also work as a food server out here and that's what I'm going to do when I move there. I'm easy going I'm 52 single no kids but I have a cat. Smoke outside, very clean person.
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dolfie replied to the thread Building my own home on the Bahamas forum:
geraldrhoover initially posted:
HI, I'm new to the forum and have been unable to find the answer to a couple of important question. 1. Can I build my own home, as a hands on, do it myself project? Amplifying information: I have built a home before and am adept at stuctural aspects, but will still have to hire elect and plumbing contractors. I realize some Bahamians may be upset that I want to build my own home, as it seems on the surface to be taking away gainful employment from ptotential builders. However, I am seeking this as another life fulfilling challenge, rather than a withholding of employment opprotunities. 2. I will want to camp on my lot while building, is this allowed? I have a stream of income and am not looking for work to sustain myself, so that is not an issue. This is strictly for my personal use. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
dolfie replied most recently with:
You will work and need a work permit. As for contractors: If you are well trained and can fix all yourself, before getting a certificate of occupancy you will need to find some contractors to sign off. (costs something) Your project will work easier if you have some general contractor, fronting for you. It is similar to the USA, you will need inspections before some phases start. Once you have a plan, you apply for for a building permit. This can go fast if all is OK. Did it in 14 days. Pay a deposit and start. Many live in shack on the site= also good for not being robbed of your tools and building materials.
geraldrhoover replied most recently with:
Shirley, I have only rented for a short time, a week or less, or traveled on Uncle Sam's dime. Either way I haven't rented long term. It seems to be difficult to find affordable long term rentals online. I'm hoping to have better luck upon returning to the Island.
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clcizme replied to the thread Moving to Freeport. on the Bahamas forum:
lalymojito initially posted:
Hi..I'm a Island girl..canadian citizen and permanent resident in USA..planning to move to the Freeport island of bahamas but I just wonder about immigration rules..will I be able to live there full time or leave the country every 6 months..?..
clcizme replied most recently with:
A few questions to help me help you better. Are you planning on renting or buying? Will you need to work? Freeport is a great place to live, let me know if you have specific questions about the Island as well. : )
Bahamas411 replied most recently with:
Hi, lalymojito Whether you want to live here full time or leave every so often depends on certain things. For instance if you want to work here, open a company, rent a place or purchase a home or investment property. If you would like to stay full time your options are to apply for a work permit, annual residency or permanent residency.
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Hello. My name is Tere. I am a single 50 yr old female planning to stay in the bahamas for six months a year every year starting in about five years. I am looking for someone around my age to share a place near the beach on any island. I have some friends in nassua who I came to visit about 8 yrs ago. I loved it there. write me at Tere
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skygirl replied to the thread Possible move to Bahamas - need tips for exploring on the Bahamas forum:
kebaha initially posted:
Hi all, I may be moving to Nassau with my wife for a job and was wondering what I should make sure to check out when I go there on an exploratory trip. Things like the supermarkets, drugstore, driving around, etc. - I know it is difficult to get an idea during a short visit, but I wanted to make sure I take the time to explore things that would be an important part of day-to-day life on the island. Any specific suggestions?
skygirl replied most recently with:
There are several options. One is Solomons Market which is similar to Fresh Market/Whole Foods in the states but expensive.It has lots of high quality food including Organic. Another would be City Market and for Bulk there is also Bahamas Food Services for meat in Bulk.
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terethetiger posted SHARE CONDO IN THE BAHAMAS on the Bahamas forum:
Hello. My name is Tere. I am a single 50 yr old female looking for someone to share a condo or house in the bahamas. I plan on staying for six months a year every year starting in about four years. I am presently living in BC Canada. Tere
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Teach a private English language class to an adult student in Nassau.
palmgirl posted property by owner bahamas on the Bahamas forum:
with the up and coming VAT save yourself commissions and fees by selling or renting property yourself add your property for sale or rent on, $20 for one ad for 6 months and free lead generation
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palmgirl replied to the thread Moving with new spouse? on the Bahamas forum:
dhirt initially posted:
I am moving to the Bahamas and my job is giving me a working visa. Due to my salary increase and investments stateside, I am engaged. We are looking to get married in a courthouse before I move. How easy or difficult is it to get a spousal permit, if i have a work visa but am not a citizen?
palmgirl replied most recently with:
add your property for sale or rent on, $20 for one ad for 6 months and free lead generation
breija replied most recently with:
Sent you a PM.
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