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A new study by Lloyds TSB International included a question about what British expats miss most about their homeland while living abroad. Here is an excerpt about the findings:

The British countryside is the thing that expats miss most about their homeland, a survey has shown.

The study found that nearly half of those questioned (46%) said they longed for the rolling hills and ancient woodlands of the UK, with those who have made the desert landscape of the United Arab Emirates their new home missing it the most.

Coming in a close second was the British sense of humour, with 42% of the 1,034 expats questioned listing it among the things they missed most about the British way of life.

It’s a great question… regardless of how happy one is abroad, there is always going to SOMETHING to miss from home. It could be a favorite food, family member or a close friend. In this case, clearly Brits abroad miss the charm of the English countryside and the wit of their countrymen!


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