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Prague at Night

Expat summer reading can be found in Caleb Crain’s debut novel, Necessary Errors. The new novel depicts the expat experiences of Jacob in Czechoslovakia.

Passivity is an essential part of the expat experience: Jacob, like many wide-eyed foreigners, isn’t doing things so much as allowing things to happen to him. That’s hard to energize in fiction, but “Necessary Errors” thrives on Crain’s depth of understanding of the economic dynamic, and on his close study of social and romantic entanglements. The novel can be slow going at times, not because Crain is a plodding writer but because he’s a patient one, calibrating the story’s pace to the rhythm of Jacob’s life. (When he pays a visit to go-go Berlin early on, the story noticeably quickens.)

There have been a number of positive reviews for Crain’s book, some of which even invoke Hemingway’s name. Could this be because he’s a writer of that caliber, or because he’s writing about his experiences in another country? Go ahead and read it, find out for yourself, and share your thoughts on!

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  1. My wife and I retired on our ranch in Guatemala recently. We drove a 15 foot box van with ouer 2400 pounds of personnel items to Galveston, Texas to be shipped to Puerto de Santo Tomas in Guatemala. We shipped with a company in the U.S. called Dependable Global Express. The truck had a seal of gaurentee placed on it when it left the States. A week later when we flew to Guatemala to pick up the vehicle, the seal had been cut and the paddle lock which we placed on the back of the truck had been cut. The audanas opened the truck and stole over $10,000 dollars in personnel effects. The audanas, and Santo Tomas port officals denied that the theft happened in Guatemala. Dependable Global Express now claims that they cannot claim responsibility for any loss once it leaves the U.S. This was a big loss for us and an expensive learning experience, since we paid $4150.00 to have the truck shipped as well as the other losses. I would advise anyone else who is planning a move to Guatemala or any other country where there is no guarantee of you items safe arrival, to find a more secure way to move abroad.

    Comment by Jerry Mccollister — August 23, 2013 @ 10:24 am

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