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There are all kinds of reasons that one would choose to move overseas. Some decide to do so because they asked to go by their company. Others are looking for adventure. And some find life more affordable in another part of the world.

A recent post on the Global Forum about why to move overseas by a “soon to be expat” has sparked a somewhat political discussion:

Certainly, don’t like the term “expatriate.” As, I am and will remain a patriot of my country, just going to live elsewhere until things change here.

Why I am becoming an expat and why others are also: I am finding our government to be increasingly oppressive; ours and the world’s economy are spiraling out of control; increased taxation; and a whole list of once-held beliefs that we were the world’s leader, the “right” way to conduct a country, the place that all other countries wanted to emulate. Not so much anymore!

Another expat’s response – and there are many – included the following:

At the moment we live in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. For many this is a difficult country and many heavy discussions have been had. However, our experiences are positive. Culturally rich, interesting and challenging. Much to see and more to do. This is my 11th international move. I don’t believe in carrying political baggage as it is extremely counter productive. It is good to open one’s eyes to other possibilities and take some distance from time to time. What goes on in one’s home country becomes less and less important in the greater scheme of things and one learns to see the bigger picture.

It would be great to read some other responses by others as to why they decided to move overseas. Post here or go to the original discussion on the Global Forum.


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