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Teaching abroad has been a popular topic on Expat Exchange since its inception in 1997. (That’s right – we’ve been here for 14 years now!) That’s something that is not likely to change, as there are more and more opportunities for teachers to work abroad.

A recent article by Anne Keeling, of Teachers International Consultancy (TIC), highlights that reality:

Charles is one of over 260,000 English-speaking teachers now teaching internationally and many more are heading that way thanks to the significant growth in international schools. In the last year alone, over 500 new English-speaking international schools were opened across the globe, taking the total number of international schools worldwide to 5,700. This is anticipated to grow to 8,000 international schools within five years according to data provided by ISC Research, the organisation that analyses developments in the international schools market.

Over the years, hundreds of international school reports have been filled out by expats living abroad. Anyone interested in getting a sense of what international schools are really like will find all kinds of information in them. While they’re filled out by parents, they have a lot to offer teachers and other parents alike.


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