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lew posted French in its place. on the Canada forum on August 22, 2014:
I recently read an article concerning French in Canada. Contrary to this article, Canada is not Bilingual. One fifth of the Country is through Government Subsidy. A bill of expense to the whole Country placed before Health Care , Education. and Pensions. Definably a detriment to the wellness of the whole population. Walter Merritt.
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shavinder1983 posted CANADA PR on the Canada forum on August 21, 2014:
My age is 31 years. I have done dIploma in electronics and telecomm. in 2005 and started my first job in sepember 2005 which was an IT job. later on i did my correspondance B.SC. IT in 2010 . I am still working in the same profile but only the organizations have been changed . I have got overall 7 bands in IELTS with minimum in speaking (6 band). Am I eligible for PR of Canada?
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: It can be easy to feel lost in such as a colossal country, but sticking to a few top tips from David Hollins, Regional General Manager at Crown Relocations, can make settling in to the Canadian lifestyle much easier. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
While most of what is written here is correct it's not normal to send flowers in advance of a dinner party nor is it wrong to finish your plate. As much as others around the world think we are like Americans....try again, we are Canadian and there are many differences between us. Our national sport is Hockey not Ice Hocking! Tipping is yes, expected but I have never had it added automatically to my bill and don't feel you have to tip if the service isn't good. French is our official second language and if you travel to Quebec it will be useful to know at least a little. Most of Canada is however, English speaking. There are pockets of Francophones in Ontario, New Brunswick (the only officially bilingual province in Canada)and Manitoba. Canada is a huge country full of diversity, culture, sport, crazy weather and friendly, outgoing people. We are funny and yes even quirky! Come and enjoy all it has to offer!
MovingEast replied recently with:
Thank you for this article. I am a Canadian expat in Hong Kong. I lived all my life in Canada (until one month ago) and so was interested to read these recommendations for settling into my home country. I would like to offer my perspective on a couple of things mentioned. About the language, while a lot of people in Canada can speak French, it is only spoken consistently in the province of Quebec. The capital city of Ottawa, Ontario (where I lived) is bilingual and there's quite a bit of French spoken there, but anywhere west of Ottawa all the way to BC you will find almost exclusively English. This is also true in some of the maritime provinces, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland in particular. If you are living in Quebec, yes, you will definitely need to speak and understand French well in order to function there. But almost everywhere else in Canada operates in English. Re the social customs, I have never known anyone to send flowers in advance of a dinner party. It is quite common to take along an arrangement and present them as a hostess gift, but I would think it would be quite a formal affair for flowers to be sent in advance. (Perhaps that's a Quebec custom?) I also am not aware of any rules regarding how much or how little one eats. If you like the food, it is perfectly acceptable to have a second or even third helping! The information about money, the seasons and sports/clubs is great. Re tipping, yes 15% is normal, but you might want to tip on the food and beverage portions only, not the TOTAL amount of the bill which will include the provincial tax (13% in Ontario for example). Thanks!
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joband replied to the thread Schools in Canada on the Canada forum:
Dodda initially posted:
We are Egyptian family & soon will be landing in Canada. My question: I have two kids at an international frensh school in Egypt. The problem is that their age is not comparable by ages in schools of Canada & I madly don't want them to lose year that they've already finished it wz perfect results, moreover they will be very sad to repasse the same year & they will be so disappointed to see some of their friends & colleagues from Egypt are not in the same grade with them, I am really upset from this issue. What should I do???!
joband replied most recently with:
Many or most schools will test or do equivalency to place the students at the right grade level especially if you ask. Grades are not determined by age. There are also "gifted" and exceptional" levels for students that are very bright or conversely have some learning differences. Although province and city wide there are similarities there are also significant differences in quality between one school and another. What city and area are you moving to? IE Toronto is me if you like.
busman7 replied most recently with:
Pay for private schooling!
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joband replied to the thread BC Medical on the Canada forum:
Btatlow initially posted:
I work outside the country on contract for 6 - 8 months per year. I am covered by the company for any medical issues. Do I still have to pay for BC medical?
joband replied most recently with:
Are you a BC residen?t..if so you have to pay for BC medical insurance or you can opt out..but that is not an overly publicized fact. If you opt out you will not be covered for any medical while in BC unless your employer also has provate medical coverage for that..but be sure it is not just "extended" coverage..which most non government medical plans are as Canada is a totally government based medical system. Each province determines coverage payments based on income (BC) or some other factor..or if it is free. If your company says you are covered be sure to check to see what that actually involves.
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mariache replied to the thread Expats can now vote on the Canada forum:
busman7 initially posted:
Good news for Canadian expats in foreign lands, we can now vote in Canadian elections. Herr Harper went to the supreme court trying to disenfranchise us, it backfired so register to throw the Nazi wannabe out in 2015
mariache replied most recently with:
I agree with PM Harper that Canadian expats should not vote in Canadian elections as after a while of living abroad it is very difficult to follow and "feel" how politics and other issues are going or doing back home.
busman7 replied most recently with:
Only for 5 years after leaving, Herr Harper went to the supreme court trying to disenfranchise all of us, it backfired when the court ruled all Canadian passport holders could vote no matter how long they had been out of Canada. Voting for JT in 2015, the Nazi wannabe has to go!
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GuyB replied to the thread Hoping to move to Canada 1000+ mundane questions on the Canada forum:
annabellex initially posted:
I am finishing my MLS degree in a few months and want to work abroad in Canada for a few years or maybe forever. I'm hoping the proviso for librarians in NAFTA will help speed the process along, if I can land a job offer. I'm open to any city or town, even in the North Country. So here are my incredibly asinine questions: Do all apts require references? If so, from whom?? How does one get a driver's license? Can I get one without knowing how to parallel park? How does one move funds from the US to Canada? I don't have much, but I'm not sure BoA does business in Canada. Not to sound like a miserly a-hole here, but will I be paying taxes on the same money in two countries? How expensive is tax help in Canada? Is getting immigration help worth it? I'm a decent researcher, but I don't want to accidentally get deported. Does anyone know a good way to find/get a library job in Canada? I'm looking at the job boards and see some really fantastic sounding positions, including a couple like so much fun. I just wish I knew if libraries in Canada really hire Americans... Thanks for any answers, ABEX
GuyB replied most recently with:
You cannot work in Canada unless you have the proper permits allowing you to do so. That said, a company has to apply for the necessary papers for you to have a work permit - which may be hard as the employer has to prove that your job cannot be filled by a Canadian resident first. You need to be legally residing in Canada before you can get a driver's license. And yes you must pass both theory and driving tests first. If you don't even know how the banking system works in your country, and that is you're finishing your MLS degreee, what chance do you think you have in settling in a foreign country? For tax purposes, you should be hiring an accountant after you get legal status in Canada who should be able to advise you based on your needs.
joband replied most recently with:
landlords and tenancy requirements vary greatly even within a city or town let alone in different towns and provinces. Each province has its own tenant regulations but many andlords dont seem to know about them, Many landlords are strict with refernces others not esp if they like you and you pay rent in advance. I did that once when divorced as i had no rental history but offered 2 months rent and a security de[posit. It may be illegal for the landlord to ask for that but you can offer what you like. Bottom really varies. JObs here are scarce, just like everywhere else/
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busman7 replied to the thread British - Moving from Malta to Toronto in 2 months....Help on the Canada forum:
Smartypants initially posted:
Hello there, never done this before so pls bear with me. Apart from the whole move and finding somewhere to live, the unknown of it all (even though I moved to Malta from the UK) the main concern I have is my children. When we moved to Malta I was a single parent and my eldest son was 4. He is now 13 and I have a younger son who is 7 (half Maltese). Firstly, I've googled and googled..but can't seem to find what I need for them to register in school. Secondly, I have been informed that for my younger son, I need a letter from his dad to say he is happy for him t travel with me, but what about my eldest (he has never known his father and his name is not on the birth cert), do I need anything for him. Also, should I get them into school for the last month of term, or do I wait until the following school year?W If so, what do I do with the boys whilst I'm at work? We are moving over in just a couple of months as me and my partner have been offered positions, very short notice and an awful lot to do.
busman7 replied most recently with:
Go to the Canadian embassy wearing a burka and you won't have a problem!
kanoeboy replied most recently with:
I would have to agree with Ben. Canada can be quite strict on immigration. There is a lot of information of the government website; better still, as suggested, talk personally to someone at a Canadian embassy.
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wonderfulschool replied to the thread BEST areas in Canada? on the Canada forum:
CanadaDreaming initially posted:
Hi guys, Where would suit my lifestyle in Canada? I am a single woman in my mid 30's with a dog looking to move to Canada next year. I have looked at tons of places but how do you decide when you are judging on crime rates and house prices..?! So, what I'd love is just some ideas on where would be good to look at. I might even do an 8 week recon before I make the 'big' move. I love good scenery, great outdoor activities and obviously dog friendly open spaces would be great. I like great coffee and a good meal and cocktail but don't want a manic city centre. Lots of boxes to tick but I don't expect to tick them all. I work for myself so employment isn't an issue but would like to be around similar age people rather than 20 year olds. Any advice about how to go about deciding where to look would be amazing!! Thanks all!
wonderfulschool replied most recently with:
A lovely place with great accommodation prices is Port Alice, British Columbia on northern Vancouver Island. Google it. Also Google the Rumble Sheet for Port Alice. We found it by accident and then decided that it was an ideal retirement place.
wonderfulschool replied most recently with:
A lovely place with great accommodation prices is Port Alice, British Columbia on northern Vancouver Island. Google it. Also Google the Rumble Sheet for Port Alice. We found it by accident and then decided that it was an ideal retirement place.
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Canada on the Canada forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Canada. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area!
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