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renaissancecapital posted Quebec Immigrant Investor Program on the Canada forum on August 25, 2015:
The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is a business immigration program reserved for businesspeople interested in bringing an economic contribution to Quebec’s economy, and who express the intent of settling in the Province of Quebec. Do you like to apply for Quebec Immigrant Investor Program or interested to relocate in Canada? Feel free to drop your message and we'll be happy to answer your queries.
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HilaryK replied to the thread Jobs in canada on the Canada forum:
Rodney1 initially posted:
Hi could anyone tell me what website are good to look at when looking for jobs in canada Many thanks
HilaryK replied on August 24, 2015 with:
Hi Rodney - I like Also, if you've narrowed down your location, it's worth looking at the job ads in the local newspapers. The classified sections should be online. That's how my husband found his first job when we moved here.
standupguy replied on August 15, 2015 with:
Rodney 1 try this site: SUG
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standupguy replied to the thread Moving to bc canada advice please on the Canada forum:
Rodney1 initially posted:
Hi all Me and my partner are moving to Canada. we like bc and are now looking into a town to live in. We would like a house with some land as we are looking into opening a self catering log cabins holiday place. So we are looking for somewhere near the mountains near a ski resort for winter and lakes and forst for the summer. Can anyone give me some idea of town to move to near what we are looking for
standupguy replied most recently with:
Rodney 1 - as you might have expected, most of the choice spots are developed already. I would pick Mt. Washington up from mid-Vancouver Island. They usually get more snow than Whistler. You would be living near Courtney, BC. I am about an hour south of there on the Vancouver Island HWY in Nanaimo, which I love. The fishing, the Nanaimo River, local lakes. But the main-lander's mostly drive through Nanaimo. I am into fishing and boating. This location is one of the best in Canada. It has the Ferry Terminals for the mainland. Vancouver is too over the top for me though I lived there about 23 years. Much too expensive there. Between Nanaimo and Victiria, the capital and Southern tip of Vancouver Island, there is Duncan, farming area and cheaper that Victoria which is only about 45 min. drive over the Malahat Mt. (no skiing). There is Mt. Arrowsmith half was between Nanaimo and Port Ablerni heading to the West Coast of VI. It is mostly undeveloped, but I think they got one chair and some tow ropes. Mt. Arrowsmith is the highest Mt. I would still look at Nanaimo, but jobs are hard to come by here unless low wage ones that most Canadians wouldn't do. You are immigrating, right, so look at Citizenship and Immigration website. Good Luck to you
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standupguy replied to the thread on the Canada forum:
almas initially posted:
hi i live in pakistan. i got married on 1999 who is the citizen of canada. after that i got devorse but i live in canada 18 months. in 2008 i again get marry n i have two kids .i just wantted to can i move their with that visa? now im in pakistan.
standupguy replied most recently with:
almas - If when you were previously married to a Canadian you were sponsored and received your Permanent Resident Visa, then sure you can still enter Canada on that. If you did not get your Permanent Resident Visa, then you would have to reapply to Citizenship & Immigration Canada. If you remarried another Canadian, she can sponsor you as her spouse depending on her income level. The waiting period once you deliver all the forms and other paperwork, medical exam, etc. is about 14 months. Different countries have different waiting periods. My wife is from the Philippines. On your applications, expect that CIC will verify everything and investigate you. Your status has changed, since you are divorced and remarried. All of your children will need passports too. There are other avenues of immigration on the CIC website, if your current wife is not Canadian. good luck, Canadian government very picky, SUG
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standupguy replied to the thread Thinking about moving to canada. Advice please on the Canada forum:
Emmanuel123 initially posted:
I am a web developer from India and considering about moving to Canada. I would like to know about what all factors to be considered before deciding. Is there any problem if I would like to bring my family? Does the newly started express entry programs apply in my case? One of my friend in Canada suggested to contact any immigration lawyers like Matthew Jeffery in Bay Street. Do you guys have any suggestion to where else should I contact to get more info?
standupguy replied most recently with:
forgot to mention...the Loonie is 82 cents on the American Eagle. Timing of exchange rates is everything. I am with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, but there are some sharks there too.
standupguy replied most recently with:
Emmanuel123 - Look through the Citizenship and Immigration website carefully. Roger Bhatti is a really good immigration lawyer out of Richmond or Vancouver, BC. He is Indo-Canadian himself. He won against CIC is some noteworthy immigration cases. He's good. Were you thinking of Vancouver as a possible destination? SUG
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standupguy replied to the thread Moving to Calgary from abroad on the Canada forum:
Bondo2 initially posted:
Hello forum members, I have received my PR for Canada and would be moving their to Calgary with my family (5 including myself, 1 child school age, 1 child KG age and 1 little child). Would a salary of 85K CAD a year be good enough to live (nothing fancy but not struggling). We do not drink or smoke and hoping we can rent a small house. Any advise would be highly appreciated.
standupguy replied most recently with:
Wendy93292, Yes, I really like Nanaimo. Of course if I could afford a home in Oak Bay area of Victoria, that would trump. The fishing is still great, but its a lot easier to buy Sockeye or Humpback's from the local aboriginal folks on #7 Res. Nicer homes can be had around the $300,000 mark, posh digs 350,000 an up. I own a Nanaimo Heritage Home near Vancouver Island University. It has 3 bedrooms upstairs and a full bath. I am looking to rent to 2 university students. I am refinishing my dining room as the Master bedroom for me with my office being the front room. I'm going to sell in around 4 more years and move back to my home in the Philippines where my wife prefers to live since she wants to keep her daughter is there until she finishes school.. There are newer smaller townhouses or subdivisions with houses on tiny lots sprouting up all around me. The tiny townhouses went for 200,000 to 214,000. Glorified trailer parks. There is a new Quality Foods mall opening half a block from where I am in in 4 years. Prices in my preferred neighborhood will jump then. No snobs where I live. I worked for the provincial government in a maximum security psychiatric ward as a supervisor for 17 years, and then moved over to the fed's to do front line work in Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development working with about 123 of the 197 Indian Bands. Mostly cleaning up fraud, but had the same task internally as financial rules were broken there too. I was so happy the day I quit in 2006. My popularity declined after the Auditor General came around to slap the wrists of Finance and others. I no longer needed references to work. Best, SUG
Wendy93292 replied most recently with:
Hi standupguy, I am a Canadian in California planning a solo return. Mother was born on Vancouver Island and my x husband went to Nanaimo every year to fish in the 80s and 90s. I think I will try to make it there. Because I have dogs, I will need to rent or buy. Is the bubble in your area still in effect? I believe I would love it there as a retired person which will be in another several years. I work for medical industry as support staff. Thank you, Sincerely, Wendy
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Hai, I am from India, now am working in Saudi Arabia 3+ years to present. Actually i am working in oil & gas industries in Saudi ARAMCO as a NDT Inspector/ Technician and i am qualified UT Level II tech. in ARAMCO. I have also experience in india 5+ years, I am certified PCN Level-II UT, MT, PT Technician. I would just like to know what are the chances to get job in Canada, from the same sector which i am working and i am single, so no problem for migration at anytime. Need your help, This is my email id: Thanks in advance.
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standupguy replied to the thread live and work in canada on the Canada forum:
divagirl initially posted:
him im from the bahamas and im moving to canada. i too would like a job offer before I go because that would be the best means to support myself since i dont have the funds to do so upfront. can anyone advise me as to who might be willing to offer me a job and so i can apply there. im a single woman background is accounting and office work and i speak french. PLEASE HELP. JOB PROSPECTS ARE NOT WELL IN THE BAHAMAS.
standupguy replied most recently with:
If you have a British accent, that helps too.
WhitePine replied most recently with:
If your French is fluent that will definitely help. If you are willing to start as a live in caregiver many agencies will help you with the paperwork. Most require you to stay 2 years at that position.
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WhitePine replied to the thread A week or two in Toronto Canada on the Canada forum:
CRlover initially posted:
So hot in Indiana here, need to cool off. Was wondering if there were any ex pats can point me where to go in T dot as far as eats(mostly meat diet also pizza greek food etc)cheaper lodging, good places to meet singles,area where theres activites. Trying to hit Detroit this week than Toronto after for 2 weeks, thanks
WhitePine replied most recently with:
TO is HOT in summer - why not try Barrie (1 hr. north by bus) ; cheaper to stay and you can SWIM in Lake Simcoe
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standupguy replied to the thread Moving to Canada on the Canada forum:
davidcastre initially posted:
Hi, my name is David Castre, Ecuadorian born, lived in Argentina, United States, Mexico, a natural expat jaja, now i have a family of 3 and the situation here in Ecuador is getting tough, im a Advertising Director, Director of Post Production and Editor, and i was wondering hows the job market over there and how much money do you think id need to move with the whole family over there? and what city would be the media hub. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!! and maybe if anybody works in the media I could send my cv to!
standupguy replied most recently with:
davidcastre - Toronto or Vancouver are media hubs, very expensive and Toronto is worse winters, but it's at the centre. Montreal is big too but you got to have the French. Cost for a family of 3 to live on. Rents are up there and you can look on craigslist (add city name) to see private adds. craigslist toronto. Coming from Ecuador with all your Canadian Immigration papers, Right of Permanent Residence, or another similar sponsorshsip visa from an employer. Citizenship and Immigration Canada It took me over 16 months to get my wife's'Right of Permanent Residence Visa. Every country has a different length of waiting period. Copy and paste the link above into your search window. With a permanent job offer, the process will move along. Victoria, British Columbia is the nicest city in Canada and the warmest. I live in Nanaimo just over an hour north on Vancouver Island. I think Nanaimo is the best city in Canada with mother nature so close and good fishing. good luck
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