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Vellicator replied to the thread Emigration Lawyers? on the Canada forum:
Vellicator initially posted:
My intent is to become a naturalized citizen of Canada, but I need to move one step at a time. Have I missed a resource on this forum for emigration consultation? Thanks for your time.
Vellicator replied on October 30, 2014 with:
Hi, I am currently in the US with an aim toward moving to a suburb of Toronto. Sorry if I wasn't clear before.
wafa replied on October 29, 2014 with:
where in Canada are you? Eastern Canada? Prairies? Western Canada? Maybe be more specific about what you actually need please.
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wafa replied to the thread BC Medical on the Canada forum:
Btatlow initially posted:
I work outside the country on contract for 6 - 8 months per year. I am covered by the company for any medical issues. Do I still have to pay for BC medical?
wafa replied on October 29, 2014 with:
If you opt out of BC medical you will have to wait 90 days once you're back in BC to opt back in. Once you're out you have to reapply for it once you're back in the Province.
joband replied on August 05, 2014 with:
Are you a BC residen?t..if so you have to pay for BC medical insurance or you can opt out..but that is not an overly publicized fact. If you opt out you will not be covered for any medical while in BC unless your employer also has provate medical coverage for that..but be sure it is not just "extended" coverage..which most non government medical plans are as Canada is a totally government based medical system. Each province determines coverage payments based on income (BC) or some other factor..or if it is free. If your company says you are covered be sure to check to see what that actually involves.
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property in Canada

Indiaonta Resort fronting 750` on Calm lake on 11 acres surrounded by crown land in Flanders 250 km west of Thunder Bay 116 km east of International Falls.

4 one bedroom efficiency units motel, 5 two bedrooms cottages, 1 three bedroom cottage, 4 bedrooms owners residence and lodge with licensed lounge. Satellite TV and internet with wifi access.

Drilled well with a water treatment system. 4 floating docks. Steel roofs.

8 16` boats with 15 hp Yamaha motors. Private boat launch, dockside electric hookup.

Cottages have lake view, well furnished, full kitchen, air conditioning, 3 piece washroom. Separate garage with a walk-in cooler/freezer. Minnow house with tanks.

Fish cleaning house. Lakeside sauna with deck. Above ground fuel tank and pump.

Bear management areas (2), moose tags (2 bull), bait block (1). Unorganized township. Turnkey operation with over $ 600,000 spent on improvements in last 7 years.

VTB mortgage possibility. Please inquire about financials.

Taxes are $2,299. Asking price $1.3 mln negotiable

property in CanadaLoon Lodge open year round on 0.23 acre island on Temagami Lake, a northern Ontario playground nestled within an old growth forest approximately 5 hours drive north of Toronto.
property in CanadaHousekeeping cottage resort on shores of Lake Cecebe in Muskoka area. 6.7 acres treed acres, well kept grounds.
property in CanadaLakefront lodge 873' on Granary Lake located on 46 acres between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, north of Blind River.
property in Canada1.4 acres building lot with sandy beach and rocks within 18,000 acres provincial park 295' on North Channel of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada
CanadaDreaming replied to the thread BEST areas in Canada? on the Canada forum:
CanadaDreaming initially posted:
Hi guys, Where would suit my lifestyle in Canada? I am a single woman in my mid 30's with a dog looking to move to Canada next year. I have looked at tons of places but how do you decide when you are judging on crime rates and house prices..?! So, what I'd love is just some ideas on where would be good to look at. I might even do an 8 week recon before I make the 'big' move. I love good scenery, great outdoor activities and obviously dog friendly open spaces would be great. I like great coffee and a good meal and cocktail but don't want a manic city centre. Lots of boxes to tick but I don't expect to tick them all. I work for myself so employment isn't an issue but would like to be around similar age people rather than 20 year olds. Any advice about how to go about deciding where to look would be amazing!! Thanks all!
CanadaDreaming replied most recently with:
Thanks. Van definitely seems more 'me' than 5 months of snow and cold in the East. Visa changes have made the move halt for now but I'll be visiting in March for a few months to look around and get some info about what to do. Wish the Uk were this thorough with immigrants.. it'd solve a few problems.. :)
fromcan replied most recently with:
I was born and raised in Calgary, moved to Van and then Ottawa and then back to Van. You need to think about SNOW. Do you like snow? Are you okay with the cold? BC is expensive but it doesn't snow like the rest of the country .... well southern BC anyway. Vancouver is the least snowest (is that a real word??) place in Canada. Back to being expensive, but it has a lot to offer and very dog friendly (except if you rent ... 1/4 are dog friendly) but it's a big place. Crime - normal for a big city of 1.5 mill peeps (with the tri-cities Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, etc - there's more than 3 so I don't know why it's called tri ...). If you don't want gang crime stay out of Surrey & Abbotsford. Good luck in your choice.
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fromcan replied to the thread Is Canada in our future? on the Canada forum:
gws53 initially posted:
We are a gay male married couple (one 52, one 60), both working in retail jobs. We have been seriously considering a move out of the USA, with Canada in general, and Nova Scotia in particular, as a possible new home. I have read that is very difficult with our backgrounds to enter Canada. Should we consider another locale? If there is a possibility, though, how do we go about making it more of a probability?
fromcan replied most recently with:
I am Canadian and I live in Vancouver. It is the most sexually open city I have lived in. We have pride painted cross walks (google Davie Street). It's expensive here but you will be fully adopted by the community. No one cares about your sexuality here. Good luck in your search.
oceanpaige replied most recently with:
I'm not sure about finding work in NS. The economy is quite slow here. It'd probably be better if you could start your own business. I think your sexual orientation is not likely to cause a problem in NS. Same sex marriage is legal here and there are communities that are quite liberal. I'd come here for an extended visit and travel around living in a few different areas first if I were you. The good news is real estate prices are very reasonable here if you're looking to buy.
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