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michka posted Opportunity for Job Shadowing on the Chile forum on July 22, 2014:
I m a South African living in Chile for a few months. My background is HR and I would love an opportunity to gain some international experience. Not looking for payment, just exposure. Hit me up if anybody has contacts! :)
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Socium replied to the thread Construction costs in Chile on the Chile forum:
skating101 initially posted:
I am considering relocating to Chillan and am interested in the construction and land costs for the area, does anyone have any relevant information?
Socium replied on July 14, 2014 with:
You have to be more specific regarding where do you want to build in Chillan. Within the city or in rural areas. General construction cost is pretty much similar in all the Central area of Chile. The main difference is on the land cost. If you want to be around the Panamerican Highway is higher than around other rural routes, but it depends on what do you want to build. Regards
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mholloway replied to the thread World's largest pool on the Chile forum:
mholloway initially posted:
I saw an ad for this in San Alfonso Del Mar and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it? Can a person rent an apartment there? If so, what has been your experience?
mholloway replied on July 14, 2014 with:
Ok, I do appreciate the helpful hints and the links are wonderful! Thanks so much!
Socium replied on July 14, 2014 with:
Some years ago I did rent an apartment there for a foreign client visiting Chile. You can find adds on internet under the heading in Spanish "arriendo departamento en san alfonso del mar". I found some web sites that may be of help:!verano-2014 I have no connection with such real estate agents. i just copied from the internet to assist you. But you can do your own search. Some just rent for days, others rent for months. Double check prices and locations. Unless some local person assist you with the rent, don't send money in advance to just a person issuing a property. I am sure real estate agents are more expensive, but they can be more reliable for a contract from a foreign location. Regards
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michka posted Beauty Salon on the Chile forum:
Hi! I m moving to Providencia next week from South Africa. Any re commendations on a good beauty salon in providencia? Thanks so much!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Chile enjoy the country's beaches, beautiful cities and lower cost of living. Santiago, La Serena, Vina del Mar and other destinations top their favorite places to live in Chile. (Continue)
FedericoTabja replied to the thread Help with Lawyer in Chile on the Chile forum:
msmars initially posted:
Hello guys, I would like to contact a lawyer in Chile who could explain and help me with the citizenship application procedure. My grandparent was Chilean, and according to Chilean Nationality law, if you have a parent/grandparent who is/was a Chilean at some point; you can become a citizen by descent even though you were not born in Chile. I have tried to contact a few law firms in Chile that I have found on the internet to enquire about this matter, but I have not received any response yet. I would appreciate it if anyone can provide me with the contact details of a lawyer (preferably e-mail since I am not in Chile) who can help with this matter. Thanks in advance
FedericoTabja replied most recently with:
We would be pleased to assist you. For more information about us, please visit I am the Managing Partner of the firm. You can reach me via e mail to Kind regards, Federico Tabja
msmars replied most recently with:
Thanks for your reply Kohl, I would still like to consult a lawyer though. :)
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adminee posted Best Places to Live in Chile on the Chile forum:
I'm pulling together an article for Expat Exchange's newsletter about the best places to live in Chile for expats. Would love some more feedback from members about your favorite place to live - why do you like living there? maybe share info on any of of the following: cost of living, typical expat housing, nearby schools, nightlife, restaurants, expat clubs and organizations, proximity to beach/big cities/etc., medical care/hospitals, transportation, etc. Thanks for your input! Betsy Burlingame Expat Exchange
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MushroomMike replied to the thread Employment for foreigners in Chile on the Chile forum:
Socium initially posted:
I had been asked this question for foreigners not coming to do a business in Chile. 1. You can work as employee or under retainer fee on any business in Chile. 2. For Chilean labor law, if you work ONLY for a company and you receive orders from them, then you are working as employee. It means you must sign a labor contract and get paid social security by the company hiring you. This is the normal situation for every worker in Chile. So, if those two conditions apply, you CAN NOT work under a Retainer, or Independent professional or independent contractor, issuing a Honorary Receipt for your services. 3. WORKING AS EMPLOYEE. a) You need a labor contract issued by a Chilean company. It MUST include a clause on which the hiring company pays you back the ticket from where you come or to a nearby foreign country. b) With this contract you apply to get a Labor Visa. c) While this labor visa is on the process ( around 3 months) you can work with a Provisory Labor Permit. Depending on your nationality it is the cost of this permit, with it is about the same cost that Chileans pay if working in your home country. d) You can ONLY work for the company hiring you as the Labor Visa is tied to the contract you obtain. If you do otherwise, you can be expelled from the country. If you find a better opportunity, you always can change your labor Visa. It is not as complicated if you make the proper consultation in advance. e) You always agree in Chile for a gross wage, from where the company deducts approximately 20% for your pension fund and health insurance. If you already have those two services in your home country and can be proved, then at least you could omit the deduction for pension fund. But pay attention to the agreement you are told by the company. Are they offering you SUELDO LIQUIDO ( clear wage) or SUELDO BRUTO ( gross salary form which the mandatory deductions are made). f) If you have to pay the pension fund, it is possible to arrange the devolution of these funds paid while in Chile, after you finish your stay as employee in the country. g) Above the before said deductions, there is the general labor tax that will be charged on you. The 20% deduction for social security from your gross wage, its a rough number, because it has a limit. if you earn a very high salary, the obligatory deductions are fixed. However your income tax may grow. The maximum rate is 40% on labor tax. It needs more time to explain this on this forum. 4. WORKING ON RETAINER it is possible, but I have to run now, to explain this. Hope the above said may help. More in depth professional consultations to
MushroomMike replied most recently with:
Socium Thank you for taking the considerable time in writing your comments! It is very good information to be aware of. Mike
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LovetheBeach replied to the thread La Serena Area Questions on the Chile forum:
knorman0616 initially posted:
I am planning on moving to the La Serena area of Chile Sept 2014. I have been doing much research online but would appreciate any feedback on the basics such as places and costs to live, possible employment opportunities, banking options and any other information anyone would like to offer. I am a single 40 y/o female who has office administration and healthcare experience, I will have very limited funds to start out with, a small savings to assist in transition. I have even been dabbling in thoughts of starting own business in Chile. I have limited Spanish speaking and writing skills however have been brushing up on it prior to my planned move. Would really like to live a bit outside of city but have access to transportation into city if need. I am really wanting to get away from rat race here in States and simplify my life in all aspects! I truly appreciate any feedback!
LovetheBeach replied most recently with:
Thank you again, suziehammond! I am so interested to visit Chile and see Santiago and La Serena myself. Perhaps by this time next year!
LovetheBeach replied most recently with:
Socium, you have given a very thorough explanation of La Serena, Coquimbo, and the surrounding areas! Thank you so much! I am now eager to go and see that part of Chile, as well as the capital of Santiago and the surrounding areas. The descriptions of Chile I have been reading sound to me so much like my native California in USA. So many of the same geographical features. Mountains, deserts, seashore, great central valley of agriculture. And the climates in all these places seem similar to California as well. Necesito estudiar mas el espanol! Muchas Gracias!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Lee offers ten tips for people contemplating a move to Central or South America. (Continue)
busman7 replied most recently with:
Excellent advise especially #10 however the 'go native' bit, although spot on, is something that 99% will be unable to do, however for those who can life IS good, much better than back in the materialistic cold country. Just remember when you hit a glitch there is always maƱana!
gmruiz13610 replied recently with:
Thank you so much for all your tips on moving to Latin American countries. I am contemplating on moving somewhere in Latin America when I retire in 2015. My wife is very skeptic about living in Latin American countries. I am Hispanic and she is Caucasion. I ofcourse would fit right in ,Just need to work on her and show her alot of research of different place to live comfortably and inexpensive. Live The Dream!
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