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RussellO posted vets and MAC flights on the Chile forum on December 18, 2014:
I'm looking for those who use this service to travel around South America. Where in the U.S. do you leave from for flights?
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panamajames replied to the thread looking for land partners on the Chile forum:
artbyjoe initially posted:
wanting to buy self sufficient farming land in south western Chile. west of Los Muermos. we figure to be part time for the first 3 years or so. perhaps 6 mo / 6 mo. then full time. primary goal is to grow as much of our own food as possible. have experience in off grid living. we will be heading back down there in March for 4 to 6 weeks.
panamajames replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Yes, I am looking at Chile as a possible retirement location and the farmland idea sounds great. So far Uruguay and Argentina don´t suit my needs, so looking forward to Chile Jan 10th for a week or so. Just starting to look for places to stay. If you wanted to tell me more about your Chile adventure, please email me at
artbyjoe replied on December 15, 2014 with:
to PanamaJames: hi Jim Lesia, i am glad you are coming to Chile. since you responded to my post, i must assume you are looking at country land (el campo). most of the place areas that i listed are either that, or small towns surrounded by campo. most of what i am looking at this trip is down in the bottom of the lakes district. they have enough rain their to have year round lush green pastures. this is my primary consideration in this time of global warming and every one running out of water. so these areas i hope are really nice in the summer, but do expect a lot of rain in the winter. thanks again and hopefully our paths will cross. joe and kate
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Dario2010 posted Santiago bound on the Chile forum on December 14, 2014:
Is it possible for me to live and work in Chile with a felony almost 20 years old?
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hennamari replied to the thread Looking for land in the mountainous boonies on the Chile forum:
GrahamS initially posted:
Hi, I'm looking to purchase a piece of land, hopefully one with a nearby stream, picturesque, with a bit of elevation change to it. Want to build a house and/or cabin in a quiet area. I only see a few real estate websites in English, and when I do write to them, it takes a long time to get any response. Any suggestions? I've been at this for a year, and have gotten nowhere.
hennamari replied on December 12, 2014 with:
Hi Graham, are you buying the land for investment purposes or for yourself? If it's for yourself (and actually even if it's for investment) I recommend you take yourself time to travel throughout the different regions. Stay in hospedajes with local families and ask them about people selling land in the area. Based on my experience in Patagonia I'd say that more than 95% of the properties for sale there are not listed anywhere on the internet, nor are they on the lists of any real estate agencies, so this is really the only way to find them. I did it and found my paradise in Palena :)
judesteele replied on November 29, 2014 with:
There are SO MANY places in Chile like what you describe that more parameters are required. I think it is worth it to find your sweet spot in Chile after being here mostly for over 10 years. But it's best to get insider guidance. Realtors are a mixed bag in Chile and you need to know well who you are working with and their level of knowledge and integrity. The prices also come in a wide range and foreigners can pay more than necessary without local insight. Also water ownership on your land can be an issue. Fortunately Chile has reliable ways to find great land and build your dream house and life here in a secure way. It is an organized country with good laws and procedures. Similar to the States in many ways. I am an architect from California, USA - I have found a bilingual collaborative team of Chileans and expats that streamlines this process from finding land, legal support, permitting to building your project. Whether your budget is small or large, you have great choices in Chile. I am inspired by Chile. It is a beautiful country with amazing people. We recommend coming to Chile to understand your choices, as there are many. We do answer emails when you want the straight scoop and some insider support about Chile. Someone in our collaborative often meets expats at the airport and arranges and shows them whatever they need with English, Spanish, German... speakers. We do this to share the Chile we love. Fees for our time and experience and contacts are minimal. When we can't help we probably know someone who can. Contact us when you want connections: - property samples:
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drmicrochp replied to the thread 40 Ft. Container Shipping questions to Chile on the Chile forum:
GrahamS initially posted:
Hi, Three questions... about shipping containers re: moving to Chile. 1. I have enough stuff to fill about a third or half of a 40 foot container, and I'm curious if people ever split the costs of a container? I think that it is cheaper if you ship in a 40 foot container than if you price it out for a smaller load. Are there services that do this, or places where people post their schedules with mutual interests? 2. And if so, if you can share a shipping container from the US, how can you find out which ports you need to send your stuff from? 3. Is it cheaper to send from the West Coast (like Seattle, LA, San Diego, etc.) because it is more direct and the ships don't cross through/across the Panama Canal? Or is there no price difference shipping/moving a container from the East Coast of the US (like Norfolk, Baltimore, etc.)? Thanks for any leads and/or info.
drmicrochp replied on December 09, 2014 with:
I recently shipped a container to Chile (20 foot I believe) and had the most complex/interesting/involved experience making it happen. I shipped my stuff from my home in Stockton, California to the port in San Vicente. I am in the midst of writing a huge blog about all of the steps and hurdles and expenses involved in moving all my belongings to Victoria, Chile, but haven't finished it. I can answer most questions, though, having just finished the experience ...even moving all of the contents of my container to my new home in Chile. As per your specific questions: 1. You can pick a 20 foot or 40 foot container. The 20 foot is half the price obviously. I think there are people who split the load of a 40, but I would recommend against it. It is complicated as heck to do the whole move and involving other people would make it more so. Plus customs wants to go through all of your stuff so you have to make sure it's "clean". I wouldn't want to do with customs giving me problems over somebody else's stuff. 2. In terms of which port to ship from, that's just whatever makes sense because of your location. I'm from Stockton, CA and so I used a shipper based in San Mateo/Oakland/Hayward. Whatever is cheapest because the shipper will send the container to your house with a tractor/truck and drop it off there for you to load. You will have about two or three days before he picks it up again to take back to the shipper's yard. 3. Your question about west versus east coast shipping is a good one. My shipper was Gabriel Cunich and the company was Inter Global Logistics. Phone number is (510) 940-7447. He is extremely knowledgable and helped us a lot. You might have to call a few times to catch him. He might tell you the best port and the best shipper. He is Chilean and everything is "a la Chilena", but my wife is in Chilena and we conducted our business in Spanish so that wasn't a problem. The biggest piece of advice is to be aware of the cost upfront. We paid $4,000 for the cost of the truck to bring/pickup the container from Stockton and then to have it shipped to Chile (Inter Global Logistics). Then we spent another $1,300 in costs in Chile for customs, taxes, the truck to pick up and carry our container to Victoria, Chile, and the payment to a "agente de aduanas" who is a legal official/shipping expert who shepherds your stuff from the port to your new house. So, that's a lot of money to me, but it was worth it to hang on to all my possessions, clothes, furniture etc. which could not easily be purchased in Chile. The quality of our U.S. possessions is much higher than the quality here, plus the personal value of having all of your own things. Obviously, you will be paying more for the truck delivery and pickup of your container if you live in the middle of the U.S. Also, you have to be patient because the whole process takes at least two months and you're worrying about being ripped off at any point or being hassled by the customs agents if they find anything they don't like. We were never ripped off or overcharged perhaps because we speak Spanish, but we worried about it the whole time. Christian Jutt
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drmicrochp replied to the thread Shipping supplies to Chile on the Chile forum:
GrahamS initially posted:
Hi, I want to move to the Lakes region of Chile, and I want to send all of my personal belongings to Puerto Montt or Valdavia. The shipping companies that I've talked to in the US all ask for a specific destination address for me to send it to, but I haven't yet found my house or land yet. Right now, I have an approximate area in mind. Is it possible to ship your stuff to Chile, and put it in a storage unit I get my housing situation settled? If I have to buy my land (or housing property first), then I'd have to fly all the way back to the US just to ship my stuff out. I can't get a solid answer from anyone I've contacted about shipping stuff to Chile, and where to potentially store my things til my housing gets ironed out. There has to be a basic solution to this, and I keep coming up with nothing everywhere I go. I even went down to Chile last year, and got no answers anywhere. I can't believe that you can't ship and store somewhere.
drmicrochp replied on December 09, 2014 with:
I agree with what the other guys said, but it doesn't necessarily require that you have a specific home picked out to ship your container to. Any address (preferably the address where you will be temporarily staying in Valdivia) will do. Then travel to Chile and embark upon finding your house or apartment. Chilean apartments are small so figure out what the square footage of your present home is as a reference. Then fill out your bill of lading with address of your temporary residence. Travel to Chile and find your home where you want to live (you will have six weeks at least as that's how long it will take your container to arrive in San Vicente or San Antonio). It took my wife and I a month to find our apartment (2,000 square feet or 700 sq meters). The container arrived a few weeks later and now we had our definitive address to ship our container. There was never a need to rent a storage space. But, yeah, if you had to you could rent a storage space in one of the big cities, but they would probably charge you a lot.
DDLSQM replied on November 07, 2014 with:
Our experience, latest of 4 international moves Bogota-Santiago 2014, is that one must have a destination address to ship to, that is where you will be receiving the shipment otherwise your shipment will not even leave your home country. This address is final destination and is independent of any storage agreement that you might have with the moving company. We ended up storing for several months in Bogota while I purchased a place in Chile. FYI recently the most recommended for international moves to Chile is Allied Van Lines.
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Maulevines posted Referral on the Chile forum on December 09, 2014:
Greetings,I am in search for a contractor to remove trees from approx 4-5 hector site just outside of San Javier on Conquistador. Also, a well driller. Any leads would be appreciated.
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sailormex posted drivers license info? on the Chile forum on December 09, 2014:
Hi, I have had enough of Panamá and am moving to Chile, but my license is about to expire. Can someone tell me if I can get a license on a tourist visa before I file for residency? Many thanks..
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marcus9957 replied to the thread Living expenses in Santiago on the Chile forum:
oreste92 initially posted:
Hi everyone, I've just been offered a teaching position in Santiago, but I've never been there and I'm not sure about the salary. It would 440,000 CLP a month. I'm obviously not expecting to live in the nicest part of the city, but I do expect it to be in a safe area. Also in terms of my living situation I would be looking for a single room in an apartment with other people. Would this be enough to get by, including all other expenses as well?
marcus9957 replied on December 08, 2014 with:
That's only $720.13 in US currency. Not much to live on in a big city.
jbondoux replied on December 03, 2014 with:
Oops - I mean 880 beers... still short of a comfortable living
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panamajames replied to the thread Chilean Health Insurance on the Chile forum:
Picareno initially posted:
Greetings all. My husband and I will be in Chile for almost a week before year’s end. We are trying to decide whether to buy travel health insurance for this trip. We see no point in having it if any health emergency would be covered by some kind of government-provided plan for which we would be eligible AND no private care is available. If private care is available, we’ll buy the insurance; if not, and we qualify for government-provided treatment, we won’t. Any experience out there? Thanks
panamajames replied most recently with:
We bought $50 insurance policies each, which is valid for 4 months. It is good for $250,000 of medical but does is not valid for pre-existing conditions. You pay up front, and are re-imbursed at a later date. We have used it for many years on all our trips, and it works well. It seems I get injured most while on holidays, and they pay us back without any stress or delay. It is called Segura Sura. A note that we are able to get shots, Influenza, Yellow Fever, Measles & Rubella, Tetnus, and the only cost was $5 for the Yellow Fever.
Iñaki replied most recently with:
Hello there, You do not want to get in government owned hospitals, believe me. For 1 week you can get a $100~$200 int'l health insurance, with it you can go to the closest clinic to get attention. I did it last year and it worked beautifully.
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