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drmicrochp replied to the thread Jobs in Other Industries for Foreigners on the Chile forum on August 26, 2015:
matesol initially posted:
I am in northern Canada and I work in a biomass power plant. From what I've been able to research online, there are biomass plants in Chile. They are called "bioenergia". I am wondering if a foreigner can apply for a job in industries other than teaching, get a visa and work in Chile. Are there many foreigners working in other industries in Chile or is it very difficult for anyone but locals to get local jobs? I know this is a long shot, but does anyone here know anything about biomass power generation in Chile or how I could find out more about it?
drmicrochp replied on August 26, 2015 with:
My brother in law was trying to start up a biomass project where he would collect cow dung and recycle it into methane. He wasn't able to acquire the startup capital to go forward with the project and turned to a second project which is collecting all of the throwaway plastic sheeting used for silage and recycling that and other plastic. He is based in Osorno, in the south, and tells me that even this modest bio technology is unknown down here. It does seems a natural fit to have biomass down here considering all of the dairy waste.
Socium replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Write directly to them. If they are interested in your expertise, they can handle a VISA for you right from the start. Here there are coupe of options: Regards Teo
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Socium replied to the thread Visa, work, property, pregnancy in Chile ? on the Chile forum on August 24, 2015:
Fleur1987 initially posted:
Dear all, Me and my partner are thinking of moving to South America. We will visit Chile coming December and January. But we have a list of questions at this point. About us: we are 28 & 31, from the Netherlands, not married, not rich, 1 of us has Master degree in Psychology. We want to leave Europe because we want to live somewhere more quiet and with more space. Ideally we would like to buy a piece of land (min 5 hectares) and build a simple house. We might want to make a hostel/camping/b'n'b at this location. We would like to start a family soon too. We are thinking of the lake District as a good place to live (climate-wise and nature wise). Here are our questions: Voor forums: 1. What visa's are most applicable for us as a couple that would like to buy a house and some land? 2. What are the cost for the particular visa's that might apply to me for arranging temporary & permanent residency? We are not necessarily looking for a work visa, but mostly a resident visum. 3. What are the standard and extra documents that are required for each relevant visa?  4. After 1 year on a temporary visa, is it possible for me to apply for permanent residency straight away, or do we first have to do 2 years of temporary visa?   5. How long does the application process usually take until we are granted a temporary or permanent visa? We have heard that the offices in Santiago city are very busy. Any recommendations for less busy immigration offices (between Santiago and the Lake District) ? 6. Concerning the work visum. If we get a work visum, are we obliged to work officially for a certain period? What kind of jobs would be good enough to earn a work-visa? I have several professional projects in mind, like to set up a camping ground, hostel, but also I can co-manage with my friend to do modelling & massage work. Do these jobs count as work visa compatible? What kind of taxes apply to people with our background, possible visa's choices and residency tax-requirements? Would the process to acquire the visa's go more smoothly if I had a company to my name? What extra tips can you give me that would be ways to make the visa process go more smoothly in general? 7. To gain a dependent work visa (if this exists for this country), do we have to be married or is it possible to not be married and get registered as a couple looking for a dependent visa? If yes, are there any types of proof & documents needed from us to prove I am in a relationship with this person? If no and we need to be married to acquire, can we get married in the county or do we need a marriage document from our country of origin?   8. Health insurance, how do we acquire this? What are the requirements for us as possible residents to be able to gain health insurance based on the visa choices? How expensive is health insurance for us in your country? What insurance agencies does your office recommend? Is there a possibility to have a pregnancy insurance at home and/or at the hospital under the visa conditions?   9. At the moment of birth of a new child and in the period soon after, is it required for us to create a birth certificate by law? How expensive is this and what kind of nationality will the child get? Is there something like an insurance arrangement for the new mother, to get a child support fee from the government? 10. Under what conditions of visa, can we get (in time) a drivers licence, car, house and/or legally buy land? For example: can we already buy land/house when we are on a temporary visum? 11. After what period of time would we need to have a drivers licence of the country? What are the cost to acquire this license? What type of vehicles can we drive without a license? In what languages are licenses taught?  12. What is the list of points and/or motivational topics, that are required to be mentioned in our letter of (immigration) motivation? How long does this letter need to be? Would general information be relevant & sufficient like: A loving, reasonable intelligent, calm and caring couple has the wish to live quietly in nature. We are looking to buy a house that can support visitors in the form of a hostel or bed & breakfast. We want to live self-sufficiently. 13. Any tips for legal translators or lawyers to help with the paperwork process? (in the Lake District or Santiago)  14. What is the best way to find property in Chile, or the Lake District specifically? Any recommendations for real estate agents? Our ideal price would be between 10.000 and 40.000 euros for a few hectares. Can anyone give an indiciations for property prices? 15. Are there government-funded programs to support the wildlife/nature? For example: growing a specific plant or animal with financial support from the government. 16. What is the rules/culture concerning hunting and fishing? Thank you in advance, Fleur
Socium replied on August 24, 2015 with:
Too many questions, but I understand, if you are moving to another country. 1. I think your choice of the District of Lakes or the Patagonia is ok with your actual ecosystem where you live.ç 2. Trying to live out of out of a camping or bead and breakfast is possible, but probably not break-even for 3 years until you get well known. So you need anorther source of revenue for that time. Also, income from massive tourism is mostly concentrated during January and February. If dealing with foreigners you can extend such period. 3. If you plan on living from tourism, you better find your clients in Europe, and make all the conncections needed before coming to Chile. Or it may be a good idea to work on such field there, before you come here. 4. Regarding VISA all the options are available. I don't suggest alternatives in open forum because it depends on many key factors of your family Choose one consultant and work with him. 5. Your capital to buy a good plot of land is short to find a good spot for tourism. With 40.000 euros you may find one hectare well located. If you plan living further from main hot spots, then you may find land for 10.000 euros the hectare, but then development time will be longer. 6. AS Chilean I wellcome you to come to live here. But bring knowledge about sustainability to make a difference here. So, you can blend with locals teaching something we do not handle well. Regards Teo
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drmicrochp replied to the thread Safety - Rural Chile on the Chile forum:
matesol initially posted:
Hi! My wife and I are thinking about moving to Chile for a year, just to make sure that we like it. (I think we will love it, but let's try it for a year before we make a final decision.) I am from northern Canada and much prefer living in a small city, say 200 000 or less, to living in a big city. We'd like to buy an acreage or a small farm. 10 acres would be ideal, but four would be acceptable. I am wondering about how safe it is to be expats living in a rural area in Chile. We'd probably want to settle in the middle of Chile or the South, preferably where there is at least some snow in winter. So, how safe is rural Chile for expats? Do you need guns? A gated community?
drmicrochp replied most recently with:
I'm in the process of moving from Victoria in the 9th region to PV. I'll probably have everything moved and have my new home set up by September. In the meantime my recommendation would be to hold on to your collection if you have some nice pieces that you're fond of. If it's just regular stuff, sell it and use the money to buy new ones down here. That would eliminate most of the paperwork problem. My email is
mishramusic replied most recently with:
Hi, Thanks for your communication. I am currently in PV for the next few hours. I have guns stored in my container in Canada. I am still considering whether to try to bring them here from Canada or just sell them. I do not deny that if I had my guns here I would probably feel somewhat more secure. I understand that to bring in guns to Chile is not an easy process. Would ;ike to meet if possible to discuss pros and cons. Let me know if we can meet today or possibly next week. Thanks, Michael
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Hi, I am Kat. As the localization company, we are trying to find an assistant who can help with setting up company. We will find the consulting company but we really need an assistant who will help doing minion things like coordinating with locals. If you could suggest anybody who are now living in Las Condes (preferably) or Providencia and can communicate well in English, please contact me at It would help if you would suggest a brief profile as well as the expected wage for the person or yourself :) I am willing to welcome all other suggestions you might happen to give. Thank you.
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Dear Forum Members, I thought that you would enjoy this cautionary tale of life for expat ESL teachers living in Santiago. Everyone seems so cool. ...or are they? Follow the link at: Christian Jutt
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Hello everyone ! Canadian from Montreal here, looking to rent an apartment in Valdivia for 6 months -- from 20 October to 20 April (2016). This would be for a single, retired person. Preferably furnished, with access to laundry washer, and also internet, close to downtown. Looking for something in the range of 350,000 to 450,000 CLP, if possible. Unfurnished would be OK if some second-hand furniture can be purchased cheap, for the 6 months duration (table, chairs, bed). Thanks for any info you can offer. Jaro
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jimandleigh posted Searching for a crib on the Chile forum:
We are moving to Providencia on Tuesday and are looking for a crib to buy or borrow for our baby for the next 10 months while we we on sabbatical in Chile. If you have any leads, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much! Leigh
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LitlMsSunshine posted Nutri Ninja Blender (900W) on the Chile forum:
I'm coming across from NZ and I've been in Chile a number of times but could anyone confirm if the licuadora Nutri Ninja is available? They are especially for fruit/veg to make smoothies. I'm wondering if I should buy one here and bring it or wait and buy one once we arrive??
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panamajames replied to the thread Bank account in Chile on the Chile forum:
RussellO initially posted:
Is it possible for foreigners to open a bank account in dollars and take out dollars?
panamajames replied most recently with:
I like banking out of country. Here is the Federation where I bank. Very safe and secure and they have been functioning now for over 50 years. I have been dealing with them for just over 5 years now. If you are interested, you can contact them in English at It is always a good idea to have some money in another country, and it is all all US dollars. Their English is good, they can tell you their history, and send you application forms. They will even send you an International MasterCard and your monthly statement can be paid off automatically from your savings account, so you are never charged interest. I take my card everywhere I go. Used it in Chile, everywhere I went, Santiago, Vina del great. Also used it in Uruguay, Argentina,Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. And of course in the US and Canada, and all over Central America. Great card......I love it. Ask them their current rates and whatever else you need to know, and definitely you do not have to be a resident of Panama to apply.
suziehammond replied most recently with:
Hi, We have found on this issue that it is a little complex. You DO need a RUT--it is used for everything in Chile. Try and get cable hooked up with it....etc The best thing we did was to get a US account with Charles Schwab Bank. They do not have regular offices everywhere. You do everything online or by mail. Our US funds all go through there first. You can withdraw US or local funds with no fees other than the exchange rate itself. That's right no fees! Additionally their customer service is superb! With your Skype connection you can sort out monetary needs. So nice when you are in a different country and coping with those issues. Suzie Hammond is the author of; I am Not Sure Where I Want to Be -But it's Not Here (Easily Find Your Ideal Relocation Destination) Blog, FREE eZine & Free Special Report-
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victoriamin replied to the thread Senior's Personal Assistant- part time on the Chile forum:
mollyfidget007 initially posted:
Hi there, my family is looking to hire a senior's personal assistant part time in Belloto, Chile (a 30 minute drive from Vina del Mar). I'm half Chilean and half English and have spent my life in the US with my family. My Chilean father is fluent in English and is very involved in my grandparent's lives, and feels like it's time to bring in a personal assistant/aid to help his father out with day-to-day activities. The only issue is that, while my own father loves his country of origin, he's gotten a little too used to how much more professional and punctual Westerners tend to behave in regards to their work obligations. My healthy and independent grandmother understands English while my grandfather does not, and he will probably need an assistant who has a basic level of understanding of the Spanish language, or at least a genuine willingness to become proficient on a basic level. My grandmother will always be around to help translate and answer questions. Please respond to this post if you're interested in working 3 days per week, and only 4 hours per day. My father would be willing to meet you for coffee and to give out his work info if that would make you feel more comfortable meeting the seniors in their home. Thanks a bunch, Molly
victoriamin replied most recently with:
Hi Molly, I just arrived in Vina del Mar on May 21, 2015 and saw your posting this morning for a Senior Assistant. I applied for a Chilean visa on June 1, 2015, so I am awaiting approval on that. First of all, have you found someone for the job? If not, what are the duties needed for the position? You can reach me at I also have a cell number: 7654-5323. I will be in the area for two weeks and have plans to travel south after that time. Sincerely, Jane
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