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Chinagypsyrose posted 10 yr. visa on the China forum on December 11, 2014:
My current Tourist visa expires in April, 2015. Can I renew my visa in Hong Kong then? I am living in China for the 4th time and to travel to the U.S. And back to renew a visa would certainly be too expensive for me. I am a retiree just on Social Security. Also, I hope I can continue going into Macau or Hong Kong to satisfy the new visa requirements about leaving China every 60 days with the new 10-year visa. Please respond. Thank you.
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RobertHill replied to the thread China divorce on the China forum:
gorhold initially posted:
My wife lives in China and I was about to move to be with her in retirement but she now does not want a future with me. We married in Australia but can we apply for the divorce in China? Still hoping to retire to Nanning
RobertHill replied most recently with:
Sorry, but, my understanding is that once you are divorced, you will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO STAY IN CHINA, unless you WORK..
lt150 replied most recently with:
You can go to Nanning and get divorced at the marriage office. Very easy and the cost is 20 yuan I think. I lived in Nanning for three years married to a Chinese woman. That was the biggest mistake of my life!! Back in the States now. No where like home.
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sahara2605 posted International Schools in Wuhan on the China forum:
Hello, would you please tell me the names and contact details of the International Schools in Wuhan. thanks
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My girlfriend and I lived in Sanya, China for 6 months until our Z-Visas expired. We returned to Canada, and now are wishing to return to China. What we would like to do is return to China, with my girlfriend working full time under a Z-Visa, and myself not working, using a sort of trailing spousal visa. Just to go into more detail, my girlfriend has a teaching job lined up and her work Z-Visa is being prepared for her. I am a full-time student whose studies are completed entirely online, allowing me to study anywhere abroad. So having me under a trailing visa would be the best scenario, but we are open to any other options. We've looked into this, and so far, we've read that I can enter China using an L-Visa (tourist), and then visit our Canadian embassy to have that tourist visa turned into a trailing visa. We would need a letter explaining our relationship is 5+ years, and a confirmation letter from my girlfriends Z-Visa provider confirming that. Is this accurate? Has anyone done something similar to this before? Is there an easier method? Finally, China recently allows 10-year tourist visas, is that a better option? (see link: )
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bruschenberg posted ESL Teacher new in Weifang on the China forum:
I arrived here in late August from the USA. I want to meet other English speakers to hang out with socially. Now, let me explain what I mean by socially. I mean - I visit them, they visit me, have conversation, play cards, play games, go to the movies, visit museums or special places and events. Old-fashioned social networking. Not FACEBOOK. I don't do FACEBOOK or any social media. I have a bunch of classic old films on DVD and nobody to enjoy viewing them with. I love playing cards and Chinese Checkers, or just sitting around shooting the breeze and discussing books I am reading, current events or mutual travels. I am not a young person so I don't go to discos or bars. (However, I am not opposed to either of the two.) I am a 60 year old female ESL teacher who just needs some friends, both male and female. I haven't been anywhere yet.
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Shalom, I am an American and will be working in Qidong and looking for fellowship with other Christian Jew. Thank you.
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lizcum posted Moving to Tianjin on the China forum:
We will be moving to Tianjin in March 2014. Are there any expats going home around that time who would like to sell/pass-on any household equipment they do not want to take back. I don't want to pack up too much of our home contents if you have a 'reuse/recycle scheme in Tianjin. Many thanks.
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Billy48 posted New Chinese/US Visa Regs on the China forum:
If any one here clearly understands the new visa regs between the USA and China I would welcome a chat. the new agreement is being heralded in the USA as something great for citizens of both countries. I rec'd somewhat of an explanation about the new policy from a Chinese visa service. but after that explanaton do not see the benefit to US tourists visitng China. My understanding so far is a tourst may be issued a ten yr visa, meaning for 10 years neednt reapply. however this L Visa oly allows one to stay in the country for 60 days at whcih time you must leave and re-enter. Isnt his what L Visa holders have been doing all along? how has this new law changed anything for the L Visa holder?
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