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chemprac posted must visit twice for work permit? on the China forum on April 23, 2015:
Hello to all, first time posting here. So, I was in China for an interview for a week last month and was under the impression that all was well with my visa application process. However, I was just told by the company that the local government has told them that I need to visit at least twice before applying for a permit or stay for more than 15 days the first time. Has anyone else heard of this rule? BTW, the job is in Zhoushan, near Shanghai. Let me know what you think or if you think there is some other problem involved. I am getting worried about other problems that may suddenly prop up through this process. Thank you
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Being an expatriate in a foreign country always pose some challenges for us. Living in China certainly gives exciting opportunities but also serious challenges—the increasing polluted environment being one of it. We recently encountered news that some multinational corporations in China have considered environmental hazards and include air pollution in their hardship compensation scheme. As organizational researchers as well as expats ourselves, this sparked our interest in understanding the perceived effect of air pollution on expatriate worker’s decision making and well-being. We hope to publish the results to inform employers and policies. We hereby invite you (expats currently living in China) to participate in our research study. This study is being conducted by us—Tori Huang and Joon Park at Nottingham University Business School China. The purpose of this study is to examine how expatriates perceive air quality in China, how it affects their attitudes and behaviors and the corresponding current and future HR compensation policies. To complete the survey online, please go to the URL below As a token of our appreciation, upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, we have a series of lotteries in which respondents are eligible to win 10RMB, 30RMB or 50RMB worth of vouchers for The information your provide will help us gain important insights into how the air pollution in China, an issue that we're all concerned about, is affecting your work and life. We know that this is a busy time of the year for you, but we hope that you will take 20 minutes to participate in this web survey.
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Hi, I am looking for Singaporeans or Malaysians who would like to do part time intensive teaching (1 or 2 weeks) in local (China) government institutions. Pls drop me an email or wechat me at Yeomh8 to find out more. Thanks. Regards.
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property in ChinaBrand New Modern 2br Shenzhen Luohu CBD Apartment Rent
Jigoro posted Nexflix New to China? on the China forum on April 18, 2015:
I understand that the Guangdong province has a new service similar to Netflix and its in different regions of the country as well. Is anyone familiar with it or have seen it. Has anyone ever used it? How does it compare to Netflix in the US. This is a video of the big launch in Guangdong
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horizen posted expat kinderten teacher wage on the China forum:
I have been working in china for training schools for a couple of years and I am just finishing up my first year teaching at a kindergarten. I am planning to request more money when renewing the contract and thought I should go into this armed with information. I would like to know what the standard wages are for foreign kindergarten teachers. and any other relevant details. Hoping to get feedback from a few different people.
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hellene posted Getting Married in China on the China forum:
Hello Does anyone know what it takes to get married in China? I have a Fiancee in Dandong, Liaoning and I would like to know all the Paperwork Required from both countries, USA + CHINA Thanks
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