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Established in 2005, Shane English School Nanjing offers exciting English teaching jobs for foreign teachers.
Looking for Ins!ders to take small groups around Shanghai by sidecar
LaBernard posted Yankees in Baoding, China on the China forum on April 13, 2014:
Yankees or otherwise - any English-speaking expats in Boading (Hebei)? Could use some familiar conversation.
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raysdlnk posted Shanghai parents - What to do with old toys? on the China forum on April 08, 2014:
Hi Everyone!  I'm a parent of two (one 4-year old and one 2-year old), and I've noticed that a lot of parents find it annoying to have to continually switch out toys for kids as they get older.  I'm curious how a toy-subscription service would do in Shanghai. Would any of you subscribe instead of buy, like a Netflix for toys? Of course, the toys would be imported, properly sanitized, and delivered to your door.  As an expat I don't want to accumulate too much stuff here before I move back. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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property in ChinaNice apartment, convenient, close to downtown.
loganh1985 replied to the thread Nanning, China on the China forum:
happyjack initially posted:
I am interested in .retiring in Nanning, with my wife who is A Chinese citizen. I am wondering what I can expect to pay for a modern 2 Bdrm Condominium
loganh1985 replied on April 07, 2014 with:
You will typically get a clean slate unit (concrete floor, walls and ceiling) then you design and build out your interior to your liking. Depending on where you are looking to move, you are looking at $3,000-$12,000 RMB per square meter. My mother-in-law has a 3 bdr condo in a nice community at $10,000 RMB per square meter. Is around 115-120 m2 living space. $1,200,000Rmb or about $193,000 USD. This is an upper middle cost community with underground parking, lots of amenities and the unit has some decent views of Nannings skyline. 10th floor with 15 square meter open air foyer perfect for an indoor garden (I design and sell them). If you are already in Nanning, or would like to talk, you can message me.
ldmack3 replied on November 01, 2013 with:
I am in a similar situation. Wife is Chinese from Nanning and we want to retire there. We just sold a 2BR 1Bath 1Garage in far south Nanning for 800,000 RMB. It was about 10 years old, located on Qing Shan Road. I love Nanning BTW.
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Hello, this is Melissa and we have brand new Buick Regal available for rent in Shanghai. The car is only 2 months old. Driver Jan is with 10 years safe driving experience, he’s reliable with good temper and polite behavior. The plate is Shanghai local number. For monthly rental we have promotion price which is 9000RMB/month, for yearly rental the rate is 8,500RMB/month. The car is also available for airport transfer in or out of town, daily/half rental, sightseeing, shopping, water town visiting, school or work transfer, etc. If you’re interested, please email me for enquiry or booking: or call/sms: +86-136-7177-3434 Website:
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About CHENG HUA Cheng Hua is well-established as one of the industry leaders in the material handling solution industry. We share the soaring achievements through the delivery of know-how expertise and the core values ingrained.
Hello, I live in China (Xi'an) for 3 years now. Chinese bank accounts are still limited when it comes to international bank transfers, foreign currencies and so on. That's why I need an account with a HK bank. I know there are already some threads about this, but situation has changed (since 1st of March this year). I heard/read a lot about problems now with regard to opening a bank account in HK as a non-resident. Especially for US citizens (I am German). Is there someone who recently opened such an account? I can provide my - German passport (valid until 2020) - my Chinese Residence Permit (valid until March 2015) - my address registration at the police in Xi'an (few days old, stamped and with passport ID, residence permit ID) - the rental contract of my apartment in Xi'an (with my address and passport ID on it) What more I need to open an account ? I am interested in - online banking in English - transferring and receiving money online and internationally (SWIFT/IBAN) - trading with stock funds and shares - multi-currency account (USD, EUR, RMB) Any recommendations? hints? Thanks for any kind of information. Tom P.S.: it is urgent, I will be in Hong Kong next week on MON and TUE.
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property in ChinaModern brand new 1br Shenzhen Luo Hu CBD apartment rent

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