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runnershai posted Zombie Run on the China forum on September 01, 2014:
Runnershai’s at it again! Come and join us in a crazy/fun adventure which shall test your guts and survival instinct. Run amidst a post-apocalyptic environment swarming with hungry zombies as you find your way to the antidote of the zombie epidemic. Festivities shall be arranged to celebrate your exploits at the end of this spooky journey! Check us out for more details at
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defwarmedup posted Expert license advice needed on the China forum on August 30, 2014:
So, here's my situation. I've been in China for 5 years. I taught full-time for 3 years here using a z-visa and expert license. I then got married and completed my degree by distance learning. This took 2 years. Now I have the degree and I have 3 years teaching experience but some cities/visa offices are saying you need 2 years post graduate experience. I then heard that if you study with the TEFL in China teaching program then this will sometimes/maybe cancel the 2 years post-graduate teaching experience necessary. Does anyone know any more about this situation. I'm just wanting to do everything legally. Thanks in advance.
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AuntClara2010 replied to the thread New in Weifang on the China forum:
GE36 initially posted:
Hello I arrived to Weifang beginning this month from Singapore. The thing is I don't seem to meet any expats here even thru couple of websites. I've heard that Qingdao is about an hour or so from here and would like to visit there sometime in Dec. Would be great if I can get some suggestions of places to visit or to get to know any expats there. Thanks :)
AuntClara2010 replied on August 29, 2014 with:
Hello I am new to Weifang and looking for expats in the area. Just arrived - so looking for answers to : best mobile phone, best bank, best ATM fees etc. Any advice is much appreciated!!
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property in ChinaFull furnished, modern style decoration, nice area, close to big supermarket, shopping center
We are currently looking for local special needs educational consultants in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong to assist expats/repatriating families find the best school match for their child(ren) in the area.
chekhov posted Need help to receive mail in Guangzhou. Will pay. on the China forum on August 28, 2014:
I'm going to settle in Guangzhou in September and I'm in urgent need of somebody to receive mail for me in advance as I cannot afford to have the document delayed. Will be willing to pay for the service. Thanks!
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Beijing, China
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
If you get angry or frustrated or lonely easily, living abroad won't be for you. You really need to love adventure. And remember to always be polite, you get more with suger than with salt. (Continue)
ChinaUSA2015 replied most recently with:
Very good insights, thanks for sharing :)
A reader replied recently with:
Thank you for the blog. I am an American and I have been a "foreigner" almost all of my life, having lived in 13 countries. We really want to move and work in China. Please advise what type of work or small business could be done there. Thank you,Wayne Email:
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matteodidonato07 posted Italian 27 y.o. looking for a challenge in Shanghai on the China forum on August 27, 2014:
Actively looking for a new challenge in Shanghai in marketing, business development or sales. 3 ys experience (Pirelli,Henkel),Germany&Italy. 6 months sabbatical through South and Central America. Fluent in 5 languages. Thank you for your time
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jaspervdkolk posted Recent graduated Dutch looking for a job on the China forum on August 27, 2014:
Dear fellow China lovers, My name is Jasper van der Kolk. I am looking for a job in China at this moment. I have just finished my (bachelor) studies "International Business and Languages" where I have studied subjects like: Intercultural communication, International Marketing, International business management etc. I have a good understanding of 4 languages: Dutch, Spanish, English and German. I have a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese, which I would like to develop once I have landed in China. I have stayed in China before, one semester in Chongqing and one semester in Shenzhen. If there is anyone that has an idea of where to look for a job, or maybe someone would have a offer for me, feel free to ask for my CV, as I am happy to send it to you. Thanks in advance, Jasper van der Kolk
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ChinaUSA2015 posted Learning Mandarin in Chongqing on the China forum on August 25, 2014:
Hi, I will be moving to Chongqing in January. Any ideas or assistance on these two questions is much appreciated: 1) What is the best language learning program I can buy NOW to give me a head start for when I move to China? 2) When I arrive in January 2015, is there a particular Mandarin school that anyone can suggest I attend? Thank you!
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