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siva5577 posted medical facilities on the China forum on May 17, 2015:
Hi everyone what is the medical access for foreigners in Qingdao? is here any English speaking private medical center, please? regards Siva Kailasam
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arabesque posted Moving to Harbin, China 8.3.15 on the China forum on May 16, 2015:
Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine and I will be teaching English for the next 6 months in Harbin. Do you all have any advice on what I should and should not bring, the lifestyle, and your person experiences of living here, etc.? I've read quite a few articles but I feel it's better to hear actual stories from personal accounts. :)
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jayfreeman posted Prescription Medication on the China forum on May 15, 2015:
I will be living in Qingdao for a year and need information on obtaining prescription drugs. I will have one month supply when I arrive. I I understand many Rx I use in the United States are available over the counter. I have tried finding my prescriptions on the internet to figure this out, but am lost. I appreciate any help that or suggestions you all can make.
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bobkin posted find an apartment area to five in tianjin on the China forum on May 15, 2015:
Hello, I am going next june 2015 to tianjin and would like to know where is the most convenient place to live in the city. - I am looking for an apartment more than a house. - aircleaning and humidity regulation if possible. - the most convenient is the city center? or not so far from city center? - near a place to have possibility to jog outside (near the river?) - if not, near fitness centers
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lancet posted English language on the China forum on May 15, 2015:
I m a chinese, want to make a friend whose native language is english. he who can help me in modifying my short paper(manuscript). i am at shanghai. contact me
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I have been working for couple of years as a training school teacher and I am just about to finish my first year as a kindergarten teacher. I have a good library of games, lesson plans and other resources that I have developed myself and received from others. But I am always looking to bring something new and fresh into the classroom. I would like to make contact with anyone else working as a ESL kindergarten teacher in china so that we can share what we have for our mutual benefit. You can send me a PM with contact details. I use QQ, Weixin and Line.
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Betty731 replied to the thread Shipping from US west coast to China on the China forum:
kvsherman initially posted:
Can anyone share your experience arranging to have your stuff shipped to China from the US? Household stuff.
Betty731 replied most recently with:
hi,kvsherman, see your message, for what's the cube with your cargo, use LCL or FCL? we're freight forwarder in China,Ningbo, and handle imports case from USA to China, so if you need to talk deeply, pls send me the message, tks!
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bruschenberg replied to the thread must visit twice for work permit? on the China forum:
chemprac initially posted:
Hello to all, first time posting here. So, I was in China for an interview for a week last month and was under the impression that all was well with my visa application process. However, I was just told by the company that the local government has told them that I need to visit at least twice before applying for a permit or stay for more than 15 days the first time. Has anyone else heard of this rule? BTW, the job is in Zhoushan, near Shanghai. Let me know what you think or if you think there is some other problem involved. I am getting worried about other problems that may suddenly prop up through this process. Thank you
bruschenberg replied most recently with:
Hello. I am an ESL teacher living in China. I am from the USA and teaching in Weifang. I am no expert, but I never heard of such a policy. I personally think someone is giving you bogus information...unless...what nationality are you? Are you a U.S. or British citizen? If you are from a DIFFERENT English speaking country, there could be different rules in place. But honestly, I think what they are telling you doesn't make sense.
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