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Nutclusters posted Finding an apartment to rent in Xuhui on the China forum on July 29, 2015:
Hi there all! My husband and I are planning to move to Shanghai for work around October. We will be put up in a hotel for the first month but I'm wondering what normal rates for rental accommodation are. It's just us two (no kids) and we really don't want to flatshare, so how much should a 1 bed apartment in that area cost? I've been looking on SmartShanghai at flats around 6000-8000RMB and they are tiny for that amount of money - is that normal? Is the market inflated for expats, are there cheaper options we could get without living in squalor or do we just have to suck it up to be in such an expensive and central place? Any opinions/inisghts welcome.
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Britte posted search for local cameraman/journalist on the China forum on July 22, 2015:
Hello, For a Dutch documentary film we are looking for a cameraman(if possible camera-woman) in Nanning for Friday August 7, maybe someone here has some contacts that might help us? We are specifically looking for someone who has more than 2 years of professional documentary or journalistic experience and owns a Canon C300 or Sony F5 camera (or something comparable). If you are this ‘camjo’, you should be social and independent and also be able to record in a ‘neutral’ film-style that we will explain in advance by sending some footage that was already shot in Holland. The documentary is about 11 Dutch children who have been followed since they were 11 years old until they will become 18. At this point they are all 15 years old. Here you can find some stills and recordings of the film: You will follow a very nice Dutch (mainly female) family with 4 adults and 2 kids, who will visit the city of Nanning at Friday August 7. The day will start in the morning if you meet the family in the Mingyan Xindu Hotel and then you’ll follow the family’s daily touristic activities (walking, visits in the city, diner) until the evening. Because of the unpredictable time schedule of that day, we are looking for someone who is flexible, kind, social and speaks English fluently or at least the basics. We will arrange a suitable reward, preferably paid by an official invoice. Please look here for more information about our company: If you are interested please contact me at Thank you, Kind regards, Britte Hermans producer De Familie Film & TV The Netherlands 0031 (0)202 6633303 Britte Hermans Producer De Familie Film&TV
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happyjack commented on the Expat Report Retirement in Nanning, Guangxi Provence, China
What have been the most rewarding aspects of being retired abroad?
China is more like the USA than a lot of Americans who have never been here would believe. Capitalism is rampant, so is hard work. Crime is very low. The people are very friendly and helpful. The police have helped my several times to find where I want to go, even telling me to follow them and they went out of their way to take me to the place I wanted to go. Rarely been ripped off buying things, but then I do my homework first and figure out what I should spend and I always can just walk away. Taxis are metered. No tipping. Buses are $0.15 if un air-conditioned and $0.30 if air-conditioned and that can take you across Nanning. A medium size city of just about 6 million! When I first came here I rented a four bedroom apartment of about 1,400 sq feet, fully furnished, with Internet hookup, on the top floor of a 6 year old building (18th floor) for 1,900 yuan or about $315USD, add another 600yuan (about $100USD) for utilities. (Continue)
happyjack replied most recently with:
This is one of the most informitive articles I have ever read pertaining to retiring in China. My goal is to retire in Kunming, Yunnan. My house is for sale. When it is sold I will quickly apply for my visa. I was in China in 2011. I was amazed on how well the Chinese people treated me. I fell in love with China and the Chinese people. Great article! Thank you
fixitfil replied recently with:
Part of the Traffic problem in Nanning is because the central part of Nanning is excavated installing Metro (subway) in the vicinity of the Train station.. Apparently Rich is not aware that 10 year Tourist Visas have been available since November 12, 2014. and are available in Beijing and Hong Kong. HK is my favorite airport. Fly there direct from SFO on China Air. 14hrs over, 12hrs back, has to do with winds at 36,000 ft. I have been to China 4 times in past year visiting various cities. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beihai, Kunming, Dali, Nanning, Beijing, Shanghai without a Tour guide and no ability to speak Chinese. Going again about Christmas.
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property in ChinaModern building/ popular expat compound with gym and swimming pool- western style furniture-newly cozy decoration-big bathroom-bright natural light-clean and tidy
richwood7 replied to the thread I have been cheated in nanning by a hired translator on the China forum:
jal77 initially posted:
Fisrt to mention that I am no english native speaker, I am spanish. This happened in spain, once I came back to spain from my encouter in nanning with my gf. My gf hired a person to translate and paid him 2000 yuans. But I was aware of it, this guy managed everything from the begining and turn all into a big confusion. Because my chinese is not good enough and I found it out just a week ago I am still investigating about it. My gf says she didnt know that this person was keeping all the money was sending to her . This person impersonante my gf and used his own name to get the money from western union. From the very beginning this guys says is her cousin and because she does not speak english so it is all managed by him. I could not have any suspicious about him. Maybe this person told my gf I could not marry her then the relatinship was over but he impersonante my gf and was keeping money. However my gf says was keeping contact with him but I do not know how long. Everything is a mess right now, I cannot differ of what she really is. First I thought she really cheated me but is still in contact with me and trying to catch this guy. I reported to nanning expats forum and they told me this is common in china. But know what I just really mind is if she really loves me or is still using me... I getting a paranoid and losing my confidence with chinses people. I want to visit my gf but she says she cannot stay with my because is working to start up a business. It is that normal in china? She told me I can go to guiyang and we could met but at the moment we cannot get marry. I have to say that due to this dirty I decided to broke up, and I found out what had happened. She is burden now in conscience a big guilt. But I want to forgive her because it is not get fault. Well, going to the point, I love her and I cannot give up on her, I need to know the truth or any advise and learn more about chinese relationship. As I learnt, in some places in china you cannot live together with you gf if you are not already married. It is only between chinese and foreigner? Is there anyone who lives in guiyang or nanning? She is from nannign but living in guiyang. Now I have a benefit of 400 euros per month becuase I rented my apartment, so could I stay in guiyang or nanning with that amount of money per month? I have to say that I do not count with commision of withdrawn and etc. What is the best plan to do?
richwood7 replied most recently with:
True, I did the same but I would never send money to anyone I had not meet. The girl i came out to marry was great but greedy and I ended that but the women are all over. The catch is to find one who is interested in love not money. I am an American so I could come here for a year without really knowing anyone (did need to get a letter of invite which the first girl did). I ended up marring someone else
Umpire replied most recently with:
why don't you just move to China and then try to meet someone there? Anyone you meet via the internet like this will always be unreliable. It is a business transaction, not love and if it is better business for her to cheat you, she would be stupid not to.
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richwood7 replied to the thread China divorce on the China forum:
gorhold initially posted:
My wife lives in China and I was about to move to be with her in retirement but she now does not want a future with me. We married in Australia but can we apply for the divorce in China? Still hoping to retire to Nanning
richwood7 replied most recently with:
Leaving China is not hard I did it for a year (every 2 months) I took the train from Nanning to Vietnam border. (have to get a Vietnam visa first at the Vietnam consulate in Nanning). Or bus. Both take about the same time. Take a cab from train station to border. Literally you walk across the border, turn around and walk back. The actually visit takes about 30 seconds. Standing in line etc about 30 minutes to one hour, travel all day! You can go to any country that is close. I was in Nanning. I got married and then my visa was renewed for one year, then after that for 3 years. I think (but not sure) it will be renewed for 5 years next time. And believe me marriage is no bed of roses in China!
rockinit replied most recently with:
There's also a new 10 year visa available for US passport holders but I'm not sure of the details, China will require you to leave and re-enter every 60 days if you don't know your schedule and destinations inside China and when you want to come and go from the country.
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skhufu replied to the thread 20 yr old Black American Girl in Shanghai- Need Help? on the China forum:
fivefeetcute initially posted:
Hi! I'm a 20 year old African American college student who is going to live in Shanghai for my study abroad in September. When I tell people, or when I search things something troubling keeps popping up. Many people say the Chinese are unnecessarily racist and have no manners. They say they will laugh at you and call you "Heiguizi" or "heiren" (I do know some Chinese, I'm aware what these mean) and generally don't respect your personal space or personal autonomy (demanding pictures, conversation). I hope I don't sound too American here. I really mean no offense. But I do want to know what I'm getting myself into. Honestly, I turn heads here in my own country (and I mean that in a very humble way,I actually don't like the attention I receive). I'm a 36 ddd with a 26 inch waist, and 36 inch hips, with thick long black curly hair (middle of my back) and I'm five feet tall with a baby face. I'm also a college hurdler so my I'm very fit, and my muscles in my legs are a bit more defined than most women. I know this is not the ideal woman in China, and I don't care, but my good friend who is a Chinese international student here from Beijing, told me that people would laugh about my big breasts and behind both of which I cannot help. He also told me I might not get into clubs and people would be afraid of me! (I get the EXACT opposite here at home lol) I just want to know if these claims are something you've seen or experienced. Is this true? If it is, fine, I will still enjoy my time and the people and the academics anyway, it is my life after all :) Thank you!
skhufu replied most recently with:
Not true, they will treat you like gold.
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richwood7 posted Where do you buy cream in Nanning? on the China forum:
Seems kind of a silly question but I have managed to find most things I wanted in Nanning but not cream. I use it to make soups, and ice cream among other things. Not "The Pantry", its cream is 6 month past the expiration date
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Ddodson15 posted luggage storage in Shanghai on the China forum:
I am moving to China, but will be vacationing there for 2 weeks before my job starts. I arrive in Shanghai and want to leave my large luggage there while I travel in and around Beijing. Is there any luggage storage at the airport or at the train station (preferable)? Is it reputable? If anyone has other ideas, please share.
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