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lizcum posted Moving to Tianjin on the China forum on November 20, 2014:
We will be moving to Tianjin in March 2014. Are there any expats going home around that time who would like to sell/pass-on any household equipment they do not want to take back. I don't want to pack up too much of our home contents if you have a 'reuse/recycle scheme in Tianjin. Many thanks.
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Billy48 posted New Chinese/US Visa Regs on the China forum on November 18, 2014:
If any one here clearly understands the new visa regs between the USA and China I would welcome a chat. the new agreement is being heralded in the USA as something great for citizens of both countries. I rec'd somewhat of an explanation about the new policy from a Chinese visa service. but after that explanaton do not see the benefit to US tourists visitng China. My understanding so far is a tourst may be issued a ten yr visa, meaning for 10 years neednt reapply. however this L Visa oly allows one to stay in the country for 60 days at whcih time you must leave and re-enter. Isnt his what L Visa holders have been doing all along? how has this new law changed anything for the L Visa holder?
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Thanksgiving in Beijing by Joshua Wood
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: For American expats looking to dine out on Thanksgiving, here's a list of several restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinners in Beijing. (Continue)
The British Council is recruiting a team of experienced, qualified and motivated EFL professionals, Examiners and Examiner Trainers to join their growing IELTS business in China.
A reader commented on the Expat Report Having a Baby in Guangzhou, China
Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...
I gave birth via c-section at VIP Birthing Center in Guangzhou. I stayed in hospital for 5 days and was given IV pain relief. It was a wonderful experience, the staff spoke some English and my husband was able to stay the entire week in our private room. (Continue)
jwana replied most recently with:
Hi there - my major concern about this report is the comment that 6 out of 7 woment were persuaded to have a C-section! I also was pregnant in China with my first child (many years ago now) & chose to return home to Australia to have her for this very reason - i.e. my doctor in China was adamant that I would need a C-section whereas when I returned home I was told it was totally unnecessary. China has a very high % of C-sections and I don't feel this is a good thing - either for the mother (especially long term) or for the baby unless there's a sound medical reason.
A reader replied recently with:
it's ridiculous to be 'convinced' to have major surgery, how could anyone reccomend that when as with any surgery there is always a risk? 6 out of 7 women do not need c-sections. it just means more money for the doctors.
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runnershai posted The Rat Run on the China forum:
RunnersHai has put together all the brains and creativity it could muster to bring you the greatest scavenger hunt ever made in Shanghai! Use the clues and hints provided to you and make your own way through the streets of the former French concession to locate those “rat holes” and emerge victorious, owing you the long coveted title of “Rat of Shanghai”. We also have in reserve a post-run celebration topped with delicious BBQ and a formal crowning ceremony for the winners! Exclusive discounts for early sign-ups! For more details, please visit:
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RobertHill posted Xpats in Bai Hai on the China forum:
Hello: Just wondering who is still in BaiHai? We used to meet at McDonalds & I am now in the USA Would enjoy hearing about you guys. Who is doing what & how life in BeiHai has changed. We still plan on returning, hopefully Summer of next year. Be happy, be well, write me at: and THANKS IN ADVANCE..
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Exquisite modern 1br Shenzhen shekou sea view apartment rent
Looking for a spooky experience to celebrate Halloween? Come join RunnersHai for our Zombie Run! Brave into an exciting course set inside a luxurious mall which shall be filled with zombies for the occasion! Only one simple rule exists – make it to the end alive! Sign-ups are also open for those wishing to be zombies, so bring in your best zombie attire and give a real scare to those runners daring to venture into the walking dead zone. All of this will happen at Jing’An Kerry Centre from Friday till Sunday as part of the Weekend Waffle! For more information and sign-up, please visit us at:
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