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TerracottaRam posted Customs Department In Shanghai on the China forum on September 19, 2014:
Hi there, I moved to China from Singapore about a month or so back. I've just been notified that my goods have cleared customs (after they sat in Shanghai for a month) I've been asked to pay 4525rmb for storage, 2000rmb for a tv thats worth maybe 1000rmb and a charge thats "Special Customs Fee" of 800rmb. My shipper can't explain the charges. I'm furious as to the storage charge as Shanghai customs held my stuff up, in the meantime, I've had to buy new stuff for my family. Is this a common thing with customs here? If I'd known it was run by the Mafia, I'd never have sent a thing... anyone thinking of sending their goods here should think twice. It seems Customs think of a number, any number... and charge it, because they know, with a container, the owner needs the goods and will pay. There is no contact that I can find to complain to. Not a nice introduction to the way things work here... I've been an expat a LONG time, but first time in China... stunned! Love it, but this leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
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ISNS commented on the Expat Report Review of International School of Sino Canada in Shenzhen, China on September 18, 2014 10:09
Review-of-International School of Sino Canada
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
School has computer lab, Science lab and well stocked library. School has tennis courts, basketball courts(indoor and outdoor), gymnasium and a track for track and field events. (Continue)
ISNS replied on September 17, 2014 22:09 with:
The Schools name has changed. It is now called The International School Of Nanshan Shenzhen. It has Grades K-12.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Shanghai has a number of great international and bi-lingual schools. Some of these schools cater primarily to expats while others have mostly local students. We cover several popular schools in Shanghai and include feedback from parents. (Continue)
doods0509 posted Need guitarist and singer to play in TEDA Tianjin on the China forum on September 13, 2014:
Hi guys, my friends is opening a bar here in Teda Tianjin this last week of September and she needs guitarist male or female, Local or Filipino. And a female singer. It is located near in Renaissance Hotel Teda, just two minutes taxi. It is a full time job. 8pm to 11:40pm. 4sets. 20minutes break. Free food and accommodation. And also the ticket transport if the talent is far from the place.The salary will be 200 yuan each every night. One day off. The contract is 3 months. So if you guys have friends fit for this job pls message me or contact me in qq 2379073616. Or wechat: kolourzduo Thanks guys. Hope to hear with you soon.
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ElizaS posted Need to get a small package from Nanjing City to USA. on the China forum on September 10, 2014:
Hello -- I am an expat in Guatemala working with a women's weaving cooperative here. They are trying to get a sample (two small cones of cotton thread) weighing about 1 kg from Nanjing City to the US, to someone who will be coming down to Guatemala in October or Nov. We have been quoted over $250 to send it express. We do not need express shipment. Does anyone have ideas about how to send it in a more economical fashion? Is anyone coming back to the States who would be willing to carry it in their luggage and mail it once they arrive in the States? We are happy to cover all costs. I really appreciate your assistance! Thank you!
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runnershai posted Mexo Pop-Up Run on the China forum on September 10, 2014:
Get ready for our Mexo Pop-Up Run this 18th September! The run will cover a 7K distance after which, you can enjoy an exclusive 30RMB meal & drink deal at Mexo At The Bund and take advantage of the magnificent view the establishment has over the Huangpu River. We meet at the square next to Isola Bella Restaurant on 3222 Longteng Avenue and start running 7:30pm sharp. Follow the link for more information:
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If you are a native speaker and you want to live and work in China, then do not hesitate to contact me about the latest teaching vacancies in China. wechat & skype: veinaus
AntheaP posted Seeking other female expats in Zhongshan area on the China forum on September 09, 2014:
Hi there. I'm an Australian living in Zhongshan. I've met several lovely male expats - but would love to make some female expat friends. Drop me a line if you're in the area. Cheers.
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koalina posted Looking for expats in Chang chun China on the China forum on September 08, 2014:
Hi, everybody. I would like to contact people who speak english or german and are living already in chang chun in China. I am moving there in November and would like more information about life in chang chun.
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