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sam2602 replied to the thread Where to learn Mandarin in China on the China forum:
fenixsan initially posted:
Hello, I'm looking to move to China for approximately 6 months to study Mandarin. I'm looking for suggestions of places to try. I'm hoping to find somewhere in a city/town that is not very westernised and speak predominately Mandarin so I can avoid spending too much time with other expats and be completely immersed in the language. The Keats Language school in Kunming has a 16 week package for 4000rmb which seems like very good value but unfortunately they're not accepting anymore students until September and I was hoping to start well before then. I tried looking into schools in Beijing for a comparison and they were up to 4 or 5 times this amount. Can anyone please give me some recomendations for reasonably priced places around China that I can contact? Fenix
sam2602 replied 9 hours ago with:
hey if you're still looking for somewhere to learn mandarin google 'shanghai contact me' and check out the mandarin section, they have links all over china not just in shanghai
ClaireCreal replied on July 12, 2014 with:
@Wordoor, Same here I need to study Mandarin. I'll look go over your site. Thanks
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runnershai posted Melange Oasis Eco-run (FREE) on the China forum on July 28, 2014:
This Thursday 31st July runners from near and far will gather for a eco-run in Shnaghai. Participation in this social event is absolutely FREE and features both 5K and 10K routes starting 7:30pm from 3222 Longteng Avenue (near Dong'An Lu), 500m south of line 7 (Longhua Middle Rd.). Read more on
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ewa123 commented on the Expat Report Retirement in Xi''An, China
What is life like for a retiree in your city and its surroundings? (Is there an active expat community? Cultural Attractions? Recreation? Nightlife?)
Yes to all of the above, although at my age i will not be frequenting the night clubs here too often. My wife did attend one very exclusive one with my Chinese step-son and his friends and other family members. Very exciting and much cheaper than most American clubs or ordinary bars for that matter. We spent ab. $80 U.S. on 8 of us and had a great time. very safe with helmeted guards, pat downs and metal detectors. 12 guards inside and out and a very posh setting. Travel is cheap either by bus .15 or taxi ab. .80 depending on how far and if you have a Chinese friend to negotiate price-for taxi that is-bus will be same price for all. TerraCotta Army nearby. One big savings, don't hire a translator as every sign inside is in English and Chinese. Bring your own water and snack as most of the kiosks are overpriced but still cheap by U.S. standards. (Continue)
ewa123 replied most recently with:
Good Day! This is such a great blog. Thank you for sharing this kind of article,I really appreciate it. This can be very big help to us. terex colombia
carlakennedy replied recently with:
Thank you! very helpful.
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runnershai posted Join the Yangcheng Lake run on the China forum on July 23, 2014:
Join us on the 13th Sep for a day of nature, fresh air, leisure and active living on the amazing Fairmont property along the shores of Yangcheng Lake. RunnersHai have arranged transportation from Shanghai to Yangcheng Lake where Fairmont offers pool facilities, parks and the fantastic views form their 5-star hotel and famous organic farm. The time-tracked running routes features options of 10K, 5K or the 2.5K family run, all on safe trails with no traffic. Sign up for a great nature experience for 150 RMB in presale and kids join for 50 RMB. NOTE: First 50 tickets goes for only 100 RMB and the first 50 kids join for free – so hurry up and buy your ticket now at
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I am looking for a native English speaking babysitter to take care of my 10-month old baby girl.

Ideal candadiate should have

1) experiences in babysitting babies
2) great sense of responsibilities
3) Non-Smoker is a must.

If you are interested, please contact Miss Zhou at 18616181038.

Telly posted New Zealand Person Wanted on the China forum on July 21, 2014:
I am New in Guangzhou, I need to make contact with fellow New Zealand passport holder, for business reasons Please make contact ASAP
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sleeeep posted Can I travel by plane without passport? on the China forum on July 17, 2014:
I am handing my passport to PSB in Beijing for handling my resident permit. I need to travel to Xiamen next week. Can I travel with the slip I received from PSB with a copy of my passport?
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SauravGupta replied to the thread Holiday Celebrations in China on the China forum:
adminee initially posted:
If you know of any local Christmas or New Years events that would welcome other expats, please post details here. If anyone is missing family and friends and looking for things to do over the coming week, why not plan a local get together -- meet fellow Expat Exchange members at a pub or restaurant (be sure to tell us what town or city you live in). Post a get together inquiry here.
SauravGupta replied most recently with:
It's cheaper than you think! Want to talk with your family or friends? Don't want to pay a lot? Try Smartgroschen - the smart app for chat and calls. Call any directions from China at low cost or make cheap calls to China- no matter where you are. You can also try to call from tablet, because with Smartgroschen you don't need a simcard. Try it for free - you have free 0,50 EUR top-up at the start!
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noony1990 posted Teaching in Southwest China help on the China forum:
Hey guys, I am a 23 year old university graduate from Nottingham, U.K and I have lived in China for the past 18 months. I have made a website to help people living and teaching in Southwest China at Hope it helps! :)
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