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Expat Report Review of Canadian International School Kunshan in Kunshan, China was published on July 05, 2015
Review-of-Canadian International School Kunshan
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
Since most students are Chinese, it may be best to take your child to another school that offers language classes. Or, arrange to have a friend that speaks your child's language attend so that your child has a friend and can talk and play with someone. (Continue)
scsbo posted Lao Ya vs Lao Wai? on the China forum on July 04, 2015:
Hi all, have you ever heard the new phrase Lao Ya ?? Which means an Old Asian Friend but has similar pronunciation with an Old Duck or Old Crow? Can this phrase be used to counter the phrase Lao Wai in negative connotation? Thanks in advance.
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VConnect posted Have you been conned doing business in China? on the China forum on June 25, 2015:
I have! I've been doing business in China for the last 10 years with a partner. But only recently that I discovered they have been cheating company fund to the tune of well over 100,000 USD behind my back. What is unimaginable is the fact that we are cousins! Any similar experiences from other expats?
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arabesque replied to the thread Moving to Harbin, China 8.3.15 on the China forum:
arabesque initially posted:
Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine and I will be teaching English for the next 6 months in Harbin. Do you all have any advice on what I should and should not bring, the lifestyle, and your person experiences of living here, etc.? I've read quite a few articles but I feel it's better to hear actual stories from personal accounts. :)
arabesque replied on June 22, 2015 with:
Thanks, I've ordered my down jacket! :)
dmlandis replied on June 18, 2015 with:
Interesting city - but very cold winters. LIke minus 10C. Bring your warmest winter clothes or buy them there.
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dmlandis replied to the thread find an apartment area to five in tianjin on the China forum:
bobkin initially posted:
Hello, I am going next june 2015 to tianjin and would like to know where is the most convenient place to live in the city. - I am looking for an apartment more than a house. - aircleaning and humidity regulation if possible. - the most convenient is the city center? or not so far from city center? - near a place to have possibility to jog outside (near the river?) - if not, near fitness centers
dmlandis replied most recently with:
Would suggest homelink which has offices all over China. Area by Joy City Mall or Olympic Stadium might be possible places to live. Also, Yanlord has nice high rise apartments close to river and subway.
charmainef replied most recently with:
Hello Bobkin, Am not sure whether you are still in time to view this message. As I am now working in the hospitality industry, I would suggest you to look at possibilities of staying in a serviced suite. There are a number of options out there in the city, including Pan Pacific, Somerset and Ariva. Do let me know if you should require any further assistance with your search. Cheers, Charmaine
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property in ChinaModern furniture,big western bath room ,nice garden view,newly decoration,bilingual kindergarten
CaliRay commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Qingdao, China
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
I have had good results from approaching the cultural disparity as a learning experience and myself as a student of life. I try to avoid value judgements, especially in cultures that have survived thousands of years longer than my own. I try to laugh about my inadequacies, I try not to take myself too seriously. I'm a guest here, I try to behave like a respectful guest. (Continue)
CaliRay replied most recently with:
The insights provided by this article/interview are helpful for anyone considering going to China. Surviving culture shock is all about attitude. You are in their home and if you want to make your stay pleasant and/or permanent it's good to remember that.
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property in ChinaPrivate garden, big bathroom with bath tub, western open kitchen, breath-taking sea view, international schools/kindergarten.

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