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dandrie posted Opening New bank Account on the Colombia forum on September 30, 2014:
Hello.. I am trying to figure out the steps to open a personal bank account here in Medellin. I went into DAVIVIENDA today...and was directed to DATOCREDITO....? Apparently I am to complete a brief questionnaire online...and then I go into the office for the documents? I am unclear! Clarity would be appreciated! thanks!
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thelocogringo replied to the thread Medical insurance rates on the Colombia forum:
enretiro initially posted:
I will be moving to Colombia in a few months. Please tell me if the rate is based on income. I will just have social security but no pension in Colombia or job. Do they ask for proof of income to get affiliate to Sura, Coomeva, Salucoop? To get husband as beneficiary what they need? I just want an EPSand about what you pay. We are healthy so far. I will be in Bogota next week. Please answer to Thanks. Mary
thelocogringo replied on September 30, 2014 with:
Are you going tomorrow to sign up? What company did you decide on? Please report back. I love to hear success stories....... Martin
bigjailerman replied on September 28, 2014 with:
Also read this, the section under Pre Paid Insurance mentions 60.and over. Let is how it goes
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simmons44consulting replied to the thread Looking for Green Coffee beans wholesale on the Colombia forum on September 29, 2014:
simmons44consulting initially posted:
Im looking to buy 250 , 132 lb bags of green coffee beans on a bi monthly basis to be shipped to Usa.
simmons44consulting replied on September 29, 2014 with:
Will do Pacho1983 thank you.
Pacho1983 replied on September 29, 2014 with:
Welcome. I would be interested in an update as to whether it works out for you or if you found a different route. Thanks.
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Insurance on the Colombia forum on September 28, 2014:
starship initially posted:
Is it true a person cannot receive health insurance in Colombia once you past the age of 60? Also you cannot be Insured if you have a pre-existing condition? Thanks
bigjailerman replied on September 28, 2014 with:
No sir, especially read under Pre Paid Insurance
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starship posted Spanish. Lessons. Cali on the Colombia forum on September 27, 2014:
Seeking Spanish teacher in Cali for beginner. Thanks
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Molinarijz posted Want to Provide Psychotherapy in Medellin on the Colombia forum on September 27, 2014:
Hi folks! I was in Medellin for a bit of time while traveling for a year and fell in love. I am considering moving there with the intention of contracting with schools/organizations with English speaking employees to support with psychotherapy. I am a licensed clinical social worker in the US and have been practicing under that license for 5 years. I had met a director of a British school in Bogota who was interested in working together though Bogota is not a place I'd want to stick around. Any thoughts on who I might contact to check on possibilities. I am currently trying to find companies and schools and sending my resume and letter where I can. Best, Joe
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread Family Style Attractions on the Colombia forum on September 27, 2014:
spank12 initially posted:
Anyone out there with knowledge of family attractions. Water Parks, or anything a child of 7 or 8 would like??. We are looking for something we can make at least a 3 day stay.
HugoMaracuya replied on September 27, 2014 with:
Having said that, (open to all), it might just be worth a phone call first, just to make sure. There might be days or times when it is for members only. I never book it myself, leave that to family, who are inscribed with Cafam.
leona replied on September 27, 2014 with:
Thanks Hugo. Lost power for a second. Definitely open to the public. Closed one day during the week which I believe is Tuesday. Also believe they gave a website you could use for planning.
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Tyee44 replied to the thread Photo frames on the Colombia forum on September 26, 2014:
scotland222 initially posted:
Hi there could anyone help me while I have been in Scotland I took some photos. Of Loch Ness ect and had them blown up like 20x20. Would like to photo frames made for them in colombia does anyone have any idea about prices . Thanks.
Tyee44 replied on September 26, 2014 with:
As is anywhere you go, alot depends on the quality you want. I had 7 or 8 special pictures framed here in Colombia. Most were in the 24x36" size. I had a very nice quality plastic simulated wood, with matting and plexiglas protect cover. I think i paid around $30 a piece. I know i could have gotten then done in much cheaper material for a lesser price, so its really up to what you want and are willing to pay for. Check around wherever you are locating. I am sure you will easily find what you need.
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jonrod888 replied to the thread Medellin 2015 on the Colombia forum on September 26, 2014:
AR613expat initially posted:
Besides "Craigslist" ....How does one locate and find owners of an apartment? I am looking for a one bedroom. I am disabled. I am limited in expenses. I can afford $400 or $500 per month. I was in Medellin in 2002 for 8 months. I returned back to the U.S. after my fiancee was killed in a car accident, in Cartagena. Por Favor !!!!! Is someone willing to help me out. Blessings y Bendicion AR13expat
jonrod888 replied on September 26, 2014 with:
No problem uncle jack. Boston is a good central barrio. I'm in central a few times a week. Eat at El Acontista and drink at Barclays in Union Plaza on Junin. When I moved here I first lived in Doce Octubre. Found a deal on this apartment and the area near Estadio was good for my stepdaughter. Now separated, looking to sell and start over. I may move closer to central, not sure.
unclejack replied on September 26, 2014 with:
Thanks for the offer jonrod, but I don't like the area where your apartment at , this just my personal taste ,it maybe a good area. I like more toward the centro or Boston area . It is more central and you can't beat the location . Centro is not as bad as people painted to be. It is very safe and property going up in value.of course depends on location. If you need help selling your apartment ,I can talk to my agent . She is very honest and knows her job very well as far as paper work and transfer of title ,clearance ,closing etc...she is like a lawyer without law degree .
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Patricio replied to the thread a bank account in Colombia on the Colombia forum on September 25, 2014:
jfriedo initially posted:
Is there any bank that will let you open an account without a cedula? I just arrived but on a tourist visa because I couldn't get the pensionada visa in time, but I need the bank account soon. Any ideas? And, if anyone is is Bogota and would like to get together with a newbie to help explain the ropes, that would be most welcome! Best, Jeannie
Patricio replied on September 25, 2014 with:
I can't help you Walter with your question, but made me come up with another. I live in Bogota, not for very long, but I wonder what I need to open an account here for if such a PIA. I can get all the money I need from my Chase debit card, use all the credit card I need from Chase cc, and will worry about getting more money when I need to buy something big. My friend just took out a very small atm draw and was charged 4+K pesos for the service, was her own bank's atm, Davivienda. I don't see the rush speaking for myself only.
Waltercito replied on September 25, 2014 with:
I'm feeling a little bewildered, here; I'm from the South...I'm a little slow. Can someone please give me a summary of the various/nefarious charges on their simple checking or savings' accounts. Here, there is Bancolombia, Davivienda, Banco AVVillas, oh jeez, I can't even remember...BBVA, or something like that, and others. I would appreciate it if one of you could speak to your charges from your own bank. Thanks, and good wishes from el caribe.
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