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charleymike posted property managers on the Colombia forum on December 19, 2014:
My Colombian wife inherited an apartment in Salitre, Bogota. The real estate company that manages the apartment is unreliable. Does anyone know of a property manager or real estate company n the city that can be trusted? We have an excellent tenant and my wife visits home at least once per year. She has a large family in Bogota, and we would like to relocate there some day.
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread Emeralds on the Colombia forum:
wdavissontci initially posted:
Does anyone have a good contact for emeralds (cut or raw) or people that work for emerald mines. I have contacts in the US interested in stones.
HugoMaracuya replied on December 18, 2014 with:
So would I. :) I just sent you a PM
Patricio replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Appreciated your posts on Bogota. I moved here permanently 3 months ago from Fl. I live in Nicolas de Federman sector, across street from Pablo VI close to Univ. Nacional. I would be interested in any tips on eval and purchase of these stones. Thanks Patricio
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RussellO posted vets and MAC flights on the Colombia forum on December 18, 2014:
I'm looking for those who use this service to travel around South America. Where in the U.S. do you leave from for flights?
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enretiro replied to the thread Moving big items from Home on the Colombia forum on December 18, 2014:
Montholon initially posted:
I'm planning to move to Bogota next year after living for long time in Los Angeles. What is the best way to send your 2 head and foot boards and the sides and a training bike, like the one at the spa. I heard a wood crate must be approved as fumigated. Any recommendations? Thank you
enretiro replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Check with Southern Wings in CA and Expresito Carga. These were recommended by someone. In the East Coast there are several moving companies. If you have enough stuff a 20 ft metal container is best. Or 10 ft.
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kayakpro replied to the thread Experience as expat in Bogota on the Colombia forum:
screato initially posted:
Can anyone share most positive and most negative aspects of living/moving to Bogota? I am also interested in cost of living, particularly what is quite expensive and what is cheap. Thank you
kayakpro replied on December 17, 2014 with:
I lived in Bogota for 2 years in the centro. Calle 17 #4 to be more precise. I worked on my emerald business from my apartment there. I loved my time in Bogota. People are friendly and they live for the weekends. I'd say the best part of my time in Bogota was the friends and nightlife. It's not a particularly interesting city but there's definitely fun to be had or great places within a few hours. Getting started was a little hard, but after a while I thoroughly enjoyed life there. The worst for me was the dingy parts of the centro. There were a lot of homeless in the area I lived and with that comes the occasional feces in the street and begging. Not pleasant, but a reality. The air quality downtown is not great either. I return often and often get stuff or sick while I adjust. I was never robbed, but almost on 1 maybe 2 occasions. Both took place within a block of my apartment. I wouldn't let that sway you. It's a fun place to visit and Colombia as a whole is great. My rent for a 1 bedroom furnished apt with utilities included in the centro was 900,000 pesos which seemed expensive but probably wasn't too bad considering it was furnished and utilities paid. You can pay ALOT more in other parts of the city, particularly in the north. Cheap apts can be found in the centro, candelaria, chapinero areas as well as the less popular areas for expats. Good luck!
FLYINGso8 replied on December 16, 2014 with:
HI sandrammm I have a girlfriend in Ibague, like the city much as it has everything you'd want in or near centro Ibague. like to go by bus, or taxi, or even walk. But only have been there a total of 120 days. sure would like to know an expat who has housing or property there. I could be a good source of labor as I worked at construction and remodeling in the past. I also agree the produce is good for you, and a good deal at the street venders or tiendas. Also has some nice resort spots if you look to the east or south, some in the west close to city center. Has a few colleges as I remember. let me know what you think about Ibague Tolima thanks.
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HELLO all expats, and those who are interested in the state of Tolima Colombia. I was in Ibague ,Tolima and things seemed very inviting to me when I was there in 2012 and 2013. The so called alcaldia de Ibague 2012 to 2015 predicted for the near future. Lots of opportunity as I remember seeing it from the start in the El Nuevo Dia newspaper, anyway I liked it there, weather was great as far as I was concerned I really liked getting around town during the day much activity near central Ibague and to the east, and new work to begin at areo puerto Perales. I found the mornings to be very nice because of the curtain effect that the mountains cause during the day, and at night maybe overcast about 55. 85 as the high temperature, I really like working in warm as opposed to cold and or wet, and then quit by about 4 pm. let me know what you think about any plans for Ibague I will be looking for your answer. I am going again, see you there Expats!
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suadel replied to the thread Flip Flop Sandwich Shop on the Colombia forum:
Andresen initially posted:
I went to the FFSS last week for lunch and found it closed. Does anyone have any further information?
suadel replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Would like to know the name and address of the Cafe you're talking about. would like to visit
Andresen replied on November 29, 2014 with:
I know Chris has been gone a while. When I visited there last May 28th, I learned that Chris moved to Tallahasee, FL to find a house for his mother; and his wife was to join him there shortly. One of his employees purchased the restaurant from him. When I visited there last, she moved the restaurant across the street and was waiting for approval to put tables and chairs on the sidewalk. I don't know anything beyond that.
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dandrie replied to the thread Highway Safety - Which routes to take? on the Colombia forum on December 14, 2014:
Suchitoto initially posted:
My husband and I will be taking the ferry from Panama to Cartagena, Colombia. From there we will driving across the country to enter into Ecuador. Which is the safest route to take? Are there any toll roads that are best to take? Are there any safety issues with the Panamerican Hwy? Thanks for your help!
dandrie replied on December 14, 2014 with:
Sounds great! thanks very much. I am buying a car here in Medellin...but would like to take it back with me to Canada, someday.... but wasnt sure how it worked. thanks!
Suchitoto replied on December 14, 2014 with:
There is a new service that just started running "both" vehicles & passengers. It's called Ferry Express, check it out on
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danjaker replied to the thread Looking for room to rent - Bucaramanga on the Colombia forum on December 14, 2014:
danjaker initially posted:
Hi Guys, I have been searching for a room to rent in Bucaramanga, starting in January, Looking between 200K and 750kCOP is my budget. If you have one or know anybody please let me know, thanks.
danjaker replied on December 14, 2014 with:
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Hoopster3pt replied to the thread Package forwarding on the Colombia forum on December 13, 2014:
suadel initially posted:
Any recommendations for a company to send a small box with gifts from Orange County, CA to Medellin. UPS quoted on line $630 for a 30 lb package! Thanks.
Hoopster3pt replied on December 13, 2014 with:
Try this one that came highly recommended on this or another forum: Giro Express of South Florida 7816 W Sample Rd. Margate, Fl. 33065 954-796-4646 Francia Beltrane speaks English. Costs $1.50 per lb. They will also repackage. Very nice lady!
suadel replied on December 11, 2014 with:
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