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utile posted official translation needed? on the Colombia forum on July 27, 2015:
As part of the process of doing a verification of funds in order to authorize the transfer of funds from the US to Colombia to be used to purchase property, I will be giving a copy of my work contract to the bank in Colombia (both the original and a Spanish translation). Does the Spanish translation of this document need to be a certified translation? If so, any suggestions of businesses or qualified individuals that you would recommend for this service?
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sinnombre replied to the thread Nobody knows this is somewhere on the Colombia forum:
aconcepts initially posted:
In response to Locogringos "liars and thieves" post. Caution: After you read this self examination may be required before responding. Enjoy it while you can. Its all heading to be a mass world blur. Soon the culture blur and gender blur will take most of the intrigue out of life - just as the internet has. Yes, everything will be easier but much less fascinating. Example - I use to travel and meet only eccentrics and adventures - those who traveled because they had to - as that was who they were. How they rolled. It was a challenge but they did it for no other reason than to fulfill their self definition. No I meet people that turn expatriation into a board game. It's no longer much of a challenge or a need for most people. It's a choice. All the information is available online including photos!!! Wooopeee! - so the surprise, the level of discomfort and ones ability to create a comfort zone from an alien environment is so much less challenging and thusly less rewarding. Expatriation is nothing like it used to be - and middle America, with its financial reach, who before would not risk it, that is, risk going somewhere without prior knowledge of what they may find, who wouldn't forgo the fear of the unknown, as the eccentrics and adventures did, now travel widely. Hahahaha - and I meet them all the time. Wow I liked it much better when the eccentric and adventurer birds of a feather flocked together. They always had an opinion, were interesting and had something novel to say. Insightful, soulful. French, rather than English. Never playing the political correctness card. Now the majority of "travelers" have opinions only about visas and money transfers, and health insurance. So boring. The ugly mundane. It's as if the eccentric and adventurers were like Timothy Leary, Howard Hughes or Owsley Stanley - now a day you get Barney Fife, Suzy Orman, or Mr. Drysdale. As for the locals, I'll take Ellie Mae and Jed Clampet - less educated and genuine before the nuveo riche Latinos trying to be gringos. Joke. If they only new how silly they look. If they only knew keeping their simple traditional ways and agricultural ties to the land were far more valuable than the culture blur Westerns spread through the media - and through indoctrinated mid America trying to make where ever they go more like back home - thinking they know better than the "unsophisticated" locals. Those heathens - those animals! The indoctrinated Westerners know money is better than family, they know office jobs are better than being connected to the earth agriculturally, and they know its more important to spread puritanical ways than laugh, dance and drink. That is why they leave home looking to fill their souls with something essential, yet preach only what hey have been fed between the lines - materialism. Sad contradiction of mid America indoctrination. Rather than trying to create comfort, why don’t travelers try and change their heads instead, and see life is to be lived with risk and opinion, rather than with an illusion of safety and political correctness. Ho humm .. back to the beautiful mundane: my coffee plantation, the flowers, old growth cypress hedges, Spanish cedar tress, the river, the workers, the butterflies, dragonflies, dogs, cats and kids. Ahh, and my Lolita. Chop wood carry water. Chop wood carry water. As faceless as a grain of sand at the beach. Nobody knows this is somewhere. How much longer can I keep it that way.
sinnombre replied on July 27, 2015 with:
For me , money means options , opportunities and security . My father thinks like you . He believes money means power. He also thinks the campesinos need to remain dirt poor to keep their customs. .
aconcepts replied on July 12, 2015 with:
"Most Colombians work hard long hours and do not have the luxury to debate whether to leave at 50 to find meaning." Maybe their culture gives them meaning. I don't think many people go to Western countries to find meaning in their lives, They go to make money. Mexican go to the US and live 10 men to a house and send their money home so they can go back to a culture that provides meaning. To many Americans, money is "meaning." That is my point. Then they find money provides a lot less meaning than they thought it would and search for meaning else where. That is the big con, the indoctrination I speak of: that money provides meaning. Money may provides luxury and comfort - but it does not provide meaning. What one does with money provides meaning. Bit if their is no culture to dictate what one should do with their money - then what is the point, besides luxury and comfort? You live isolated in your stucco mausoleum sitting on a stack of cash, A real nowhere man making all his nowhere plans for nobody.
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Bucaman posted Santander, Colombia on the Colombia forum on July 27, 2015:
Got a nice place near the cable car to a Panache Park. Any gringos in Mesa de los Santos?
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Pacho1983 replied to the thread Important Stuff to Bring on the Colombia forum:
Surferusa initially posted:
Hi all, I am planning a 6-week trip to Medellin, could you suggest a few items I should bring that I will need/use, that locally can't get readily or are very expensive, that upon leaving I might give them to local acquaintances? Or maybe not personal items but nice gifts from the States to local contacts who might appreciate such hard to get items?
Pacho1983 replied on July 26, 2015 with:
I have been told Jelly Belly jelly beans cannot be found in Colombia. Small bags of them might be appreciated and lend themselves for sharing.
edgardiser replied on July 01, 2015 with:
I have interacted with many Colombians never have I been taken advantage of and the people whom I associate with appreciate all. So far as loaning money, I never loan to anyone.
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Andresen replied to the thread Good inexpensive hotels in Bogata, Medellin on the Colombia forum on July 25, 2015:
ckinchla initially posted:
Looking for some advice on good inexpensive hotels in safe areas to stay. Thanks.
Andresen replied on July 25, 2015 with:
I have information on a few Medellin hotels but need to know what area you are interested in and what to you is inexpensive?
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d1llon1982 replied to the thread Moving to Barranquilla on the Colombia forum on July 24, 2015:
Laurel27 initially posted:
I'm moving my family to Barranquilla in December. I've visited this place every year since 2011. I love it there and I have many friends. I was curious to see how much money you all brought with you when you moved to Colombia. I booked a hotel and was looking at a few airbnb apartments but I don't think I could live in one forever. Can you all share how you found a place and how much money (deposit) you had to put down... and basically the entire process. I want to know all the details! It's one thing visiting and another to move there...
d1llon1982 replied on July 24, 2015 with:
Hi Laurel, Hope everything works out as good for you as it had for me. I live in Barranquilla and have done for 4 years now and have lived in 5 different houses in my time here and had to move for various reasons. But the deal I have now with my landlord is definitely the best I have had. I pay my rent 6 months in advance COP 2.5 million per month and everything is great(he actually lives next door but doesn't bother us). Most times I have rented direct with the owner and had to pay a deposit, 2 times it was COP 12 million and another I had to pay 2 months rent in advance but had to pay in cash which was a pain in the as*. I have also been with the inmobiliaria. (estate agent in the UK) and I can honestly say they are pathetic, I had to put money in to a CDT (holding account) COP 26 million and then had to pay 4.3 million per month but it was a really nice apartment but still not worth it, about 200 meters from Centro comercial Villa Country. But when anything goes wrong with the place they don't ever fix it properly. I'm happy with the place I have now but it took a while to get hearl here. Apart from that I love Barranquilla. I only rent but buying property is really easy in Colombia you don't even need a lawyer and now is the time to buy with the USD,EUR and the GBP so strong against the COP. If you need any more info ask on here or PM me.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Bogota, Colombia was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Be patient with yourself. There is a learning curve to everything. Try to have a companion, close friend or point of contact in the new location that you can talk to honestly and share feelings with. Skype or email just doesn't cut it. Take care of your health and safety. Wash your hands frequently, wear glasses and a face mask if you are sensitive to pollution in the cities, or catch colds easily. Get advice on where and when it is safe to walk alone. Eat healthy, get enough rest and try to minimize stress, which can sometimes be very difficult to do. (Continue)
dmillonig posted Long Term Rental Manizales - Aug.2016-Feb. 2017 on the Colombia forum on July 22, 2015:
I am moving to Manizales in Aug. 2016 on a tourist visa waiting to apply for my pensioners visa. I am a single 60 yr old women recently retired executive, that needs a "furnished" one/two bedroom apartment that will accept a cat. Extremely well behaved 10yr old inside cat (ragdoll) I will be in Manizales this Nov. 9th- 13th, 2015, and could meet with anyone that would have something for next year and make the proper arrangements. I am just beginning my Spanish, so it will be very limited, but I could bring a translated with me on the visits. Please respond with suggestions to my personal email. I have already tried Airbnb & VRBO. Thanks, Deborah
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daniellawyer replied to the thread Lawyer recommendations in Cartagena on the Colombia forum:
ColombiaExtranjero initially posted:
Looking for lawyer recommendations in Cartagena for legal assistance in buying a property. Also I wish to file a lawsuit against the next-door neighbours of the property. I suspect they have taken more land area than they actually own.
daniellawyer replied on July 22, 2015 with:
Hello there, I can't recommend any lawyer in Cartagena, however I would like to clarify that in Colombia, unlike the US you don't actually need a lawyer to buy a property. It is recommended when the property at issue is very expensive or has legal issues such as a mortgage, or he who sells is not the real owner of the land. Otherwise, if the property is not expensive I wouldn't recommend to pay non mandatory lawyers fees. Regarding the lawsuit it is possible. The process is called "Proceso de deslinde y amojonamiento". Unfortunately it is a process that takes a very long time (mainly depending on the value of the property) If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Daniel
ColombiaExtranjero replied on July 12, 2015 with:
Hi Martin, Many thanks for the advice - this is brilliant. Yes, please do send me the contact details of the people who have experience and can help. My email address is: Sure, I'll let you know how things work out. Cheers.
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broncoII replied to the thread tourists vehicle on the Colombia forum on July 18, 2015:
sticking202 initially posted:
i need help to bring my truck to colombia from houston and stay about 4 months thanks if you can help me
broncoII replied on July 18, 2015 with:
Great information, thanks
iguanalover replied on July 17, 2015 with: is full of information and some great pictures.
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