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GadoGadoGal replied to the thread Updating Cedula Addresses & Leaving Colombia on the Colombia forum on July 23, 2014:
GadoGadoGal initially posted:
Hi all, If you have experience with the below, I'd appreciate any information you're willing to share. After 3 years in Colombia, my partner and I will be leaving for approximately 6 months for medical reasons. We will not maintain the same residence in Colombia, but will put our belongings in storage with friends and family. As a holder of a Cedula Extranjeria (CE), I am supposed to advise Migracion Colombia (MC) of my new address within 15 days. My questions: --does leaving the country for such a period of time impact or change the status of my CE? (it doesn't expire until more than a year after my planned return) --should I update MC with my address in the exterior, or would it be better to use a temporary address in Colombia while I am gone? Thanks in advance.
GadoGadoGal replied 38 minutes ago with:
Thank you for the reply. I checked the Migracion Colombia site ( and found the following information: ¿Cuándo se pierde el derecho a tener la Cédula de Extranjería? Cuando los titulares de visas en categorías TP, se ausentan del país por un término superior a ciento ochenta (180) días continuos. En cuanto a la Visa de Residente, RE, se perderá si se ausentan del país durante un término de dos (2) años o más continuos. I couldn't find information about updating my address while outside of the country, so this sounds correct that it only applies while in Colombia.
bigjailerman replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Your CE won't be affected by leaving for any amount of time. Changing your address is only for in country. If you are returning to Colombia, especially before the expiration of visa, you don't need to advise migration of anything in my experience. Good luck
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Rwms1307 posted Mental help on the Colombia forum on July 21, 2014:
Hello, I live in Barranquilla, Colombia. I need to find a psychologist and psychiatrist ASAP that speaks English. I mean really knows the language. I went to one that said he had both degrees and spoke English but If you ask me putting English down on his CV was just to boost it; everything I said was lost in translation. It was a horrible experience that cost $200,000!! Also, if anyone knows of an AA or NA groups with English speakers that would be awesome!
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jakkij replied to the thread Maps of Medellin on the Colombia forum on July 20, 2014:
OLDGRINGO51 initially posted:
OK, this is going to sound a little weird, but where can I get a good map of Medellin and the surrounding area? Back in the good old U S of A maps were available everywhere, but here you get that deer in the headlights look every time you ask about one. The maps on the net just don't cut it, and my gps is pretty limited as to what it can show at any given time. Appreciate any help...
jakkij replied on July 20, 2014 with:
If you're already in Medellin, you can get a map when you buy a civic card for the Metro that is somewhat useful; also there are maps in the front pages of some phone directories that are quite complete. Other than that I too have suffered from the map scarcity here!
bigjailerman replied on July 20, 2014 with:
I've also some a few of them in Panamericana, but I'm not in your area so can't confirm Medellin specifically. Also try these to purchase online..
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OLDGRINGO51 replied to the thread Population of Medellin on the Colombia forum on July 20, 2014:
Kenby1 initially posted:
How many people live in Medellin? Is there many English speaking people there?
OLDGRINGO51 replied on July 19, 2014 with:
Its true, there is not much English in Medellin, for that matter in all of Colombia. To my surprise I have encountered more taxi cab drivers who speak good English as opposed to professional people. I think it is important to convey to everyone you meet a little English, that way those who speak English will have the opportunity to converse.
Andresen replied on July 15, 2014 with:
I've only been here in Medellin for 18 months but I've observed more and more of the young university educated are learning English. Not sure if it's required of certain majors or only certain schools. For example, on a metro bus my Spanish teacher told me I was standing next to a beautiful woman. When I saw her blush I told him to be careful because she understood English. Later she got off at the University of Antioquia. I could relate other examples.
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suadel replied to the thread business on the Colombia forum on July 16, 2014:
spank12 initially posted:
Good Afternoon ,,Folks Do we have anyone on site, that is in business in country other than bars and restaurants?? I would like to ask a few questions? Tks Gary
suadel replied on July 16, 2014 with:
Shoot. PM to Not a restaurant. Fernando
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cwoodward replied to the thread Verizon iPhone 5 w/ Colombian SIM card on the Colombia forum on July 16, 2014:
cwoodward initially posted:
I was wondering if anyone coming from the USA has used or had luck with the Verizon iphone 5. I'm planning on purchasing a Colombian SIM card when I arrive, but the SIM card slot in my phone looks tiny. I think it's a nano-SIM card, if that exists? (Not too good with phone technology.) Any ideas if this will work? Also, advice on types of plans would be appreciated! I've done some research on the different companies, but have only seen posts where people also bought an actual phone. Thanks!
cwoodward replied on July 16, 2014 with:
Thanks to everyone's advice and help. If I have issues with the sim once I get to Colombia, I may be back for help changing those settings. Thanks again!
bigjailerman replied on July 16, 2014 with:
Sorry to say RSA but you are dead wrong. There is absolutely no problem with Verizon, Motorola RAZR M, Galaxy S4, S5, and iphone 4s. Only needed to swap out cards. All the smartphones now have international unlocks including Verizon. Occasionally you have to change a setting for internet connection but its not hard. I'll walk anyone through who needs it...
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Exbury posted Water Meter in Bogota on the Colombia forum on July 14, 2014:
I found out that my Suegro´s water meter was faulty (reading over 10% additional compared to the measured volume at the tap hence his inflated bills). The water company admitted that the meter was faulty but say its his problem, the guaranty only lasts 3 years and that he has to pay for a new meter. In the UK the meter is owned by the water company to avoid anyone deciding to change the meter themselves. This sounds like an excuse to me. Does anyone know any better? As he is a pensioner I would like to help him fight this (he is not a person who complains much!). I suggested he should be able to claim back the 10% overpayment for the last 4 years but then that might be the case in the UK. Anyone know any better about how the system works here or that can provide a good webpage to visit for more information? Thank you.
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masterita replied to the thread bar business in medellin on the Colombia forum on July 13, 2014:
sticking202 initially posted:
how's owning a bar in Medellin good business
masterita replied on July 13, 2014 with:
From what friends who own bars tell me, you are a bit late to the race if you are just starting now. Medellin has been really straightening out their commercial industry with many restrictions and guide lines. There is no longer a Colombian way, just lots of red tape and good, honest working employees are hard to find. But that is just what a few of them tell me. ... and it depends on what type of bar and where, your experiences, connections, etc. There are many, many themed bars. I believe the saying is more true now than ever. To make a small fortune in Colombia, you need to start with a large one.
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thelocogringo replied to the thread French press, coffee bean grinder, and electric kettle on the Colombia forum on July 12, 2014:
cwoodward initially posted:
I'll be moving to Bucaramanga in two weeks and wondering if these items can be found anywhere there! I'm trying to decide if it's worth packing them. Also, I know Colombia uses 100-110 volt electricity, but I had read that 120 volt items from the USA will work. Can anyone vouch for this? Thanks!
thelocogringo replied on July 12, 2014 with:
I have had several private messages regarding my sound converter and how it works. I am not very good with technology, I mostlyI use Apple products as they are idiot proof. I bought this thing on Amazon and had it shipped here to Colombia. It is made by Roku. I just plugged it in and out comes all American programs in English. Tons of choices. I just was watching antiques road show this morning. I hope that helps.
thelocogringo replied on July 12, 2014 with:
I had that very same problem with my new tv from the states. I ordered a sound converter and set it to English and now everything comes out just fine. The device was a little expensive however well worth it. I ordered mine from Amazon. Highly Recommended.......
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nrundle replied to the thread Moving Back.. Items to sell on the Colombia forum:
MSJSEL58 initially posted:
I'm in the Medellin area. I'm planning on moving back to the USA in a couple months. I have alot of house items to sell in case anyone is interested. Larger refrigerator, washing machine (both approx 18 months old), beds, sofa, dining table, other furniture. I'm also sell my quarter horses, that I brought from the USA. Including saddles and tack. If interested anything email at
nrundle replied on July 12, 2014 with:
Hi there, I sent you an email last week to, but no response yet.
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