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bigjailerman replied to the thread Crappy visa experience @ US Embassy on the Colombia forum on September 21, 2014:
bigjailerman initially posted:
The other day I traveled to Bogota with my fiance and her son for the Tourist visa to the states. All the forms were filled out correctly, there were two appointments, one for a photo and fingerprints and the second day was for the interview. She had practiced what she would say and understands that the most important things you have to project that you have ties back to Colombia and that you will return, family ties etc. The interviewer didn't ask too many questions and let her talk. She explained that she had a big family here, very close, involved with our kids etc.we share a big house with her mother, 2 brothers and her grandparents, her,9 year old son and our new son who is almost 1. Her son goes to school obviously. We wanted to visit November, December and first week of January to get the kid back into the new school year. We support the house financially bill wise. She also informed him that my mom is suffering from Alzheimers and my sister who is her main care giver wants to go on a vacation and we were going to relieve her for a couple weeks. Also wanted to get my moms house back into shape before it fell into disrepair before the winter settles in. Also she projected to the interviewer that my family wants to meet our new son, my wife and her son because they only meet via Skype. Blah blah etc etc... At the end of interview she was informed they wouldn't give her a tourist visa. Obviously she was pretty sad and felt she failed me somehow. As she was leaving many others were rejected as well. More than a few teary eyes were on display. Before we went, we spoke to others who went through it in the past and the majority had no difficulty. I don't know why and if there is something going on. Any American citizen knows our borders have been wide open for a while and illegal aliens have been trotting in at a pretty good pace, given ss numbers, drivers liscenses etc. mostly are from Mexico and Central America. Now here we are, trying to do things the correct way, paying fees, go through truthful interviews with poor results. Disheartening and expensive. Originally we opted for the tourist visa instead of the fiance or spousal k visas because it was cheaper, she wasn't looking for immigrant status (maybe one our two visits a year during school vacation time) and the time frame seemed faster... Also we were planning to marry here September of 2015. Our net step now is to get officially married here civilly and go for the spousal visa.. Ok,.well I am venting and any informed comments are appreciated.. Have a good day
bigjailerman replied 1 hour ago with:
My plan exactly
thelocogringo replied 1 hour ago with:
Hey Big Screw Man, I feal your pain. The process to get a tourist visa is very mysterious and non specific. My experience is that they do not like to give out tourist visas unless you are married. They do not support guys bringing thier girl friends home for vacation. Don't lose any sleep over this. Go home, do what you need to do and come back to your life here. You are not missing anything back there and she is better off not getting tainted by the gringa lifestyle.
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread Currency exchange atm in colombia on the Colombia forum on September 21, 2014:
scotland222 initially posted:
Can anyone tell me if I withdraw pesos at a atm with a sterling debit card what exchange rate they are giving please ,,,, also in casa de cambio what are rate are they changing dollars .. Thank you in advance.
HugoMaracuya replied 1 hour ago with:
Hello Scotty.I see the "No" vote won the day. Was that good or bad in your view? Pity a lot are now trolling Andy Murray, he was only giving his view, which he is entitled to. Last time I used a cashpoint last weekend, when the official rate was hovering around 3240-3245 pesos to the pound, I got 3233. The official rate is "mid", and tracks the Visa rate, so its always pretty fair. On 300,000 pesos (a hundred squid), I usually pay about 4 squid in fees. There are others where you pay less fees, but the exchange rate is a rip off, so use your UK bank card and its one of the best you'll get. Avoid most casas de cambio, especially the high street names. They are awful. I got quoted something like 2000 pesos to the pound at a time when my debit card was giving me 2850, a while back.
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread Londoner moving to Bogota!!! on the Colombia forum on September 21, 2014:
geosinc initially posted:
Hey, My name is George and I am a born and bred Londoner. I am currently living in Mexico City and attempting to learn the lingo, however failing miserably!! Due to my job I am able to get around it as I have to speak English 99% of the time. The company I work for is now sending to me Colombia, Bogota for three months... So here I am a Londoner about to embark on another experience, this time in Colombia. I have heard lots of great things and this just seemed like throwing myself out there on a website such as this is the next step as I will be no doubt living by myself in a new city. If you see a British guy with an incredibly obvious tourist tan and a map which is upside down, by all means laugh and point, however also point me in the right direction for the nearest place to get a nice cold beverage! Gracias..
HugoMaracuya replied 2 hours ago with:
Hello Geosinc, The one and only bit of info you will need is The Bogota Beer Company. Found in most areas, and full of lovely chicas latinas. :) What work do you do?
enretiro replied on September 18, 2014 with:
Have fun in Colombia. See:
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thelocogringo replied to the thread What are your favorite restaurants in Medellin? on the Colombia forum on September 20, 2014:
roxaneburnett initially posted:
Hello! I will be visiting Medellin and Bogota in late February 2015 (to possibly relocate) and am beginning my research. What is and where is your favorite restaurant? What to you love about it? Thanks!
thelocogringo replied on September 20, 2014 with:
Uncle Jack, have you tried a box lunch down at the Y?
dandrie replied on September 20, 2014 with:
Food is amazing in Colombia.... and even more interesting in Medellin. Although i MISS fresh salads of North America.... i have managed to find a great restaurant en PARQUE LLERAS.... ANGELS STEAKHOUSE. Amazing food.. good prices... great ambiance, great staff. Debbie *the owner* will give you a hug everytime you visit! Enjoy!
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jakkij replied to the thread Notarias on the Colombia forum on September 19, 2014:
scotland222 initially posted:
Does anyone know of any notarias in cali that are not to demanding with paperwork. Thank you.
jakkij replied on September 19, 2014 with:
For anyone looking for notaria service in Medellin, #20 in Poblado did a good, straightforward job for me. Watch out for #19--they told me I needed a legal proceeding I didn't really need and just happened to have a lawyer there who could handle it--major conflict of interest.
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scotland222 posted Notarias on the Colombia forum on September 19, 2014:
Does anyone know of any notarias in cali that are not to demanding with paperwork. Thank you.
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TheCrazySojourner replied to the thread Job as an English teacher in Quindio, Colombia on the Colombia forum on September 18, 2014:
ilovebrownbread initially posted:
Good people of Quindio, My name is Thomas, a native of New Zealand, and having fallen victim to the greatest danger in Colombia "wanting to stay" I find myself now looking for a way of supporting myself. My family and I are moving to Quindio and so I am looking at the possibilities of finding a job teaching English.Does anybody have any contacts or ideas? Cheers
TheCrazySojourner replied on September 18, 2014 with:
There are plenty of English schools in Armenia, plus the English K-12 you have a teachers credential? What's your experience?
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Patricio replied to the thread Taxes on the Colombia forum:
rafapark initially posted:
Hi: How are you guys dealing with tax liability in Colombia? Assuming your are legally in Colombia I understand that if you live in Colombia for more than 6 months you are considered resident for tax purposes and must declare all your assets ( including property and investments) that you have in the US to the DIAN ( the Colombia equivalent to IRS). With the new agreement that the Colombian government has with the US on financial information, the DIAN could track your things in the US and tax you for it. Colombia taxes wealth so this would be a tax you do not pay in the US. How are you dealing with this? or am I missinformed?
Patricio replied on September 17, 2014 with:
I remember when I was 50 I was working my ass off in Florida so I could help support my family and my government. Now I am in Colombia and receive both SS and Medicare, though the latter really isn't a factor but am happy to throw in the 100$/month from my SS check to keep the basics and have some peace of mind for when I do return for whatever reasons. Lots of US citizens paid their dues just as myself, and the little we get we paid for over many years. I am very happy to finally be in Bogota, living here with much less stress and a healthy lifestyle. Love this country so far.
Timbarina replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Soy, I DO NOT GET SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICARE. I have never received a single penny from any federal or state government in unemployment, food stamps, or anything else. I used to love this country but I increasingly feel I'm being screwed. Try seeing how much fun it is when the prices of everything go skyrocketing and your salary never goes anywhere, you get no health insurance, you can't afford obamacare, you can't find another job because at age 50 you are too old, and you have to sell your home of over twenty years because you can't afford the same old mortgage anymore. I'm basically already homeless in the US.
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Timbarina replied to the thread Marriage Name Use on the Colombia forum:
zak023 initially posted:
OK.. hopefully I get an answer to this.. I was married to a colombiana years ago here in the USA who came here on a fiancee visa when we married she assumed my last divorced.. Im at it again.. This time I am marrying in Medellin in November 2014.. How do they work as far as my wife using my last name ? I will marry with a notary.. I have all documents ready for appostile..Does the notary allow her to use my last name when we marry there? nobody seems to know.... does it work that way in Colombia.. when women marry there do they use the Husbands last name ? If not what do I have to do ?
Timbarina replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Yes, by all means try to use the same Notaria! My German grandparents emigrated to Colombia right before WW2, and when my mother died in Bogota I had to go all over Bogota (literally) to many, many Notarias that 70+ year old papers were originally filed at, and my parents' marriage documents and powers of attorney etc., registering my birth in the US and so forth; everything had to be actualizado because it was so old. Personally I've had no trouble traveling back and forth with two different last names on my passports. Perhaps because I was born in the US and my father is Colombian?
enretiro replied on September 16, 2014 with:
Find out which Notary she has her civil birth certificate and do your marriage in that one so everything will be in one place. Also, she should keep her maiden name and she can add de....your last name" But make sure she uses the same name in Colombia and USA and her passports will show the same name or it will be a nightmare. If she takes your name .Your fiancé can do all the procedure without a lawyer. it is easy.
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