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Waltercito replied to the thread CHIKINGUA on the Colombia forum:
zak023 initially posted:
My wife just told me she contracted this in Colombia...What is it.. I tried to find out but it is nothing I ever heard of.. It causes cramps and diarreah.. Is it serious ? I never heard of it in all the years I have been going to Colombia...
Waltercito replied most recently with:
Thanks IguanaLover, thanks Big Jailer Man, and the main man, Hugo . Thanks for all the good wishes.
Waltercito replied most recently with:
Ah, could I forget BJM...sorry, boss. I've been so frantic searching out information, it just all got blurred in my aging brain.
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bigjailerman replied to the thread health care on the Colombia forum:
soystar1 initially posted:
Question to forum: What is the latest information towards acquiring health care here in Colombia, costs, and reputable companies? Thanks guys
bigjailerman replied most recently with:
I have no Colombian income. I collect from us only
jeepguy replied most recently with:
Hi, sorry to bother with 1 more question. Is the price you just quoted offered since you have to be employed, therefore an additional or supplemental plan? This is in addition to the Govt sponsored plan? For us, we would not work there other then a possible internet based business, so would have clients in the U.S.
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bigjailerman posted Carnival on the Colombia forum:
Is anyone going up to Barranquilla for Carnival next month? Ive been here a couple of years and finally going to check it out...
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bigjailerman posted Pro Canon Camera Repair on the Colombia forum:
Has anyone come across a good camera repair center? Ive always been a photographer as a second business and a hobby. Now I am here in Colombia (Monteria) I have one of the bodies repaired (EOS 30D). Canon has informed me there are three authorized repair centers, 2 in Bogota and 1 in Medellin. Sumotech (Bogotá) Carrera 43 #14-86, Zona Industrial Puente Aranda Tel.: 268-0516 / 1-8000-110823 /268-0518 Email: CV Trónica (Bogotá) Calle 68 No. 12-57 Tel.: 348-1573 / 300-370-9398 / Email: CV Trónica (Medellín) Carrera 48, Centro Comercial Monterrey, #10-45, interior 3 en el sótano de parqueaderos, Tel.: 444-0229 / 301-552-7537 Email: None of them answered emails. I called both in Bogota and both times I spoke to a receptionist and really wasnt able to answer questions. I even had my wife spoke as well because she is the Colombian lol. As far as Medellin I must be dialing wrong or they closed. In any event I am a little concerned sending expensive gear through the mail especially here. Im curious if anyone had any experience with them or even passed them to get an eyewitness of how professional they appear. We used to have a FotoJapon here but closed a little over a year ago. Thanks for any input
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elianarod initially posted:
Hello, My name is Eliana Rodriguez and I work for the Colombia Country Brand. I am in charge of creating content and I read an article on Forbes called "The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2015". Colombia is part of the list and I would like to interview a couple of people for an article I'm working on. Can anyone help me? I need someone living in Bogota, but if not we can arrange an interview via Skype. Thanks in advance.
Viventa replied most recently with:
Hello Eliana, I recommend this article about pension in Colombia: We work for Colombians in the US who want to invest, get a credit or get their pension in Colombia. Many of them want to get retired back in their homeland, we have many successful stories!
elianarod replied most recently with:
Jeannie, check your private messages. ;)
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d1llon1982 replied to the thread Transfering Funds into Colombia on the Colombia forum:
dandrie initially posted:
hello.. i have recently opened a bank account in Occidente... and i am wondering whats that best way to transfer funds form Canada to Colombia. Trying to minimize fees. thanks!
d1llon1982 replied most recently with:
Hi guys, I've actually been looking into this a lot and at first I thought about Citibank citigold because you can revive your money in Colombia free of charge from any Citigold account held in another country, but the first problem is that you need 100,000USD to open the account in the first place but t also says in the small print that countries participating will have different local rules and when I asked in Citibank on calle 84 here in Barranquilla they told me that I would need to have 500,000USD to be able to withdraw COP straight from my citigold account in the UK without charge, so that's a no go. But I have found a nearly as good alternative I belive all Colombian banks have the same sets of rules 7000USD per month upto 28000USD per annum, BBVA on the other hand are Spanish and seem to have a completely different set of rules because when I went to see them they told me it was unlimited, luckily my Girlfriend has an account there so I sent her 35,000USD(to buy a new car) and it went through without a problem, in fact it was so much easier than Bancolombia it is laughable. I was in Brazil at the time she collected it and all she needed was her Cedula, none of my payslips, pay cheques, copies of my passport or any of the other bulls**t. The only snag is that if I opened the account I could not transfer into the account internationally until 6 months after opening. IT is different for a Colombian citizen though I believe so find someone you trust and go for it. It is the normal SWIFT/BIC charge 35USD per transaction and the exchange rate I got was excellent, 2450COP to the USD which on the day was very very close to the XE rate much better than anything I have ever had from Bancolombia. Hope this helps.
RussellO replied most recently with:
thanks, i see into this manana/
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zak023 replied to the thread The worse barrio in Medellin on the Colombia forum:
zak023 initially posted:
If I was advised to stay away from a barrio in Medellin day or night what one would it be ?
zak023 replied most recently with:
Good Advice... Ill take it...
bigjailerman replied most recently with:
....agreed! Trust your instincts too, use your eyes and ears, bad things can amd do happen in every neighborhood.
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Will my cellphone work in Colombia? on the Colombia forum:
danjaker initially posted:
Will my cellphone I bought in Peru work in Colombia if I just switch out the sim card? Its just a cheap non-smartphone, nothing special...
bigjailerman replied most recently with:
GSM freq/bands common are 2G 850/1900..same with 3G and CDMA
GadoGadoGal replied most recently with:
Colombia and Peru operate on the same bands, so yes. For reference, it usually depends on the bands (frequencies) your phone can function under and what your carrier uses. I had a tri-band phone purchased in Australia, but when I moved to Colombia the one band on my phone that works in Colombia was not used by my carrier (Comcel). I now have an unlocked quad-band phone that can be used most anywhere. Here is a quick reference to know the bands used by country around the world:
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Colombian Residence on the Colombia forum:
Luvcolombia initially posted:
my wife and i are Colombians with dual citizenship. We are returning to Colombia and are taking our 20 year old american citizen with us. Since we are returning next month we have no time to get my son's papers in order to get his residence. It appears that we have no choice but to purchase a round trip ticket for him, and have him get his residence while in Colombia. Appreciate an advice from anyone that could save us the extra expense of the return ticket.
bigjailerman replied most recently with:
There you go, Loco knows....
bigjailerman replied most recently with:
Absolutely although mmHg exact circumstances might be slightly different but I will also tell you the normal route amd my route...none were negative. Originally I had a Pensionado visa about two years ago. When my fiance and I(she is Colombian and I'm an American) had our son last September I decided to get a RE. I Really didn't have time to do it then but when I visited my mom late December I decided to do it at the Consulate because I always had his experiences there. On December 30 I think it was I went in, had my papers, money order, picture etc. Ask was good until he saw my passport because he noted since it was due to expire in April of 2015 I would need to pay another 200 bucks to remove Visa from old passport into a new one and I knew it had to take place in Colombia ( I find governmental process in Colombia is slow at least in Monteria where we live). Now my return flight to Colombia was for January 6 so I was under the gun for time especially with the holiday. So I researched how I could quickly get my passport renewed. but I did not want to hire a passport company because they charge all kinds of fees and it's not really quick sometimes so I found the passport office in New York and I saw that I could expedite my passport if I had a return flight which I had. now when I arrived at 7:30 in the morning at the passport office I was able to explain to them that I also needed to get my visa done locally in the consulate and they expedited my passport in three hours which was shocking to me so I I picked up the passport and I headed over to the consulate office. When I got there Andre the man who assisted me he saw me the very next day with a new passport he was shocked himself and he newels so that I had a January 6 flight to return to Columbia I spoke to him for a few minutes and I gave him my paperwork again I gave him the new passport and I gave him the forms again and he took care of it and gave to the consulate to sign off on my Visa really within an hour I couldn't believe it. now I don't know if he was in a really good mood because I brought him a cup of coffee or maybe it was a holiday and they had to wanted tio close early our maybe after some good conversation he wanted to assist me. He also knew muy return ticket was a few days later. I expected to return in as few days because he had advised me earlier that he could take 3_5 days for the new visa. When I saw him print the visa (they look a little different now, they are adhesive, not glued into passport) I was shocked. Herr took the package to the consul, I shook his hand, asked me a few genial questions, he stick the visa into passport, signed it, entered some info in a book and computer and that was that. No more than an hour. So in one day I had passport rendered and a new visa within four hours. I'm a talker so maybe that helped but they were professional and polite and truly wanted to help.
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dandrie replied to the thread Reciprocity fee for Canadians on the Colombia forum:
pocopelo initially posted:
I got quite a surprise at the Avianca counter in Orlando yesterday. They told me I had to pay some new fee in order to enter Colombia. They were still a little confused about it. At first they told me I had to pay them but then asked me to take a seat while they sorted it out. Well I googled and found an Air Canada news post from Nov. 27th. Sounds like they're hitting back at Canadian charges to Colombians seeking visas. This will hit me hard since I travel about 8 times each year to Colombia. 160,000 pesos each entry. Will have to look into a tourist visa I guess.
dandrie replied most recently with:
Brutal... well have a nice time in Colombia!
pocopelo replied most recently with:
Well, I'm back in Bogota once again. I thought I might be able to get around the reciprocity fee by having proof of a full fare ticket to Cartagena. I guess I'm not the first to try that caper. Anyway I was told that I could only be exempt if I had taken a direct international flight to Cartagena. hmm next time I guess I'll try with a ticket for San Andres and see what the response is.
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