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GadoGadoGal replied to the thread Why are Colombians so adverse to new foods on the Colombia forum on April 19, 2015:
thelocogringo initially posted:
As a topic of discussion, one of the things I find difficult about living in Colombia. The lack of diversity in foods available.The complete lack of interest by most Colombians to try new foods. The monotony of eating huevos, queso and arepa, day after day after day, month after month. Most colombians I have met, and that is a considerable amont, do not know how to cook. They are experts in making food hot, but know nothing about the science of cooking. They have no interest in trying new things or different flavors. Anything that is not bland, salty and over cooked is "Picante" and they will not eat. Sancocho = chicken soup with an old rooster Ajijaco = more chicken soup Tamale = greazy fat soaked corn meal with yuk inside Bisteak = beef jerky Pollo gisado = chicken stew arepa = dry tastless corn or flour patty bandeja pisa = sicario by heart attack empanadas - not bad for fried corn meal wraped somthing pasta -start with the pasta in cold water and boil untill almost mush Am I missing anything? What else is there.
GadoGadoGal replied 2 hours ago with:
afarestegui, I can't wait for my inlaws to get to that point, although I'm not holding my breath. None of them except for one have traveled outside of Colombia, so underneath my discomfort I can completely understand theirs, especially given my upbringing where I didn't even have to leave my house to get variety in food. As far as Pereira goes, I am thankful for the number of vegetarian restaurants, the Hare Krishna one being the best (i.e. Indian-style vegetarian food rather than Colombian food with the meat options removed). Just before I left in January I saw there was also a new coffee shop around the corner from Parque Arboleda on Calle 6. They offered french press and espresso coffee, and roasted the coffee in house. It was good.
GadoGadoGal replied 2 hours ago with:
Another thumbs up for 'good topic', if nothing else for validation. I know that my upbringing informs my expectations - father from American South, mother Indonesian raised in the Netherlands, I born and raised in California where variety in cuisine and produce was a given. And at first this made me very receptive to traditional Colombian foods. The first time I had chorizo in Santa Rosa de Cabal was wonderful, since chorizo usually brought to mind the hard, red variety I'd had in the US. On the other hand, I do need variety, and the produce if nothing else does make it possible in Colombia. When I moved to Australia to live with my husband, it was the first time I ever thought of and attempted cooking Mexican food because everything I'd tried in restaurants was in my opinion a disappointment. There was plenty of great Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, That and Vietnamese food, however, to balance out the British-influenced Australian food. After a couple of years we moved to Pereira, and my story is nothing different from the ones shared here. My inlaws are still getting accustomed to the "disgusting/strange/insert adjective here" foods I cook. I found this out through the unusually strong current of gossip that is common among my inlaws (but I've seen claimed as Colombian: from my cuñadas to my husband's ex-wife to my stepdaughters in Australia, who then told me. This for the most part has to do with the number and amount of vegetables I use, the funniest reaction being a shudder (from an adult) when an omelette with sauteed vegetables was served for breakfast. Thankfully my husband eats whatever I serve him, so I guess it'll be easier for everyone if he handles the cooking whenever his family comes over. We are now recently back in Australia where my husband and stepdaughters (who have been in Australia for 9 years) rarely turn their attention away from tamal, arepa, bistec and white rice cooked with oil. Thankfully there are now a few new taquerias to cheer me up.
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Pacho1983 replied to the thread Maybe moving to MED COL on the Colombia forum on April 18, 2015:
Tostado66 initially posted:
Any gringos in MED I can communicate with? Pondering on moving my carcass and like to know a few yanki imperialistas living there to ask loads of questions. I know Col fairly well having written a book about the country. MED is my dream city. I am not gay or a scam artist or a young guy getting my kicks, nor do work for homeland security or the IRS or CDR or DVD, etc. Yo ISO of amigos I can trust who can offer advice how to live there on a fixed income and how to start up a small business. Ps. I am fluent in Español and gibberish.
Pacho1983 replied on April 18, 2015 with:
You wrote a book about Colombia and you have questions about MED? Or was it a misunderstanding that the book was about Colombia?
Hoopster3pt replied on April 18, 2015 with:
Didn't want to leave you hangin...everybody seems to be caught up in an internal squabble. But I too speak gibberish, with profane as my second language! My Sasla and Spanish both suck but I'm working on them. I'll be arriving 1st part of May and would be happy to meet somewhere for a beer. Starting up a business based on what people have said here sounds a little tough, but I guess like anything, it's possible if you work hard enough at it. The web does offer a lot of possibilities, obviously. I did work for DVD so try to be kind! Still getting royalties? What's the name of your book?
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Forgiveness and Dispensation on the Colombia forum on April 18, 2015:
thelocogringo initially posted:
As a topic of discussion, one of the things I like about living in Colombia. The Colombian people are very forgiving. If you say your sorry and take action to replace or repair your transgration, they will trully forgive you. When I lived in suberbia U.S.A., if by accidente I came home a little drunk and peed out side on my lawn, and was seen by the neighbor, there would be no forgiving. I have offended their sense of order. They would likely call the police and then hate me forever. I can only speak for Americans however forgivnes is not part of the American psyche. They may say the words, pretend to smile as they pass you in the street however inside, they will despise you forever. Here, in Colombia, if I get drunk off my ass and go to the roof of my building and throw a chair into the parking lot. If the chair smashes into the roof of my neighbors car and makes a big dent. I can apologise to my nieghbor, explain to him it was not my faul. Cry and lament about my bad luck. Explain that I was sooooo drunk. Accept responsibility and pay for the damage. In the end, he will forgive me. Trully for give me. Forgiveness is one of the characteristics I like best about Colombian society. Every day I can start with a fresh slate.
bigjailerman replied on April 18, 2015 with:
I agree, Colombians are capable of forgiveness on every level no matter what the transgressions. I was and continuously surprised by their ability to do this. Living in Colombia and sharing a family I have seen first hand that as long as the person looking for "Forgiveness and Dispensation" and truly are honest the issue just evaporates. Personally I find that hard to accomplish..I can forgive but the issue has a tendency to keep nagging at me. I can definately learn from that.
Exbury replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Hey Loco, Maybe the title should be ´Whats to like about Colombia?´. People may get miffed thinking you are picking on Colombia but then jump in and contribute. Ok, I love the difference climatic zones, Colombia has so many different climates, altitudes and variety of landscapes, far more thant any other country I know and you can find pretty much anywhere you would enjoy weatherwise. I wish I had a more adventurous wife so we could visit more areas as I think most areas outside of Bogota are fantastic.......but then I prefer the countryside to the urban sprawl.....she´s more the urban type. I am also absolutely amazed at the variety of fruits which they make drinks from, I dont drink anywhere near as much cerveza as the fruit juice is just so great. (Sometimes I think they could mix a few varieties together and maybe add some mint but thats a minor thought). Its a great thing having guests over and introducing them to the different flavours. I also love the Colombians party atmosphere, I never danced before until I could not actually walk (took 3 weeks to feel my toes again) and I wish i could dance the Salsa as good as some Colombians I have met who have never even had lessons, just grown up with it. Amazing to come from the UK where we used to be a nation of dancers but now it seems almost a shameful thing to admit to (although starting to change with Come Dancing etc.). Colombians just love to dance and party and take you with them. Super nice feeling. My brothers biggest regret at my wedding in Cartagena was that he didnt practice a little Salsa before coming (I did tell him, the fool, there were some super bonita senoritas there). I love the Coffee zone, aside from wanting to live near the sea that may be my second place to pick later in life (although I still want to live nearish the urban areas for another couple of decades). There is something about it that just writes ´relax´in my mind when I visit. I love the fact that women here tend to act more like women, they look after themselves, dance great, are feminine but yet are quite capable of working and looking after themselves. I feel in love with one and still am in love despite the rollercoaster lows and highs........... Ok, who else..........
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Exbury replied to the thread Form Censorship on the Colombia forum on April 17, 2015:
aconcepts initially posted:
There seems to be a move to censorship here led by a 69 yearr old legend in his own mind (because he has a 57yearold girlfriend -oooh - woow!!) and Man hating feminist along with a sad child. So we are supposed to lose a great source of humor and wit and info because these folks don't like the message. They are the haters- not Diego. Diego presents his subject and they don't attack the message. Instead they attack the messenger. If you re-read closely (as I have done) Diego has only attacked after being attacked. You three haters should be ashamed.. Long live Diego12!
Exbury replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Hi Cheloquito, I am not sure what observations you are talking about so I cannot comment on that (I have checked some of the older posts but maybe I missed something). I agree Diego seems to be OTT sometimes, maybe we all are if we have had a bad day. My day seems to be especially bad today, maybe I will upset someone with this post who knows. I seem to upset Soystar with my post in Colombian food, but then that was my opinion, Soystart seemed to jump on my first few lines and had a rant at me. However, while I dont claim to know everything my personal thoughts is that its no use jumping offline, that doesnt help the discussion, rather you lose the ability to change things as you see it. One thing I do find difficult with Colombians is if you are a little bit non-complimentary about their place they dont like it, but then hide away from discussing it. We extranjeros definetly seem a lot more argumentative. But then shying away from difficult subjects does not promote change. Personally I think open discussion is far better, I am always prepared to be proved wrong or sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. I also think that suggesting everyone should respect gender equality your opinion. I agree with you in parts, but I have my own opinions on other subjects. Maybe Diego does hate women, I believe thats his choice, so long as he acts within the law. Maybe he has good reason, maybe he was abused or mistreated by women, maybe its like a cry for help that needs some understanding.......I have no idea on his background; as you point out maybe he is troubled and maybe by trying to get him to do something about it would be more positive. But then thats just my opinion.......
CheLoquito replied on April 17, 2015 with:
Wow, loco, aren't you the chill mediator. 'Sup? So, listen, I believe that attitudes, behavior, and - yes - words, need to evolve in content and quality. We can all stand around bull******g at the water cooler without projecting disrespectful or intentionally hostile attitudes. I know, I'm an old fart; I believe in outdated things like personal respect, civil and intelligent conversation, even courtesy. Those things are mostly lacking virtually everywhere, today; but I'm an idealist; I try to be change that I want to see. I believe the more people did that, the world would be a better place. Call me stupid, or naive, or just silly. I stand by everything I said in my first post, and no one has disagreed with the actual content of my observations; no one has defended the covert and overt bigotry and simple disrespect that I saw posted, and not just from diego. But I get it. I'm out. I can just PM folks if I want to chat.
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property in Colombia3BR apartment with two bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining room, covered patio with retractable roof, service BR with Bathroom, 2 car underground garage.
bigjailerman replied to the thread Design Firm interested in Chatting with expats in Bogotá on 21 April on the Colombia forum on April 16, 2015:
SamHaymon initially posted:
Hi All, I'm Sam, and I'm the design Research Recruiter for IDEO's New York City office. At IDEO, we use a human-centered, design-based process to work on all sorts of challenges in all sorts of industries, ranging from traditional products and services, to systems and environments, and sometimes future-spotting and culture work. We're heading to Bogotá working on a project to redesign the branch banking experience for our client. Along with understanding how banking works here, we're really interested in the cultural nuances of Colombia, and thought we might try and speak to some expats to really be able to measure the similarities and differences between Colombian culture and that of the US and Canada. We've put together a dinner in Zona Rosa on 21 April and would love to have some of you join us. Dinner would of course be on us, and we'd compensate you 150,000 pesos for your time. Who we're looking for: -American/Canadian Expats living in Bogotá -Living there for 7+ years and/or married to a local person If you're interested, please shoot me note back with a bit of information about you and an email address and we'll get in touch. Best, Sam
bigjailerman replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Loco I think they are reaching out to you...
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bigjailerman posted International Travel on the Colombia forum on April 15, 2015:
Im curious how people travel to and from Colombia back to the States, UK etc? I used to use American quite a bit, Jet Blue but mostly I have moved to Spirit. I find it extremely cheap and once you know their in and outs it works well for me.. Moving around Colombia I use buses sometimes and vans, usually Gonzales Transportation. Other than on the ground I use ADA Airlines and Viva Colombia.
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Cali Rentals on the Colombia forum on April 14, 2015:
katherine33 initially posted:
Hello . I'm new here . I am moving to Cali in a few ,months and was looking for a nice place to stay other than a hotel. I saw a website called It looked alright but more than a few people told me to stay clear because the owner of the service arthur brode was an ex criminal from the U.S. and was convicted of stalking ,molesting and trying to kidnap children .If true I would be against getting into any type of business arrangement with someone like that . But maybe it's a fabrication.I don't know . I looked him up online and did not see anything about it. Does anyone have information on this. Thanks
bigjailerman replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Yes I do. It's a growing area, allot of roads, upgrading infrastructure etc. Some new big malls, cinema etc. Its hot here in the city area most of the time. We are getting into the rainy season here. This city isn't teaming with nightlife but there are quite a few strips of decent bars and hidden gems and you can get more than Colombia beer and Aguardiente. LOL when I just started visiting Monteria in beginning of 2012 I thought the only thing you could get here was dark or light beer, and those little Yabolines (fried cardboard in a bag I call it). I only had very little gringo Colombianito wings back then haha. I feel it's a very economical place to live compared to other areas I've been to, like Barranquilla, Cartagena, definitely Bogota. But I really enjoy Barranquilla where I broke my Colombia cherry. The women here in Monteria are top notch, beautiful and very, very friendly, enjoy eying up gringos lmao... not that I'm taking anything away from other parts of Colombia.
Diego12 replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Style and grace? What grace? What do you even mean by "grace." I don't hand out no stinkin grace LOL! Morality. Legality? What are you talkin bout. We be trash talkin just ask CMB. He's ghetto right, with that tat of Alfred E Newman on his chest. He identifies with those toothless turds I guess...
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saiid20 replied to the thread Is Colombia the Answer? on the Colombia forum on April 13, 2015:
Diego12 initially posted:
Since the "advice for being with girlfriend" thread was so popular and many resonated with it, I thought I would post some entertaining videos with completely true content showing how women abuse their position in society. And we men do nothing. Absolutely frickin nothing! We act like Ken dolls - smooth down there. Why is that? Colombia is not the answer - changing men's views about how to treat women is the answer. If you go to Colombia with the indoctrinated male attitude that women are to be worshiped and allowed a double standard, you just screw up Colombian culture. Looking for the solution you become pa big big part of the problem The problem is not radical feminists - it’s the men who tolerate them. Look in the mirror and you may see the enemy. Don’t miss the Bill Burr videos further below Gynocracy - Are men built like a Ken Doll The men that are depressed are not in a relationship? Boycott Valentine days Gynocrats Like Hilary Stop kowtowing to women? She how quick she plays the chauvinist card? Tears tantrums and sex, Do anything to avoid tears and tantrums and do anything for sex. Use sex as a reward. Women unhappier then men? Geez I wonder why… No reason to hit a woman This shows how men are portrayed to be neanderthalls - Epidemic of gold digging whores Gold digging whores are the wife beaters for men. Bad things happen to a woman and there is a ribbon etc, things happen to a man and its viewed as funny! What its like to have a dick - The male need to procreate that women take advantage of. If your dick was a third base coach…. Hahahha Funny but true. Women privileges - they want to choose You got to see this one… Why women are assholes Every guy has a line - women don't. Earlier I posted about how women deserved to to slapped for the $hit they say - and one moron insinuated - Oh Diego wants to hit women - well this video is the logic behind my earlier statement.
saiid20 replied on April 13, 2015 with:
Is Colombia the answer? Think you are asking the wrong question based on your comments.
aconcepts replied on April 10, 2015 with:
A "binkie" - been a long time since I heard that expression. Funny
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