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ElinglesLoco replied to the thread Confused and lost in Colombia on the Colombia forum on July 31, 2014:
biccjohn initially posted:
Robbed, lost all documents money and clothes. Lived on the streets for just over 2 months. Arrived in Bogota to seek help from the Canadian Embassy and they would not even open the doors because I had no original documents. Trying to find work teaching English here and there is lots of work but they do not like to pay. No money no new passport. IDEAS?
ElinglesLoco replied 28 minutes ago with:
Yeah, That part is something I cannot understand. You are a Canadian citizen, your taxes pay for these embassies, which are in place for just such an event, or any kind of emergency. If it was me, I would create an almighty stink, and demand they help. These embassy staff, from all countries, think they are God, and are above us mere mortals. The truth is they are public employees, paid for by the public, to serve the public. Go back and scream the bl**dy house down, til they help. Ok, another line to try, .... Is there also a Canadian Consulate in Bogota, as well as the embassy. If there is, then break the friggin door down, and demand consular assistance. Again, this is what they are there for, and are employed to serve the Canadian public in foreign parts, and offer help in an emergency.
soystar1 replied 7 hours ago with:
After hours emergency contact information (for Canadian citizens only) Call collect: 613- 996-8885 / 613-944-1310 (TTY) - The Emergency Operations Centre of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An experienced officer is always available to respond to emergency calls from anywhere in the world. I don't it's practical to be looking for a job if you are living on the streets. You must establish yourself and can only do this with the help of your embassy to return to Canada. They will be able to contact your family or friends in Canada who should be able to send you money to go home or help you obtain other resources. As you know already, you can not get a job with documents in place and so forth. You are in survival mode now and I suggest you contact the embassy ASAP and go back home. When you get things straightened out, you can try again.
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Andresen replied to the thread Atm Fees on the Colombia forum on July 31, 2014:
spank12 initially posted:
Anyone out there with suggestions? I just discovered that Servibanca Atm has been including their service fee in the withdrawl and not as a separate charge. Thus my US bank claims they have no way of refunding the charge. Anyone have a different bank that splits the charge, plus the latter always spits out bills in 20,s making it a wad of bills. Sometimes it makes it a little dangerous. Tks for any other choices.
Andresen replied 5 hours ago with:
I don't know anything about XOOM but I would feel better about not comparing apples to oranges if you were using a real example instead of a quote. Today I took 320,000 pesos out of a Davivienda ATM using my USAA debit card. They charged me $172.71 for a rate of 1853 COP/$. Later, (I don't think they have done that already) they will add an additional 1% for a total of $174.44 for a rate of 1834. I believe they use the previous day's closing rate. If you were fortunate to have a Charles Schwab card I understand their Foreign Transaction Fee is returned at the end of the month. Maybe XOOM would be more convenient for transferring a large amount from the States. As for myself, I just withdraw from my Social Security each month.
bigjailerman replied 9 hours ago with:
I just got back from my Servibanca and my receipt says the Cuota Cajero is $6,500 charge on the full 780.000 withdrawal.. The Davivienda ATM also seperatel quoted a 6.500 atm fee just fyi
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Beautiful flat, with balcony on 14 floor, next to La 10
bigjailerman replied to the thread Blackberry on the Colombia forum on July 30, 2014:
CesarM initially posted:
I have a blackberry bold (unlocked). Will I be able to buy a SIM card in Colombia that will work?
bigjailerman replied on July 30, 2014 with:
Haha, I'm sure you can probably guess the job i retired from... :)
CesarM replied on July 30, 2014 with:
Thank you so much....interesting nickname by the way!
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Retired In Colombia - social security on the Colombia forum on July 30, 2014:
OLDGRINGO51 initially posted:
Who, here in Colombia is retired and receiving social security benefits? I waited the six months, acquired the visa, and cedular, and have opened an account with Bancolumbia. The problem is the bank employees seem to be more than a little confused when asked about the routing number, something which is required to have your social security benefits direct deposited. With the number of Americans living here in Colombia Im sure there have been others down this trail before. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
bigjailerman replied on July 30, 2014 with:
Schwab doesn't have offices in Colombia. USA bank with zero atm fees our international costs
spank12 replied on July 30, 2014 with:
Ok,, This thread getting a little confusing. My addition about TD bank was about refunding fees, but after last post, does Charles Swab have a office in Colombia? If not , we are back to getting your money from a ATM or dealing with an account with a Colombian Bank.
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Moving to Colombia? by John Douglas
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Moving to Colombia? John Douglas provides a wealth of information on housing, security, cost-of-living and more. (Continue)
NYPD8905 replied most recently with:
This information is at least 5 years old. Get someone that can bring us up to the present. I have lived in 5 Laitn Ameican countries in the last 3-4 years. and I have never heard of stoires like your stating . As I stated something is missing here.. With all these credientials at least come back to the present . The prices cannot be correct if your talking about at least 5 years ago. I am not buying this bullshit story.
A reader replied recently with:
Pretty dry, factual writing and information. Based upon his description of life in Bogota it appears less than perfect. As I am considering an assignment outside any major city in Columbia it is apparent that security is less than desired anywhere in the country. thanks, you've made my decision for me. No thanks!
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ColombiaGringo replied to the thread NEW AUTO USED AUTO COLOMBIA on the Colombia forum on July 29, 2014:
edl5302 initially posted:
Can someone please give me an answer to the following question or information as to where I might find a definitive answer. Through my research on bring a vehicle to Colombia from the US information says it must be an new vehicle 0 miles is this true? Can a used vehicle say 2012 model be shipped am moving to Colombia soon as we have purchased a house near Baranquilla. Facts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
ColombiaGringo replied on July 29, 2014 with:
no used cars. classics can be approved but its not easy. i just checked on a refurbished 2014 car with less than 100 miles and it was denied.
bigjailerman replied on July 29, 2014 with:
This is my driving document
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briloop replied to the thread Aeropost mail delivery time on the Colombia forum on July 29, 2014:
briloop initially posted:
I'm expecting mail (not a package) from the U.S. to be delivered by Aeropost. It's been three weeks since the sender sent it to me, and I still don't have it. Is this length of time normal for Aeropost to deliver mail?
briloop replied on July 29, 2014 with:
Thank you for your response. However, my question has to do with mail, not a package. Also, I've been told that Aeropost does not have an office in Medellin.
ColombiaGringo replied on July 29, 2014 with:
when i use them i have an online account. first the package arrives at my mail box in colombia where they notify me if there is no bill. if there is no bill in the outside of the package then i load one up. then they ship the package. if a bill with prices isnt lncluded then they package does not get sent to colombia. in colombia the package clears customs then i pay on line for it and it is delivered. if your not paying online then it goes to your local aeropostal office.
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ElinglesLoco replied to the thread Fee Only Investment Advise on the Colombia forum on July 29, 2014:
CesarM initially posted:
Does anyone know if the concept of registered investment advisers or planners exists in Colombia? There seems to be plenty of broker dealers but I cannot find RIA's.
ElinglesLoco replied on July 29, 2014 with:
Totally agree Soystar. Investment advisers are just leeches that suck the life-blood out of your hard earned life savings. I remember only too well, when the credit crunch/ housing market collapse/ bank failures, etc, brought down the economies of many countries throughout the world. I saw many of my friends, both personal friends, and those in the investment world, lose over half of their life savings, which were entrusted to "financial advisers". Yet they continued to take their 2% commission on the vastly reduced capital of those they were supposed to be looking after. Then I looked back even further. Some of my friends were finding the value of their funds were decimated over the years, and one friend in particular had a pot of over £400,000 about 12 or 15 years ago. That pot is now worth under £20,000. Yet the "financial advisers" cannot be held accountable. The guy has lost everything he worked for, over a lifetime of hard work. His story is not unique. Many people have had similar experiences. My advice, (and I do not charge commission for it), is to educate yourself, and that doesn't mean buying books from some "get rich quick" merchant, but investigate which investments have done well over a long period, which hold out prospects of growth, and which have a good record on paying good dividends. Then when you have found a nice spread of many different kinds of investment, go ahead, and put your money there. Keep a little aside for speculative punts, they are fun, but can be erratic - win a lot, or lose a lot, but enjoy playing the game IN A SMALL WAY. Nine times out of ten, you will make more than the "experts" will make for you, except the experts will ALWAYS make a lot of money out of you .... YOUR MONEY. In 40 years of investing myself, I have survived. Yes, I have lost on a few investments, and made a hell of a lot on others. I bought my first house at the age of 26, paid for in cash, from the proceeds of a successful share investment. Good luck, but never invest more than you can afford to lose.
soystar1 replied on July 29, 2014 with:
I personally still use TD Ameritrade. The advice that you will receive here I shutter to even think about it. I also trust that you know your way around the investments. If not, I recommend that you read Peter Lynch's book on his strategies. I have been investing for over a decade. Yes, I said investing and not trading for the long term with clear objectives in mind other than to be filthy rich. Just kidding. Good luck and remember sometimes those people who call themselves investment advisors have no clue on what will hit big or fail miserably. This is why I advise any new person in investment arenas to educate themselves before you meet with a shark. I fired mine when my portfolio was bigger than his. Good luck!
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