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thelocogringo replied to the thread Paper Check on the Colombia forum on October 19, 2014:
bigjailerman initially posted:
Does anyone know if there is any way to cash a US Treasury check in Colombia without a bank account here? Ive been holding off on opening one here but I just had a check I received in the mail and looking at options.. Thanks Dave
thelocogringo replied on October 19, 2014 with:
If the weather is nice, I will take a ride up to Monteria Tuesday Morning if that works better for you? Early is best for me. I assume you live in recreo, close to Buena Vista? How about McDonalds in the morning. Martin
bigjailerman replied on October 19, 2014 with:
Damn Wed and Thursday I'll be in Bogota... Doing that visa thing again, this time from a congressmans letter and relevant details...for whatever reason that might help. If your around late Thursday or Friday I'd be happy to meet you! Sheet that i head off to ny to see my family and be back in Bogota around first week of November Dave
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread Puerto Rican/American from NJ/NY Expatriating to Colombia in 2020 on the Colombia forum on October 18, 2014:
JLMelendez58 initially posted:
I've been traveling to Colombia, by myself, since 1999. I experienced my first and only earthquake there (Armenia) in January 1999. I've traveled a lot throughout Colombia, these past 16 years, and love the country as a whole. But I fell in love with El Norte Valle and the people in that region (Obando Valle del Cauca). I love it/them so much that I purchased a vacation/retirement home in Obando Valle back in 2003 (11 years now, along with a house-sitter). 20 minutes from Cartago (medium sized town) and 45 minutes from Pereira (metroplolitan). If you know how to treat people with respect and dignity (leave your arrogance back at home, don't bring it to Colombia), you will go a long way with the Colombian people. Also, learn to "respect their culture and habits". I plan to retire there in 2020 (can't wait)!!! I go every year for a month (sometimes April to celebrate my birthday or June). In the meantime, anybody who would like to visit there during the month of June 2015 and wants to experience Colombia with a (Bi-Lingual) Puerto Rican/American who is loved and treated well by the people of Obando Valle and Colombia, are welcome to do so. Mi casa es Su casa!!!
HugoMaracuya replied on October 18, 2014 with:
I did Walter. :) We finally made contact, but I don't know what's wrong with my e-mail, or even the PMs on here. But as they say, this is Colombia. :)
Waltercito replied on October 18, 2014 with:
You go, jfredo!! And Hugo, you better send her a response...
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bigjailerman replied to the thread single mother epidemic on the Colombia forum on October 18, 2014:
soystar1 initially posted:
Can someone please stop this madness in Colombia . The more I speak with women the more I realize that these men here are so filandours and irresponsible to make baby's without fathers!!! Enough is enough!
bigjailerman replied on October 18, 2014 with:
It's all peachy until it catches up with the economy and tops the scales to far, starting with health care and educational system among feeding the bigger and bigger families... I'm happy with the horny girls though haha
thelocogringo replied on October 18, 2014 with:
What a great subject. Why are there so many single mothers, women getting pregnant that have no way of supporting a family and men that do not feel any responsibility for getting so many women pregnant. Why is that even a problem and why should us as guest in thier country even care? Last week I was in the notary for some papers. While waiting for the laywer, there was a young couple getting married. We were all waiting in the waiting area so I struck up a conversation. She was 14 and he was 24. They were cousins, first I think and had been living together all thier lives. She had a note from her mother giving permission for the wedding. Everybody was so happy, what a wonderfull thing, true love and living happly ever after. The notary did her thing and earned her 30 mill pesos. I smiled, gave her a wink and she smiled back. The fact is that Colombians love to flirt and bang. Bang their husband, bang thier neighbor, bang their boss, bang thier cousins, bang their uncle, bang for lust, bang for love, bang for money, bang to get even and best of all, bang the foreigner because they are exotic and different and interesting. With all this banging going on, there will be lots of little ones running around. Seems just fine too me.
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bigjailerman replied to the thread Netflix on the Colombia forum:
scotland222 initially posted:
Can any one tell me if I can get Netflix in colombia or something the same thanks in advance
bigjailerman replied on October 18, 2014 with:
Thanks for flashrouters.. I just ordered a router pre installed with the firmware and even a roku they had available. I am in the process of "trying" to upgrade my internet service because recently it is horribly slow. Also thanks for the sports links they have better ones than the links I use now, especially with NHL Hockey. VIP has been working the best for me and thanks for that Soystar
soystar1 replied on October 08, 2014 with:
Thanks for letting me know about the router and software. I have Hotspot and can watch netflix on my ipad but not on my smart tv. That is until I get this new router. Not to be redundant here is the link for free sports on your laptop or via mira cast on your t.v. set. or.... hdmi cable
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enretiro replied to the thread Moving Advice on the Colombia forum on October 18, 2014:
Srchivo initially posted:
My wife and i are colombians and live in the states for many years. We are moving back to Colombia early spring 2015, God willing. Could anyone recommend the most economical way to send our boxes to Armenia from Lakeland, Florida? Please note that that we sold our furniture so we don't have big items. Thank You.
enretiro replied on October 18, 2014 with:
If you are in the East Coast, try this company: Gloria IntlMOVE Tel: 305-944-0400 x 301 Toll Free: 800-583-0010 x 301 Fax: 305-944-0959 If you are in the West Coast try: Expresito Carga given by someone call Leona. Good luck and enjoy the coffee region. Take one day at a time. I will be returning to Colombia in 2015 and seeking information as well. .
Diego12 replied on October 13, 2014 with:
Hey Loco - I enjoy your posts. Look, from my experience it is both. Now I am a jesus man, so I believe in God - but I don't believe God controls all. I believe we are here in this plane to use our free will. Its a perfection mechanism is my core belief. BTW I don't believe in churchianity... Be that as it may, I find locals that say "if God is willing" out of sincere belief. Others use it as a saying. Not religiously but culturally. Some use it as a silly excuse, in a sacrilegious way. Here they say farewell by using " a dios" - to mean "to God" as well as "adios" meaning good bye. You can tell by the inflection which is which (after awhile that is). That my two cents worth.
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread GRINGO RANT (Buses) on the Colombia forum on October 16, 2014:
spank12 initially posted:
Well,, Gringo has been officially broken. We took a Coonmotor bus from Neiva to Armenia and back. I know I am not in Kansas anymore lol. What an adventure. Lets just say I WILL Never get on another bus for anything more than 30 mins. These are very brave and crazy folks down here, I can hardly wait to hear from folks, that had beautiful trips.
HugoMaracuya replied on October 16, 2014 with:
Hey Spank. Mild things indeed. I am still sore from yesterday, using an SITP blue bus, in Bogota. They drive like maniacs, trying to keep to their impossible allocated time for the journey, so they get their bonus. Half way through the turnstile, the driver slammed his foot down, and I went hurtling to the back. Only 2 seconds later, he slammed on the brakes for a red light, (He could have seen it before he accelerated), and I then went hurtling to the front again, where my arm struck something and started gushing blood. (Yep, I'm serious), and the driver didn't give a damn, not even to offer me a band aid. But thats pretty mild. I see mad motocyclists taking risks, and that's their risk. But an ordinary cyclist is target practice, and every bus I ride in, seems to try and kill the cyclist, or thinks the cyclist has no right to be on the road. As a cyclist myself, I sympathise with the poor bikers, and wonder how there aren't more of them killed each day. My own troubles seem rather small in comparison. So I just ignore the pain in my arm. :) But yeah, thats the "flavor" of Locombia. :)
saiid20 replied on October 16, 2014 with:
Have taken both Copetran and Berliner (now out of business?) to Bogota from Bucaramanga. All positive. Extremely comfortable, quiet, meal stops were great. My last experience in the US was quite awhile ago but all I remember is Greyhound's uncomfortable seats from NYC to Boston. The termimals de transport here are modern, mostly clean, and easily understood, even by a gringo. A word about schedules and times. I was smiled at when asked about our arrival. Answer was " between 6 and 8 hours" The weather and trancons here really hurt anyone wanting to be punctual. Not to mention driving through clouds up and down mountains.
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Waltercito replied to the thread Looking for a screen printing and embroidery company on the Colombia forum on October 15, 2014:
rasta initially posted:
i am looking for a family owned/ operated screen printing and embroidery company. I have been ordering custom shirt and hat from China. I figure out trying south of me do to the distance to china.
Waltercito replied on October 15, 2014 with:
You won't find anything in Colombia that can compare. Besides, they're sizes are all smaller the USA sizes. Try Creative Shirts in Ft. Lauderdale Best quality shirts, hats, jackets etc., and absolutely best quality embroidery or screen printing. Tell them "the guy from DCF" referred you.
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berry1974 posted work on the Colombia forum on October 14, 2014:
Hi I am lookingfor work in Cartagena. I speek Duch, Belgium, English 100% Spanish 40/50 % German 50% I have a logistic and building background. Thanks
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Dita replied to the thread How Finding a Teaching Job in 1 Month? on the Colombia forum on October 13, 2014:
ncola initially posted:
Hi, I will be moving to Medellin from the US sometime in December and would like to find a job teaching English. I am TESOL certified. Any suggestions? I have done plenty of research, but looking for accuracy from people currently live there. Also, I would like to get involved in the community and meet new people. Any leads would be great!
Dita replied on October 13, 2014 with:
I've worked with expats that used search associates to get jobs here...especially the well know bilingual IB schools..check out their in Colombia and planning on attending the Feb job fair in Bogota...but those are for calendar b looking for calendar a schools in the meanwhile...which are usually starting to look this and next month for candidates to start in January...and of course the local Colombian would also suggest if u have a family member that lives in Medellin to pick up El Tiempo Sunday edition paper and look for you...schools have already started posting for next year...
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quiskies replied to the thread Spanish. Lessons. Cali on the Colombia forum:
starship initially posted:
Seeking Spanish teacher in Cali for beginner. Thanks
quiskies replied on October 12, 2014 with:
Hi Mike, I did email you for more info. Please check your PMs - John
TheLondonCafe replied on October 03, 2014 with:
Hi there my name is Mike l have a very good teacher that has been helping me since l arrived . His name is Gonzalo. Should you need more info please email me Mike
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