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soystar1 replied to the thread Medical Services .. Medellin on the Colombia forum on November 24, 2014:
dandrie initially posted:
Hello, I am in need of a top quality medical clinic... hopefully english speaking physician? Any recommendations? thanks
soystar1 replied 21 minutes ago with:
Please let the forum know how it went including costs involved. Thanks for sharing.
dandrie replied 1 hour ago with:
Success! I found a great physician in Clinica LAS VEGAS. Dr Mauricio Alvarado Vasquez.
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soystar1 replied to the thread Tailors in Medellin on the Colombia forum:
ntrain initially posted:
Hey everyone I'm going to be in Medellin in a couple days to study Spanish for a few weeks and am hoping to get a few suits/shirts and shoes made. Does anyone have a tailor or shoe maker they can recommend? Also if anyone is free to meet up and explore hit me up I'd love to hear about the city from an expat's perspective as I'm hoping to expatriate myself.
soystar1 replied 22 minutes ago with:
just curious, if you're Colombian why do you troll expat forums? This is an open forum. Sorry, but controlling speech here no matter how coarse you think it is is subject to debate. Just delete and do not engage in higher than thou perceptions.
dandrie replied 50 minutes ago with:
Im not sure what class of tailor you are seeking...but i have found that the prices here arent much different than in the US or Canada. if there is a deal to be had... id love to find it! I am living in Medellin.
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unclejack replied to the thread Medical Insurance on the Colombia forum on November 24, 2014:
sparry829 initially posted:
My wife, who is Colombian, and I are considering moving to Medellin when I retire at 65. However Suramerica have a policy of not insuring anyone over the age of 59 which means paying 6 years of unnecessary insurance. Is medical insurance a requirement for emigration to Colombia and, if so, are there other insurers out there who will commence insurance on our arrival in the country
unclejack replied 7 hours ago with:
Jak listen to Loco , as his name implies he is one of a Loco ,been around and knows the ins and outs of dealing with locolombia. by the way Loco when are you coming to Medellin ? I am still waiting for you with a beer in my hand. we can Start a prepaga business! No not that , I mean medicina lol.
thelocogringo replied on November 23, 2014 with:
Sorry Jak, Once agian an un informed poster, who either dose not speak Spanish so he was confused or used a uninformed Colombian ( girlfriend, wife, hooker)as an intermediate. Jak, if you pay my expenses, I will come to, anywhere in Colombia and help you get a nice HMO plan with a first rate company for less that the cost of 1 night with your friend/helper/insurrance agent. No worries mate.....
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mlranck replied to the thread TURKEY in Medellin?! on the Colombia forum on November 21, 2014:
dandrie initially posted:
Greetings, I am trying to track down a reliable source for a high quality bird for Christmas... anyone with a recommendation? thanks!
mlranck replied on November 21, 2014 with:
Before Pricesmart in Barranquilla I had to settle for Exito turkey but it was just as good but there weren't many to be had so I would check it out sooner rather than later.
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gregfarrell replied to the thread Rent now, retire later? Where in Colombia? on the Colombia forum:
JustGarlic initially posted:
After almost 3 years of talking about vacationing in Colombia, with the idea of possibly looking to retire there in about 7 years, we have no idea where to look. I was thinking El Rodadero, possibly for a spot to visit in 2015. Right now, we have teens and we won't move until they graduate college, but would love to find a place to buy where we can all vacation, but also become a place we would live in when we retire. Close to the beach is a big plus, but we don't have to be right on the beach... HOWEVER the closest beach needs to be beautiful. That said, El Rodadero, I hear, does not have a spectacular beach. A short walk to the beach is fine. Safety is a huge concern. Healthcare is important. Being able to rent it out several times a year would be a bonus, but we wouldn't want it to be rented out all the time. My wife loves to walk / shop local places... not big name stores. She loves a boutique style. I am more into having a small place to garden. Internet is CRITICAL as I do business through the internet. Our budget will be 275 - 325K. We can do more, but that is our preferred price range. Would love 3 BR 2.5 bath.... 1500 - 2000 SF.... we are currently in a 4500 SF home. We have started taking Spanish lessons thinking even if all we do is vacation, and not buy, it will still be a good thing. So, with that said, what part of the country would you recommend? If we had to, we could go $400K on a place, but really would rather not. Thanks!
gregfarrell replied on November 21, 2014 with:
I agree with Diego12. International living makes their money off of hyped-up info. Before buying our farm outside of Medellin, we visited and looked at several Central and South American properties in: Argentina - around Buenos Aires, Corrientes, and Tigre Chile - around the cost of Del Mar, and Santiago Uruguay - Punta del Este, Montevideo Ecuador - Cuenca, and Manta Venezuela - before Hugo Panama - Panama City Costa Rica - around the Jaco area Dominican Republic - Punta Cana, north side of island We purchased undeveloped properties in Argentina, but have sat on them for over five years now as the government is anything but stable. Chile is nice, but so far away from other places to which we like to travel, i.e., European countries. Uruguay is nice near the beach, but away from the beach is like living in a run down Mexican township. I prefer a country to being developed throughout, not just near the beach. Ecuador's Cuenca is beautiful if you like living high in the Andes - over 8000 ft. We almost bought a condo in Manta, just before the realtor added an appreciation fee...we backed out. We put money down on a 51st floor penthouse condo in Panama City before the developer came back to say that they had to redo the structure and were only allowed to build 31 floors, to which our new condo was located on the 16th floor. We backed out out. Costa Rica hasn't really changed since the 70s. For the prices many property owners were asking, I can only assume they had smoked too much of something. Colombia, after Venezuela, was not on our radar, but after looking at farm properties outside of Medellin towards the international airport, thought that it had the most potential for us. The streets are paved throughout, I pay only 35 US dollars a month for a health care policy that is second to none in most of Latin America. Argentina had great German hospitals, but the cost was also higher. One thing that I like about Colombia is that it has a standard of living that is better than what we've seen in most of Central and South America. We live on a farm close to El Retiro which has an outside soccer stadium, covered basketball courts, outside gym (free), outdoor free music concerts during the 25 through 31 of December, hospital, clinics...on and on. Before buying our property here, we rented a place in Medellin for a month and scouted the area. We've been here two years, and I think we'll probably live here for another 10. As everyone is different, I would suggest you take the time to visit some of below recommendations. And just as a note, we have left our doors open all night long for the past two years, and have never had a problem with theft.
Diego12 replied on November 13, 2014 with:
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MikeB127 replied to the thread British poeple on the Colombia forum on November 21, 2014:
scotland222 initially posted:
Looking to meet british poeple living in cali.
MikeB127 replied on November 21, 2014 with:
Hi there are many of us here in Cali, a fair few in the North of the city and many more in the South. We have a thriving euro style cafe in Santa Monica and many Euros and commonwealth members and of course many Colombians visit us too. You can reach us via The London Cafe, full address can be provided via PM. Mike y Cristina
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jbcorrelje posted World cyclist coming through Colombia needs assistance on the Colombia forum on November 20, 2014:
Please allow me to introduce myself: Jan Correlate, cycling around the world since April of 2009. To date 70.000km and 30 countries. At the beginning of December I will be arriving from Panama, probably in Cartagena, and I am looking for a safe place to store my bicycle and camping gear for a few weeks. I hope someone out there can help me, I would greatly appreciate it! I look forward to hearing from you on Many thanks in advance, Jan
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briloop posted Mover recommendation on the Colombia forum on November 20, 2014:
We are moving from Medellin to the U.S. Could someone recommend a mover? Thanks
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HugoMaracuya replied to the thread Moving sale/books -- Bogota on the Colombia forum on November 19, 2014:
bogota101 initially posted:
Hello all Heading back to the States so selling a few odds and ends: Fridge. Centrales Frost free 300.000 Tent/Coleman Hooligan 75.000 Beach shelter 40.000 Dewalt cordless drill 450.000 Whirlpool Duet Washer 900.000 Bosh Sander 75.000 English teaching books Complete interchange series Market Leader TOEIC 100.000 for all Books Hardback (HB) 25.000, paper 15.000 The things they carried Playback Devil in the white city Death in the afternoon Hunger Games Last Stand NF-nonfiction Killer of little shepherds NF HB Tenth Man HB Thirtymile fire NF HB Executioner's song NF HB Border Trilogy HB Four noves by Phillip K Dick HB Desperate Journeys NF Into Africa NF Killing Pable NF Reflections in a golden Eye Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald Long Goodbye Big Sleep Shooting Party Child of God Lost City of Z NF No country for old men Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol1 and 2 Now wait for last year Heart of the matter Little Sister Brave Cowboy Fire on the mountain NF Midnight Rising NF on CD Lonely planet guides: Brazil Cuba Bolivia Venezuela South America Bogota and North Colombia Drop me a line if interested
HugoMaracuya replied on November 19, 2014 with:
Ok, thanks. I have sent you a PM. Let me know if it doesn't arrive, as I have had real problems with PMs. They never seem to arrive, and rarely inform you when one is waiting.
bogota101 replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Hello It is by Gann but tells the story of Fawcett and all those who died trying to find out what happened to him. Pretty good read. Take care
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dandrie replied to the thread Sabaneta hotel on the Colombia forum on November 17, 2014:
Andresen initially posted:
Can anyone recommend a hotel in Sabaneta?
dandrie replied on November 17, 2014 with:
I live in sabaneta.... but i cant think of ANY. I think Itagui or Envigado might have more? sorry!
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