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GBP replied to the thread So you’re planning on buying into Costa Rican paradise: 7 things to consider on the Costa Rica forum on April 20, 2015:
ILuvCR initially posted:
Excellent article, check it out! "There is a certain intoxication to spending hours canvassing tropical listings while the snow piles up during long winter nights in Calgary. And SoCal aspirants to the pura vida life have long had it with the commutes and traffic. The politically conservative Gringos who start a business here will soon long for the lower taxes of their former home, and those who make the leap without the necessary financial bona fides run the risk of finding themselves over their heads in a country that is not at all cheap. You want to figure a few of these things out in advance of making firm plans." Pura Vida!
GBP replied 1 hour ago with:
A case for OIJ!
TICR replied 2 hours ago with:
Just wondering is anyone did their homework to find out if the apparent author of the spectacular article, Mr. Paul Collar, has permanent residency in Costa Rica that allows him to work legally as a real estate agent. I sent him an email but so far there has been no reply. I guess that I have to call him at 8704-0027 to find out.
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shermanwc posted Credit Card and Luggage Tips - back to the USA on the Costa Rica forum on April 20, 2015:
Tip #1: Make sure you notify your credit card company when traveling back to the USA. I always did that when traveling out of the country from the USA, but I did not think it as an issue when flying back to the USA. Here is my story: I just got back from a trip to Kansas City from CR. I went to a convention but went a day early so that I could shop for items needed in CR. After making purchases at a few different stores, on two different Visa credit cards I had the companies started denying charges. I called each and explained that I lived in CR but was visiting KC for a week, and I was doing some shopping, and they said "ok". On my 4th or 5th purchase, one card company called me and said that my credit card was being put on fraud alert and had been cancelled - they were sending me a new card! I could not undo that. For the second credit card, they put my card on suspense until they could talk to my wife who was the primary cardholder - and she was in Costa Rica. My cell phone battery was about dead, so I said that she would call them later. I paid cash at stores after that and then went to check into my hotel. Neither of my credit cards were valid, so they refused to give me a key without a valid credit card! They were going to put me out on the street! My wife had another card with a different number that was still valid, so I called her and she gave them her credit card number to get me into my room. Then she called the second company to get the card re-activated so I would have a usable card the rest of the week. Tip #2: If your flight has two flight segments and you stay somewhere overnight, the airlines "might" charge you a second baggage fee when checking in for the ongoing flight. My story: I flew to Houston and stayed overnight, then took a morning flight to KC. I paid a baggage fee when leaving CR, but they charged me another baggage fee when flying out of Houston. They said it was considered to be a layover since there was a later flight to KC the night before that I could have taken. I wanted to break up my trip and stop early for the night, but I ended up having to pay extra for that.
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GBP replied to the thread Weather on the Costa Rica forum on April 20, 2015:
kmac22 initially posted:
Hi. New poster to this blog. My wife and I are considering living in CR. Probably on the West Coast. Reading about a lot of rain from April -> Dec. I can live with showers, but if it s a steady rain to downpour frequently for that many months it is not appealing. What about humidity?
GBP replied 4 hours ago with:
I guess we all see what we want to see. I am sure you spent years going to your work for free--if not, then I guess I am not sure why you always have a problem when I promote the Caribbean side and our project. Don't you think people are intelligent enough to decide for themselves? How else can they do that if guys like me don't inform? I live there and put a decade of life and a big investment for folks who are interested in moving to Costa Rica--which by the way this forum is about if I am not mistaken. And just what have you done to provide housing and living accommodations for all these folks you advise? Are they to move into your living room? I guess they actually need a place to live. You are living somewhere right? And did the guy who built your house give it to you or let you live in it for free? What a dirty scoundrel for him to actually charge you for living there! God is he making a living! I am sure if you would have taken a risk and years of work and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building 10 miles of road and electric you would then give it away for free.To the subject-- I like many areas but I was shocked at the heat near Nosara! My car felt like a blast furnace when I opened the door and it was dry as a bone and brown and dusty. So--if that is appealing go for it but if you like the project we have built with beautiful weather and wildlife come on over for a visit. Well that is just in case you cant find a place to live for free! LOL Gill Phelan
ILuvCR replied 4 hours ago with:
Ahh! GBP see $$ signs! All of Costa Rica has great weather. I tell my friends 6 months of perfect weather and 6 months of nice weather with a probability of afternoon rain. Never cold rain, it's lovely! Pura Vida!
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Kohl replied to the thread Cleaning Person/Maid on the Costa Rica forum on April 20, 2015:
abolaidu initially posted:
Greetings - we need a recommendation for a trustworthy maid/cleaning person who can clean, cook and stay in our home from time to time when we are out of town. Please let us know if you have any websites or leads on recommendations.
Kohl replied 8 hours ago with:
Don't forget that there are CAJA and INS fees that must be adhered to when hiring staff. You cannot just pay CAJA, based on 4 hours of labor per day, but must pay based on the full 48 hours per week. It is best to check the requirements out with a representative of the Labor board in your local town...prior to hiring anyone.
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ILuvCR replied to the thread Bringing a dog into Costa Rica on the Costa Rica forum:
sporto505 initially posted:
I need to return to USA and get my dog and bring her here to San Jose area. I need advise from expats who have actually gone thru the process of bringing a dog into Costa Rica. Via American Airlines if that matters. thank you!!!
ILuvCR replied 12 hours ago with:
It's been a few years for me but I remember that Delta will not fly animals as baggage in the summer months (U.S.) because of the heat.
Kohl replied 13 hours ago with:
Note that Delta at LIR airport does not allow dogs to travel as 'baggage' due to the temps. Check with other airlines but there is no broker there, so the pet must be on the same flight and not flying 'cargo'.
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GBP replied to the thread Cost of health insurance ? on the Costa Rica forum on April 20, 2015:
Treker5 initially posted:
I am confused, I thought health insurance, health care was inexpensive in Costa Rica (CR), but today I found that the health insurance costs 7-12% of one's income. wtf? So if I earn $100,000 in retirement income and I move to CR, it would cost me $10,000 a year for health insurance? That seems to be as expensive (or more!) as I am paying now in the USA ($6,000 a year health insurance plus $3000 deductible if I e.g. break a leg etc). Can someone clarify if this is true?
GBP replied 14 hours ago with:
I agree with your assessment for sure about the decline in US care. When I compare to the help I get in CR I am much more satisfied here. No, no health system is perfect but anyone dumb enough to believe the Obama lies is in for an even ruder awakening if the courts dont put a stop to it. My favorite spin is to hear it said how great the US is and how many more people are insured--yeah --the people who don't have to pay signed up!!
Kohl replied 14 hours ago with:
Realize that conditions vary greatly around the country. And no matter what, you are not covered by CAJA until you are a legal resident.
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Kohl replied to the thread Quality of CR Public Health Care on the Costa Rica forum on April 20, 2015:
shermanwc initially posted:
Here is a typical article extolling the high quality and low cost of healthcare in Costa Rica: Certainly some of what it says is true – but what does it not tell you? First, it should be noted that the article says that CR provides “free medical services to all its citizens”. That is not true - citizens and legal residents must pay into a Social Security system with costs based on a percentage of income; medical services are then provided at “no additional cost”. And the cost for legal residents can be higher than many might expect – as much as $442 per month for the government provided healthcare. Many Expats opt to buy additional private health insurance or opt to self-pay for private healthcare, which can add significantly more cost. It may still result in a reasonable overall cost compared to many other countries, but many people coming to CR are surprised to find it a bit more expensive than they had expected. The article says that hospitals and clinics are constantly upgraded – perhaps, but the public hospitals still need a lot of upgrading to come up to “first world” healthcare standards. Often the public hospitals simply do not have the capacity to meet all of the healthcare needs of its residents and citizens. On the other hand, the private hospitals do provide the kind of high quality healthcare that many Expats expect. Often routine healthcare provided by the government medical services system is sufficient and reasonable cost. But for non-routine health issues, the government healthcare system seems to fall apart. I have gathered several stories related to public hospital care that I have seen on Expat discussion groups or in news articles which clearly show severe problems with the healthcare provided in each example: A Tico with a broken arm was told that he would have to wait 12 days to have the arm set. A Tico with a crushed ankle was told he had to wait 3 weeks to have surgery. An Expat with a broken wrist had to wait 22 days for surgery. An Expat with a broken tendon in their thumb had to waiting 14 days for surgery. An Expat with a crushed arm spent two days in a public hospital with no direct care and then was told it might take 2 weeks - she left and went to a private hospital. A tourist had severe damage to their hand due to an accident and went to a public hospital. The hospital gave her no pain medication or antibiotics while she was there. The windows in the hospital room had visible mold. She ended up transferring to a private hospital to ensure the proper care needed to save her hand. An expat called for an ambulance at midnight – he was told that it would be several hours before one could be sent due to other emergencies. An 85-year old man diagnosed with prostrate cancer was told he is too old for treatment under public healthcare. A cardiologist at a public hospital recently (April 2015) said that 141 patients have died in the past 18 months while on the waiting list for treatment. And finally, there was a news article that said that a pregnant woman wanting to schedule an ultrasound was given an appointment 9 months later! Conclusion: If you want to be assured of receiving quality healthcare in CR, plan to use private care facilities in addition to the public healthcare system!
Kohl replied 15 hours ago with:
Well detailed.
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Kohl replied to the thread Snakes, Spiders, Bug ? on the Costa Rica forum on April 19, 2015:
Treker5 initially posted:
Surely asked before, sorry for asking again, but I am just wondering how much of a concern or fear this is for expats in CR? How real is the threat, especially venomous creepy crawlies or slithering snakes? It is the elephant in the room for me, having lived most of my life in Minnesota USA where the issue is almost zero. In CR, can you go hiking, mountain biking in forests without worries of this? Is is less of an issue high up in the mountains? (I have a friend pointing me to Osa Mountain Village in CR, up in the mountains, maybe snakes/spiders are not much of an issue at high elevations?)
Kohl replied on April 19, 2015 with:
Folks don't usually trek in 'towns' but our dogs were not bitten in the jungle...just in our immediate surroundings. We have found snakes in boxes that we have stored, curled up on the rafters in the house, on top our security bars, just as we have found scorpions in our bed more than once and in more than one location where we lived. Oh ... and don't forget the Asp caterpillar, whose sting can cause you to rush to the local hospital. Nature is out there and high walls and security bars will not keep it out so don't presume it isn't there just because you can't see it...
ILuvCR replied on April 19, 2015 with:
Exactly, cattle, horses, farm workers, rural inhabitants are exposed and therefore at risk. I know that snakes are everywhere but I hike, walk on trails in parks. no shortage of these. I don't blaze a trail through the jungle. I don't trek in the remote part of Costa Rica like oh let's say Corcovado Nat'l Park. Partly because of the risk of injury, snake bite, etc... and also because if you should have a heart attack, stroke or the like the likely hood of survival is remote. Get it , remote! It's a play on words.
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Kohl replied to the thread Rent or Buy??? on the Costa Rica forum on April 19, 2015:
SenorWoods initially posted:
I am thinking about moving to San Jose...Should I rent or Buy???
Kohl replied on April 19, 2015 with:
ILuvCR is right...check it out prior to making this major decision.
ILuvCR replied on April 19, 2015 with:
Amigo, have you visited Costa Rica? Before made the decision to move here, lock stock & barrel I visited 6 time for a total of over 3 months. I then rented a condo in a gated community for 2 months and a house for nearly two years before stumble on to and fell in love with the home that I bought. ILuvCR but it's just NOT for everyone! Pura Vida!
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jetsetc5 replied to the thread Visiting CR to assess Moving Here on the Costa Rica forum on April 19, 2015:
Pzlevy initially posted:
I am returning to CR for second time during Memorial Day wknd for 5 days to get info re moving here. would like to live in Escuazu. How can I find both a realtor as well as a relocation specialist to talk with during this time? Also would like to meet up with some EX Pats to talk with re moving here. I am originally from NY and have been living in Hawaii for over 35 years. mahalo and Aloha, Phyllis
jetsetc5 replied on April 19, 2015 with:
Don't forget the rape and video on the beach in broad daylight with hundreds of people watching. Drugged the girl and 3 football players from Troy State raped her. They just arrested the third guy. Sheriff said it was the "most disgusting thing he had ever seen and he has see a lot". My daughter who works at the beach told me about it. She is scared and so is most of the Panhandle of Florida. I'm trying to get here out of there! Things are out of control. Much safer here.
Kohl replied on April 19, 2015 with:
Yes, I understand that there are many more violent cities out there, but I was just showing that there may be substance to the other post. Because we never heard about it, doesn't mean it didn't occur...
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