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lawoman posted XMAS Festivities on the Costa Rica forum on December 20, 2014:
My neighbor and myself are looking to meet with other expats for XMAS or XMAS eve drinks, dinner, coffee, conversation, planned events or meetups. If anyone has suggestions, we'd love to hear and participate in any festivities
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Dave2CR replied to the thread Check it out! on the Costa Rica forum on December 20, 2014:
ILuvCR initially posted:
"save the American's, save the Canadian's! " "We're so worried, you seem so hurried," go to: for a big smile! Pura Vida!
Dave2CR replied on December 20, 2014 with:
I'm retired in Dubai (temporarily), dead sick of Canadian winters, and missing life at our Costa Rican condo like crazy. You made me both smile and want to cry because I am not there. Good one!
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Kohl replied to the thread Any Canadian expats retirees here? on the Costa Rica forum on December 19, 2014:
caria initially posted:
I would like to know how you receive your Canadian Pensions. We plan to move to Costa Rica in a few months. We just got back from there 2 days ago! We bought a small condo and are are already in touch with an immigration expert lawyer. My husband is still working (3 more months) but because he is already 65 years old and is getting his pension as well. The Canadian Government makes a direct deposit in our bank account. We would like to keep tings the way they are and give our daughter the power of attorney to transfer money to us every 4 months or so. I read that we can't be an expat and keep our bank accounts here in Canada. We would be concerned about getting the pensions by mail (cheque) since it's not reliable! I was planning to visit a Government's office and get some information but they will ask us for our ID.I was told not to tell them about our plans until after we sell or house here. We also have RRSP's. I would appreciate your comments!-Thanks.
Kohl replied on December 19, 2014 with:
I explained in an earlier post: You must request a RECENT dated copy of the pension from Services Canada (CPP) and (after receiving it), then you can make an appointment with the Consulate section, to have this copy of the pension, authenticated by a Consular officer. The fee is approx. $40 per document. Note: THIS IS NOT NOTARIZED, BUT AUTHENTICATED. You are not going to need to do this for another, possibly, 3 years!!! You MAY also be asked to do this too, if CAJA wants an authenticated copy of your marriage certificate, as I know of this happening, although right now it seems to be that you may be required to have your own account instead of being a dependent of your husband. Believe me, there will be MANY other things that will test you regarding 'red tape' while living in Costa Rica. I have personally been dealing with Canadian Immigration and Pensions Canada for over a year and have had to hire a lawyer to try and get it sorted out, so things don't run perfectly, there, either. You are possibly referring to Ms. Drukier who we also have known for the past 2 years, since she was appointed Ambassador to Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.
caria replied on December 19, 2014 with:
Hello I don't understand what you mean by involving the Canadian Government. All I need from them is the letter about how much my husband gets monthly for life and then for what I understand another one every 2 years that needs to be taken to the Costa Rica Embassy in Ottawa. If so, how can my husband avoid not to come to Canada for this document? I wish that they (over there in Costa Rica ) would understand that for life means for life! We already quit before from moving to a different country because they were requiring certain things that were illegal, such as: a letter from the Government that had to be notarized and taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Every lawyer and Notary Public I spoke to told me that it would be impossible to notarize a letter from the government since they didn't witness its signature. I became very good friends with the Ambassador of that nation (even sent me coffee) and I mentioned that I could understand why no Canadians were applying for residence before they moved there. Do you all comeback to Canada to renew that document?-If not, what do you do? Thanks again!
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Beachseeker replied to the thread Reason # 287 why, on the Costa Rica forum on December 19, 2014:
ILuvCR initially posted:
Reason # 287 why "ILuvCR", this morning, my home on the mountain just 8k north of SJO Airport, 6:30am; Temp 73, humidity-32%, skies- clear blue, balmy breeze, my old home, Atlanta, GA Temp 36, humidity 83% cloudy La Vida es Buena! Pura Vida!
Beachseeker replied on December 19, 2014 with:
I hope my list becomes that long. I'm moving to the Pacific coast in February.
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asnovotny replied to the thread Bugs and bug bites on the Costa Rica forum:
chopchi initially posted:
After another 3 week visit to Costa Rica I am not sure I can live with all the bites I got inland and on the coast! I know not to wear perfume to attract them but this past visit was ridiculous.During the first visit I got a huge bite-it spread to about 3 inches and the pharmacist said it was a spider bite-that lasted about a week. In Tamarindo it was impossible to sit on the beach without loads of bug spray which is available at every bar/restaurant,just ask to use it.The worst were the sand mites, tiny little bugs that did quite a number up/down on all our legs the first day. Inland I got bites from mosqitoes and some other bug especially around the ankles. Alcohol on these bites helped tremendously. How do you long time residents get used to/cope with these bites?
asnovotny replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Planning to go for 3rd trip next month- hopefully to find a house to rent and take up intermittent residence ... I tried rubbing "Bounce" dryer softener sheets on my legs and arms while there in 2012 and 2013 and it seemed to work well! Just put a handful of the sheets in a plastic ziploc bag and carry in your bag or purse. No bites!
gcrtexas4 replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Let's see - I've bought garlic pills, non-deet lotions "guaranteed" to be obnoxious to mosquitoes and some waterproof skin-so-soft with deet and sunscreen for those hiking and beach outings. Yep, think I'm prepared.
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HarveyWoodard posted Expat discount on the Costa Rica forum on December 18, 2014:
20 % discount for expats living in Costa Rica at our remote eco lodge from May 1st to Nov 15th. swim, snorkel, kayak, hike, birdwatch the Golfo Dulce Contact us at
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Kohl replied to the thread Question re: buying lingerie on the Costa Rica forum on December 18, 2014:
OregonDi initially posted:
Feel funny putting this out there, but rather desperate. I have been in CR a month and won't go back to the states for another two months. I came with a shortage of bras (among other things). In my youth I was considered well-endowed (and now am just matronly). Can't find anything to fit at any store in Real Cariari or Paseo de Las Flores. Any suggestions?
Kohl replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Don't feel bad, the lack of appropriate sizing of 'lingerie' like this has been brought to our attention before... Try Lehman Department store in Alajuela, that has been added to many times so has many 'levels' within the store. I have been advised that you can go to many seamstresses who will make to order.
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Dave2CR replied to the thread Where to live/avoid for asthmatics on the Costa Rica forum on December 16, 2014:
sandyjeans initially posted:
I am planning to move to CR in about a year and am doing homework on where to live. I have serious asthma and am wondering if there are areas recommended to check out OR to avoid.
Dave2CR replied on December 16, 2014 with:
We have our condo in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. I don't have asthma but do have significant pollen allergies in Canada and in Dubai. I've experienced none in Costa Rica, though I will admit to not being well travelled there much beyond Liberia. Having tile floors and granite countertops (common) certainly makes keeping the place clean quite easy. I agree about the humidifier point below if you do not have air conditioning.
cptmojo replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Chopchi, come to think of it you are correct. There are already so many expats in atenas we are running out of the cool clean air. We should just remove all mention so it stays a secret.
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adrig posted Massage/fitness services in Escazu on the Costa Rica forum on December 13, 2014:
Hi, I just moved back to Costa Rica from Miami, where I was working as a massage therapist and personal fitness trainer for the past 6 years. I've been away from the country since graduating from Country Day School in 1996. I am running my business in the Escazu area, massage services out of my home (or outcalls), fitness services from your home or any public area of choice. My website is If you or any one you know is interested, please contact me! Thank you :) ~ Adriana
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blindave13 replied to the thread SSI IN CR? IS IT LEGAL? on the Costa Rica forum on December 12, 2014:
enn1951 initially posted:
Hi! I'm planning to move to CR in Feb 2015, however SSA insists that I'll lose my SSI benefits after 1 month out of the country. What's your experience? Thanks!
blindave13 replied on December 12, 2014 with:
Hopefully this will clear things up, S and S I is for poor citizens or residents of the United States who may or may not be eligible for regular Social Security benefits. If you leave the country under any circumstances for more than 30 days, you are no longer eligible for these benefits. SS DI is the disability Social Security program,The 30 day exclusion does not apply to these benefits nor to regular social security. If you try to scam the system by keeping an American bank account and address, when you are found out they will dock your regular Social Security benefits for what ever overpayments you have illegally received! I suggest you do not attemptto try this because they will find out. And shame to those who have it vice keeping an American address or bank account to scam the system, SSI is not meant for people to live outside the country!
thebackdoctor replied on December 11, 2014 with:
I agree and that is what was causing the confusion.
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