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property in Costa-RicaSouthern Pacific Ocean View Property on 2.6 Acres. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Dominical CR. $299,900.00. Mountain property, Quaint area, Acreage, Private pool, Ocean view.
PacificLots replied to the thread My Trip this to Costa Rica Aug 2015 on the Costa Rica forum on August 28, 2015:
fredosilva initially posted:
My trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica this past week in August was a huge let down. I researched and planned for it for months; read the books; talked to missionary people via Skype; emailed real estate people, participated in Expat forums online etc… only to find out that much of what I had been told online and read about in books was not the “Pura Vida” that everyone raves about. From San Jose, their busiest town where all their homes have bars over the windows and businesses are strung from one end to the other with barbed wire wrapped in coils of razor wire, to the poor who live in the surrounding towns and villages with dirt floors in huts and shacks made of concrete block with metal roofs and corrugated metal patchwork … Costa Rica is truly a country that on the surface appears to be doing quite well in cities where McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Applebee’s and Wal-Mart have all moved in to take part in the charade of the country’s growing commerce that is mostly dependant on the money that comes in from so many tourists from all over the world… from packs of well-off 20 & 30 Somethings… with their pockets filled with Colones, clothed in T-shirts and sandals, laced with tattoos and piercings to thongs and surf boards, toting their pot pipes and back packs… to the expat retirees who are looking to buy into a piece of the pie… hoping to live out the rest of their lives in luxury while the poor all about them continue to wilt… without little help from their government who doesn’t seem to lift a finger to assist them. The tourists flit from zip lines in the rain forests to white water rafting down mountainous rivers to trekking up volcanoes and exploring the beaches while most of the population lives in squalor. The heat and the humidly along the shore line is far worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. And even though the country does have its pleasantries and cooler climates up in the mountains where it’s always raining… there is as much danger in the jungle as there is in the local traffic… with no regard for personal safety; where the washouts and the potholes can literally destroy your car if another vehicle doesn’t take you out first. It just wasn’t what I expected. There’s so much chaos and poverty mixed in with the laid back serenity and beauty of the country that it can easily become overwhelmingly depressing. Unfortunately for me, the small one street town of Manzanillo whose beaches are littered with trash and debris with no shells or signs of life among the dead reefs was very disappointing, including the town of Puerto Viejo inundated with tourism amid so much poverty and strife. From San Jose over to Limon and all the way down to Manzanillo… the beauty of the country was simply a backdrop to the terrible conditions I encountered while visiting there. In short, it wasn’t the “Pura Vida” I had bought into while researching Costa Rica from the States at all. Rather it’s more like “Pure Hype!” So, I cut my trip short and returned to the United States where so many of us, including myself, take so much of what we have in the USA for granted. Peace & Love, Alfredo
PacificLots replied 4 hours ago with:
Fredo, I hate to say but looking back at your earlier posts, a number of people advised you not to bother with the Caribbean coast at all yet that's right where you headed and then you base your opinion of Costa Rica on what you saw on that coast. The Caribbean side was colonized by Garifino's, folks from the islands of Jamaica, the Caymans and even some Cubans, The largest port in the nation is there in Limon and typically port towns in any country are not the safest or prettiest places. I'm not trying to push my agenda, just pointing out that you were advised against the trip you took and now act like it was a big surprise by what you found. There are good and bad parts of every country, I am not fond of Port o Prince, Haiti nor a big fan of Detroit these days. But I would not judge the entire US by a visit to Detroit or East LA. Steve Linder
lhammond14 replied on August 27, 2015 with:
Just a thought - but if someone from another country were to read and consider all the negative changes that have taken place in the U.S., one could be talked out of going to live there. Before permanently moving here, I read and visited and analyzed and made countless spreadsheets trying to determine if financially possible. Also took into consideration some negative blogs. If I had taken all the negative advice too seriously, I would not be here today. If I had to do it over again, I would have lived here a long time ago, one way or another.
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doniston posted WANTD: Buddy travelers headed to CR or PANAMA on the Costa Rica forum on August 27, 2015:
I will be "DRIVING" from McAllen Tex to Coast Rica, and later to Panama and wil be leaving "ON or after the first week in october.(timing could be later if necessary) I would like one or more parties to join wih me for mutual protection and convenience If you are interested. please contact me at 920 287-7734 or Thanks, Doniston
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GBP replied to the thread Ride From San Jose Airport? on the Costa Rica forum on August 26, 2015:
CRlover initially posted:
I was wondering if there were any ex pats who drive in the San Jose area by the airport? I dont want to be taken advantage of by taxis that first day. I should have a friend help with transportation after that. I have gratuity for gas and tie of course.
GBP replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Actually that was what is known as a joke---
Kohl replied on August 26, 2015 with:
swf62ls, if you are basing your expected 'expenses' on the amount you 'remembered' paying for a taxi ride, I suggest you check the many internet website that offer more information on the cost of living here. Of course, maybe you just omitted a '0' by mistake, and meant $50?
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Jackietrehorn replied to the thread why on the Costa Rica forum on August 26, 2015:
bluewind initially posted:
Americans seem to have a pension for forcing their belief's on other cultures. They have a long history of destroying good cultures to suit their own needs. Here, we are talking about guns, but their are other things that cause problems to a societh that was doing just fine before we showed up. CR now has McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc. American's seem to think they know best and believe they are doing a service when they make these changes. Now CR and other countries are going the way of the USA, more crime, higher cost of living that the typical local can't afford, pollution from their companies moving there etc. They bring their violent attitude here. Panama and Ecuador are around the corner as well as Nicaragua. IMO, the best places to live are places Americans haven't spoiled yet. I'm really glad that I didn't move to CR or Panama like I planned before knowing this. If I hear of an up and coming country where Americans are going to; I'll go somewhere else.
Jackietrehorn replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Hammond I like Grecia a lot. It is clean and quiet. When I get tired of the hustle, bustle, and noise of the big city I might move there. For now, though, I like SJO. Even its gritty and seamy side. I grew up in cities similar to SJO so I don't mind it.
richardschlinder replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Yes,it just isn't right.For the last several years there has been more businesses go out of business than businesses that were started in the U.S. The country is going backwards. The tower of Babble is cracking apart. Pura vida.
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SeriouslyJane replied to the thread Probiotics on the Costa Rica forum:
TicaLady initially posted:
Does anyone know where I can find a strong probiotic, preferably in San Jose? I bought one in Walmart that isn't working. It has only 2 billion units. Inthe US you can buy a probiotic with 15 to 25 billion that is more effective. I have not found that in Costa Rica .
SeriouslyJane replied on August 26, 2015 with:
I'm on Canada and use one the 10 billion count Jamieson mixes. I stick to capsules not powders or hard tablets. A friend who sells homeopathics says actually in the market now they call them probiotics now, it's all marketing, I thought I would give it a try because I get so much gas otherwise, I've also sadly had to put myself on an elimination diet to figure out what flares it, I have normally IBS-C with gas that really hurts, so far I'm more regular and I eat Greek yogurt as well, it's great but to protect you against contamination in hotter climates is a fallacy.
bearcountry replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Which probiotic helps you with IBS and where do you buy it?
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LAZYCSUE posted Help bring a Mobil Castration Unit to Costa Rica on the Costa Rica forum on August 24, 2015:
This is a great opportunity for the pets of Costa've been invited to help raise money for Mobile Spay Neuter Unit Costa Rica. Join Pura Vida para Mascotas in raising the funds for a Mobile Unit that can serve all of Costa Rica. Get your vets involved to volunteer and the Mobil Unit can come to your communities and your neighborhoods. Simply go to the page below and click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you'll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team. This is a very lofty goal and we need help from all the rescue and Animal Welfare Groups,Veterinarians, as well as individuals to be able to pull this one together. Imagine this unit coming to an area and reaching out to the people who have no way of getting their pets to a vet for castration, immunizations or health checks. Now imagine your group helping to make this happen! Start your own team and help us raise the money needed for this great project! And share this information so others can start teams in their areas! Please email me if you need help with anything. Thanks so much. ??Pura Vida para Mascotas, Susan
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richardschlinder replied to the thread " Blue zones, live longer and better" on the Costa Rica forum on August 24, 2015:
ILuvCR initially posted:
sorry fred , you're SO off base! Pobrecito's don't have a McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Applebee’s and Wal-Mart to enrich their lives, boo hoo! But, "Costa Rica enjoys a higher life expectancy than many developed countries despite spending just 15% of what America does on health care. The Caribbean nation owes some of its longevity to its economic security and excellent health care. But one region of Costa Rica boasts especially long lifespans. Nicoya, an 80-mile peninsula just south of the Nicaraguan border, is an exception within an exceptional country. The goal of our expedition: determine what gives Nicoyans that extra push to reach 100 at even higher rates than the rest of Costa Rica. Faith and family play a strong role in Nicoyan culture. So does plan de vida, or reason to live, which helps Nicoyan elders maintain a positive outlook and active lifestyle. Nicoyans eat little to no processed foods but plenty of antioxidant-rich tropical fruit. But they also have one unique secret: calcium and magnesium rich water, which wards off heard disease and promotes strong bones." Pura Vida!
richardschlinder replied on August 24, 2015 with:
My Tica's Papa had his 99th birthday last Saturday in Perrita on the Pacific coast..His family extends in the hundreds. Almost all of them still stay in contact with each other. Remember what I said about medicinal plants? Tico's are not stupid people.
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property in Costa-RicaBrand new modern villas for sale in Jacó at ½ mile from the beach, central Pacific. Gated Guarded Community.
carolvaughn posted Eye, Yai, Yai! on the Costa Rica forum on August 23, 2015:
Hi Folks from the Zona Sur, You are invited to Eye, Yai, Yai, a free seminar on eye care for the tropics, presented by Carol's Costa Rica Club, on Fri., Aug. 28th, 11:15- 2, at Bazookas Restaurant, on the Pan-American Highway in San Isidro, featuring Dr. Eye, Allan Mora of Optica del Valle. Dr. Mora will speak about cataracts, low vision, macular degeneration, and other concerns of people ageing in the tropics. You must pre-register, as space is limited, at 6036-4283, or CostaRicaClub. Free & In English -- See You There!
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