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sandyjeans replied to the thread Lower altitude towns suggestions on the Costa Rica forum on November 23, 2014:
sandyjeans initially posted:
I would love your suggestions! I am beginning to plan for a move to CR in 2016 (don't want to leave here while my Dad is still alive). Other countries I am considering are Panama, Ecuador, or Uruguay. Between SS & a VA pension, my passive income is around $2100+/mo. I also have online income when I choose to work it, but am not counting on it for this move. I live alone & am hoping to keep my basic living expenses (rent, utilities, Wifi, at-home local food, & household help 2 half-days a week) as close to $1250 as possible so I can use the rest for travel/exploration/meals out/savings. I will not be bringing/buying a car & will be depending on taxis & buses. Because of chronic breathing problems, I need to stay under 4000' elevation. I prefer a smaller town w/ 10K-20K population and am NOT looking for an expat gated community. I do want mostly paved roads, safe tap water, and adequate medical services, tho. I plan to get Resident status asap. I already speak some Spanish. I have always lived in Phoenix/So Cal & 10 years ago took 2 full years of University level formal Spanish. I plan to take a few conversational Spanish classes before moving, too, so don't really require a town with a lot of English speakers. I've ruled out beach towns bc of high humidity & tourist prices, but would love to be within a 2-3 hour bus ride to visit frequently. What towns do you recommend?
sandyjeans replied 7 hours ago with:
I will definitely need to look into it! I'm hearing Manuel Antonio mentioned a lot, too. Any opinions?
sandyjeans replied 7 hours ago with:
I'll look into Puriscal, thank you. I am used to hot. I live in Phx with 100+ temps from April-Oct. But here, everything has really good AC. I know how to survive it, but would like to get back to San Diego weather without the cost. I want to be able to go outside!
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Spanishcr posted Spanish in Costa Rica on the Costa Rica forum on November 23, 2014:
I am an expat and Spanish tutor as well. If somebody needs help with Spanish you call me 89945649
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tbh posted Anyone near Atenas? on the Costa Rica forum on November 22, 2014:
I am in Atenas for four days and will be exploring the area by car. Anyone living nearby? Terry
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iguanalover replied to the thread Bugs and bug bites on the Costa Rica forum on November 22, 2014:
chopchi initially posted:
After another 3 week visit to Costa Rica I am not sure I can live with all the bites I got inland and on the coast! I know not to wear perfume to attract them but this past visit was ridiculous.During the first visit I got a huge bite-it spread to about 3 inches and the pharmacist said it was a spider bite-that lasted about a week. In Tamarindo it was impossible to sit on the beach without loads of bug spray which is available at every bar/restaurant,just ask to use it.The worst were the sand mites, tiny little bugs that did quite a number up/down on all our legs the first day. Inland I got bites from mosqitoes and some other bug especially around the ankles. Alcohol on these bites helped tremendously. How do you long time residents get used to/cope with these bites?
iguanalover replied on November 22, 2014 with:
My husband uses a cheap imitation vanilla. He smells like cake but most bugs don't like it.
paul68 replied on November 22, 2014 with:
We just got back from Manuel Antonio. No bugs. Perfect beach, weather and water.
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tlsmith replied to the thread moving abroad on the Costa Rica forum on November 22, 2014:
tlsmith initially posted:
I would like to move to Guanacaste area in April from Canada. I know that I can stay for 90 days in Costa Rica but how do I start to apply for a temporary resident visa? Where do I obtain the necessary forms or any other documents that I will need? Any help on the next step I need to take will be appreciated.
tlsmith replied on November 22, 2014 with:
Thanks Kohl. The info you sent was helpful. I will definitely go onto the websites you recommended. Have a good weekend. Terri
naturechild replied on November 22, 2014 with:
While $1000, in US dollars, is the 'minimum' amount for a Pensionada Residency application, it is not enough to live on.
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property in Costa-Rica3 bedroom main house, 2 bedroom guesthouse, 2 bedroom caretaker house, Laundry building, Acreage, Mountain view
property in Costa-Rica3 bedroom main house, 2 bedroom guesthouse, 2 bedroom caretaker house, Laundry building, Acreage, Mountain view
Kohl replied to the thread Cedula legal cost on the Costa Rica forum on November 21, 2014:
gcrtexas4 initially posted:
I checked with a few of the law firms that provide help in securing a cedula. I don't have information from all of them yet but one quoted $1,500. Is that reasonable? Does anyone have a lawyer they would recommend. The ones on the internet are all large firms needless to say.
Kohl replied on November 21, 2014 with:
ILuvCR replied on November 21, 2014 with:
sorry, NO exacting records just a generalization. But to the best of my recollection. I won't argue the point, just sharing my experience. Pura Vida!
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Lelia replied to the thread Looking to rent in Dominical or more south on the Costa Rica forum:
williamgafford initially posted:
Would like to find a single family home long term, 4-5 months, to rent in south-west CR for spouse and me, not on beach because it is too hot, maybe at 1000 to 2000 ft. elevation, for around $600- $1000/month. Right now we are living on the Caribbean side of CR. Would like to move in the next month or two. We are considering permanently retiring in CR and buying a home. Any information on availability of such a home or features of the general area would be much appreciated. Thanks 10/29/14
Lelia replied on November 20, 2014 with:
Hi, I have no answer for your question, but wonder if you'd answer mine? I will be visiting Costa Rica next year, staying at least 90 days, probably longer, and covering as much of the country as I can. But I am primarily interested in the Caribbean side--the towns south of Limon. I love beaches, scuba diving, kayaking, and hiking, and like the Caribbean vibe I've experiences in other countries. Would you share your experience living in that area? Anything, good or bad, that you think I should know. I'm a 60+ female, and will be traveling alone. If you have suggestions of where to stay on my fist visit, I would appreciate that also.
Kohl replied on October 30, 2014 with:
Personally, I wouldn't you rely on all posted information in regards to what is actually 'as advertised' on any property, whether for purchase or a rental. Been there...done that! Travel over for a weekend, as it will probably save you some money and disappointment in the long run. Or make arrangements to rent only for a month.
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richardschlinder replied to the thread Looking for a used vehicle? Beware on the Costa Rica forum on November 20, 2014:
TICR initially posted:
Scary article today in A friend lives just south of Houston. On any given day you will see a non-stop stream of Latinos driving wrecked and damaged vehicles south to the border to be cosmetically repaired and sold in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Not sure if they make it to Panama. Most of them are purchased at Auctions. They have been declared a total loss, not worth repairing and sent to Auction. Some are worth repair, but I’m sure many are dangerous and no telling how many lives have been lost because of these vehicles.
richardschlinder replied on November 20, 2014 with:
I would guess if the odometer reads in miles,don't buy it. Cars shipped in to C.R. come with odometers that read in kilometers.
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karenmmm replied to the thread Legal, real estate and business advice. on the Costa Rica forum on November 19, 2014:
AttorneyKearney initially posted:
Hello everyone, I see many questions repeated by expats on this board. With a variety of answers and opinions. I can help with answers and advice mainly regarding legal, real estate, business and most things related to Costa Rica. I am an expat living here and practicing law for 20 + years. Lic.Gregory Kearney Lawson.: (506)7157-9092
karenmmm replied on November 19, 2014 with:
What is your country of origin? You are Latino, sir, correct?
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