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Kohl replied to the thread Moving to CR on the Costa Rica forum on August 04, 2015:
swf62ls initially posted:
Hi, I am planning on moving to CR in May, 2016. I have been to CR many times, and the last time came alone. I know how to get around and find the Tico's extremely friendly and helpful. I am confused about how one goes about being a Pensionado. I have been to many websites and have been doing a lot of research, but do not seem to be able to find a straight line to an answer. When I arrive I want to stay. Is there any way to start the immigration process before I arrive? Do I have to get a lawyer? Do I have to become a resident to retire there? Can I set up a bank account upon arriving? I have so many questions. I currently live in California. All advice welcome. Thanks in advance.
Kohl replied 44 minutes ago with:
If you intend to drive, you will have to continue to exit the country every 90 days or less, to keep your home drivers license legal and you may have to do this 4, 5 or even more times until you have in your hands, your cedula. If you don't intend to drive, you won't be required to exit after you have received your comprobante, which means your application is 'under review'. The cost for Residency will be approx $3000
shermanwc replied 2 hours ago with:
Others have reported that it is still possible to open a bank account if not a resident, but you will not be able to transfer funds to other banks (e.g., using SINPE), which limits online bill paying from your account. You may be able to pay some "Service Payments" that are set up on the banks website. Better luck is reported at private banks vs the CR National banks for opening an account..
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doniston replied to the thread HORNS OF A DILEMMA on the Costa Rica forum on August 03, 2015:
doniston initially posted:
In my other posting, I have described my present intentions about moving down south. However, in the process of decision making, I am constently running into new questions. To WIT: I had decided to initially settling in Cahuita NC but had the regulation problem of leaving the country every three months by traveling a long distance. But with intention of becoming a Pentionado --- Then, by accident, I learned of the border crossing near Gaubito, Panama. That made a part of the problem much easier. Shortened Travel. Up to then I had no intention of residing in Panama as I wanted to live on the Carribian, but the travel seemed impossible. That border crossing made it possible. Now comes the dilemma I prefer the laws of Panama to those of NC, except for vehicles. As I understand it, while a panama pentionado, I can only keep my pick up for 90 days. Is this true? I am 86 years old, and have been driving since I was 8. I would be lost without my wheels. I would plan on making some trips in itlike into the CR Parks. I have been wondering if I could somehow take up residency in one country, and use that border crossing as a timed escape route as required by both countries. I won't know until I check out the areas in person, but at the moment I think I would prefer to become a pentionado (or permanent resident) in Panama and Tourist in CR In any event, I have another problem. I will be bringing all my worldly posessions with me in my pickup and a utility trailer. While I am determining my course of actions in the above, and traveling hither and yon, I need a secure storage area in which to protect my property. Any suggestions? Obviously I need some help. Your consideration and advice regarding the above, would be greatly appreciated
doniston replied on August 03, 2015 with:
I believe I have already shown my objections to much of your post and provided my reasoning I also find much of it to be contrary to other information I have received
Edinheredia replied on August 03, 2015 with:
I'm 66 and have lived here for 9 years. I would ship the truck and possessions to Limon, fly down and exist without a vehicle for the two or three months it takes to get everything in order. I wouldn't limit myself to the Caribbean to begin with. I would take the time I spent waiting for my vehicle and use the bus system to see the rest of the country. The expensive part to bringing a vehicle here is not the shipping but paying the taxes. The taxes on that vehicle could still be several thousand dollars because they assign the vehicle value. There is a site on the internet that you can use to check out the expected tax assessment. There are too many potential dangers between the Texas border and Costa Rica to risk making the trip alone when you could be enjoying your time exploring this beautiful country.
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spcruz replied to the thread Retirement on the Costa Rica forum:
marty333 initially posted:
My wife and I have been to C.R. three times now-unfortunately the same place each time, Manuel Antonio. We really do love the people and the healthy and laid back lifestyle. I almost hate to ask this because I'm probably the millionth bozo asking this question. Are there safe, or any areas, a couple can live and rent inexpensively somewhat near decent hospitals, shopping, etc. on $2000.00 a month? We are coming down for 2-3 weeks in Feb. '2016 to look around and questions of the local ex-pats in certain areas that perhaps you people may be able to suggest. Thank you.
spcruz replied on August 03, 2015 with:
TY I do have insurance for 6 months. Medical coverage obtained out of CR for now. I'm a pensioner & there 2 types of SSI/D for those under retirement: 1st: based on your income over your life. It's is based on your highest annual income. 2nd: for those who are "needy", disabled due to various situations (like my kid's autism) etc. Or haven't worked much & not enough put into the system. Or a combination of the 2! If you leave the USA and are only drawing on #1 you will continue to receive your ssi money. The USA & CR have an agreement to allow monies to be deposited in banks there with no taxes or penalties. If a portion is based or entirely taken from #2 that amount will stop upon leaving the USA. Of course Medicare stops. But, if one returns to USA/territories then it can be started after 30 days. Some people were unsure about this topic. I thought I knew but wanted to verify. If folks don't know TSA will allow liquid medication on flights with NO AMOUNT limitations. I really want to TY ALL! for all the info... advice... My house is 20 minutes via bus to San Isidro Perez on the river (perez la la ) & I'm saving a huge amount just in rent/utilities/cable & internet. I too plan to bring 8-9 suitcases with staple like certain soap (not allergic to), sun screen, flea/tick/& mosquito drops for my little rat dawg, seeds for corn yellow& orange watermelon, pea pids etc. Looking forward to meeting you all! At least it will be cooler there than here!
Kohl replied on August 03, 2015 with:
I agree that this could be a very tight budget.
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GBP replied to the thread Is politics important to relocaters? on the Costa Rica forum on August 03, 2015:
GBP initially posted:
In the 12+ years talking with folks thinking of relocating to Costa Rica, I now send a mailer out every month to 10’s of thousands of people, and on a yearly basis talk to around 2000 people at conventions etc. I think it would be safe to say I understand what people are thinking and considering when contemplating pulling up roots and moving to a foreign country. We have folks who purchased in Grand View from Cuba, England, Canada, the U.S., Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Jamaica, Columbia and other countries. For brevity I need to broad stroke a little but I would put the three main topics that factor into the move ----is the person adventurous and looking for a change----politics in home country vs. target country----economics in home country vs. target country. The first topic, sense of adventure—if they don’t have that, it won’t happen. Many folks can’t imagine life without the local group having coffee at the diner. Funny but the second most important is the economic factor but in reality many aspects of that is determined by politics in their home country. So often this forum forgets that there is a big world out there and other citizens are looking to move. Last week I had long conversations with people from Italy and Venezuela. They were pretty typical conversations as well and guess what? They centered around politics and economics. So if politics offends you that is fine—but trust me it is of prime importance to those thinking of relocation. And it is usually a matter of trying to understand the differences between their home country and the country they are considering. Politics effect the economics of home values, banking interest rates, moral direction and health care to name some of the most important topics people ask me about. Lets take a look at what the typical conversation is and what the concerns of a US citizen are when wondering how Costa Rica is different, and if and how they might benefit from a move—this is what I do every single day in my work. Lets take health care---and these are not my opinions but based on current feedback I get. The US monolog—ACA—a program that was rammed down our throats—we were lied to to get it passed—we can’t keep our doctor, we can’t keep our policy, the monthly costs are going up not down as promised. No control over medicinal costs. I can’t afford the new premiums. The copays and limits are too much. I am paying for people to get free health care.(I talked to a friend yesterday—his policy was 900—now 1500!—and they are only a year or two from retirement. Not a happy couple!) The Costa Rica comparison-in 1948 the Army was abolished and Health Care became Universal. All working citizens and employers contribute to the system. You work --you contribute. (too bad there is an illegal immigrant problem similar to the US that taxes the system.) The government controls costs of labor and medicine to keep it as affordable as possible. As permanent residents we don’t get a free ride and are required to pay into the system. I tell folks that I have insurance as a permanent resident and my Tica wife is on the policy as well—my cost? $69 bucks a month. Full coverage. Of course all these topics could be discussed more deeply but that is what I run into every day. Those on the forum who don’t like the topics that are important to many reading here?? When you see GBP—move on—delete—bypass—ignore. If you can’t control the urge to read anyway and then call me names and throw out insults?? --heres a suggestion, subscribe to Netflix for 7.99 a month—that way you can control what you see on your computer screen better. Gill Phelan
GBP replied on August 03, 2015 with:
Word for today!---rhe·tor·i·cal--(of a question) asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information. I don't need to ASK anyone on this forum who always reaches out to be nasty and controlling anything. My years of doing this and the many people on my data base plus the private emails I get from this forum are what I use to inform me of what information relocaters want. Do you people really think that when all it takes is to mention what state you are from to illicit a mind bending hateful diatribe from one the basement dwellers on here that people are feeling free to talk? Heck, an older guy with a dream is given nothing but fear based opinions. Again in case your having trouble absorbing--GBP--no like--pass it! Easy! Gill Phelan
ILuvCR replied on August 03, 2015 with:
hola, earth to Gil, Dude, you asked! Right? No one is trying to control anything we're just responding to your inquiry? If the response means nothing why did you bother?? WTF?? Pura Vida!
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Fantastic buy in Costa Rica - 2 Oceanview homes for the price of 1! Each features garage & private swimming pool. Quick and scenic 1/3 mile walk to the beach.
gigi30001 replied to the thread Running my US business from Costa Rica? on the Costa Rica forum on August 02, 2015:
txladykat initially posted:
Hi, We are beginning our research into moving to CR in the next 2-3 years. Our first trip will be in September. I am self-employed, own my own accounting firm. I think this is something I can easily do from CR - just would require that I return to the US -2-3 times a year for client meetings. I have managed to setup my business so that I provide my services remotely to all of my clients, which means I rely heavily on the internet to do my job. I do intend to cut my client base significantly (thus also reducing my income) so that I am not working as much as I do now :) My life really consists of working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week with my little bit of spare time relaxing in front of the TV before falling asleep - and I am tired of this life! I guess really my main questions are this: Will the internet be reliable enough for me to do my remote work with my clients back in the US? It must be reliable enough to run accounting software through the internet connection. Will I easily get bored going from working so much to having so much free time? This actually is my bigger fear, that I will find with all this time on my hands I will get bored to easy, LOL.
gigi30001 replied on August 02, 2015 with:
Could you tell us where you live in CR? Also some background on fiber options and how it could apply to someone living, say, any where in the country?
txladykat replied on August 02, 2015 with:
Thanks everyone for the tips. We definitely plan on making a few lengthy trips to make our final decision.
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Kohl replied to the thread Costa Rica 90 day visa on the Costa Rica forum on August 01, 2015:
breezzin initially posted:
My wife and I, both over 65, have rented a home in San Jose, beginning October 1, 2015 for one year to study Spanish. I understand that I have to leave Costa Rica, every 90 days, for at least 72 hrs. to maintain a valid tourist visa. Further, that I have to have a exit ticket, when I enter Costa Rica. If I have to leave every 90 days, would I need just one ticket for 1 year from original date of entry or a ticket with exit every 90 days. In Example: If I arrive on October 1, 2015, do I need: 1) A return ticket for September 2016 or 2) A ticket to leave Costa Rica before January 31, 2016? Each time I re-enter Costa Rica, do I need an exit ticket for 90 days?
Kohl replied on August 01, 2015 with:
You may be able to qualify for a student visa which is valid for one year. This is for serious student who is required to be registered at a recognized facility.... You will have to weigh the 'pro's and con's'.
shermanwc replied on August 01, 2015 with:
If you arrive on Oct 1, 2015 you will need a return ticket that leaves CR by approximately Jan 1, 2016 (90 days). You might be able to buy a round trip with return date in Sept 2016; you could then buy refundable one way tickets to leave CR every 90 days and then have them refunded once your Visa has been renewed by doing a "border run". You do need to leave CR every 90 days (or less if you Visa stamp is for less than 90 days), but you only need to be out of CR for 72 hours if you make a purchase that you want to bring back into CR. The 72 hour requirement relates to customs, not to immigration.
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UltraFJ40 replied to the thread Bus to Jacó on the Costa Rica forum on August 01, 2015:
Jackietrehorn initially posted:
If you're taking the bus from San José to Jacó you need to go to the new terminal in Barrio Mexico. Here is the website of the bus company, which has a pretty good map. It's a few blocks from Coca-Cola through a sketch neighborhood, which is improving. Here's a link
UltraFJ40 replied on August 01, 2015 with:
Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it will be quite useful to many.
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richardschlinder replied to the thread Thankful for my family who are now extolling the virtues of my move to the CR on the Costa Rica forum on July 31, 2015:
spcruz initially posted:
Wow! Things have done a complete 180 turn lol! My family is 100% behind my move... even the momster! I am so looking forward to the move in late September or early October. Found a fantastic Casita where I can do my lapidary work. Life is good! Ack it's 100° F here in my city in Washington (the state folks lol) & lots of fires. No rain since June 2 & have broke all heat records for July. Whew thank goodness for 3,100 ft elevation outside of San Isidro Perez. River is by the huge garden below house. I am looking forward to planting my butt in the river's nat'l pool. See you there! Pura Vida mi amigas & amigos!
richardschlinder replied on July 31, 2015 with:
Yes S. I remember the excitement when I moved down.Nothing like it. Bienvenidos.
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doniston replied to the thread Organic family- seeking tips on the Costa Rica forum:
Maloyfam initially posted:
Hi, my family is preparing to move to Costa Rica. We eat only organic and are concerned that we will have a hard time finding organic foods. Will it be difficult to find the staples (beans, rice, flour) organic? Herbs, seasonings, teas?
doniston replied on July 31, 2015 with:
-does that go for me too????? THANKS (need not be free).
doniston replied on July 31, 2015 with:
In the beginning. you seemed to be speaking of the Carribian, Coast I will be moving down around mid October If so, please contact me I am an old "Mother Earth Newser" from the sixties, and I also have many reasons for leaving the US.
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