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property in Costa-RicaThis Charming boutique hotel is one of the hidden gems of Samara, just not in the centre of the village is quietly for sale and this is a find.
property in Costa-Rica

This lovely 1,970 square meter (21,205 square feet) property is shaded by huge mango trees, gourds, limes, and other trees. So beautiful...easy to envision a country home on it. Just 5 kilometers from Tamarindo Beach, without the noise and congestion of living there!

property in Costa-RicaOnly 20 min from San Jose Airport, yet surrounded by coffee and bananas! We are a gated retreat with 2 private houses and 5 separate Apartments located in the lower mountains which overlook the Central Valley region of Costa Rica.
ILuvCR replied to the thread real estate lawyer on the Costa Rica forum on January 21, 2015:
DavidSharken initially posted:
we are looking for a reliable lawyer for real estate project in Santa Teresa/ Cobano region
ILuvCR replied on January 22, 2015 with:
Dear David, sorry for the delayed response but I wanted to get permission from my good friends to refer you to them. Please contact, Dawn Drummer Client Services Manager Outlier Legal Services (506) 8719-9417 Dawn & hubby Rafael are the best! I've made several recommendations have had gotten rave reviews. Pura Vida!
PuraVida replied on January 22, 2015 with:
David, I have used and recommended Lic. Max Rojas Farjardo, notario, for 8 years. His office is in San Jose, 2234-7676 and his email is Perfect English, teaches at UCR.
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Kohl replied to the thread Residency on the Costa Rica forum on January 21, 2015:
mike40wh initially posted:
Possible to get a residence visa with a felony conviction or does that automatically disqualify you? Conflicting information all over the net.
Kohl replied on January 22, 2015 with:
Copied & pasted from "Expanded List of Felonies that automatically disqualify a residency application The list of criminal convictions for crimes that automatically disqualify a person from applying for Costa Rican residency, regardless of how old the conviction is, now includes the following major crimes (felony convictions – partial list): Murder; trafficking in illegal drugs/narcotics; trafficking in human beings; trafficking in weapons or explosives; sexual crimes against minors, the elderly or the disabled; domestic violence; membership in certain designated gangs or in organized crime; etc. Any felony conviction that is less than ten (10) years old will be used by Migracion to automatically disqualify the applicant and deny the residency application".
nellis304 replied on January 22, 2015 with:
you need to provide a "good behavior" letter from your local police with your application for residency, so this may be a problem
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iguanalover replied to the thread single mom relocation on the Costa Rica forum on January 21, 2015:
Tcooper20 initially posted:
I was just wondering if there are any single moms relocating to or already residing in Costa Rica that I might be able to touch base with? I am an English teacher from the US and my son is 12. We will be moving in Sept. 2015. I'd like to be able to share info. Thanks!
iguanalover replied on January 21, 2015 with:
Facebook would be a better place to connect. There are many pages.
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703smg posted For Sale brand new Gold iPhone 5S Unlocked on the Costa Rica forum on January 21, 2015:
Selling a brand new unlocked Gold iPhone 5S with the brand new otter case for $750.
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friker replied to the thread Medicare payments on the Costa Rica forum:
wapsigal initially posted:
My friend is praying about moving down to Costa Rica with us. She would like to know if she has a choice whether to stop her Medicare payments that come out of her Social Security? It's just easier to ask you all. Thank you!
friker replied on January 25, 2015 with:
Same nice people with SSA told me three years ago basically what I have posted. That seems to be contrary to what they told you. Not unusual to get conflicting information from our wonderful government employees. The penalty is so very minor, I personally would opt out if I was fairly sure of remaining an expat. But that would be my personal decision. I have not and will not advise others, especially with the wishy washy SSA, CMS, and VA people almost making it up as they go along. I will not comment further on this post.
Beachseeker replied on January 25, 2015 with:
Friker, I was so relieved when I read your post as this was a dilemma I was dealing with because I had called the social security office and requested to opt out. They sent me the form (OMB # 0938-0025) required to be signed and returned. This is the language in my form. "I understand that I will be able to re-enroll during the general enrollment period (GEP) which is Jan., Feb., March and the coverage will be effective as of July of that year or the special enrollment period (SEP) if I meet certain criteria. I also understand that there will be a 10% surcharge applied for every 12 months I go without Medicare part B". Due to the conflicting information in your post and this form, I called Medicare to confirm and was told the form information is correct and VA is unfortunately not considered "credible coverage", which would relieve you of the penalty(surcharge). Employer coverage is the only "credible coverage" that meets the criteria. I currently have part B and a BCBS PPO plan with a cost of 140.00 monthly and since I can't use in CR, see no sense in paying, but the penalty which is not just a one time payment, its based on the number of months you go without the coverage. The monthly increase in premiums for me would go from 104.90 to 115.90. That's just for 1 year. So they will add 11.00 to my premium every year I'm not covered. What to do? What to do? None of this makes sense to me, if they aren't paying claims, why are they charging us?
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nellis304 replied to the thread Puntarenas on the Costa Rica forum on January 21, 2015:
Tcooper20 initially posted:
Hello everyone! I have been preparing for this move for about 3 years and I have a job offer in Puntarenas. I was expecting to move to the Santa Ana or more of a central valley location, however, after researching this also looks appealing. I'd appreciate any input anyone could provide about this location??!! I need inexpensive housing, Tico style. It will be myself, my son and our 2 German Shepard dogs. Thanks for any advice:)
nellis304 replied on January 21, 2015 with:
The sky is falling,omg. Life is full of risks.
naturechild replied on January 21, 2015 with:
Not all public schools will allow a student who is a 'tourist' to enroll in the schools, unless their residency application is in process or may let them attend, solely as an 'observer'. .
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enn1951 replied to the thread SSI IN CR? IS IT LEGAL? on the Costa Rica forum:
enn1951 initially posted:
Hi! I'm planning to move to CR in Feb 2015, however SSA insists that I'll lose my SSI benefits after 1 month out of the country. What's your experience? Thanks!
enn1951 replied on January 20, 2015 with:
My question about SSI is now moot.Because of my income, SSA awarded me a monthly SSI check of $25. I wrote back telling them I was no longer interested.
AttorneyKearney replied on January 19, 2015 with:
Most people just keep the same bank account and address in the US and have it deposited the normal way, You can withdraw money at most ATMs in Costa Rica, others have it deposited in a Costarrican account. There is nothing illegal about withdrawing money from your own account while in another country . Lic.Gregory Kearney Lawson.
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