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GBP replied to the thread Yet another U.S. Couple considering CR for retirement! on the Costa Rica forum on May 25, 2015:
Charliegirl7 initially posted:
Hello all, I have been reading with interest a lot of the posts here on this forum and was hoping that I could ask a few questions ahead of our exploratory trip to Costa Rica this summer. We are a youngish, mid 50's married couple looking to retire from the rat race of our lives here in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia. Our kids are grown and we have grandchildren so we don't want to be too far from family. We originally went to Portugal on an exploratory trip and fell in love with the country, people and of course, the food and wine. We found it affordable and even found a few homes to rent upon our return. The only reason we haven't left yet and relocated there is the distance from our kids/grandkids. My husband started researching closer alternatives and we came across CR. I've found in my research that I like the area of Nosaro, with its proximity to the water and healthy food and exercise. But my husband seems to favor the Central Valley area, with its cooler temps and proximity to shopping, and more modern conveniences. He also likes Dominical and Uvita as potential places to live. He says that I will tire quickly of washed out dirt roads and the 'off the grid' feeling. I don't want traffic and lots of neighbors though. I'm not trying to recreate where we live here, there. At any rate, we won't know how we'll feel until we actually hit the ground and begin exploring. My questions to any of you are.. Is infrastructure really that horrible in the area that I like? Is it inaccessible to shops, restaurants etc? Do you recommend we hire a tour guide if we only have a short window (a week) to explore the majority of the country? We plan on renting when we do relocate, so we will have the time to see areas over a longer period of time once we're there. Also, we have three dogs (all German shepherds or size equivalent) so we definitely want land and privacy, but I guess we also want some access to modern conveniences. I know I gave a lot of potentially irrelevant information, but my hope was that it would help to give me a better response from you if you reply. Thank you for your help with us, and I look forward to your replies!
GBP replied 2 hours ago with:
Well I got kind of excited about being just about the only project in the country with fully functioning fiber optic internet for our residents! And how about that article talking about it is going to take the country 12 years to get it and distribute it? Don't have to wait for it at Grand View! Thanks for the opportunity for number 6! Gill Phelan
ILuvCR replied on May 24, 2015 with:
Wow Gil, busy day! 5 posts, ABC? "always be closing"? Pura Vida!
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samramon replied to the thread What it takes to adjust to Costa Rica on the Costa Rica forum:
GBP initially posted:
Wow, some of the recent activity really brought home to me that adjustment to CR does not happen to everyone! I have been here since 2002 and can tell you first hand some of my experience and hopefully it will help you understand if you will or WILL NOT like it here. I think most of what it takes is a mindset that this is a different culture and country and to continue judging and expecting things to be like the US or that the US is so great that everything needs to be the same is sure sign that CR will not be right for you. Let me give a couple examples to better understand. I had a contractor come with his friend to oversee his house building. For the first month--every time we went to the hardware store or whatever he would say "Well, in the US we------" I must have heard this 100 times. FINALLY after the 100th time--when we went to the store and wanted to buy a simple cartridge type filter--he found they sold the housing but NOT the filters! He just caved right at that moment and it sunk in that his "oh everything in the world is like the US" mentally was never going to work and he finally capitulated and had a very pleasant time from that day forward. Me--whenever I would want to take a few days off and travel I would have to plan each day to the hour and the activities we would be doing--you know typical US way of having fun! LOL Trust me---vacationing with my Tico family this was NEVER going to work and I too had to face reality. Now I can say my vacation time is so much more fun and relaxed and spontaneous. And of course the Manana syndrome--this has a real cause if you don't know. Many times in the past no one had cars and bus was the standard form of transport. Sometimes you may have to take 3 buses and if anything was off schedule (which is normal) of course you could not predict the exact time of arrival anywhere. So that cultural behavior has continued despite more cars. GET USED TO IT!! Actually embrace it because in reality this takes the stress off of you so you don't have to drive 100 miles an hour if you think you may be five minutes late--if you are 1/2 hour late it will make no difference to anyone! This is just a small sample of what I have learned and learned to adapt to. And I am always beat up here no matter what--either I am a desperate lying realtor who will do anything for a sale or else I am so arrogant that I tell Americans to stay home if they don't like it here! But do you ever see this type of anger and lashing out from a Tico??? No. And to see people disparage everything about the country--the people--the government--the location--and yet they are living in Costa Rica?? Why--- I have no clue at all. Just normal behavior I guess. And that is why I love Costa Rica more than anything--I did marry a Tica 12 years ago and to have her and her family as mine today is the biggest blessing. I loved Costa Rica from my first weekend here when things were far from as "modern" as they are today so for people to constantly criticism and complain baffles me. My word of advice is this--if you relate to the name calling and put downs and really dig that sort of stuff that is a sure sign that Costa Rica may not be the right place. Costa Ricans are respectful and humble people and discord and insults and judgements of people they don't even know is as far from their reality as it could be. So many people I have run into over my years of selling here tell me they LOVE it here so much and moving to Costa Rica--no matter which part--was the best thing they have ever done. Gill Phelan
samramon replied on May 24, 2015 with:
sporto wrote: " the greatest thing about Costa Rica is the common courtesy among the drivers. most let another driver into to traffic. the drivers communicate with their horns and their lights to each other. They use common sense and take personal responsibility for their own situations. a real breath of fresh air! except for most of the big rig drivers, others move aside to let faster traffic pass. common courtesy is such a blessing. " Um, you must not be driving in San Jose much! LOL. Otherwise I agree with your post! ;-D
samramon replied on May 24, 2015 with:
Gill, that's an excellent post (aside form the lack of hitting return ;-D ). A guy in another forum says this: Never ask "Why?" in Costa Rica. Think about that. It does no good to wonder why they do things the way they do. That's just the way it is. And it is what it is. Accept it.
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samramon replied to the thread Opening a bank account on the Costa Rica forum:
Lost6 initially posted:
Can someone please share some info on this. What documents do you need? I know you need your lease / address. Any bank suggestions ? This is for someone that is not a Costa Rica citizen
samramon replied on May 24, 2015 with:
So, one has to get all money used - say $3500 for attorney fees - from ATM's at $500/day for 7 days? Or pay high fees to send a wire transfer? (Actually at the exorbitant atm fees now, it might come out about the same...?) And so: What US bank charges the lowest atm/transfer fees?
Kohl replied on May 18, 2015 with:
Until one is a legal CR resident, with Cedula/DIMEX (could take more than a year) you can't transfer funds electronically to accounts outside of the your bank.
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AguasZarcas replied to the thread fed ex on the Costa Rica forum on May 24, 2015:
linlewhammond initially posted:
Awhile ago I was sent something by UPS from U.S. They do not deliver to Post Office boxes and so when it arrived they called me on telephone to say not post office boxes but would meet me at a location on the street in front of café and they did and I received it. NOW the only way I can receive an important document is by Fed Ex - no other choices. Only have APDO in Grecia. Will they do the same as UPS and call me when received in San Jose and deliver to Grecia, and agree to meet me in front of café like UPS did, or will the envelope go out the window? Has anyone success in this from Fed Ex. Urgently need to know or have to go back to U.S.
AguasZarcas replied on May 24, 2015 with:
Linlewhammond. I stated that I received a large Manila envelope From the USA for Free at this end. I then explained that I needed to mail a business size envelope from here To the USA and I paid cash in full on this end to mail it out. My response was that FedEx ships to and sends from Costa Rica, even from more or less remote areas. The cost to mail out was less then a round trip ticket. Regards
linlewhammond replied on May 24, 2015 with:
Hey Agua Zarcus - isn't payment for ytour business size envelope paid at time of sendinmg? When we received UPS envelope and picked up at agreed upon location, there was no extra charge. Maybe I'm wrong but sounds to me you got take advantage of as that would be about $210. !!!!
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Kohl replied to the thread Where to live in CR on the Costa Rica forum on May 24, 2015:
Teachncy initially posted:
I am an active 70 year old woman who would like to spend at least 2 months in an expat community in Costa Rica. I am interested in a friendly community where I can volunteer, take classes, go to a beach explore , relax and just have fun. Can anyone assist me in naming communities I might consider.
Kohl replied on May 24, 2015 with:
As a senior traveling in CR it is not the same as is offered in many countries, where classes for non-credit'" may be taken. Depending on your location, you may be able to join a Spanish class which you would be required to pay for, and volunteering seems to be offered 'at a price', with the exception for the groups who volunteer to work with street animals, since many say it takes time to teach the volunteer that is only going to participate for a day or two a week for a month or two.
canadaMan replied on May 24, 2015 with:
I would recommend looking in the Domincal / Uvita / Ojochal area.
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property in Costa-RicaFully furnished, 2 bedroom apartment, open concept living/ dining/ kitchen. Laundry room, nice garden. Located at a private street!
Troady replied to the thread Washer?Dryer for sale & Charming Rentals Bus at electric gate on the Costa Rica forum on May 23, 2015:
pebbalita initially posted:
LIKE New USED 3 times ..Samsung 14kg DIGITAL washer ..paid $1500 was in storage will make GREAT price for lack of room MAKE offers ,,also Whirlpool Dryer GREAT condition, tiny dent when moving so only $350..Lots of other things moving selling soon so ask for I may have it in my HUGE 3 houses 3 apartments ..I also rent lovely fully equipped apartments VIEWS safety Country atmosphere YET 10 minutes from lovely Heredia 20 minutes Airport and not so lovely San Jose ,,,email includes Utilities AND Wireless Internet and user of washer ,,,Email or call 2268 9363 only 3 apts and they go fast, Photos if email
Troady replied on May 23, 2015 with:
I 'll wait for your bed, just let me know.
pebbalita replied on May 23, 2015 with:
Sorry I have LOT of beds but until sale of my house goes through I still need I will save your message to see if you still need Anything Else? New printer?m New Bread maker (never used $25 paid $350 in USA New Blankets etc Debbie
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Troady posted Max International in Costa Rica on the Costa Rica forum on May 23, 2015:
Max International ( just open the doors in Costa Rica two months ago, it`s a beautiful opportunity for anyone wanting to have a better health and make a few extra bucks helping other to have it. Check this out: More info 6081 4167 1 305 407 2194 (whatsapp).
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stevebonnell replied to the thread Desperately Seeking to workout near Ojochal on the Costa Rica forum on May 22, 2015:
stevebonnell initially posted:
We have a two month house sitting gig in Ojochal. My wife and I are both fitness enthusiasts who work out with weights at least 5 days a week. We have been searching on google for a gym we can visit and haven't found anything. PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A GYM SOMEWHERE NEAR WHERE WE CAN WORKOUT (would eve consider a hotel gym)!!
stevebonnell replied on May 22, 2015 with:
This is almost 3 hours away. Thanks for your reply but since we work out daily, we need to find something a lot closer.
stevebonnell replied on May 22, 2015 with:
The Uvita gym, from what we understand, has no weights, it is a group fitness and mma gym. Still looking for something/anything that will allow a weight training or machine workout. Thanks
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GBP replied to the thread Party in Perez Zeledon on the Costa Rica forum on May 22, 2015:
carolvaughn initially posted:
You are invited to the inaugural meeting of Carol's Costa Rica Club on Friday, May 29. 11:30 - 2, at Bazookas Restaurant on the PanAmerican Highway, San Isidro, Perez Zeledon. CCRC is a lunch club for English-Speakers who meet monthly on the last Friday of the month to enjoy lunch, and hear an informal talk on a Tico topic. Membership is Free, and all are welcome -- no dues, no drama, just dining with friends, The topic this month is "Snakes, Scorpions, and other Oogly things", and the speaker is acclaimed snake expert Alex Zuniga. Alex will discuss how to identify theses beasties, how to discourage their visits, and how they serve to enrich our Tico experience. Questions?, CarolsCRClub. See you there!
GBP replied on May 22, 2015 with:
Two legged?
carolvaughn replied on May 22, 2015 with:
Thanks Gill, please tell all your friends -- but not the slithery kinds!
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