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Physio1 replied to the thread $60,000 deposit for Rentista Visa on the Costa Rica forum on March 26, 2015:
dckinder initially posted:
Apparently if I deposit $60,000 in a Costa Rican bank ( and otherwise qualify ), I can get a rentista residence. This $60,000 is equal to the sum total of $2,500 / month minimum income for two years, which I otherwise would have to demonstrate. Let us suppose I deposit the $60,000 and obtain rentista residence. Can I thereupon withdraw the $60,000? In particular, my reasons for considering moving to Costa Rica are that I am on the ACA because of pre-existing medical conditions. Should the Supreme Court gut the ACA, then I would need otherwise to have access to medical care. One apparent option would be to move to Costa Rica for a few years until I qualify for Medicare. Yes, I know about Costa Rica's socialized program. But a nice little $60,000 war chest to meet unexpected serious conditions for private care would fit in nicely in this overall arrangement. Also, does Costa Rica have something like FDIC?
Physio1 replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Thanks Kohl for the CR law link & clarification.
Kohl replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Since you can't apply for PR until the beginning of the fourth year, and it usually takes a year, the CD will probably be near expiry, and if it takes longer, and it is time for your TR to be renewed, you must do that....even if there are no funds left to transfer into your account. At least that is what we had to do.
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Kohl replied to the thread Looking for good corn. on the Costa Rica forum on March 26, 2015:
PatCochran initially posted:
Has anyone found or grown SWEET, TENDER corn here in CR? All of the corn that we have tasted has been tough and tasteless...more like what we knew as "feed corn" in the states. Is it possible to find it (other than canned) or grow it here? ALSO, does Natilla work as a substitute when recipes call for sour cream? Thanks!
Kohl replied on March 26, 2015 with:
We use Natilla as sour cream, too. You could mix into it, a spoonful of plain cornflour. Try mixing it with a little powdered/icing sugar is delicious, but use one without salt, with strawberries, etc. A few years ago, a farmer asked for a friends permission to grow corn on his property as the temps. at the farmers own farm in Cartago was too cool, so he said yes, and shared some with us. We had NEVER tasted any as good before...and only later on, did we find out they were testing GMO corn...8-(
shermanwc replied on March 26, 2015 with:
We have been able to buy good ears of sweet corn at Auto Mercado - it is in the produce department and is wrapped in plastic (I assume that it is imported). We tried cooking local ears of corn but could never get it to be tender. We regularly use natilla for sour cream - a little runnier than USA sour cream, but it general works.
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Bexx7799 replied to the thread Safety issues in Nicoya Peninsula on the Costa Rica forum on March 26, 2015:
linozz initially posted:
After doing various research on this forum and elsewhere on the net, I realized that CR doesn't sound that safe anymore, even by latin american standards. I'd be interested to know if this growing insecurity is limited to San José and other "big" cities or does it apply for the whole country. I've heard that the Caribbean side is quite problematic. What about Guanacaste/Nicoya Peninsula? I've only been to the southest part between Montezuma and Santa Teresa but always felt very safe.
Bexx7799 replied on March 26, 2015 with:
I (female) travelled alone in CR for the first time this past Feb - 3 wks. Do not yet know enough Spanish to make myself well understood - I mime really well though :). Went from Arenal to Paquera (near Montezuma) to Tamarindo using various forms of transportation. Was out and about by myself early in the morning, during the day and in the evening. Never experienced anything that gave me a moments pause. Don't know if it was luck or just the areas I was travelling in. I too have heard lots of stories of concern re: safety/break ins etc. Some of what I heard gave me the impression that (other than the cities) you may be fine walking around but whilst you're doing that - your home may be broken into :). Since I was staying in hotels (not high end ones but hotels nonetheless) the break in stuff didn't concern me too much and, as said, never felt that my personal safety was at risk. I did run into a couple of young women who were robbed from their hostel room when they were out - took cellphones, ipad, passports, cash etc. and there was a break-in in the residential area near the hotel I was staying at in Tamarindo while I was there. But I didn't hear any stories of street harrassment/ mugging etc. and I was only approached with kindness and courtesy on the street - a little gentle flirting occasionally but nothing offensive or frightening. Felt safer than when I was in Belize a few years ago where everyone seemed to have an automatic weapon strapped to them...
Kohl replied on March 26, 2015 with:
We live in Guanacaste and also live at the end of a bad road, and this makes us feel 'more secure' with our dogs. We had three dogs poisoned during a previous home robbery in another area. Not much violent crime around here but as shermanwc, mentions, lots of petty crime. Our neighbors home was recently broken into and a small vacation home across the road, has been 'emptied' twice, since we have lived here.
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PatCochran replied to the thread Exploratory trip on the Costa Rica forum on March 26, 2015:
chriswright initially posted:
We've visited CR many times, the last probably 15 yrs ago so I'm sure some things have changed. We plan to make an exploratory trip as soon as our house sells before making the final decision to move to CR. We lived in Chile for 10 yr and after 1 yr back in the US we would like to return to Latin America, CR most likely, which had been our our original destination of choice before going to Chile. I'm doing as much research as possible but relying on tourist info doesn't really give you the reality of living in a place. We would appreciate some suggestions about cities to consider exploring. So, what are we looking for? We are retired with modest SS income; would prefer not to be in San Jose or directly on either coast; another city in the central valley would be nice but not mandatory; a place with not to many gringos; don't want to live in a gated community - would prefer to live (rent) in a middle class tico neighborhood; good transportation since we are considering trying to live without a car if we can; would like to have a decent internet connection and phone service. We don't eat out often but when we do we tend to go to small family owned places; don't go to the movies often; do like to go out for coffee with friends or invite them to our home; don't usually go to malls and would do most of our food shopping at the local fresh markets. Any and all suggestions would be welcome.
PatCochran replied on March 26, 2015 with:
We live in the LaGarita area, toward Turrucaras. Suggest you look at both communities. The climate is great and they offer all the amenities you've listed. Plus, LaGarita is known for it's greenhouses and nursuries!
naturechild replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Most of the homes in towns, are placed just a few feet from the sidewalks which is why people build high fences or walls to keep kids and possessions in and 'others' out.
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naturechild replied to the thread CAJA payment investor on the Costa Rica forum on March 26, 2015:
linozz initially posted:
I was wondering if anybody has recently applied for investor visa and how much have you been asked for CAJA payment. I read somewhere that they will be applying the same income basis as for rentista which is 2,500$ monthly. So 2,500$ at the 13,75% rate makes around 350$ monthly. Does it sound realistic for a couple with a 6 year old child?
naturechild replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Thanks for that link, as I always recommend using the website for information, but this seems to contain 'new information'. Notice it does say in regards to Investors "For Investor Status (Inversionista) since the category is based upon an investment as opposed to a monthly income the CAJA has been using the same criteria as Rentista for Investor status i.e. it will use $2,500 as the minimum basis for this category. Keep in mind that these are all the minimums for establishing the monthly payment". It is also well known that some CAJA office do NOT take COL expenses into account. It a good idea to attend the ARCR seminar, although you must register in advance.
linozz replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Thanks everyone. The information about applying the same rate for investor as for rentista comes from
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chopchi replied to the thread San Jose - how safe is it? on the Costa Rica forum on March 25, 2015:
Bexx7799 initially posted:
So I'm hearing all kinds of things about San Jose being very unsafe - true? I'm told that just walking down the street you could be dragged into an alley and mugged (or worse..). This sounds unlike anything else I've heard about CR. I'm sure there are muggings etc. as per any city - pretty much any city in the world (!) but is it THAT much more unsafe???
chopchi replied on March 25, 2015 with:
I heard so many negatives about downtown San Jose that I resisted going there on my own.However during my last visit I took the bus twice and had no problems. I got to visit all the museums,had lunch and walked back from the Museo Nacional via China town to the Coca Cola bus terminal-definitely a ? ? part of town and I got turned around trying to find my bus stop. I asked a shop keeper and his son walked me to the stop! Along the Avenida Central I was amazed/impressed by so much police presence,just about at evry corner 2/3 of them. There's even a raised structure wher ethe police survey the Avenida. I even took photos but put my camera away in my bag. To be honest I didn't enjoy the Mercado Central-I have visited similar markets in Mexico and so I wandered through there very quickly. The only time I felt uneasy was when I tried to find my bus stop back home in the area of Coca Cola. I know better than to wander off into other ? areas such as that around the Children's Museum-worth taking a taxi to get there.Even during the taxi ride I saw lots of police and 2 arrests being made. I live in Atenas and have never felt worried but then again I don't wander around after 6 PM when it's dark and no street lights!.
TICR replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Rohrmoser: 2 friends were assaulted walking down the sidewalk in the morning. Heredia: my 15 yr. old son was assualted walking home from high school. If a motorcycle pulls up with 2 guys on it, you are in trouble.
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Jackietrehorn posted RESPECTED CULTURAL GROUP SEEKING NEW HOME on the Costa Rica forum on March 25, 2015:
Well-respected arts group with over 60 years in the San José area is seeking a new home in which to conduct year-round cultural functions. We are seeking to rent a house or building with an open indoor space of at least 100 m2, with parking for approximately 10-15 cars, and bathroom facilities. Best areas would be Escazú, Sabana, San Pedro.
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goleafsgo posted CELL PHONE CARRIER on the Costa Rica forum on March 25, 2015:
What carrier has the best to offer in the ATENAS area?
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ILuvCR replied to the thread Big Screen Tv on the Costa Rica forum on March 25, 2015:
goleafsgo initially posted:
Does anybody know where to get the best deal in the Central Valley on a Big Screen TV?
ILuvCR replied on March 25, 2015 with:
in my experience there are NO "good" deals on electronics in Costa Rica. everything is hit with "impuestas", importation taxes. That being said I bought my Sony TV, fridge & stove from Walmart. Buena suerte!
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