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yoshi222 replied to the thread Cost of living assurance, please on the Costa Rica forum on October 25, 2014:
camaromom initially posted:
My fiance is very stressed that we would not have enough money to live on with his pension of $4900/month. We have two girls and we are looking to own acreage and have a mini farm, so would be hiring a caretaker and providing room and board. We will be paying for the property outright so will not have a mortgage payment. Am I missing something, or shouldn't we be able to live very comfortably?
yoshi222 replied 1 hour ago with:
Respect is earned camaromom. And personally, if you believe the Ebola outbreak is of big concern, I suggest you stay right here in the USA. You could always end up getting killed in Costa Rica too. OH NO! And you sound mentally deranged. I wish Reagan didn't close down the mental institutions. Now, us "normal" people are forced to deal with you crazies. All I want to do is live my life in PEACE but I have to deal with u crazies And you sound like one of those doomsday preppers . God help us all. Well, have a reasonable discussion with those people. Maybe you'll learn something.
karenmmm replied 2 hours ago with:
True accounting of US debt by a Harvard economist revealed the actual figure to be closer to 211 trillion. Fortunately, for the time being the US still has the exorbitant privilege of printing the world´s reserve currency.
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Kohl replied to the thread quepos on the Costa Rica forum on October 25, 2014:
johnpatrick initially posted:
Hi Someone recommend the best area around Quepos to live ? Thank's Patrick
Kohl replied 4 hours ago with:
Have only visited Quepos, so can't recommend an area to live in but suggest you book into a hotel for a few nights while you look in person and see what is available. Since it is so near Manuel Antonio, one of the most visited areas of CR, rents are liable to be high ... although there may be more to chose from.
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cptmojo replied to the thread Living in a Grecia on the Costa Rica forum:
Yogiana initially posted:
I like to have info about living in Grecia. Thanks !
cptmojo replied 10 hours ago with:
I laugh at all of this "it is too hot in atenas" nonsense. Being from Texas I have wear a jacket every evening and in the daytime it is perfect. I suppose if you were from Montana or some such northern climate it may be warm but to say it is hot is ludicrous.
maxtmill replied on October 22, 2014 with:
We found Atenas to be way too hot for us when we visited last May/June. Grecia was cooler.
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cptmojo replied to the thread costa rica on the Costa Rica forum on October 25, 2014:
gmanvb777 initially posted:
where in costa rica are the most americans living, single and affordable?
cptmojo replied 9 hours ago with:
Agreed, more expats means more expensive. For more expensive you do get more amenities that are desired by expats like larger living space, ac, pool, etc. If you do not want those things it is advisable to not live in an area where expats proliferate. There are many areas with both.
Kohl replied on October 18, 2014 with:
The more expats usually means, more expensive.
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ILuvCR replied to the thread Using the buses on the Costa Rica forum on October 25, 2014:
tbh initially posted:
This question is more about traveling in Costa Rica than becoming an expat but the folks living there should be best qualified to answer it. I'll be in Costa Rica again in late November and after renting a car on my first trip earlier this year I think it is time to learn more about using the bus system, at least for half of my trip. I'll be going down the central and southern Pacific coast for the first four days before going back to Atenas for the last four days. I've been looking at bus schedules and all the ones I've seen have been similar in format to the one from the Institute of Tourism. It gives the origin, destination, frequency, type and duration of the complete run. However, I don't see much detail about exactly where it goes between SJ and Jaco, for example, where the planned stops are (in addition to being flagged down), where to change, and what to change to, and how to identify the type and destination more specifically than reading the sign on the front of the bus. Apparently there are no numbers. So, are there links to sites with more information, or some weblogs that go into more detail? I did a search on this forum and found but I couldn't get much from it. This must be a very common problem for newcomers and tourists. Thanks.
ILuvCR replied 13 hours ago with:
tbh, I used Economy 4-5 times over a couple of years and was always pleased.
tbh replied on October 24, 2014 with:
Iguanalover: I saw lots of stations with that bus symbol in SJ, and I saw a few near rte. 27 which didn't say what they were for, probably/possibly bus stations; however, some of the others clearly stated they were train stations. However, one of the lines goes SJ to Quepos but there was no bus symbol for the station at Quepos. So, Google seems inconsistent. Thanks. Kohl: I looked at anywherecostarica but I don't think that would work for me. It has gotten me looking again at car rentals. I saw in an old post that Steve at Pacificlots likes Vamos, and so do many of the posters on Tripadvisor. They send a shuttle to the airport (2km so no airport fee) and provide a phone, too. Reviews on others seem to be mixed. I used National last trip but I won't be doing that again. Thanks.
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dmarcus posted San isidro piano rental on the Costa Rica forum on October 24, 2014:
Hi, I'm a pianist and composer in Atlanta, and my family will be in San Isisdro, Costa Rica this Spring, Feb-April 2015. We will seek a furnished rental, with an acoustic piano there, if it's not too costly. Please send any thoughts or contacts - names . emails. Maybe a music teacher there would know. mil gracias, David Marcus
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wildwillie posted house sitting on the Costa Rica forum on October 24, 2014:
I'll be staying in Tamarindo for the next couple weeks and would like to meet someone who might need a caretaker down the road. I'm retired and looking at wintering down in CR 3 or 4 months a year. Live on Soc. security not a lot left over at the end of the month. I can be reached at the Pura Vida Hostel after the 27th.
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Kohl replied to the thread CR #5 of Latin American countries for thefts on the Costa Rica forum on October 23, 2014:
naturechild initially posted:
An update of todays news, Not what you want to see, is it? Argentina, at top of the list, with 973.3 thefts per 100.000 population Mexico with 688 Brazil with 527.7 Uruguay with 456.5 Costa Rica with 397.6 thefts
Kohl replied on October 23, 2014 with:
Sad to read this, but not really surprised. 'They say', that many more thefts are not reported as locals say 'nothing is done' so why bother.
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friker replied to the thread Medicare payments on the Costa Rica forum:
wapsigal initially posted:
My friend is praying about moving down to Costa Rica with us. She would like to know if she has a choice whether to stop her Medicare payments that come out of her Social Security? It's just easier to ask you all. Thank you!
friker replied on October 22, 2014 with:
I was told that subscribing to the national health systems in most countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador for sure. Panama I think) would also qualify as creditable coverage. But as I suggested in my earlier post, please check all this stuff out for yourself. I am a veteran with full VA benefits (that I don't use) so that would be my credible coverage even if I didn't subscribe to a national system.
shermanwc replied on October 22, 2014 with:
friker: Looking into this some more, you are correct that if you have "creditable insurance", you can defer Medicare Parts B and D without penalty. "Creditable insurance" is typically obtained from US employers or the VA. The insurance provider must be able to certify that their coverage provides at least as much coverage as Medicare Parts B or D, as applicable. If you plan to do this using a foreign health insurer, I would make sure that they can certify their policy as "creditable per US Medicare". (Good luck with that!)
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TICR replied to the thread US Social Security COLA increase for 2015 on the Costa Rica forum on October 22, 2014:
PuraVida initially posted:
Preliminary figures suggest the annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, will be less than 2 percent. That translates to a raise of about $20 a month for the typical Social Security beneficiary. The government is scheduled to announce the COLA on Wednesday, when it releases the latest measure of consumer prices. By law, the COLA is based on inflation, which is well below historical averages so far this year. For example, gas prices are down from a year ago, and so is the cost of clothing. Prices for meat, fish and eggs are up nearly 9 percent, but overall food costs are up less than 3 percent, according to the government's inflation report for August.
TICR replied on October 22, 2014 with:
Soc. Sec. increase for 2015 will be 1.7%, which is about $20 for the average recipient. It's the third year in a row the increase will be less than 2 percent.
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