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karenmmm replied to the thread Cost of living assurance, please on the Costa Rica forum on October 22, 2014:
camaromom initially posted:
My fiance is very stressed that we would not have enough money to live on with his pension of $4900/month. We have two girls and we are looking to own acreage and have a mini farm, so would be hiring a caretaker and providing room and board. We will be paying for the property outright so will not have a mortgage payment. Am I missing something, or shouldn't we be able to live very comfortably?
karenmmm replied 31 minutes ago with:
If you reread your last, Luv, "Just wish you´d spend your time promoting it rather than bashing CR." To respond 1) Please don´t suggest what I can and can´t say...the topic was fascists...Don´t be one. 2) My response is to camaromom, who wants to learn the TRUTH about CR. As far as your experiences yet to reveal "a single fascist lurking." CR still has laws on the books that make it illegal to criticize elected officials in print. Newspapers must walk a very fine line. Parmenio Medina, a famous radio journalist, who revealed factual inside dirt on CR pols was murdered in 2004. That is a brutal example of the fascism I´m referring to and it´s designed to keep future journalists quiet along with the well respected Mr. Medina.
ILuvCR replied 1 hour ago with:
karenmmm, thanks. Cheerleader for Costa Rica? Absolutely, guilty as charged! Costa Rica is a wonderful little country of stunning natural beauty, full of warm friendly and happy people. Is it perfect? No. But I'm lucky enough to live here and don't regret my decision to move here for a moment. I've dealt with Migracion, CAJA, ICE, INS and not found a single "fascist" lurking. I'm sure that Panama is perfect, I hope that you're happy there and just wish you'd spend your time promoting it rather than bashing Costa Rica? Fair? Pura Vida!
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naturechild posted CR #5 of Latin American countries for thefts on the Costa Rica forum on October 22, 2014:
An update of todays news, Not what you want to see, is it? Argentina, at top of the list, with 973.3 thefts per 100.000 population Mexico with 688 Brazil with 527.7 Uruguay with 456.5 Costa Rica with 397.6 thefts
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friker replied to the thread Medicare payments on the Costa Rica forum:
wapsigal initially posted:
My friend is praying about moving down to Costa Rica with us. She would like to know if she has a choice whether to stop her Medicare payments that come out of her Social Security? It's just easier to ask you all. Thank you!
friker replied 5 hours ago with:
I was told that subscribing to the national health systems in most countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador for sure. Panama I think) would also qualify as creditable coverage. But as I suggested in my earlier post, please check all this stuff out for yourself. I am a veteran with full VA benefits (that I don't use) so that would be my credible coverage even if I didn't subscribe to a national system.
shermanwc replied 5 hours ago with:
friker: Looking into this some more, you are correct that if you have "creditable insurance", you can defer Medicare Parts B and D without penalty. "Creditable insurance" is typically obtained from US employers or the VA. The insurance provider must be able to certify that their coverage provides at least as much coverage as Medicare Parts B or D, as applicable. If you plan to do this using a foreign health insurer, I would make sure that they can certify their policy as "creditable per US Medicare". (Good luck with that!)
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maxtmill replied to the thread Living in a Grecia on the Costa Rica forum:
Yogiana initially posted:
I like to have info about living in Grecia. Thanks !
maxtmill replied 8 hours ago with:
We found Atenas to be way too hot for us when we visited last May/June. Grecia was cooler.
Kohl replied 8 hours ago with:
Incorrect info!! Open from 2pm Friday and Sat morning. Gave info on the wrong feria.
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TICR replied to the thread US Social Security COLA increase for 2015 on the Costa Rica forum on October 22, 2014:
PuraVida initially posted:
Preliminary figures suggest the annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, will be less than 2 percent. That translates to a raise of about $20 a month for the typical Social Security beneficiary. The government is scheduled to announce the COLA on Wednesday, when it releases the latest measure of consumer prices. By law, the COLA is based on inflation, which is well below historical averages so far this year. For example, gas prices are down from a year ago, and so is the cost of clothing. Prices for meat, fish and eggs are up nearly 9 percent, but overall food costs are up less than 3 percent, according to the government's inflation report for August.
TICR replied 11 hours ago with:
Soc. Sec. increase for 2015 will be 1.7%, which is about $20 for the average recipient. It's the third year in a row the increase will be less than 2 percent.
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shermanwc replied to the thread Transport from airport to Atenas on the Costa Rica forum:
donnakmcin initially posted:
Hello all! Thank you for the help with our last question. Here's another one for you: When we arrive in Oct we will have about 12 pieces of luggage, 2 dog crates one large and one xtra large. (300 and 500) all we can think of is to rent a commercial size van or big truck at the airport and then return it the next day after unloading and rent a small car until we can get to Arenal where the car we bought is in storage. It is a small SUV . Does anyone know of a better option? We would gladly pay someone with a large truck or van to help us get this circus to our house in Atenas. Is there a service for this that you know? We purchased a small house last winter so we are bringing some remodel stuff and things that would be too expensive to buy there. We brought our dogs last time but only had 2 suitcases in addition. Thanks for any ideas! Donna
shermanwc replied on October 21, 2014 with:
When my wife and I moved to CR, on our final trip to CR we had 11 pieces of luggage - 8 bags packed to 49 lbs, 1 bag over 50 lbs, and two carry-on bags. It is not beyond my comprehension when you are making a move - but to each their own!
Kohl replied on October 21, 2014 with:
lhammond, you may soon find out that when you have a rental which is NOT a 'vacation rental' where most everything is included, why so many bring their 'stuff' with them, rather than paying double, here.
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lhammond14 replied to the thread where to visit? on the Costa Rica forum on October 21, 2014:
expat4me2 initially posted:
I am a Canadian planning on retiring one year from now. Based on my internet research so far I am considering Costa Rica's central valley but really have no idea where in CR would be best for me. I'm 50 and my girlfriend is 40. We will be in Costa Rica for the 1st 2 weeks of November. Can anyone recommend specific places to stay ? I have read that some expats can be hired to show potential residents around any comments or suggestions would be appreciated
lhammond14 replied on October 21, 2014 with:
Have been to CR 12 times, and in process of permanent move. For your 1st nite at least, there is Bed & Breakfast 10 min from airport - 'Vida Tropical'. They will pick you up from airport if you want - the cost is $50 per nite. We did not stay there but did visit it and they also have a great free breakfast. Maybe 30 min. from there is Grecia, which we visited in Sept this yr. About 15,000 people, and slower paced and safer, and cars don't run you over on the street. We are seriously thinking of moving to that location next year. It also has the reputation for being cleanest city. It is. It is beautiful. Any other questions, in case I don't visit here -
expat4me2 replied on October 08, 2014 with:
We dont plan on living permanently in CR, at least initially but hope to spend May to Oct in Canada and Nov to April in CR. Was thinking I would book a hotel near the San Ramon area. Is there anyone we could hire to show us around the area? I dont mean a real estate agent as we have no plans to buy property.
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karenmmm replied to the thread Mel Gibson drops price on his beach property on the Costa Rica forum on October 21, 2014:
TICR initially posted:
It is not every day when you see a price reduction of $5,000,000. Actor Mel Gibson has a bargian for anyone interested in owning a luxury home in Costa Rica, dropping his asking price for his ranch in Playa Barrigona (Nicoya, Guanacaste). You get 500 acres of privately owned jungle, with three homes, each nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean. “A secluded white-sand beach is just a short walk away, and the sights and sounds of the jungle envelop the grounds. Mel told me that he has received six offers on the property in the last two years, three from Americans, and one each from a German, French and British citizens.
karenmmm replied on October 21, 2014 with:
Mel´s been in Panama a lot recently. He purchased a condo in PC. Mick Jagger just bought a place in Pedasi, outside of David.
gcrtexas4 replied on October 20, 2014 with:
Hmmm, let me check my savings. Think they would take $5,000 down and keep my payments at $600 a month?
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shermanwc replied to the thread cars on the Costa Rica forum on October 20, 2014:
gcrtexas4 initially posted:
Other than the purchase price and unexpected costs, what would be an approximate cost to own a vehicle in CR. I read that registration and such are really high. I don't know about the insurance costs either? I would like to eventually get a vehicle even though I plan on taking busses most of the time even after I get the car. I would only want if for extended excursions and "oh my gosh, I really need to do this now" trips.
shermanwc replied on October 20, 2014 with:
Here are our costs for the first year of car ownership: Purchase of 2008 4WD SUV, diesel, automatic: $21,120 + $100 attorney fees + $280 car buying service for expats. Annual costs: $940 auto insurance thru INS; $436 Marcharmo (auto registration, including min. Liability coverage); Biannual "RTV" inspection approx $10/yr. We spent about $1200 in maintenance and repairs in the first year. (Fuel costs not included.) We also had to buy new CR license plates in 2014 for $40 (not an annual expense).
ILuvCR replied on October 20, 2014 with:
I pay approx. $2.45 per gal for LP gas. Same mileage, burns hotter and cleaner but not as abundant? My guess is that 10-15% of stations have it. I travel a lot and would be in the poor house if I had not stumbled on to this Pathfinder conversion, just lucky I guess? Pura Vida!
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karenmmm replied to the thread Taxes and CR Socisal Security on the Costa Rica forum on October 19, 2014:
sooner7 initially posted:
We are planning to move to Costa Rica and have a few questions. Is income from the United States taxed by Costa Rica? Do expats pay Social security to CR? How is it calculated, paid, and to whom? Thank you.
karenmmm replied on October 19, 2014 with:
I was a permanent resident of CR for many years, but moved once they changed the rules concerning taxes. Recently I spoke to an attorney in CR (I´m in Panama), and he said that in the process of renewing my permanent residency there, I would have to show in my US income tax return.
Kohl replied on October 19, 2014 with:
No, you don't at this time pay tax on income earned elsewhere. Once you are entitled to work, after gaining permanent residency after approx 5 year you are entitled to work, then you must pay tax if you do so. Or if you take a salary from a business you own. You are required to pay a mandatory healthcare which is based on a percentage, which does vary, on your declared pension if you have applied as a Pensionado. If you are under the age of 55 your CAJA (healthcare premium) is approx. double to allow for a small pension at a later date.This would be paid to the CR government, and you would be required to pay tax on it, to the USA.
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