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Parent's Review of American International School Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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What is the name of your child's school? (Please report on one school per survey.)

American International School Abu Dhabi

In what town or city is this school located?

Abu Dhabi

How would you describe this school? (i.e. American, British, International, Local, etc.)

American Curriculum with PYP and IB

What grade levels are represented at this school?

Pre-School - 12

How do most children get to school everyday? (bus, train, walk, etc.)

There are buses available but the majority of students are driven.

How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?

The building is old and poorly maintained. There is however, promise as a new gym is under construction. There a smartboards throughout the school and children have access to computer facilities.

After school activities vary. In elementary there are clubs 3 times a year for 6 weeks with activities ranging from bowling and ice skating to craft and table tennis.

In high school there are opportunities for students to play sport in interschool competitions.

What has this school done to help your child transition from the curriculum in your home country into the curriculum in your new country? Are there programs to prepare your child for repatriation?

My child had no ESL concerns so there was no real need to transition.

How would you describe the social activities available for parents through this school? Are there parent-teacher organizations?

There are no social activities for parents and no parent teacher organisation. There were parent teacher and open house events as well as a fete and international evening throughout the year.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?

Look past the exterior to the classrooms that though dated show a dedicated staff.

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Comments about this Report

Apr 25, 2011 04:24

Make sure to allocate funding for tutors even for the best students, teachers regularly complain about keeping children focused taking away from valuable teaching time. Facilities are lacking, small overcrowded classrooms, small desks for high school kids, old textbooks +5yrs, not many field trips in a town that has so many educational opportunities. Request a tour during school hours to decide for yourself. No air conditioned lunchroom, limited covered play areas is a concern.

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