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Parent's Review of Fairview International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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What is the name of your child's school? (Please report on one school per survey.)

Fairview International School

In what town or city is this school located?

Kuala Lumpur

How would you describe this school? (i.e. American, British, International, Local, etc.)


What grade levels are represented at this school?

Year 1 to 13

How do most children get to school everyday? (bus, train, walk, etc.)

Most children get to school via private transport or local van services.

How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?

The facilities are satisfactory, a basketball court, football field (small) and 3 badminton courts in the hall. They have a decent mix of indoor and outdoor ECAs but perhaps could do with some external ones like horse riding, uniformed clubs....

What has this school done to help your child transition from the curriculum in your home country into the curriculum in your new country? Are there programs to prepare your child for repatriation?

When my children entered the Middle Years Programme (MYP) there the teachers welcomed them well, asking about how they were taught.... There wasnt much in the way of specific help but my son was going into the year 10 class there anyway and had a brittish curriculum background so entering their year 10 class (which was iGCSE) was fine.

How would you describe the social activities available for parents through this school? Are there parent-teacher organizations?

Parents are invited to the festive celebrations that are traditionally celebrated in Malaysia like Deepavali and Chinese New Year. Apart from that there are the other usuals like sports day and carnival. They also host several parent forums only for the IB curriculum families.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?

Have a read into the International Baccalaureate programme. When I heard about it I really didn't understand it but it's a whole new way of education that other international schools in Kuala Lumpur do not use. If you want a holistic education that doesn't focus on the traditional lines of knowledge (cramming books for exams) or sport (lots of facilities and ECAs) but rather more of the development of skills and values then you need to seriously consider Fairview.

What you want in your children is not for them to be physically fit or exam focused but to develop into well rounded, educated individuals. Their facilities and buildings area rather meager but the MYP education is definitely the way forward.

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Comments about this Report

Mar 20, 2011 07:10

I don't agree

Apr 21, 2011 00:22

IB needs to be taught by those who know. Some IB schools claimed they are IB but they don't even behave and act like one.

May 15, 2011 13:01

Fairview means: UNFAIR - VIEW! This company is the worse company that abuses their employees. Besides depending on trainee teachers. In IB School, the students are developed to be principled/ to be an enquirer/ to be caring/ to be logical in your thinking.. oh, yes they do promote just like any other international school but mentally " A China Beng Company" With typical Chinese mentality. The management suck / never logical at all. Very rude in treating their employees. If you are paid for MYR 2,200 (average monthly salary) Most likely this FAIRVIEW China BenG company will surely..drain your BLOOD for the salary of MYR4,200 (" My advise to you: please think wisely before you sign your contract with Fairview") Same goes to the parents,please look for quality Education.. The outer layer may look good, what's inside is totally different.. Ms. No_label

May 16, 2011 20:15

To the last guest 15th May- is it that bad? I know that they paid their teachers very low but to make you work like that is so unfair. I have my children there now for 2nd term, and frankly speaking I'm not confident in their delivery to the children. I send my Children based on the IB programme since they said that they have all 3 programmes. I just found out that it is not true. if it's not been there for the history I'll have doubts but now that my children are in I do see the low side if it. I don't understand is if they have the all 3 IB programme why are they so chaotic? They should've hire more capable people at the front desk to speak professionally. Fairview you will do much better with better inside facilities eg:- smart board teaching, good science lab& outlook of the classrooms., once you just upgrade this I bet you a lot of parents will be joining you! Check out your competitor who already has more than 300students at the initial part.. Please upgrade yourself for future .. Invest invest as parents are willing to pay & furthermore you have a long history!!

May 21, 2011 07:43

Ms No_label..I tends to concur with you. As a parent, we also felt treated by a China Beng company. Guest May16, do you mean they are not a certified IB world school for all PYP, MYP and DP? They said they are the only complete IB world school in Malaysia! Which other IB school are you talking about?

May 24, 2011 11:46

I cant believe any parent would recommend fairview IB to anyone.Granted IB programe is really good by itself and we enrolled our son for that reason in Fairview IB. Fairview has completely botched up the programme.They can barely hold on to their teachers and as result have resorted to using non IB trained teachers.Co-curricular activities are barely there.Its lacking in so many things that suffice it to know we felt it better to withdraw our son as are some other parents we know

Jun 4, 2011 09:13


Jun 7, 2011 03:31

What is wrong with being a family business?

Jun 9, 2011 05:30

Other than Fairview Usj , where else we could find IB school yet reasonable price in M'sia? Pls advise. Tq

Jun 9, 2011 05:45

I'm just wondering where could we find an IB school yet at reasonable price in Malaysia? Pls advise, tq

Jun 28, 2011 22:02

Fairview IB programme has been a BIG dissapointmentfor us just as it would be for parents who really care about good education. Its a nightmare!!!!!

Jul 14, 2011 19:24

My child will be leaving only after 1.5 terms... Way below expectations. Not much sports facilities available. Promoting IB like crazy. My child says they treat IB kids like royalty and CIE kids like 2nd class citizens even tho we pay fees. Some teachers still do not know my child's name after 1.5 terms... Maybe they can't be bothered as they may be underpaid. A teacher actually told my child that she's leaving too coz management sucks! Lastly, what kind of school is this that can't be accessible to school principal?? You would need to make an appointment to see her and that will depend if she's available to see you.... Think hard about that.....

Jul 25, 2011 08:08

Educational purists who dogmatically insist that an international school must consist of "International" teachers (i.e. Caucasians) are gently advised to consider other educational institutions aside from Fairview. Your worship of all things white is better suited to schools which have such teachers. Mont Kiara, Garden International, ISKL, Alice Smith, AISM, or KTJ fees for a term could pay for an entire YEAR at Fairview. It's really like comparing a Porsche with a poorly made Proton. One must question the sanity of the persons making such a comparison.

Sep 4, 2011 12:21

I am a former fairveiw student left fairveiw august 4th 2011. I am a 8th grader I moved to ISKL as you people know it is the most expensive school in kl city. I am a bengali. I hated Fairveiw I enrolled there in 7th grade and left after 1 year. ISKL is an American school it has all facilities that are needed in a pioneer school. Teachers ate all Europeans and Canada also Americans all white skins. Fairveiw environment was rubbish teachers are untrained I hate fairveiw

Sep 11, 2011 00:17

I feel this report is written by the school itself. otherwise nobody will ever write anything like this about this school. THIS IS THE WORST SCHOOL IN SOUTH EAST ASIA !!!! My daughter enrolled in (un)Fairview 3 years ago.and I know this school well. The chaiman and his family run this business with some stooges appointed as the principal,student affairs officer and another fat chinese woman and her sister. They are commiting daylight gang robery ! robing the deposit paid by innocent parents like us. The 'Modus operandi of this gang of thieves, is to find some lame excuse to terminate a student and forfeit the DEPOSIT. excellent business plan isn't it ?? I parked my car inside the school land for a few miniutes to pick up my child, they found fault with this and sacked my child and stole my deposit. I am helpless.......I have no one to complain to, except god !

Sep 22, 2011 23:10

Guess Sept 11, someone won at the tribunal against Fairview and got thier deposit back.Why not try?

Oct 28, 2011 13:46

We were advised to write here our daughters' experience in school recently.after thinking, We made an appointment to see the principal.We was given many reasons that she was busy, not available but we refused to leave. she came and we settled the issue easily. My advice is go and talk.

Oct 29, 2011 20:11

I find it very interesting that almost all the posts here have an incredible number of misspellings and grammatical errors, in fact, most posts have very similar types of errors. While I was interested in finding out more about the school as a potential employee, I'm wondering if most of the posts are written by the same disgruntled 14 year old.

Nov 21, 2011 19:10

Is discipline that bad? I put my children there as it was said to have good discipline!

Jan 21, 2012 03:16

I think the discipline is actually very good. I've been to a few schools and whilst you dont have the rank and file of typical Chinese schools, the MYP kids are intrinsically disciplined and while they will take a few more seconds than a military operation, its very good (by my opinion). One teacher only needs to stand at the front of the assembly and smile for the whole MYP to quieten down in less than a minute. The programmes have been steadily improving over time and have matured greatly since inception. As a teacher there I have watched the changes happen and while some took longer than anticipated, most required changes have finally arrived. From reading the other reviews about the school I suspect there is one or two individuals repeat posting across the forums on the same disgruntled issue. While disagreements are expected, perhaps good manners isn't to flood the comments pages with the same material repeatedly nor vulgarity. Since 2011 August, the school has brought in 3 national level coaches in futsall, badminton and basketball to develop its CCA. They have also introduced professional coaches for "in line skating" and Model United Nations (to which 6 members are attending a conference in DOHA from Feb 1-4 2012). The school grows stronger and better with each passing day. As one of the few International schools that is Malaysian owned and run, surely there will be differences in practice. Is there only one way of running an international school? Is that way derived from classical notions of british or american international schools? Perhaps there is an Asian way of running international schools with Asian Values imprinted. Perhaps Asian practices of patience, respect and loyalty are the primary values encouraged in the school. Unfortunately, it is always the impatient, disrespectful ones who are loudest and most negatively critical in the media (like blogs). The Chairman has spoken many times of such words and I believe in him. Often the silent acts of charity are not publicized in these forums but I have seen many. Often the disgruntled few make the most noise and drown out the faithful who sit in silence at the insult. The IB learner profiles teach open mindedness, risk taking behaviour and principled behaviour. We are also encouraged to reflect. Perhaps reflecting on the emotion behind these posts will shed light on their merit. MYP teacher

Feb 12, 2012 11:00

I am an expat and joined Fairview a few months ago. a harrowing experience!! No system! No unit plans! Too many Heads who are power crazy. What IB is this? i have taught in schools in China and it was impeccable order. The Chian clan is exploitiing! If you are interested in good education, look around. you have choices.I enjoyed teaching in the IB programme before I came here.This is not a school where education takes place .... but one which has earned a reputaion for bullying, trunacy, sex scandala ... please think carefully

Feb 14, 2012 23:08

I am a student in Fairview Kuala Lumpor. I have been enrolled in this school for over a year, and I have been EXTREMELY dissapointed with the way this school is being run. I firt enrolled in the CIE programme. It was rubbish. It was boring, uninteresting, and many of the teachers just read from the text book. After a while, my friends in the I.B programme recommended the programme they were in, and said it was much better than the CIE version. I then asked to enroll in the I.B programme. It was a huge dissapointment. Many teachers who teach in the I.B are CIE trained teachers, the education system sucks and many of the teachers STILL just read from the textbook. All the teachers here, apart a few, cannot even speak the English language properly! This school is woefully inadequate, and I would not wish this school upon my worst enemies children. P.S I transferred from a school in England, so I do have a basis for comparison

Feb 24, 2012 22:00

Discipline is horrible. Management is all over the place. Teachers are not fully qualified. Your kids are being taught by TEACHER TRAINEES of age 18-26 with LOW qualification. And they are underpaid!!!!!! Leaders in the school are so-called BEST leaders, not at all!

Apr 9, 2012 04:13

My daughter joined yr 1 (CIE)in September'11 at the Ampang campus and now has moved to wangsa maju since the Ampang campus has closed.Thus far my child is happy and has told me so many times.Yes I agree with the sudden change in September'12 from pure IGCSE to ISCSE/IB many parents are caught off guard as to continue or leave.I have concern over the teachers qualification to teacher IGCSE/IB but I have decided to stay and adopt an open mind as to how the programme will work. Of course every parent is different and expectations are different but it is not only up to a school to make your child performance academically,a parent shld be involved in their child's performance and not just depend on the school. Yes the facilities such as a swimming pool may be lacking but to me that is not important nor does it mean having a pool qualifies a school to be an international school.yes I agree I have a long way to go since my daughter in only in yr 1 but thus far looking at the teaching style,I am able to approach my daughter's class teacher easily and the other activities planned such as a clown show,a trip to watch a performance has given me confidence in Fairview and of course there is always room for improvement as with any other international school.

Jul 5, 2012 00:03

Guest April 9,2012, I would like to get further comment on Fairview International school KL. We are currently on the look out for international school for our child,who just turn 2. Overall, there are bad comments than good comments and you are the only parent who have an open mindedness toward this school. My email add is sykcsykc@gmail.com. Love to hear from you.

Jul 26, 2012 01:29

We had 2 of our children in Fairview KL. The children initially liked it, as their classmates were friendly. But due to the lack of proper English used by the teachers, the level of English they brought home was just to low, and laden with a heavy Bangalore accent. There were no performance problems, both were in the top 15% of their year. However, we decided to take them both out: We prefer the IGCSE curriculum. However, with the introduction of the IB, the students that did not decide to make the switch were treated like Paria (off limit restrooms, have to use special staircases isolated from the IB pupils etc etc). Also, the quality of teachers in the parent's opinion was rapidly deteriorating, with the management going from bad to worse. Not a single foreign language taught, no clubs, physical ed or anything like tat. This is not an international school if it is run that way. We also wrote letters that remained without answer, and lost the enormous (more than 2 semester fees) deposit times two because they have an extremely long (half year) notice period. Many expat transfer decisions have a shorter lead time, so that way, they keep their deposit every time. Conclusion: NOT RECOMMENDED.

Aug 8, 2012 02:12

Well, the IB program is not suitable if you want your children to be professional (doc, lawyer) as the education system is different than normal ones. Kids tend to like the IB way, cause the teaching is base on activities which requires LESS reading and memorizing. They are encourage to search or find their own answers with minimum guidance from teacher. End of the day they do not gain the solid knowledge like other education system. Only some does well! Parents should understand the education system. Think about your children future. Specially those who are local. Get to know what are subject your children learning. Those in MYPs do not learn science subject separately (Bio, Chemistry, Physics) they only learn general science in some branch. You need to know all this. And, also the turnaround is high. Man left the school. The good one specially. Some branch havent get their IB status, still a candidate !!!! please investigate before you send your child. Don't think when you pay SO MUCH... you will get your child best education!

Jan 16, 2013 02:53

I have the same experience as sept 11 a few days ago.I parked my car just outside the school exit as the queue was extremely long(u have to wait in your car for 40 to 50 minutes to get to the front).the moment i walked out of the school with my son,a fat chinese man stopped me and said i cant take my child out.i replied why?he repeated you cannot take your child out!i said i'm his mother and i walked to my car.the man shouted in a loud voice saying that " i will make a report and have your child expelled!he said loads of things but i couldnt hear the words and i didnt want my child to listen to it too. I was later informed that he was the chairman of the school and i was surprised.(appalled,really).how could the chairman of a school behave like this?he could have just told me nicely that perhaps tomorrow could you please queue up in your car? the queing up system is really a hassle.some parents would take their own sweet time to pick their child up.sometimes the kids are still in the classrooms as the teacher is not satisfied with certain things i.e table not cleared up so everyone has to wait as the car infront cannot move. my kids are there for only 3 months but everyday they would tell me that "my science teacher is bad in explaining things,nobody could understand him."or my ict teacher yelled to everyone asking them to hurry up because "you kids are wasting my time!"i dont even know the teachers' qualification as it was not shown on their website. we are now searching for another school.my kids have been in several international schools overseas and fairview is definitely the least impressive.

Jan 22, 2013 09:32

It is indeed sad and even tragic that such a school is allowed to operate in Malaysia. The Chairman, Mr. Daniel Chian is indeed a deceptive greedyman who together with his children, took education as a mean for wealth seeking and true education is clearly not in their mind. IB is being abused by not having qualified teaching staff and children's safety is compromised by having to study by and under a building under construction for many months in 2012. All sorts of crooked means were deployed, such as changing school semester system in 2013 to make it difficult for parents to move their children without loosing their deposits. If you are not in this trap yet, please look elsewhere as those of us who are unfortunately deceived and trapped are desperately trying to get out.

Feb 25, 2013 04:50

I was a student in Fairview and finished my University of London O Levels there in 1981. I was part of the original batch of 19 students , most of us had followed our year teachers from Garden International when the parents and teachers had a dispute with the Principal of GI and left to form Fairview. The original teachers who formed Fairview were the best I ever had. The original school was just a rented bungalow facing the General Hospital, we did not have much in the way of facilities. Even our football field was 'borrowed' from the neighboring local school. ( we used an old vollyball to play football with back then, it was all we had) when we moved to the 2nd building The one on Jalan Ampang near the army camp., we students volunteered to clean and help paint it because the school was short of funding. we did it because we were proud of the fact that it was OUR school! Regardless of the lack of facilities ( back then we were seen as the runt of the international school litter. so to speak) The teachers and us students were content with what we had, we were like a small family almost, it was a close friendly relationship between us and our teachers, based on mutual respect. We learned more than just academics, we grew up. Looking back now I think we really enjoyed our school life. the teachers, classmates; In a way, the entire experience was somehow romantically colonial in its innocence and charm. (rose tinted glasses perhaps? im 47 now!) It saddens me to think that from our happy and humble beginnings. the school has transformed into such a big entity with such a bad name... The shame... and to think. when I returned a few years after my college years in the UK to see the old school; (actually it was the 2nd, the original was a small bungalow ) it had already changed for the worst.. fenced in yards, some unfriendly English principal. The only good thing to come from that visit was meeting my old Geography teacher (and former headmistress) who said our class year was the best the school had had. Times haven't changed for the better it seems. - Old Boy

Jun 1, 2013 11:58

My question to the negative feedback givers is how then does the school achieve accreditation from the International Baccalaureate Organisation? Is there merit to your assertions?

Nov 20, 2014 07:03

I enjoy reading the comments, bad and good, here. But I hope parents who will read these will be brave enough to check what is/are the true story or the whole story. Below are some of my questions; 1. If the teachers are not that qualified, why the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) is continuously awarding the accreditation not just for one campus but to all, and not just one programme but to 3 programmes www.ibo.org 2. If the school is a money making school, why Fairview managed to help victims of Tsunami in Japan, built a library in one of the areas devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, classroom in Cambodia, coffee farm in Indonesia, offering scholarships to IB Diploma students and Masters Programme to teachers and many more to mention. 3. Some are asking why the Teachers and Principal are not reachable? May I ask, did you think or consider that not only one or two or three parents wanted to see them? Those who are reacting are those who doesn't care about the schedules of teachers and principal. 4. Security Deposit? Some are commenting about getting the deposit, not refunding and so on... May I ask, are you aware on what you had signed before you sent your child in Fairview? Are you aware about their Terms and Conditions? If I am not mistaken, Fairview is very strict in terms of following the SOPP. 5. Discipline? I would like to raise my right hand and ask if anyone here who agree that discipline shouldn't be taught only in school but also in their house. Remember, what your child now is the reflection on how you raise them. I still have lots of questions and concerns but i hope from the statement above it will give an impression to the parents about Fairview. Giving a chance, I will send my kids to Fairview and allow them to learn the true humanity, love and care to others. I want my kids to be more open-minded and knowledgeable in his/her surroundings.

May 31, 2016 11:08

Hi, there! Are there any Fairview International school in KL parents on this forum? We are planning a move to KL and want to have more information about this school, as my daughter is going to IB school now. TIA

Jun 1, 2016 10:28

Hi, I am a father of two kids who are currently studying in Fairview KL. What information do you want to know about Fairview? Fairview uses the two best practices in the education, the British Curriculum and the IB Programmes. I personally recommend Fairview because of the first hand experienced with my kids. My wife and I saw the tremendous change of attitude of our kids in terms of education. Fairview are know to many teaching strategies in order to teach their students. Honestly, my elder son are lazy to go to school every morning back in our country. According to him, their teachers are very bookish and lessons can only be found in their textbooks and whole day or week confine in workbooks. Well, I admit it, its true when he said its better to confine in his room and do the self study instead of going to school and face the pages of the books. But when we transfer here in KL two years ago, I see the changes and development of my son. He is excited to go to Fairview and most of the time, he did his homework at school with his classmates. This is what I like with Fairview community. Another story is my younger son. When we are along the road, we were stop and waiting for the green light. A man crossed the pedestrian lane on the other side even that side in on the green light so cars are expecting to pass by. My son asked me to clarify the meaning of red, yellow and green lights. And he asked me why the man crossed the lane whereby the light is green for the cars. The reflection on this story is, my son who are during that time is 6 years old knows already what is good and bad. Feel free to visit Fairview and see by yourself.

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