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Mujeres Amigas in Manzanillo, Mexico

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What is the name of this Organization/Club?

Mujeres Amigas

In what city is your organization based?


Describe your group.

We meet once a month, women only, to meet other ex-pats in the area and hear speakers from the community. The mission is to keep the group informed of local news and keep the rumors close to the truth. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at El Tablau Restaurant at 1pm.

What is unique about your organization?

We are ladies only, English speaking, no dies or fund raising. Information only.

What kind of activities does your group sponsor?

information from any local groups

How often does your group meet?

One time per month

Is there a membership fee?


Approximately how many members does this organization have?

30 in the summer to 100 in the winter

Is this organization specific to nationality? If yes, which nationality/ies. If no, what nationalities are represented in the membership?

No. Only to english speaking, we are Americans, Canadians,Mexicans and a few Europeans.

What language(s) do member speak?


What is the age range of the people in your group?


What is the name of the person new members should contact?

Candy King

E-mail Address:


Telephone Number:

314 334 2712





Zip/Postal Code:


Web site address (please include http://):


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Comments about this Report

Jul 2, 2012 00:39

How safe is it in Manzanillo now with the cartel troubling the whole country?

Feb 10, 2014 12:07

Thank you...my husband and I ate going to check out that area due to this data.

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