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Amsterdam Real Estate: Popular Neighborhoods

By Barry Burgemeester

Summary: Amsterdam's housing market is hot! Learn about several of this beautiful city's popular expat neighborhoods and housing options that they offer.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Popular Neighborhoods

The Central area of Amsterdam is, despite it is a highly prized location, the place to live if you are looking for a (second) home in Amsterdam. Especially in Central Amsterdam it is difficult to find a complete house or apartment. The breath taking architecture and lovely hidden gardens make it well worth the effort. The canals that flow through these areas are littered with houseboats and what you can find is a mix of almost everyone and everything.

Oud Zuid is traditionally known as the posh neighborhood of Amsterdam and is one of the most popular areas for expatriates. Many houses are built in the style of the Dutch School and originate from the early 20th Century. Most dwellings are privately owned, well kept and for Dutch standards spacious. In Oud Zuid there is also the Vondelpark. This area is extremely desirable. It offers the best of urban living with a leafier suburban feel. Lots of restaurants, luxury shops and cafes are located in this area. Transport is excellent with the centre just 20 minutes by tram. The area around the Rudolf Hartplein is called Duivelseiland where you can find up market shops, restaurants and pleasant apartments blocks.

De Jordaan is just outside the grachtengordel and has the hustle and bustle of urban life to it, but at a slightly slower pace. Housing prices in that location have exploded during the past ten years due to its local popularity. De Jordaan is shared between the yuppies, students and the remaining working class families who have not left for the suburbs. The bars and cafes around the area are often open to a great blend of people. Due to the district's size and continued local popularity, housing in De Jordaan can be very difficult to find.

De Pijp is often referred to as the Latin Quarter of Amsterdam and is named after the narrow, long and straight streets that run parallel to each other. De Pijp still feels like extremely lively district with lots of ethnic diversity. The district has been badly in need of renovations and as part of the government's city clean-up drive; they introduced the opportunity to buy flats. More and more De Pijp offer private possibilities.

Westerpark is conveniently located close to the city centre and the ring road. It has major parking problems. Several new housing projects fill the gap for affordable 3 or 4 bedroom apartments with a large majority of the unusual buildings situated on former industrial sites.

Eastern Docklands (KNSM-, JAVA-, Borneo island and Sporenburg). Historically, the docklands were first used by big Dutch shipping companies, but since 1988 it has become the biggest post war building project in Amsterdam, with 8500 homes built in the IJ river. The area consists of several new man made islands interconnected by bridges. It offers new comfortable homes in an up market neighborhood, close to both the ring road and the city centre.

Than we also point out to you the green and peaceful suburban town of Amstelveen which is situated immediately south of Amsterdam and has a family sort of feel with an unusual combination of Dutch families, suburban singles, pensioners and business people. This means that there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and sushi bars, as well as a wide range of housing available. Prices for larger houses can rival those of the expensive Wassenaar, located outside of The Hague. It is the favored location for both multi national companies and their employees. Trade and IT are big business in Amstelveen and Schiphol airport has been there since 1917.

If you have plans to move to Amsterdam and you do want to find a great location, please make sure you do get the right info!

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About the Author

Burgemeester Vastgoed is a real estate broker who specializes in high end apartments and houses in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Area. We use an extensive network of real estate agents, investors, agencies and private persons to find the home you are looking for.

Do not forget: if you can not find what you are looking for on the internet or other websites, it does not mean it is not there. We know every player in the market and we do separate the good from the bad. You do not have to worry and can concentrate on other matters. We do provide you with a great personal service (7 days a week!) with success guaranteed. Nothing more and nothing less.

Contact: Barry Burgemeester, cell phone +31652381281 or office +31206169399.

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Comments about this Article

Jul 30, 2013 00:15

I have been living in Amstelveen for almost 2years and the experience is really good. It's a good place for a family to live. Try to be very careful while choosing your real estate as some are really cheaters like A1 executive estate in Amsterdam. We had very bad experience with them. The lady Hella not only misguided us but cheated and lied us. This real estate charges alot of commission and show you bad houses and just after seeing 2-3 house they will ask you to take a quick decision as houses will b gone shortly but in actual if you will look at their site even after 2 months you will be able to see the availability of that house. And there are many many other things which made our experience extremely bad with this agency hence when we looked for another apartment we choose Amsterdam housing which was nice and understanding. I just want to help all other expats because I think it's a social responsibility plus when we came here we were totally blank about all this and thus landed into trouble.

Sep 26, 2013 19:37

I also had a very negative experience with A1 executive estate in Amsterdam. They were misleading and out right lied. The Amsterdam housing market is very difficult, but if you can, steer clear of this makelaar.

Mar 20, 2014 05:59

Hi - are you renting or did you buy in Amstelveen? Can you advise realistically what it will cost for a 4 bed apartment in a nice area of Amstelveen? We currently live in a very affordable part of the UK with a detached 4 bed (I suspect we would get maybe 1000 euros if we rented it out. Can you tell me the things you really like about Amstelveen and on the other hand the not so good or struggles you have found please?

Jul 8, 2014 15:54

Excellent article full of useful info.. Thanks!

First Published: May 10, 2008

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