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Settling In: 10 Tips for Living in Argentina

By Caroline

Summary: Here is some great advice for expatriates living in Argentina!

Settling In - Living in Argentina

To get you acquainted with the great city of Buenos Aires and the country of Argentina, take a quick read at these top 10 Tips for Living in Argentina.

1. Hold onto your monedas and small bills. There is a prominent lack of change here, and you will need the coins for the bus and small bills for small purchases.

2. Transportation: a) Get yourself a Guia T, the pocket-sized bus map or a subte map to get around the huge city. b) Taxi drivers may take you on a long roundabout way so make sure to direct him on the shortest route to your destination. (Buenos Aires Transportation Tips for Expats)

3. Street Safety: Do not carry large quantities of cash. If you must, make sure that you do not keep it all in one place: divide it up and keep it in different pockets. And hold onto your purse at all times. And keep in mind that there are no stop signs nor slow drivers on the road. (Street Safety for Expats in Argentina)

4. Tipping: Many restaurants add “servicio de mesa” for table service, but this is not considered tip. 10% is a reasonable amount. As for taxis, round up to the nearest bill. (Argentina Tipping Suggestions for Expats)

5. Dining: Many restaurants and fast food places close between 4:30PM and 7:30PM. You can abate your hunger at an empanada/pizza place til then. Also, Argentines have dinner around 9-10PM, and even later during weekends.

6. Real Estate: Most places charge USD. If you want a long-term rental at Argentine prices, you will need a garantia from someone who lives and owns a business in Argentina. Cheaper rentals can be found on Craigslist.

7. Food: Beef, empanadas, locro, etc. Enjoy these recipes for traditional Argentine food, which varies by region. (Argentine Food Information for Expats)

8. Phone Calls: Dial land lines with 11 before the 8-digit number; dial cell phones with 15 before the 8-digit number. Most landlines, unless you pay for this service, will not allow you to call cellphones. To charge your cell phone credit, take advantage of the Movistar or Personal "duplicate" days in which $30AR will give you $60AR credit.

9. The Beef: It's delicous and it comes in so many different cuts. You can buy all sorts of cuts at the butcher shop (carniceria) or the local supermarket. (Beef for Asado - Advice for Expats)

10. The Expat Community: For a good read and more tips on expat life, business and travel in Argentina, enjoy these personal stories. (Expat Stories in Argentina)

And if you have anything else to add, please do so and help out the fellow expat community!

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First Published: May 02, 2009

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