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Expat Report Culture Shock in Prague, Czech Rep was published
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Don't come without a job. If you don't understand something fully, hire a good translator, particularly if it's something legal. Some people think they know more English than they do, and you can be (un)intentionally misled. (Continue)
geonomad replied to the thread Native-speaker for preschool on the Czech Republic forum:
LenSvo initially posted:
Hi ! I am looking for native-speaker (english language) for playschool in beautiful natural and mountainous area on the outskirts of Czech Republic (town Jesenik). Contract is for one year. Please, if you are interested or you know someone relevant, leave me an email : Thank you
geonomad replied most recently with:
Dear Ms Svoradova, Having read your ad, I assume you need someone ASAP and although I’d be interested in the position I am not available until June 2016. Let me explain. I am an American and certainly a native English speaker, all my life in Denver, Colorado. I am 17 years old and at present half finished with my junior year in High School. After I will graduate from High School in May 2016 I plan to relocate to Czech Republic as I intend to pursue my university education at UMPRUM in Prague. I won’t be able to begin UMPRUM right away because I need to learn Czech first and so I plan on spending a year in Czech Republic just to learn the language. I have a conversational knowledge of Czech, having learnt from my Czech grandmother that used to visit us for months at a time when I was little. Only my father is Czech, in US since 1968, but at home we speak only English. One of the reasons I’d be particularly interested in where you are is because we have chalupa in Orlicke hory and I have bicycled through northern Morava with my dad and like the area very much. And I think I would really enjoy teaching and working with kids. I understand that you may not know your English language teaching position needs in 2016 but I’d appreciate if you could keep me in mind. As my dad I have a US passport and also a Czech passport so to work in Czech Republic is not a problem for me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Jason Belcik
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Here are 10 of the best places in the world to get in the Christmas spirit. (Continue)
catchahat posted Mall business opportunity on the Czech Republic forum:
Hi, I am Vilia, originally from Europe, living in Cuenca Ecuador and looking for partners to make business with Panama Hats. It is handmade of palm fiber which grows only in Ecuador. It is called Panama Hat because of the Canal builders used to wear it at the beginning of XX century. Let us start a new venture investing not more than few hundred US $. For more info, ideas, pictures, please contact:
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I have for sale Mitsubishi Space Gear 97, 4WD (2H, 4Hhi, 4Hlo) with only ca. 122 000 miles very well looked after, regularly serviced and custom modified for comfortable travelling which you can rely on in every situation. It’s Mitsubishi Pajero lifted suspension provides an excellent driving experience and enables you to make your way even though the rough terrain being safe as well as self-contained. You can simply park in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the unspoiled nature, enjoying the solar panel energy, water supply, as well as kitchen and toilet. It got it all. Everything works as it suppose to. There is some small dents and tiny bit of rust present. Much loved and looked after. The vehicle will be sold with additional and much necessary overland equipment and spare parts, Here’s a link to some more pictures of the vehicle interiors. If you would be interested please contact on: mobile: +48535975635, Kasia Kugiel Price can be negotiated.
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Euclidpb12 replied to the thread Looking for english speaking expats in Ostrava on the Czech Republic forum:
Martinskov initially posted:
Hi. We are a Danish family of four just moved to Ostrava. We are looking for a network.
Euclidpb12 replied most recently with:
My wife is Czech and we are moving to the Bruntál area, but have family in Ostrava. We travel to Ostrava now and then. Mainly, however, we'll be in Valšov and possibly I'll be attending Czech language classes in Olomouc. Paul and olga bushey We will arrive in late November.
artspiritjoy replied most recently with:
Hi there, I have moved to Ostrava from Bucharest one year and a half ago and left loads of friends there but stil havent made new ones here. My partner is Czech, altogether we have 3 kids. Looking forward for your message
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Ivamay posted House Hunters International: Renovation on the Czech Republic forum:
Are you expats living in Prague less then two years and are you planning to renovate your home? Are you outgoing and fun and interested in being on television? Then we might just be looking for you. House Hunters International: Renovation is an hour-long TV show currently airing on the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) in America and focusing on international cities. The first half-hour of the series is designed to de-mystify the international home-buying process, by going behind the scenes of a house hunt where expats and their real estate agents tour 3 homes. The second half of the program follows the home owners, designers and architects as they embark on renovations. The renovation could be large or small. The filming time would be approximately 7 to 10 days all together and there is a reward which goes to the home owners for being on the program. We are hoping to start filming in the next few months, and follow the renovations for 2-4 months. Click here for a quick preview of the show: if you are interested, please contact Iva Smidova on or 739674203 for more information.
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antonx replied to the thread looking for emploiment in liberec region on the Czech Republic forum:
antonx initially posted:
im looking for work in liberec region but cant spea czech yet, any english speaking jobs ?
antonx replied most recently with:
Hi,all tough I am no mathematic teacher I could teaching him English, are you Czech ? What exactly are you looking for?
Ludvig replied most recently with:
Hi there! What kind of work are you looking for? I need an English and mathematics tutor for my children.
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adamdewinter initially posted:
Would like to meet any English speaking people living around Turnov area of Czeck Republic. Adam.
antonx replied most recently with:
adam since when are you living in turnov?
antonx replied most recently with:
hi im living in zelezny brod love to meet english speaking expats
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