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robertodecurnex posted Moving to Copnhagen with a salary of 540.000dkk/yearly on the Denmark forum on October 17, 2014:
Hi, I'm evaluating the opportunity of moving to Copenhagen. A local company is offering me a gross salary of 45.000dkk/monthly +10% pansion. I would be moving with my wife and my two daughters. Does anyone of you live there with that gross home income? How is your life overall? Thank you in advance! (Btw, I may be able to get around 5.000dkk/monthly more for free-lancing work).
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Quickbooks posted Used Moving Boxes Available Hillerød on the Denmark forum on October 14, 2014:
We just unpacked and have a huge number of moving boxes, all sizes. Boxes are in Hillerød. Will consider any offer if you pick them up. Please consider these boxes "gone" ten days after this post.
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Quickbooks replied to the thread Mortgage in DK on the Denmark forum:
GGH initially posted:
Hi, I'm looking at buying a place in Copenhagen, I just would like someone to advise regarding mortgages. If I took out a mortgage, do they have rules regarding repayments if I later move abroad? I am planning to stay here, with the flat as my prime residence, but I'd like to know what happens if for example my work situation changes (i.e. will I have to repay the entire loan). Thanks, G
Quickbooks replied on October 14, 2014 with:
Contact a lawyer, but I am pretty sure the rules are that if you cease to be a resident, you are required to sell the house. They have these laws to prevent wealthy Germans from buying up homes for vacation properties.
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Quickbooks replied to the thread 28000 dkk per month. yay or nay? on the Denmark forum:
melc701 initially posted:
My husband has just been offered a job in Copenhagen as a Technical Manager for a shipping company. His salary after tax will be 28000 dkk. We also have to rent an apartment with this money. I think this amount is quite low but what do I know? Any comments would be appreciated.
Quickbooks replied on October 14, 2014 with:
So, what did you do? We are here on similar terms. We live in the northern suburbs to save money. Things are cheaper in the suburbs, just like they would be in the USA. Even movie tickets are a little cheaper. Try Nivå or Humlebæk for much cheaper housing, both of which have rail service to downtown Copenhagen. They have nice beaches too.
leblebi replied on August 04, 2014 with:
You should do fine i guess. As i said entirely depends on how to live your daily life. If you like to eat out too often, you spent too much for instance. We wont have a car until we see if we can live properly as we have a child which introduces extra for childcare. we do not have an house yet, where did you find it by the way? Normally, we have the experience from our previous expat life, the rent should not be more than one third of the total net income and i have the impression that Denmark is no exception.
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sumi posted wat is the visa application form for expat nurses in denmark on the Denmark forum on October 11, 2014:
hi, i got my nursing authorization from the health ministry of denmark and what is the visa application process i should follow now? please help me if somebody is already in denmark to get authorised as a nurse
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Melissa11 posted Need little help on the Denmark forum:
Hi everyone, My name is Melissa and for my graduation thesis I have chosen DRINKING CULTURE IN DENMARK. I need to get some general informations about alcohol drinking habits in Denmark including those who don't drink alcohol. This survey will help me a lot- it will take only 2 minutes of your time. With your little help I will do my graduation thesis so much easier and better. Link to questionnaire: Thank you for your help! :) Kind regards, Melissa
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mlotuab replied to the thread Is it safe to move to Sweden? on the Denmark forum:
Meloney1 initially posted:
We were considering spending a few years of our retirement in Stockholm, but the news reports here indicate that there are cultural riots in Sweden, and they had even shown cars and buildings burning. Is it safe to live in Stockholm? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
mlotuab replied most recently with:
As a non-Swede, living in Sweden (and have been living in Stockholm as well), working in Denmark, I think I have a non-biased opinion. Stockholm is a great place to be. If you want to be on the "safe" side, the northern part of the city is maybe the better part, but also in areas south-east from the city, you can live a great life. The only possible negative I had with Stockholm is that it is a bit in "the middle of nowhere", but all other beautiful things compensate easily for this. Hopefully this is of help!. Good luck.
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Dave63 replied to the thread As an expat, must I pay taxes? on the Denmark forum:
dylan22 initially posted:
Hi, I have been living in Denmark for 3 years now. I studied for 2 years, then I recieved unemployment for about 6 months and now I work as a freelancer at home and have canceled my membership at the a-kasse. I work mainly for one US-based company without a contract, doing animation and a few other art-related projects, and on top of that I do some other freelance gigs here and there. My income is not set in stone but it ranges somewhere between 6000-7000 DKK per month. My question is... do I have to declare this income? Do I have to pay taxes? Two separate people have told me that because I am not a danish citizen and because all my income comes from abroad, the Danish state "doesn't care what I do as long as I don't break any laws". Can anyone please tell me if that's true or if I should talk to someone about my income (and if so, to whom?). Thank you very much!
Dave63 replied most recently with:
I am not a tax expert but as I understand it, as a Danish RESIDENT you are taxed on your worldwide income no matter where it originates from. 8% comes off the top automatically, then you have a tax free amount (c. 48000 DKK p.a. I think) before you need to pay the lower rate tax. You should consult a tax accountant.
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anna111 replied to the thread car leasing on the Denmark forum:
leblebi initially posted:
Dear all i was wondering if you had any experience with car leasing (for used cars mainly)? Would you recommend it? Thak you
anna111 replied most recently with:
Now it became far easy to lease a car, than before. By an appendix straight from a telephone.
Quickbooks replied most recently with:
Do they lease used cars? I don't think we lease used cars in the USA, only new.
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