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designarti posted Delegated to a solar field in Denmark on the Denmark forum on April 15, 2015:
My company has a contract to mount a solar field in Denmark. We are all, management and workers, European citizens. Company is Italian, part of EU. I wonder if we need any type of documentation in order to start working. Anything we need to prepare for Customs? Any ideas? Thanks!
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stormjackson initially posted:
Hi There! I'm an American citizen currently living in the US. and my Danish fiancée (currently living in Denmark) and I would like to be on the same continent! It sounds so simple when I read it out loud, but of course nothing good comes easy! We're getting married this summer and I've been looking into the family reunification visa that Denmark can offer married couples, but the requirements are quite strict. So this got me wondering: Since Denmark is a member of the European Union he can live and work anywhere within those states, correct? So really, HE could live and work anywhere within the EU. So this is my call for help: if I decide to move to Europe, could anyone give me advice on where the best (easiest?) place for an American to get a visa to live/work? We're up for anywhere. Thank you in advance!!
stormjackson replied most recently with:
Just an update on this - We've decided to utilize the EU Free Movement Directive. So he is moving to Sweden and then as his wife I am joining him there.
GeorgiaPeach replied most recently with:
Dear American, You should plan on him moving to the US. Take it from a US citizen that went through the immigratioin process in Denmark...PAIN IN THE ASS and you have no chance of finding work in Denmark either. If you want to be a stay at home parent then you are good, but other than that, you will never find a job in Denmark. We followed the rules of imigration to a married in Copenhagen filed all the proper paper work and I still almost got kicked out of Denmark and that is no joke. We wrote a letter to the local "rag" BT and ended up in the newspaper, twice, and low and behold I got to stay....take my advice get married in US, have your new husband move to the US and live happily every after in the US. The process here is much more friendly, and the only thing you have to prove to the US immigration department is that you can support your spouse fincancialy above the poverty level. My Danish husband and I were amazed at the differences between the two countries and we were pleased that his immigration to the US was smooth sailing compared to what I went through in Denmark. Basically the Danes don't want non-Danes living in their country so they make it as difficult as they can. Good luck!
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property in DenmarkGreat apartment close to the centre of Copenhagen, parks, cool cafées and excellent shopping
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mopiloma replied to the thread Moving to Copenhagen on the Denmark forum:
RhodeIslandRed initially posted:
Hello, I am potentially moving to Copenhagen and am trying to find out the best areas to stay in Copenhagen. I will be working in the centre, and have two kids who will attend one of the international schools. can someone please advise me the best place to find rental accommodation. is there a website that advertises rentals for example? Thanks
mopiloma replied most recently with:
Many thanks. If you don't mind me asking, what area of CPH did you choose to live and why? Are there international kinder garden there as I guess my youngest (4 years) will go to one of those? Again thank you.
leblebi replied most recently with:
Hello We have moved to copenhagen in August. However our daughter is yet 3 years old so she is only going to the kinder garden :) I would like to help if needed on other matters but not this one :) Best
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HI all. I want to attempt to move to Denmark to be with by boyfriend. I know it is hard and that they don't want you if you aren't Danish. I have read a lot of the posts on the forum. However, I want to try it. I was an exchange student there back in high school, so I learned Danish. It is really rusty, I won't lie, but I can read pretty good and still understand if people speak slowly and use little words. Anyway I am trying to figure out visas and how to get a job. I'm going over in three weeks to figure it out. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on getting a job or a temporary residence permit. I know you can stay 90 days on tourist visa, but I'm hoping this will be more permanent than that. Thanks all.
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Whitecrow replied to the thread U.S. Retiree, Grown Weary of Right Wing Movement on the Denmark forum:
Whitecrow initially posted:
Quiet, laid back, non-pretentious, frugal educated retiree from America has grown very weary of extremist, anti- government conservative movement. Looking to retire to progressive, (hopefully) affordable European country with (moderate) temperate weather. Currently paying ~$1000 U.S. monthly rent. Quality health care important. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Whitecrow replied most recently with:
Lisa, Thanks for your response. Obviously, anybody considering relocating to a foreign country should give it a try for 3 to 6 mths. before considering a long term commitment. Of course, when you're considering countries whose citizens are considered pretty reserved, such as Denmark and Germany, it may take longer than six months just to "break the ice"! BTW, I do have a pension and SS, which provides a monthly income of about $3600 (US) as well as some $$ stashed in an IRA. (Still very far from being a "one-percenter". Thanks again, Jeffrey
DarlingLisa replied most recently with:
as an american ex-pat, I feel your pain. If you were thinking of Denmark, the weather is good, but your budget will keep you from Copenhagen. Once out in the sticks, you'll find people are fairly conservative. Religion isn't a big issue with the Danes, as long as you subscribe to theirs.
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gittemohr posted Dane in Panama on the Denmark forum:
Any Danes in Panama City, Panama? Where is everybody?
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spanguole initially posted:
Apologies for this long text, a key part would be after the dash below, if you don't have time. I didn't expect life to be easy here, but this is starting to get really ugly. Back in August we came to Copenhagen to study and were desperate to find a place to live (as everyone else). After living at friends' and hostels for two weeks we finally found a room in two room apartment 10km from the center of CPH. We each signed a tenancy agreement and were really happy to finally settle somewhere. The room was spacious, fully carpeted. The owner was living there with his boyfriend just before we moved in. It was partially furnished, they just took their double bed and left a sofa. Shortly I went to kommune to register my new address, but they said it's impossible because I didn't have residence permit, and even if I did, there are already many people registered there and landlord should come over to explain. Before leaving I was asked what size the apartment is and the woman at the desk suspiciously looked at the papers. So landlord went there, and told us later the problem will be solved in a month. So I thought by the time my permit arrives, I could register, no rush. When in the Borgerservice, I ask how I could receive my mail with the permit, they tell me to write c/o in the form with a person who's on the post box (landlord). They didn't tell this to my girlfriend before, and when I asked how she could receive the mail, they say 'just put your name on the mailbox and it should be fine'. So we do and wait for her permits. Several days later I come back late from a conference. Gf is almost crying, it appears landlord's boyfriend had come over and told her we have to move out within a month because someone from some office noticed 5 names (3 + 2 ours) on the postbox and contacted landlords about having too many people registered on the apartment. It appears even without us there were more people registered than allowed. I have a short trip back home for a couple of days after that. After I come back, my gf is crying. Landlord's boyfriend called, told her we have to move out asap, also threatened her 'we can do this the easy way or the hard way'. We find a temporary place in few days, get the deposit back, and move out as fast as we can from these people. Couple of weeks later my residence permit arrives at that place and landlord invites me over. I come over. The carpet is gone, and there are two boards on two places of the floor. Below those boards were two big cracks in wooden floor about 1.5 meter apart. I immediately thought "so that's what the squeaking and swinging was about in that place". We noticed it after we moved in, but just wrote it off since we thought it's just an old floor under the carpet and they should've known this from before. But guess who he is blaming for it? I deny it, but he claims I'm lying and that it hasn't been there before we moved in, and "it's my apartment, I know how it was before". I don't have time, tell him to send me an email of what the handyman tells him and leave crushed. Few weeks pass and I get an email with an estimation of 5000+DKK for changing of 3 broken wooden boards. I write him back with a detailed explanation why it couldn't had been us, how we didn't move or buy any furniture, how we didn't even have any guests or parties in that month, nor we did anything else that could possibly break it down. And also that I'm not willing to blindly pay anything before I consult with my lawyer. Sigh.. Advice? Next step?
Quickbooks replied most recently with:
I think you should slow down and not react quickly. Don't be frightened into making a quick decision. You have your deposit back, and it sounds like the Landlord was renting to you illegally. Danish tenant law is pretty favorable to you, so the burden is on the landlord to find fault with you. The time for the landlord to complain was before he gave you back your deposit. It would be ideal if you had photos of the apartment from your move out. But again, returning the deposit is usually a sign that the condition of the apartment is acceptable.
blindave13 replied most recently with:
A wild back, I thought about moving to Copen Hagan also bought while doing my research I came across many stories similar to yours. It seems Danish landlords are notorious for this type of thing and the only advice I can give is probably too late for you. When ever you plan on moving in to a Danish apartment, carefully inspect the apartment and make sure the lease mentions any problems before you sign the lease. If you don't do this, you very well may be on the hook for these so-called damages. I honestly think this is all part of just the general anti-Farner atmosphere in Denmark because I doubt this happens to natives nearly as much to foreigners!
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Quickbooks replied to the thread Apartment hunting on the Denmark forum:
fairooz initially posted:
Hi - I'd like to move over in January to Copenhagen, and apartment hunting is seeming to be impossible! If anyone has a spare room they know of, no matter how small, temporary (1-2 months) or long term - please let me know as I really need to find somewhere! Also if anyone has any tips on searching - good websites (in English) or where to stay while homeless and searching, let me know!
Quickbooks replied most recently with:
I have had very good luck with AirBNB, and don't be afraid to move a little out of the city. Gentofte is really nice.
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