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StevenBarr replied to the thread Idea of living costs etc. on the Dominican Republic forum on April 23, 2014:
maximummax431 initially posted:
Hi there, I am currently looking at options for moving my family from where we are currently (Colombia) to the Dominican Republic. I am English with 3 children and my wife is Colombian. We have been in Colombia for the past 4 years but are beginning to get fed up with a number of factors such as very high cost of living in Bogota, poor weather, lack of security etc. I am trying to get an idea for the cost of living in the Dominican Republic from rental costs to education (13, 11 and 3 year old children) so that I can compare with what we currently pay. My thinking is to continue working part-time in Bogota and fly in every 6 weeks or so. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
StevenBarr replied 27 minutes ago with:
I am an expat living in Santiago, Here I rented a compound, 2 houses with a pool for 1000 US when I moved they raised the price to 1500 us, I send my kids (5, 14) to private school. My son 14 I pay 7000 us a year. My doughter goes to another school for 2000 a year. There r a lot cheaper schools but education is important to me. When u fly in come visit us in Santiago. ( I picked Santiago because it is not a tourest town. It cost me 60% of what I spent in the US in the Miami area. reseacher steve
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StevenBarr replied to the thread Dominican News. on the Dominican Republic forum on April 22, 2014:
Sereno initially posted:
We all know that news associations spin things. This one of several that I look at; cause it's in English and easy for me. I do scan others too. Reading and learning is a mixed bag here and I sometimes don't know what to make of what is going on. We are in a major drought but the money spent on other projects and not the basics just has me shaking my head not understanding why the basics are not addressed. Yet high cost of unnecessary projects that require other country's to do is the normal way of doing business.... for the "kick backs" to a few. It now is a problem of WHAT needs the priority and get done. Riots in some areas and many without water at all. Not to stir the pot, just my opinion. You that live here add yours and let others know along with the "news". BTY. NO one tells us the real reason for no water. NO one. I send my own people out to learn. "It's NOT MY fault!". The always heard Dominican chant. Sorry for my rant? No. It's sharing and learning experience. ; Sereno
StevenBarr replied on April 22, 2014 with:
Yes the electrical grid in Luperon is uneliable. Lack of power is bad for the tourist business no ice for their drinks and no ac at night after a long day at the beach. With 8 solar pannels and 8 batteries 96% of the time the sun supplies me electric. The gov run electric company cannot supply electricity 50% of the time. Thanks mister Sun!! Lets not look to any gov for any services they will be exprnsive and the services are of poor quality that includes US medical services. Happy expat living off the grid with wife and kids.
Sereno replied on April 22, 2014 with:
Just to keep you busy? Let's ruin more of the D.R.... (put a mad face here.) Fires set by farmers char Los Haitises National Park, deputy warns Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.- As many as 100 wildfires char the forests at Los Haitises National Park (northeast), ruling PLD party deputy Ricardo Contreras affirmed Monday, blaming Haitians who plant cash crops under instructions from "criminal hands.” He called Los Haitises the Antilles’s biggest ecological lung, home to numerous rivers that supply water to Greater Santo Domingo and Monte Plata. He said it’s also home to a great variety of fauna of flora. The lawmaker also warned of deforestation at Sierra de Yamasa range, the source of the Ozama River, the country’s fifth biggest watershed. President Danilo Medina executive order 360-13 named a Commission to solve to the problem of the squatters evicted from Los Haitises and prevent its continued destruction. Sereno shaking his head. (we had .14 inches of rain last night that provided just under 200 gallons into our cistern from our roof catching. ;) )
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Sereno replied to the thread BUYING A CAR on the Dominican Republic forum on April 20, 2014:
srp511 initially posted:
New to the DR and need transportation. If anyone moving out please contact Thanks
Sereno replied on April 20, 2014 with:
Hi. You might want to add a little information. IMO; you should consider: 1. Area or whole island. 2. Car, truck, SUV, 4WD or anything. 3. MUST HAVE CLEAN TITLE and current permits. 4. Gas, Diesel, LPG. 5. Years range. 6. Price range. (?) 7. Subject to mechanic inspection and if used from U.S. CARFAX. 8. Lawyer verification of papers and transaction. Buying a used car in the D.R. can be very tricky. Please be careful. check out to get some idea of asking prices. Good Luck. Respectfully, Sereno
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Sereno replied to the thread finding home with dogs on the Dominican Republic forum on April 19, 2014:
auryte84 initially posted:
Hello. I was wondering does anyone has experience renting home with dogs?? i am mooving to Dominican for a year and i have 4 dogs that i need to take with me, however i am worried that this is going to be a big problema in finding home.
Sereno replied on April 19, 2014 with:
On page 2 of forum. "Finding a home" started by: Kiskeyanos This should give you some information. Also note that the Dominican Republic DOES have immigration laws and WORK laws. They are saying that they are going to be getting tough with illegals. ;) Sereno
Sereno replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Does your husband know anyone in that area? Perhaps someone that he will be working with can start looking around or recommend an Agent. Most nicer homes with yards/pools are walled with a front gate that keeps the dogs inside (intruders outside) BUT you most likely will need to figure out how/where to secure them when you or others are going in and out. (We have 5 people living here plus 4 dogs, 3 horses and a donkey and hired help so we are always watchful.) Punta Cana should have some nice places so elec. and water should not be too much of a problem. Security is always high on my list. Double check everything in detail as to what is included and what is not. Again, read a couple of other threads that cover renting and the general situation here in the D.R. Time frame? Some airlines will NOT fly pets in the Summer. You will also need Veterinary papers proving last time for shots and THAT must be done within a certain time period before flying. Your airline should be able to help with that information. I hope that we have helped. Feel free to ask questions. Good Luck. Sereno
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Expat Report Living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep by Planner was published
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
Any expat groups, spanish lessons at a qualified school. Join a dance group, a walking group and kind of group that gets you out meeting others! (Continue)
Expat Report Jobs in Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep by Planner was published
What advice would you offer others about finding jobs and working abroad?
Network, network network. Come down here with a minimum of 6 months living expenses and the cost of residencia. Most employers will not hire you if you are not legal first. (Continue)
Planner replied to the thread health insurance on the Dominican Republic forum on April 16, 2014:
Sclinton initially posted:
I am planning on living in the DR for at least 6 month and if I like it for years. Is it possible to buy health insurance as a non-resident?
Planner replied on April 16, 2014 with:
You must apply before age 65. Sometimes they require a physical and sometimes they do not. Not all my clients have had to get them. Some pre existing conditions will be excluded. But you can get coverage for everything else! yay....
Sereno replied on April 16, 2014 with:
Thank you boater. I was coming to your conclusion that you stated rather well. In a few years my wife and I will have to make that change from what is now a good plan but will go so expensive that we will have to look new policies. Since I don't travel much, I can get the U.S. Medicare with the emergency evac just in case of something really major. I'll have the D.R. plan for everything else. Our current plan needs pre-approval down here and then they pay us. Cataracts done here didn't get near my deductible so all out of pocket anyway. (under $5K vs over $20K going back to the States and having to rent place/car/live for a couple months.) IF I had the D.R. insurance as well, they would have kicked in for some of that under $5K. As others have pointed out, the D.R. does have some good medical facilities and people but .... not for open heart work, aggressive cancers and kidney transplants. If I travel to other countries other then the D.R. and U.S., then other policies can be purchased. My wife however, will cost an arm and a leg staying with our present provider since she travels the World and needs that coverage. Well done guys and thanks. Bottom line to the OP. You can get medical insurance here in the Dominican Republic using your Passport. Right? Sereno
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Sereno replied to the thread Bank Accounts in DR on the Dominican Republic forum on April 14, 2014:
Sclinton initially posted:
I am planning on living in the DR for at least 6 months and if I like it I will stay for years. I work from home on the internet and will be transferring funds to myself from the US to the DR. Any suggestions on opening a bank account in the DR and transferring funds?
Sereno replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Some banks are better then others. Some branches of a bank are better then others. So experiences will be different. We had two accounts here years ago. One in U.S. $ to transfer from our U.S. account to the D.R. Another in Pesos'. We then could take the U.S. $ and move that into the Peso account. It became so expensive and time consuming, plus the long lines, that it was not worth it so we closed both. We work via internet so most of our clients do a direct deposit into our U.S. accounts. We have been using a money changer that cashes our personal U.S. $ checks and we get pesos. No lines, fees or hassles and charges just a small fraction more then the banks exchange rate. Due to the large number of debit and credit card fraud, we only have one credit card that we use for large expenses and that Company always has us call to verify that it is us using the Card. I hope that others will share their experiences. Good luck. Sereno
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Sereno replied to the thread Living in Juan Dolio on the Dominican Republic forum on April 14, 2014:
Sclinton initially posted:
I am considering living in Juan Dolio. Anyone experienced there and have suggestions?
Sereno replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Hello Sclinton. I live on the North coast so I can not give advice concerning Juan Dolio. However, most ex-pats that live here mostly give the same advice. 1. Rent for min. of 6 months before buying anything. 2. Make sure you understand what is included in the rental. 3. How is the electrical service. Generator. Inverter/batteries. 4. Security. 5. Water situation. 6. Cable TV and internet availability/service. 7. Noise pollution. Keep in mind that Agents are not licensed in the D.R. so be very careful with whom you are dealing with. You may want a lawyer to go over the rental agreement/lease with you. The D.R. is also setting up to make ALL non-tourists to become registered and legal with residency. You may want to learn more about that. I don't know if Copy/Paste works here. Look for this thead : Finding a home started by Kiskeyanos Good Luck. Sereno
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aali4 replied to the thread Sending kids to local schools? on the Dominican Republic forum:
karpo3 initially posted:
During our 6-month sabbatical, I'd like to send my 10 and 12 year old to local school to work on their Spanish. Frankly, I don't care if they learn anything else (they're bright kids and we can homeschool them on the few things they need to really learn during their six months"off"). Has anyone done this in DR? Any idea what the rules are for visiting US citizens? Can we send them to local public schools? Anything we should do before we arrive, or can we manage all this once we arrive? (FYI, we're all beginners/intermediate in Spanish -- I'm brilliant at charades :) but am worried about the level of bureaucratic Spanish getting in my way...). And we're not sure where we'll be living yet so just need general info.
aali4 replied on April 11, 2014 with:
Hi Steve, can i ask how much it costs for your children to attend private school yearly? Also did they speak spanish when you moved there? If not how was the transition and how were the other students?
StevenBarr replied on April 11, 2014 with:
I am retired and live in the Santiago area. I have 2 children 6, 14. I send them to private school and they are doing great. I find the country a relaxed atmosphere to raise children. I monitor who and were they go. they are great kids and soon I hope to have my son go to the colledge here to study medicine. good luck on ur adventure. steve
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