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Ltindal replied to the thread garbage on the Dominican Republic forum on October 20, 2014:
Kiskeyanos initially posted:
Just got back from DR. This time I stayed near SD for business, ended in Boca Chica for a day of sand and surf. Coming into the capital was sad. The amount of garbage and litter in the streets outside of the tourist area was unnerving. Many Barrios just have garbage piles on the side walk. Glad my plan is to move further west in a non urban area. It appears that what people say about the poor infrastructure is true (I already knew this). Going in with eyes wide open.
Ltindal replied 10 hours ago with:
I tried to tell you this many months ago. Your recent experience of seeing the living conditions up close, is a must and should be seen again and again over a period of time for it to sink in, before moving here. I'm now in my 4th residence in the last two years, trying to find a peaceful/quiet place to live. I lived in Jarabacoa, ( 2 locations ) and Santo Domingo, ( 2 locations ). Seems to be the same every where, rich or poor.
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Planner replied to the thread marriage on the Dominican Republic forum:
domrep2011 initially posted:
Hello everyone , i worked in DR for a few years for a major travel company . I worked in Bavaro , uvero alto , punta cana , bayahibe/dominicus , Puerto Plata and Rio san juan. My favourite hotels - hard rock bavaro , excellence uvero alto , gran barcelo palace bavaro.. For area - ibero star dominicus. For locals - rio san juan . I am back in Ireland and have failed to obtain uk tourist visa for my girlfriend that lives near to rio san juan . So I will go back in december to marry on playa grande and have honeymoon in cabarete , love jose o sheas lol . Any tips on what I need I know i have to get my birth certificate translated and a copy verified by DR embassy and a certificate stating i am single. Any other advice or tips , please
Planner replied on October 18, 2014 with:
Are you confusing marriage and residencia????
senormike replied on October 18, 2014 with:
i think i'm getting dumber. i just pulled up that list and it doesn't cover every thing, check with your embassy
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senormike replied to the thread Guarantor for apartment rental on the Dominican Republic forum:
HarryLL76 initially posted:
I am a retired American. I am thinking of retiring in the Dominican Republic. I am considering both Santo Domingo and the North Coast. But, when I look at the reality of renting I find that those who promote the country as a great place to retire seem to forget to mention one key downside. That downside is that DR landlords require that potential renters provide a Guarantor. I am neither planning to buying property nor am I interest in finding a girlfriend in hopes that maybe her family could act as a Guarantor. So help me guys. How does someone moving to the DR rent an apartment there? Renters face the same problem in Colombia. I know guys who had to rent from other foreigners who charged a much higher rent. Or, they had to offer at least six months of rent in advance. In some cases landlords would not even accept six month in advance. Each time these guys moved, they had to go through the same exercise.
senormike replied on October 15, 2014 with:
just sent you a message, went back to check it and see i made an error in my email address, correct it to you can also contact or mikey at or 850-364-9515 which is a magicjack florida #. he has an online business which starts at about 3 am est time and is quit busy till around noon, try ll:am. get back to me in case i've given you wrong info
senormike replied on October 15, 2014 with:
i can only speak of puerto plata and the surrounding area. puerto plata in on the north coast and has an international airport ( pop ). i have spent the last 2 winters there. my first trip i rented a 2 bedroom apartment for about $375/mo and was one block from the beach and like any city, you don't walk around at night. during the daytime your fairly safe, fairly. found out about the apartment from a taxi driver who took me to the apartment. walked in and gave the woman the rent money and i don't remember but i don't think she even ask to see my passport. stayed there for 2 weeks and left because i found a more suitable area just on the outskirts of town where you can walk around at night. the place is called COSTAMBAR, you can look it up by going to their site, costambar. org. that's where i spent the last 2 winters and already got my flight and a room. your an american so am i, doesn't mean too much however, there aren't many americans there but a lot of canadians for 4 or 5 months and they are a hell of a lot of fun to sit around drinking and talking. i love em although they make fun of me in a fun type of way. as far as my dealings with landlords, there is no guarntors required. go to costambar. org and look at the site if you want to learn more, contact me at my email which is michaelbrazell$ i can give you email addresses you can contact and talk to real people who live there
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craigenglund replied to the thread banking on the Dominican Republic forum on October 10, 2014:
wgoler initially posted:
Will need to transfer money from US bank account to one in the D.R. The only reference I see under 'Expat banking' is an HSBC deal that requires you to maintain a 60,000 pound balance to move money from the US to the DR. That's nearly $100,000. Can anyone suggest an alternative for having money available for a DR car purchase? Tnx.
craigenglund replied on October 10, 2014 with:
Bank of America has a working agreement with Scotia Bank. Go to a BOA in the states and request a money transfer. They will be working through an intermediary bank usually Chase.
lasterrenashomes replied on October 08, 2014 with:
Ask your bank which banks they deal with in DR, open a bank account there, the you can just do bank to bank transfers whenever you need. The transactions cost $40-50 per transaction, so it's only worth it to do it for bigger transfers. A lot of US banks deal with Banco Popular, they are generally not bad. To keep the $US account open and not pay monthly account charges I think they require for you to keep around $300 in the account.
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Planner replied to the thread And the winner is......... on the Dominican Republic forum:
Ladybug10er initially posted:
After our two weeks on the North coast of the DR, visiting many areas and with some very good , useful and wise advice from two amazing women that live in the DR we have made our decision on where we would like to retire. The winner is COSTAMBAR. We spent days with people who live there and visited local businesses and feel it is the right fit for us. We looked at real estate to rent and found several that we liked and will rent one of them when it is time for us to move. We are taking it slow. A month stay after the first of the year, I'f we like it then 6 months next winter and then we will go from there. So I would like to thank everyone for their postings on here that also helped us very much. Now it is time to learn Spanish :)
Planner replied most recently with:
It was a pleasure to meet you both!!!! I think you are going to fit right in and love living on the north coast. Next time I am going to be around longer so we can have more FUN!!!! I know you had a great time......
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Planner replied to the thread Buying a business on the Dominican Republic forum:
kraespub initially posted:
I'm thinking of buying an existing business in Carabete. Any advice?
Planner replied most recently with:
You are ahead of the game because you have experience! Awesome. Yes I can help you with this. I will send you some info privately. I assume first you will incorporate or buy the restaurant and corporation! Make sure to check it all out thoroughly, need a good lawyer let me know - he speaks English fluently! More by private message.
kraespub replied most recently with:
I'm in the very early stages now. I am looking at a restaurant of which I have owned 4 of my own in the states. I do not speak spanish but will start learning it NOW. I do not understand the labor codes or tax rules. any idea where i find that info?
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isellina posted CANINE KINDERGARTEN PUNTA CANA on the Dominican Republic forum:
Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows of a doggy day care center in Punta Cana or surroundings? I land in Punta Cana on the 1st of october and need a day care center where my dog can socialise with other dogs during the daytime, while I work. Does anyone knows if this exists??? Many thanks. Best regards, Isellina
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Planner replied to the thread October trip on the Dominican Republic forum:
Kiskeyanos initially posted:
Heading down for our second trip this year to the indigenous festival at Las Cuevas de Pomier in San Cristobal. I really want to check out the housing market in coastal Bani and Azua, but don't know how to get into see properties. I have tried to email 2 real estate agents with what look like great properties, but they never call or repond. One is Felix Del Valle and the other is Rabbit international. We have friends in government and plan to get a lawyer. We're just looking around now.
Planner replied most recently with:
It works differently here, there is no MLS and no exclusivity ever. Go find something you like, call the number on the sign posted. A realtor is only going to show you what they want to show you. (I am sure there are exceptions) Here everyone will want to sell you something including the taxi driver who just became a realtor when he saw $$ signs. Finding a place is boots on the ground, then ask around, look around, compare etc.
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property in Dominican-Rep

BREEZES is a small family oriented resort conveniently located in a secure gated community a short distance from Cabarete and Sosua.

isellina posted THANK YOU! on the Dominican Republic forum:
Thank you all for your support and advice on this forum. I've finally managed to get nearly everything sorted, car is sold, shipping company has been organized, dog vaccinated, etc. So far everything is going smoothly and regarding business is going smoothly as well. I should be down in Punta Cana on the 1st of october. Wishing you all the best and much luck for whatever your plans are! Sereno, good luck with selling your house too. Best regards from Mallorca
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