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Ltindal replied to the thread Is it really so bad?? on the Dominican Republic forum:
concreteman initially posted:
Really? Nearly every post has someone telling you about how you will be screwed out of everything you own. Are Dominicans such bad people? I lived in Mexico for 6 months a ways back and loved it. meet many great locals and really don't recall a bad day there. Does anyone have a good life there or are you all there loving the weather and hating the country? I hope not, it would ruin my plans for the future. I have been searching the Caribbean via forums and other reading sources as to where a good place to live may be and have it down to 3 or 4 choices. The DR is one of them. In the next 2 years we will start traveling to these areas to see what we think. Someone give me some hope please...but be honest. Thx
Ltindal replied on October 30, 2014 with:
Replying to StevenBarr's post; I will start by warning every new comer to this site to be very careful about any and all advise that you are given by commenters about moving here and living conditions, etc. There's absolutely no evidence that the said commenter is an Expat. With that said, I'm retired from USA and I have my health insurance plus medicare in the USA. I return to the USA for all medical visits and to purchase my medication. The reason for that is, during my first 3 months in DR (2012) I went for a scheduled visit to a kidney doctor at Cedimat (the largest new hospital in Santo Domingo). When making my appointment, I asked, " does the doctor speak English?" I was told yes. When my fiancé, who's a registered nurse, and I sat in the room with the doctor; we discovered that he did not speak English. He also was clueless as to what questions to ask me, as my fiancé told him in Spanish, that I had a kidney transplant 6 years ago. I would have been better served speaking to doctors Moe, Larry & Curley. He did give me a prescription to get filled. The following day, I took the prescription to my primary DR. from Cuba, who opened the medical books and showed/told me, if I had taken this medicine, I'd be dead in a week. Therefore, the other commentor, was correct; you will be told by Dominicans what you want to hear, but it will not be true. Being bored here is an understatement. It's not the place, it's the people. I'm just blessed that I can fly from this place whenever I want. As for the other things, it would take 10,000 more words to explain.
StevenBarr replied on October 30, 2014 with:
I live in Santiago area, Camp david. I have lived in Santiago for 3 years with no events. I lived in a boating comunity in Luperon for another 5 years with no events. Life is safe here if you watch were u go and when, I did the same when I lived in Miami. A nice city but it can be dangerous at night in the wrong areas. I live a family life and I am usually at home before dark and up at 5 AM getting the kids ready for school. Private schools can be expensive here not like the US but the cost range in the $3000 US to $8000 a year for kids in the Santiago area. the people r friendly but will tell u what u want to hear, not the truth. gov is slow electric is off a lot for repair or black outs in the poorer areas to save fuel. Poor areas don't pay there bills. Water is good in most areas in Santiago, I n Luperon the water has been off for 3 years, they shut the tourist hotel down and the water also. Common areas by definition r areas that belong to everyone but no one cleans, repair, fixes. Look at the condition of most condos and u will see what I mean. Earthquakes are common here. Small and mostly unintursive. Many things are available here at La sirrena (wal-mart). there r some better stores Bravo, and National. There are a few low paying jobs for foreigners if u will work for $100 a week. Medical situation is good here u can buy health insurance if your 60 years or younger for about $60 a month or less. Family coverage is available and cheap. My brother in Miami pays $19,000 a year for family coverage. Medical doctors are vary similar to US doctors, the help maintain ur Diseases. Alopathic drs. The food is fresher and more healthy her in the dr, most of my friends lose weight in the first year and keep it off. HOMS is the new hospital, my wife and child both had operations that were successful. Come visit you will love it, a lot of foreigners get tired of the 3rd world living in 10 or less years. they get bored!! by for now steve in dr
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sharith posted Community Building on the Dominican Republic forum on October 30, 2014:
I have read many excerpts or blogs about The Dominican Republic. Since I'm coming to live in the Dominican Republic for six months or more then apply for my residence. Why not male it comfortable for all us Expats. We should establish a welcome package for Expats and provide a sponsor for individuals who are going to stay in the DR for 3 months or more. I've heard so much about the crime, trash problem, unsafe night life lets make it safe for ourselves. We should start an investment club and but properties and we can, meaning members of the community we created can live in the property we buy for ourselves. Example purchase a building with 10 or 15 renovate for cheap and bring up to building code and specification to DR regulation and standards and live for free, the rest of the apartments we can rent out to other Expats for an affordable cost. Between US $250-&350.00a month. We can have a minimum investment of $,2000 and with 50 Expats that will be US $100,000, then we can create business and other things to suffice our needs. It will be a community, society, and our own little Utopia with in there society. We will have to elect council members on the board such as secretary, treasure, public relations, security advisor, sergeant at arms, chaplain, trustees, and community executive officer and have a membership dues for $ 20.00 a month to have funds for emergency funds for expats, parties and or celebrations for vip's or dignitaries. We would elect council members every two years and have secret password to enter our meeting. We can have our security for our properties to be safe, from unsavory individuals who want to violate us, rob us, or cause us harm. Since I'm a former retired Military Police and Protective Security Specialist we can protect ourselves and other expats in our community. This way we can enjoy walks at night or nights at the beach with our family and significant other. I read blogs about the trash and the uncleanliness of our locals. We can bring in an waste management consultant from the US or Canada to show us and teach us innovative ways to rid our self of the trash problem and ways to dispose of our waste. Possibly recycling it for monetary efforts to help our community to go green and we can make rubber products , fuel and energy. Use some of the money to sponsor our own youth organization and life foundation to help other people in the DR who are less fortunate, we have to give back. Last but not least people we have to have sponsors to donate in our cause making us a non-profit organization. The more funds we have we can buy more properties and business we create, we can help more people less fortunate than ourselves. Then we create and generate and income for ourselves and all of the investors will have shares in our organization and an income to live on while we reside happy in the DR. We have to reach out to major political figures, law enforcement agency, prominent business figures, and tourist commission. We have to have this support before we start to rise and do positive things. The more we do and we are professional, thorough, and effective they will listen to us. We have to have them on our side or we can say in our back pockets, since most of them are corrupt we make them honest. We make them feel good and treat them important, even if we think they are not important. My father told all the time even when he passed away,treat other men like their a gentlemen not because they are gentlemen, because you are. Lets us not forget, it's not what you know its who you know. If anyone out there think this is a good plan give me your honest opinion and be critical not offensive or disrespectful. We have to protect ourselves in the DR and make it safe and livable for us and our loved ones. Thank you for your time and effort they are greatly appreciated. May the peace and blessings of God be upon us all.
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Planner replied to the thread marriage on the Dominican Republic forum:
domrep2011 initially posted:
Hello everyone , i worked in DR for a few years for a major travel company . I worked in Bavaro , uvero alto , punta cana , bayahibe/dominicus , Puerto Plata and Rio san juan. My favourite hotels - hard rock bavaro , excellence uvero alto , gran barcelo palace bavaro.. For area - ibero star dominicus. For locals - rio san juan . I am back in Ireland and have failed to obtain uk tourist visa for my girlfriend that lives near to rio san juan . So I will go back in december to marry on playa grande and have honeymoon in cabarete , love jose o sheas lol . Any tips on what I need I know i have to get my birth certificate translated and a copy verified by DR embassy and a certificate stating i am single. Any other advice or tips , please
Planner replied on October 29, 2014 with:
WOW, that sounds horrible. Thank goodness the company took care of you. BUT if you are here working without residencia then they had no choice. IF you are marrying a Dominican then your status will change, it will be easier for you to get residencia and then citizenship later should you choose to apply for it. Marriage fees are different depending on the "status" of the people. One foreigner or two foreigner changes the calculations! Of course......LOL
domrep2011 replied on October 29, 2014 with:
Thanks for the replies . Planner has stated what i have been told and this is what i believe to be correct . Yes i also think senior Mike may be confusing residencia . I have worked for the tour companies and hotels without the need . I also have been informed that by the office in rio san juan of the cost . 10000 peso for wedding in office or 15000 for outside such as playa grande , where we will marry . The cost for one or 2 non residents is much more expensive . I have learned this . I have no idea if my status for residencia will change when we marry and even have child . I have contacts through a major spanish hotel compancy that has a legal person to assist me .But living , driving and working for 2 years i did not need , though had thought about for banking . My company paid part of my salary into my uk bank acc. When i had a drunk motorcyclist crash into me and break his leg on christmas eve . The company dealt with , though i had to go to hospital for several hours and make police statement . I was lucky to have company supporting me . they paid for damage , hospital and payment for loss of work to the man . So i have an idea on how this crazy country works . I have also lost count of road deaths i have seen , robberies reported to me , local killings of drug dealers , I even have an 18 stitchies scar on my head where i was pistol whipped and robbed near bayahibe one night . But this was normal to me growing up in a warzone , so i used to the madness.
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Bgon57 replied to the thread banking on the Dominican Republic forum:
wgoler initially posted:
Will need to transfer money from US bank account to one in the D.R. The only reference I see under 'Expat banking' is an HSBC deal that requires you to maintain a 60,000 pound balance to move money from the US to the DR. That's nearly $100,000. Can anyone suggest an alternative for having money available for a DR car purchase? Tnx.
Bgon57 replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Use XOOM to transfer money for only $4.99 when transferring from bank to bank.
Bikilinda replied on October 23, 2014 with:
When I came here I had trouble opening an account. My Real Estate Agent took me to BHD and after that everything went smooth
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Bgon57 replied to the thread Seeking cheap and affordable rent in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic on the Dominican Republic forum on October 26, 2014:
sharith initially posted:
My name is Shaquann and I'm moving to Santo Domingo Dominican Republic for 6 months or more . I will be arriving in Dominican Republic on December 17, 2014. I'm on a shoestring budget and I just retired from the military. I'm seeking cheap and affordable rent for a 1 bedroom or studio apartment furnished equipped with utilities included. I'm looking at spending USD $150.00 - 200.00 a month for rent. I'm also looking for employment at a call center in Santo Domingo. I read on your site that Americans can land a job of this nature. I just need to earn an income of $ 200 to $ 400 a month and I will be happy. Please can someone assist me and respond to this post. Thank you for your tine and efforts they are greatly appreciated. Every helping hand I thank. . May God bless everyone who responds to this post.
Bgon57 replied on October 26, 2014 with:
Yes, I can refer to our call center in Santo Domingo. Please feel free to email me at
Planner replied on October 21, 2014 with:
Do you have or will you get residencia and a cedula? IF NOT no one is hiring in the call centers anymore the government is cracking down on illegal hires. You will find it very hard to find anything.
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Ltindal replied to the thread garbage on the Dominican Republic forum on October 20, 2014:
Kiskeyanos initially posted:
Just got back from DR. This time I stayed near SD for business, ended in Boca Chica for a day of sand and surf. Coming into the capital was sad. The amount of garbage and litter in the streets outside of the tourist area was unnerving. Many Barrios just have garbage piles on the side walk. Glad my plan is to move further west in a non urban area. It appears that what people say about the poor infrastructure is true (I already knew this). Going in with eyes wide open.
Ltindal replied on October 20, 2014 with:
I tried to tell you this many months ago. Your recent experience of seeing the living conditions up close, is a must and should be seen again and again over a period of time for it to sink in, before moving here. I'm now in my 4th residence in the last two years, trying to find a peaceful/quiet place to live. I lived in Jarabacoa, ( 2 locations ) and Santo Domingo, ( 2 locations ). Seems to be the same every where, rich or poor.
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senormike replied to the thread Guarantor for apartment rental on the Dominican Republic forum:
HarryLL76 initially posted:
I am a retired American. I am thinking of retiring in the Dominican Republic. I am considering both Santo Domingo and the North Coast. But, when I look at the reality of renting I find that those who promote the country as a great place to retire seem to forget to mention one key downside. That downside is that DR landlords require that potential renters provide a Guarantor. I am neither planning to buying property nor am I interest in finding a girlfriend in hopes that maybe her family could act as a Guarantor. So help me guys. How does someone moving to the DR rent an apartment there? Renters face the same problem in Colombia. I know guys who had to rent from other foreigners who charged a much higher rent. Or, they had to offer at least six months of rent in advance. In some cases landlords would not even accept six month in advance. Each time these guys moved, they had to go through the same exercise.
senormike replied most recently with:
just sent you a message, went back to check it and see i made an error in my email address, correct it to you can also contact or mikey at or 850-364-9515 which is a magicjack florida #. he has an online business which starts at about 3 am est time and is quit busy till around noon, try ll:am. get back to me in case i've given you wrong info
senormike replied most recently with:
i can only speak of puerto plata and the surrounding area. puerto plata in on the north coast and has an international airport ( pop ). i have spent the last 2 winters there. my first trip i rented a 2 bedroom apartment for about $375/mo and was one block from the beach and like any city, you don't walk around at night. during the daytime your fairly safe, fairly. found out about the apartment from a taxi driver who took me to the apartment. walked in and gave the woman the rent money and i don't remember but i don't think she even ask to see my passport. stayed there for 2 weeks and left because i found a more suitable area just on the outskirts of town where you can walk around at night. the place is called COSTAMBAR, you can look it up by going to their site, costambar. org. that's where i spent the last 2 winters and already got my flight and a room. your an american so am i, doesn't mean too much however, there aren't many americans there but a lot of canadians for 4 or 5 months and they are a hell of a lot of fun to sit around drinking and talking. i love em although they make fun of me in a fun type of way. as far as my dealings with landlords, there is no guarntors required. go to costambar. org and look at the site if you want to learn more, contact me at my email which is michaelbrazell$ i can give you email addresses you can contact and talk to real people who live there
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Planner replied to the thread And the winner is......... on the Dominican Republic forum:
Ladybug10er initially posted:
After our two weeks on the North coast of the DR, visiting many areas and with some very good , useful and wise advice from two amazing women that live in the DR we have made our decision on where we would like to retire. The winner is COSTAMBAR. We spent days with people who live there and visited local businesses and feel it is the right fit for us. We looked at real estate to rent and found several that we liked and will rent one of them when it is time for us to move. We are taking it slow. A month stay after the first of the year, I'f we like it then 6 months next winter and then we will go from there. So I would like to thank everyone for their postings on here that also helped us very much. Now it is time to learn Spanish :)
Planner replied most recently with:
It was a pleasure to meet you both!!!! I think you are going to fit right in and love living on the north coast. Next time I am going to be around longer so we can have more FUN!!!! I know you had a great time......
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Planner replied to the thread Buying a business on the Dominican Republic forum:
kraespub initially posted:
I'm thinking of buying an existing business in Carabete. Any advice?
Planner replied most recently with:
You are ahead of the game because you have experience! Awesome. Yes I can help you with this. I will send you some info privately. I assume first you will incorporate or buy the restaurant and corporation! Make sure to check it all out thoroughly, need a good lawyer let me know - he speaks English fluently! More by private message.
kraespub replied most recently with:
I'm in the very early stages now. I am looking at a restaurant of which I have owned 4 of my own in the states. I do not speak spanish but will start learning it NOW. I do not understand the labor codes or tax rules. any idea where i find that info?
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isellina posted CANINE KINDERGARTEN PUNTA CANA on the Dominican Republic forum:
Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows of a doggy day care center in Punta Cana or surroundings? I land in Punta Cana on the 1st of october and need a day care center where my dog can socialise with other dogs during the daytime, while I work. Does anyone knows if this exists??? Many thanks. Best regards, Isellina
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