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isellina posted CANINE KINDERGARTEN PUNTA CANA on the Dominican Republic forum on September 18, 2014:
Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows of a doggy day care center in Punta Cana or surroundings? I land in Punta Cana on the 1st of october and need a day care center where my dog can socialise with other dogs during the daytime, while I work. Does anyone knows if this exists??? Many thanks. Best regards, Isellina
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Planner replied to the thread October trip on the Dominican Republic forum on September 16, 2014:
Kiskeyanos initially posted:
Heading down for our second trip this year to the indigenous festival at Las Cuevas de Pomier in San Cristobal. I really want to check out the housing market in coastal Bani and Azua, but don't know how to get into see properties. I have tried to email 2 real estate agents with what look like great properties, but they never call or repond. One is Felix Del Valle and the other is Rabbit international. We have friends in government and plan to get a lawyer. We're just looking around now.
Planner replied on September 16, 2014 with:
It works differently here, there is no MLS and no exclusivity ever. Go find something you like, call the number on the sign posted. A realtor is only going to show you what they want to show you. (I am sure there are exceptions) Here everyone will want to sell you something including the taxi driver who just became a realtor when he saw $$ signs. Finding a place is boots on the ground, then ask around, look around, compare etc.
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property in Dominican-Rep

BREEZES is a small family oriented resort conveniently located in a secure gated community a short distance from Cabarete and Sosua.

isellina posted THANK YOU! on the Dominican Republic forum on September 08, 2014:
Thank you all for your support and advice on this forum. I've finally managed to get nearly everything sorted, car is sold, shipping company has been organized, dog vaccinated, etc. So far everything is going smoothly and regarding business is going smoothly as well. I should be down in Punta Cana on the 1st of october. Wishing you all the best and much luck for whatever your plans are! Sereno, good luck with selling your house too. Best regards from Mallorca
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DOMgringo replied to the thread Any last minute advice? on the Dominican Republic forum on September 07, 2014:
Ladybug10er initially posted:
Well it is finally here. We will be in DR on Tuesday to check it all out to see if it is right place for us to retire. So many of you have given me such good advice. Any last minute advice?
DOMgringo replied on September 07, 2014 with:
Check out Luperon. Great expat community. Not touristy. Go to JR restaurant and ask for Lynn
Planner replied on September 07, 2014 with:
RELAX and enjoy! All the prep in the world only goes so far, come down and experience and just enjoy it for what it is. All else will follow!
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lindalee033 posted employment on the Dominican Republic forum on September 05, 2014:
hi all.. I'm a bilingual-spanish mom of 2 young school-age kids, have been living in Santiago since 2010, hold 2 masters from the states & am looking for ANY kind of (legal) work to keep the brain-gear from getting rusty! I'm fast-learner, energetic & a motivated.. I also have my own wheels! please forward any info to me! thanks in advance!
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Ladybug10er replied to the thread thinking about moving to DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
gjones initially posted:
We are thinking about moving to the Sosua or Caberate area and would really like any input that can be given. Health Care, Gated communities, internet, phones, mail,utilities and can you buy and ship there? We have lived abroad before in the south pacific so we know what it is like to be out of the us and island time. Thanks for any help that you can give. We are looking at the DR and Puerto Rico
Ladybug10er replied most recently with:
Check out Lots of helpful info there. We are going in sept for 2 weeks to check out the north coast of the DR and see if and where we would choose to retire. I have received a lot of helpful advice on this we page. You can see some of the replies I received under retiring in the DR. Feel free to PM me any questions you might have. I may be able to help you if not now after we return the end of Sept. I am sure lot of your questions are the same as mine
gjones replied most recently with:
We are really interested in the DR but want to live in an expat area. This will be a retirement place for us. Any help or ideas from someone that lives there or has lived there would help. Thanks
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rpagan0203 replied to the thread Retiring in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
Ladybug10er initially posted:
My husband and I are from USA but are thinking of retiring to the Sosua area. After reading many articles on the DR. I was wondering if the Dominicans even want people from other countries to retire there. We live where we have extremely cold winters and would love to live some place tropical. We have vacationed in the DR and think we would like to live there if we would be accepted thanks for any advice. We are planning a 2 week stay in September to look for possible areas where to live.
rpagan0203 replied most recently with:
That's great. I hope you have a good time and find what you are looking for. I still have to try and convince my wife, but I am encountering a brick wall. Good luck to you Ladybug.
Ladybug10er replied most recently with:
Ray, I did talk to Barry on the phone. He does tours with no obligation to buy. But you stay for 4 nites there. So you pay for the lodging, your food and his expenses. If you look at the videos on his page it will show you exactly what his tour is. He is a realtor through Remax. We are going for 2 weeks in Sept and already have our lodging booked by Puerto Plata. Will let you know if I learn anymore
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CelesteP replied to the thread looking for english speakers in santiago on the Dominican Republic forum:
ishwri initially posted:
hello, i will be moving to santiago next month, im interested in meeting people that can speak english.
CelesteP replied most recently with:
Hi. My email is Skype: perceleste
ishwri replied most recently with:
ok, can you message me your contact info, we will meet once im there
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Sereno replied to the thread Dominican News. on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
We all know that news associations spin things. This one of several that I look at; cause it's in English and easy for me. I do scan others too. Reading and learning is a mixed bag here and I sometimes don't know what to make of what is going on. We are in a major drought but the money spent on other projects and not the basics just has me shaking my head not understanding why the basics are not addressed. Yet high cost of unnecessary projects that require other country's to do is the normal way of doing business.... for the "kick backs" to a few. It now is a problem of WHAT needs the priority and get done. Riots in some areas and many without water at all. Not to stir the pot, just my opinion. You that live here add yours and let others know along with the "news". BTY. NO one tells us the real reason for no water. NO one. I send my own people out to learn. "It's NOT MY fault!". The always heard Dominican chant. Sorry for my rant? No. It's sharing and learning experience. ; Sereno
Sereno replied most recently with:
Of course coal fired electrical plants ARE my first choice to solve the problem in the D.R. (you DO know that I'm kidding.) I really don't see what the problem is here in this article. So what's the big deal over a BILLION dollars discrepency? Dominican Republic court halts construction on US$2.4B coal-fired power plant Santo Domingo.- The Superior Administrative Court (TSA) on Wednesday ordered the suspension of the call for tenders to build two coal-fired power plants, until a challenge of the process is heard. Presiding judge Delfina Leon ruled a request for an injunction submitted by the Gezhouba Group Company Ltd., against the State-owned Electric Utility’s tender committee, Odebrecht Tecnimont and the Government Purchasing Dept., in addition to a challenged filed by Consorcio Impe. The judge ruled that the CDEEE’s call for tenders for the power plants’ construction “generated an inconsistency with the value approved by the General State Budget.” It notes that although article 52 of the call for tenders sets the maximum value at US$1.5 billion for the work, the documentation reveals that it was assigned for US$2.4 billion, an inconsistency which the records provided doesn’t justify.
Sereno replied most recently with:
I'm happy that you had a good laugh Lt. ;) Now for some better news IF I read this correctly. BUT... it states that the new tax can not go into effect but then it states that 2 others are needed to stop it but then... I get SOO confused at times. (make that most of the time.) ------------------- Government’s planned Web shopping tax loses a court round Santo Domingo.- The Customs Agency (DGA) cannot charge the tax online purchases less than US$200 starting August 15 announced by the government, states a court ruling handed down Wednesday. The decision by the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) orders Fernando Fernández director cannot charge the t ax until a judge hears at least two requests for a restraining order. "The application of the measure was suspended, the Court made the decision at the start of the hearing with a statement read by the Secretary of the Court," said Laura Castellanos, spokeswoman for Dominican Republic Couriers Association. Several civil society groups have filed challenges to the proposed tax on Web shopping in the various courts. ------------------ Since my wife travels about once a month we now order (more) stuff to be sent to hotels where my wife stays and she mules it back. I really wonder what that article said. 8/
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