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Bgon57 replied to the thread no residency in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
tonyb764 initially posted:
Good day everyone. Hopefully someone can me give an answer, about the Dominican government allegedly trying to deport any foreigner that is living in DR but doesn't have residency by the end of June?
Bgon57 replied on July 01, 2015 with:
You would need to have been residing in the DR from 10/2011 to qualify for this program. No exceptions.
Jim123 replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Hi boater, thanks for your post. So what happens to people first time coming to DR after that date. How should one go about moving to the DR? Thanks JJ
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paladino replied to the thread Farms and quarries on the Dominican Republic forum:
ddvahle initially posted:
I am considering the DR. I live on a farm and would like to live on one there as well. At least a small own. What are my opportunities? Also I am trained in QC for aggregates at a quarry and asphalt and concrete company. Are there opportunities like that for foreigners? Thanks
paladino replied on June 27, 2015 with:
ddvahle, I am investigating commencing a agriculture project in the DR starting later this year, toward the end of the year. As things are now with the drought I realize that traditional farming will be challenging. PM me if you wish to connect, that I could use a reliable partner. I am going at things a little different and the drought will not be an issue for my project IMHO.
Sereno replied on June 09, 2015 with:
You are dealing with two different animals. Farm and mining. Lot's of info on the net concerning the mining situations and appears to have a lot of changes concerning that. Farming? Depends on what you want to farm? Lot's of opportunities MAY be found in the remote areas but it really depends on what you want to grown/raise. Being a new comer will NOT be easy but could be done depending on what your wanting to do. Please be more specific so we can advise better. good luck, Sereno
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paladino replied to the thread Best On-Line Banking / International abilities on the Dominican Republic forum on June 25, 2015:
paladino initially posted:
I appreciate any comments that anyone has even if it's second hand. Please read and comment in this context, thx: What DR bank is the best when it comes to on-line banking and international access? For instance I need an account to share with someone in Santiago for personal biz, I need not only local ATM access, but I need a bank that does'nt have a heart attack if we enter to send/recieve an int. wire transfer. And lastly I need such a bank because I need to establish Skrill, Neteller & Paypal accounts for this account so the bank has to be big enough to be that. So does anyone have any feedback ASAP. I appreciate the info public or PM if you don't want to make public.
paladino replied on June 25, 2015 with:
Thanks sincerely, glad to get some feedback that I can use.
lasterrenashomes replied on June 25, 2015 with:
Banco Popular is probably your best bet. I deal with two other banks also, Santa Cruz and Banreservas, but Popular seems to be a bit more technologically advanced as far as online banking. They do deal with Paypal also, and international transfers aren't a problem.
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Sereno replied to the thread 2015 Drought. on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
We have posted under the Hurricane thread concerning our Drought but thought that being in our second year of being actually recognized as a Drought that a new tread should be started. I've talked about putting in rain harvesting gutters/systems and they work great BUT ya need da rain. WELL? A deep subject? Not really. A well was put in 300' feet inland from us and it has some salt. 500' from the Ocean. OK... good for the lawns and pool. (after over a year without any city water I'll consider anything.) The residence of that "community" rejected the water. OH... the water company has DOUBLED the price of water to them. Our well was drilled and produced water the next day and we being much closer to the ocean got .....SWEET WATER with no salt taste. We have topped off the guest pool and filled one cistern. 7,000 gallons of clean fresh water in less then 5 hours. Our neighbors just had one drilled too. Clean fresh water. After over 15-16 months of water problems you would not believe our collective sigh of possible relief. Still conserving but you can not believe what a difference being a little bit more dependent, secure and ???? I'll provide details when asked. Cost was around US $1,500 for the whole thing. BUT it was like a crap shoot... salt water or fresh?
Sereno replied on June 24, 2015 with:
We had a little rain the other night so we harvested a few hundred gallons into our cisterns. Installed a couple more Leaf Eaters in the gutter down pipes and very impressed and a lot less work for cleaner rain water. We figured part of our well pump problems is the power. The control converter is sensitive to low electricity so the pump output goes down. Running 3 sprinklers in my 2 pasture areas and finally seeing some new growth but the horses are quick to see it too. I have to work on where to move 2 horses for some time to give me time to fertilize and water for ... about 3 weeks??? (the fertilizer can kill the horses. My stallion is in his own large pasture that only has weeds so we don't water that. We did run a water pipe onto that property to keep his water bucket full. --------------------------------- I still have not seen anything in the D.R. papers about the drought. But I did find this via another web sight. Caribbean swelters under worst drought in five years | Environment | The Guardian The worst drought in five years is creeping across the Caribbean. From Puerto Rico to Cuba to St Lucia, crops are withering, reservoirs are drying up and cattle are dying while forecasters worry that the situation could only grow worse in the coming months. Thanks to El Niño, a warming of the tropical Pacific that affects global weather, forecasters expect the hurricane season that began in June to be quieter than normal, with a shorter period of rains. That means less water to help refill Puerto Rico’s thirsty Carraizo and La Plata reservoirs as well as the La Plata river in the central island community of Naranjito. A tropical disturbance that hit the US territory on Monday did not fill up those reservoirs as officials had anticipated. Puerto Rico is among the Caribbean islands worst hit by the water shortage, with more than 1.5 million people affected by the drought so far, according to the US National Drought Mitigation Center. Tens of thousands of people receive water only every third day under strict rationing recently imposed by the island government. Puerto Rico last week also activated national guard troops to help distribute water and approved a resolution to impose fines on people and businesses for improper water use. The Caribbean’s last severe drought was in 2010. The current one could grow worse if the hurricane season ending in November produces scant rainfall and the region enters the dry season with parched reservoirs, said Cedric Van Meerbeeck, a climatologist with the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology. “We might have serious water shortages … for irrigation of crops, firefighting, domestic consumption or consumption by the hotel sector,” he said. The Caribbean isn’t the only area in the western hemisphere dealing with extreme water shortages. Brazil has been struggling with its own severe drought that has drained reservoirs serving the metropolis of São Paulo In the Caribbean, the farm sector has lost more than $1m in crops as well as tens of thousands of dollars in livestock, said Norman Gibson, scientific officer at the Trinidad-based Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute. On St Lucia, which has been especially hard hit, farmers say crops including coconuts, cashews and oranges are withering. “The outlook is very, very bad,” said Anthony Herman, who oversees a local farm cooperative. “The trees are dying, the plants are dying … It’s stripping the very life of rivers.” Officials in Cuba say 75% of the island is enduring a drought that has killed cattle and destroyed thousands of hectares (acres) of crops including plantains, citrus, rice and beans. Recent heavy rains in some areas have alleviated the problem some, but all 200 government-run reservoirs are far below capacity. In the nearby Dominican Republic, water shortages have been reported in hundreds of communities, said Martin Melendez, a civil engineer and hydrology expert who has worked as a government consultant. “We were 30 days away from the entire water system collapsing,” he said. The tourism sector has also been affected. ---------------------- My daughter in California says that it is getting bad there. A mandatory 20% water reduction for everyone. The farms have also been hit hard. Even though they can reclaim "used" water the people will not go for it due to the "Yuck" factor. Little do most of them know, a lot of water for agriculture is reclaimed treated sewage waste water. Have a good evening. Sereno Colombia's pipes to nowhere: villagers die of thirst as corruption stalls dam project Read more Most large hotels in Puerto Rico have big water tanks and some recycle wastewater to irrigate green areas, but many have curtailed water use, said Frank Comito, CEO of the Florida-based Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association. Other hotels have cut back on sprinkler time by up to 50%, said Carlos Martínez of Puerto Rico’s Association of Hotels. “Everybody here is worried,” he said. “They are selling water tanks like hot cakes … and begging God for rain.” Guests at Puerto Rico’s El Canario by the Lagoon hotel get a note with their room keys asking them to keep their showers short amid the water shortage. “We need your cooperation to avoid waste,” says the message distributed at the front desk of the hotel in the popular Condado district. At the Casa del Vega guesthouse in St Lucia, tourists sometimes find the water in their rooms turned off for the day, preventing them from taking a shower. “Even though we have a drought guests are not sympathetic to that,” hotel manager Merlyn Compton said.
Sereno replied on June 18, 2015 with:
With the little rain that the DR. had last month, I guess the Gov. has decided that the drought is over? I've not read anything saying it is or not. I know that my area still has no city water and after so many others re-plumbing so many water lines I don't ever expect a drop from Corraplata. Nor do I want any. Endenorte showed up on Monday and connected the transformer to the box that they installed. No meter yet (fine with me) but jumped it so we could finish our electrical installation. BINGO..... NEW WELL IS UP AND RUNNING for the pastures. Almost sweet but a very slight salt taste to it but should be fine for our horses, pasture and what the heck, me too. We had a little confusion at first since the well was not building pressure. After lots of ??? someone noticed that the last faucet way over thataway was on full blast. After closing that and fixing a couple of minor leaks we saw 50 psi real fast where the cut off is. We watched as one of our traveling lawn sprinklers crept along with hopes of saving what grass we can. 2 more sprinklers will be added tomorrow. Our usual overcast skys just don't produce any rain. Thunder and lighting but no rain. I don't remember being is this long of a time with the overcast but it has cut my solar production by about 25% for just about a month now. The Generator kicks in for a hour some days when we are using more electric. Fine with me. It needs to run, diesel is getting older, I can run some AC and I'm not paying Edenorte. A happier Sereno today...............and about time. ;)
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Sereno replied to the thread Entering with tourist visa, staying a year on the Dominican Republic forum:
adrou072 initially posted:
Hi there, I am less than two weeks away to moving to the DR for the next year. I will be entering through the Punta Cana airport. I have decided not to apply for a Visa and will enter on my 30-day tourist card with the intention of paying a fine for my extended stay upon leaving the country next year. I have travelled many times for month-long trips to the DR but never stayed beyond the 30-day tourist-card limit. I am wondering how I should go about completing the customs forms? My guess is that Inshould be honest and say that I intend to stay in the country for over 300 days but I am afraid to be rejected entry. For those of you who have done this before (stayed longer and paid the exit taxes), how did you go about this process? Thanks!
Sereno replied on June 18, 2015 with:
You are illegal. You may be asked to pay the exit fee when you leave again. You may find that you may never be able to return. You KNEW that this has been in the process for YEARS yet only after the FREE time to get it done are you concerned. IMHO. GOOD RIDENCE to you and yours.
sarahkershaw replied on June 18, 2015 with:
Does anyone have a clear understanding they can share of the law as it relates to people -- like my husband and I -- who have lived her a year, probably will stay another -- and just pay the fines when we re-enter. I've been following the Thread so forgive me if I missed it but I'm looking for just the most basic explanation of how it will affect foreigners living here, in our case, a little over a year, who've come and gone a bit but are not just winter people. Much appreciated, Sarah
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Bgon57 replied to the thread Tourism campaign to attract LGBT travellers on the Dominican Republic forum:
mirandakate initially posted:
To expats living in Dominican: Have you seen any promotion yet of LGBT travel to Dominican? Heard anything about it? See article: Would love to connect with any LGBT expat folks living in Dominican as my partner and I are preparing to move within the next year. Cheers!
Bgon57 replied on June 18, 2015 with:
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender.
Sereno replied on June 18, 2015 with:
I had to Google since I didn't know the meaning of all the letters. LGBT or GLBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Dominican Today... a couple of days ago. US Envoy, husband host first LGBT public business meeting Santo Domingo (ACENTO.COM.DO).-. US ambassador James W. Brewster and his husband Bob Satawake on Tuesday hosted the first public meeting on LGBT entrepreneurship, with a call on people and business leaders of the group to get involved and participate in community building for Dominican Republic’s development. The meeting attended by business leaders of both sexes in the LGBT community dealt with various issues to bolster relations among businesses and retailers with LGBT members and how to contribute to generate wealth focused on social inclusion and non-discrimination. LGBT Entrepreneurship wants the country's business sector to foster labor inclusive policies and improve trade with other similar initiatives or chambers of commerce of other countries, contributing to Dominican Republic’s economic and commercial expansion. "The focus of Human Rights isn’t alien to this topic of entrepreneurship therefore these actions developed pursue the country’s defense of human dignity and strengthen the creation of wealth to eradicate poverty," said the organizers in a press conference. They said the country’s inclusion of diversity would mean higher profits, increased competitiveness and economic wealth, more new jobs, stronger companies and achieve respect for human dignity as well. The activity is part of LGBT Pride month, capped by LGBT Pride Caravan 2015 on July 5 at 2pm, starting from Don Diego Port, Colonial Zone.
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EnmyFeliz posted Looking for employment in Santiago, moving soon on the Dominican Republic forum:
Hello Everyone, I'm planning to move to Santiago by the end of this year and would like some help with employment. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I speak spanish and english fluently. Do you know of any websites or places that I could contact to start applying? Any help will be appreciated.
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boater replied to the thread Looking to rent a room on the Dominican Republic forum:
DARSTOV initially posted:
Hello. My name is Darrell. I will be looking to move to the DR in September. Does any have a room i may be able to rent, for a short period of time.
boater replied most recently with:
Going online should not cause people to people to talk to other people in a way they would not, I hope, talk to others people face-to-face. When people are rude, they should realize that all the others in the (chat) room are shaking their heads and thinking they are ill-mannered and ignorant, not smart and superior as they may be hoping to appear.
Bgon57 replied most recently with:
We seriously need to block Sereno from this site. He has been submiting condescending remarks to many seeking advice.
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