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griss5 replied to the thread Looking for employment in Santiago, moving soon on the Dominican Republic forum:
EnmyFeliz initially posted:
Hello Everyone, I'm planning to move to Santiago by the end of this year and would like some help with employment. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I speak spanish and english fluently. Do you know of any websites or places that I could contact to start applying? Any help will be appreciated.
griss5 replied on August 30, 2015 with:
Try outsourcing companies like UNO or United offshore... something ... They hire for a variety of companies They are located in Gurabo in Santiago
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Mikeytraveller replied to the thread cost of living on the Dominican Republic forum on August 27, 2015:
figleyrich initially posted:
OK, new to this thread. I am single, do not extravagant tastes. So where in DR can one live on $1200 / mth? What cities do most of the north American or British expats live? do not want to own a car, would like a city with DR cultural / artistic flavor.
Mikeytraveller replied on August 27, 2015 with:
I have never lived in Luperon, although it is a very nice place. Cheers, Mike.
DOMgringo replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Hi Canadian Mike! Come back to Luperon!
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paladino replied to the thread Commercial Fishing Ports/Markets on the Dominican Republic forum on August 24, 2015:
paladino initially posted:
My limited understanding is that the DR does not have any major commercial fishing industry, please correct me if I am wrong. That said does anyone have any knowledge of where there might be some successful [meaning they fish year around for sale] fishing ports in the DR [expecting there would be large fishmarket there] where I person can buy larger quantities and variety of fresh caught fish rather than buying from a local fishmonger?
paladino replied on August 24, 2015 with:
Thanks, your commentary is exactly in line with what I understood; It's seems to be the trend almost everywhere and I am sad to say that. Is there any substantial fish market in your area? Anyone else offer up and know larger fish markets ...wherever? I am willing to seek them out.
boater replied on August 23, 2015 with:
A number of towns and villages along the North Coast have local fishing fleets. However, the scale of the operations are quite small and limited, with most of the fishermen using open boats under 25' powered by single outboard motors. Luperon dies have at least one larger commercial boat operating from its municipal dock. From what I hear, the fishing grounds are stressed and catches have been diminishing for years, a common problem worldwide. Hope this is helpful.
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michaelbrazell posted best electical conection method on the Dominican Republic forum:
electrical solder, none other. and your electrician probably won't have a soldering iron. if not, buy one, it will be worth the price. if your wires are buried in a wall, underground or some difficult location, they may need repair or replacement in time. solder your wires, forget about using wire caps. twisted wires without solder can heat up with heavy current and become useless. soldering wires is similar to soldering copper tubing but requires electrical flux and solder. flux is a wire cleaner so that the solder will flow and adhere. after flux is applied heat the joint in the middle and apply solder at the tip of the solder gun or iron and it will flow to where the flux has been applied. you may have to apply a little more solder at the tip of the iron. it is difficult to solder wires side by side but can be done. it looks like a very neat joint but has no mechanical strength so twist them together in case they have to be pulled through a wall or conduit later. of course before connecting the wires together put shrink tubing at each end of the wires and then twist. once you have soldered use a heat gun of hair dryer to shrink the tubing. if your shrink tubing is large enough, apply a good insulating tape around the joint and then shrink the tubing. applying a insulating tape over the shrink tubing will dry out over time and be useless. if this is a first time laying of the wiring and it goes through a conduit don't let the electrician use any 90 degree joints, they'll be very difficult to pull through later if need be. hope this is useful to anyone
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michaelbrazell replied to the thread 2015 Drought. on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
We have posted under the Hurricane thread concerning our Drought but thought that being in our second year of being actually recognized as a Drought that a new tread should be started. I've talked about putting in rain harvesting gutters/systems and they work great BUT ya need da rain. WELL? A deep subject? Not really. A well was put in 300' feet inland from us and it has some salt. 500' from the Ocean. OK... good for the lawns and pool. (after over a year without any city water I'll consider anything.) The residence of that "community" rejected the water. OH... the water company has DOUBLED the price of water to them. Our well was drilled and produced water the next day and we being much closer to the ocean got .....SWEET WATER with no salt taste. We have topped off the guest pool and filled one cistern. 7,000 gallons of clean fresh water in less then 5 hours. Our neighbors just had one drilled too. Clean fresh water. After over 15-16 months of water problems you would not believe our collective sigh of possible relief. Still conserving but you can not believe what a difference being a little bit more dependent, secure and ???? I'll provide details when asked. Cost was around US $1,500 for the whole thing. BUT it was like a crap shoot... salt water or fresh?
michaelbrazell replied most recently with:
this reply is in response to anyone splicing electrical wires if they are in a location difficult to get to later such as underground or buried in a wall. don't rely on twisting them together and using caps or electrical tape. always solder them, wrap them with a good insulating tape and then shrink tubing. also, if your wires are in a conduit make sure the conduit does not have any 90 degree joints, if they do, when it comes time to replace the wires you will have a hell of a time pulling the wires through. if you are around in 20 years and replace or repair the wires you will thank me then even though I won't be around. we all die eventually. thankfully I am not a believer, hate to think I might come back as a snake, earth worm, etc.
Sereno replied most recently with:
Our home well went bad and could not use. I looked at 1/4 mile from us and know of 20 new wells in the last couple of months. I'm told that I'm way low in my count. With so many new wells drawing we have a major contamination situation from ocean and septic system intrusion. Again... we adjust. New 500 gpd RO system. We moved some things around to get the best out of it and so far we are very happy with over the 500 gpd. Home, apts. and animals here have clean water. A slight surplus to keep the pools filled. Not enough for much watering of gardens/lawns though we are using the waste water in a drip irrigation system. The drought deepens and IMO is going to get much worse. S.D. and Santiago are just NOW really getting serious ???? about water restrictions? But really they do nothing of any value other then their great water rotation plan and............... cutting off water to our food supply. DAHHHHH?
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yachts66 replied to the thread Bank Accounts in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sclinton initially posted:
I am planning on living in the DR for at least 6 months and if I like it I will stay for years. I work from home on the internet and will be transferring funds to myself from the US to the DR. Any suggestions on opening a bank account in the DR and transferring funds?
yachts66 replied most recently with:
Let me add an addendum: I have learned that the best way to move overseas is via a personal check drawn on your bank in your home country, deposited at your bank in your new country. (Where they allow you to do such things.) This will give you the best exchange rate, but it is the slowest way to transfer money taking 3-4 weeks in most cases because your local bank will hold your funds to make more money off of you before giving you access. The actual check clearing process takes less than a week. Those bankers, you gotta watch 'em every second!
yachts66 replied most recently with:
Xoom has a really bad reputations among many expats in the Phils. They seem to have an annoying tendency to decide to cancel your account when you need them the most. I stopped using them and now use Wells Fargo. Their system is somewhat like Xoom, and they send to many of the money stores like Xoom, but they also allow you to send money directly to your overseas bank account. Something I find very useful. Xoom charges $4.99, Wells Fargo charges $5.00 however WF gives a much better exchange rate so it ends up costing a lot less than Xoom. That said, Xoom was just bought out by PayPal and no one knows how this will effect them. It won't change my mind because I've had worse experiences with Pay Pal than Xoom, so I hate them both! LOL
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Sereno replied to the thread Cost of living on the Dominican Republic forum:
Azure initially posted:
I've heard that cars and fuel are expensive. Can you tell me the names of any dealers for second hand car like Opel Astra about 4-5 years old? How much is gas, electricity, water, council tax for a 3 bed villa/house? How much is grocery shopping for 2 adults including meat and fish per week? Beer and wine? We will be retiring to DP but we'd like to eat out too, how much would a 3 course meal in a mid range restaurant be? Would appreciate some idea of costs as you've all been in this boat I'm sure!!
Sereno replied most recently with:
YOU make it a real estate page. No one else does. We are talking about the cost of living... no selling your real estate.
paladino replied most recently with:
Azure I wish you well. Unfortunately whether it's the DR, Panama, Costa Rica, yaddy yaddy... there is a recurring theme that I find on these forums and that being that [only my opinion] these expat forums offer a convenient place to vent for a very small percentage of the expat commune who are not happy with their lives, their choices on moving abroad or experience to date in general. Probably 99.9 percent of the expats in any country are not participating in these forums so I suggest you put your thick skin on and ignore the barbs... push on through and do your own thing. On the other hand, if this forum stresses you maybe the DR may be a little to rough for you and that probably applies to Latin America as a whole. YET there are other islands and experiences. I cannot stress enough that I agree with the other post. Move to your new potential country for a 3 month trial run and give a chance for the vacation shine to wear off and then you can be better adjusted to determine if the DR is your kind of place...not to mention location location location?? where you can be happy.
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paladino replied to the thread Can ATVs be registered for legal street use? on the Dominican Republic forum:
paladino initially posted:
If I might explain nuance of this. I am curious to know if the DR permits the operation of ATV Quads and / or Mule style vehicles as legal on-road transportation with registration and insurance of course. For those that don't get my Mule reference ..those larger 4-6 passenger ATV usually 4WD that you might think of as 4wd golfcarts are commonly referred to as Mules borrowing the the very popular and pioneer product Kawasaki Mule. Can these be used legally in the DR? Quads? For the life of my I don't understand why country after country prohits these while permiting scooters and motorcycles both being much less stable than Quads/Mules. Anyone know?
paladino replied most recently with:
Followup: from another Expat DR forum I have learned as I suspected.. that ATVs, quad, UTVs can be registered, insured and driven on the public roadways but I don't about to be honest if there are 'any' restrictions, just confirmed that it is commonplace.
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paladino replied to the thread Legal salvage/custom built vehicles for on-road use on the Dominican Republic forum:
paladino initially posted:
I felt this was better to be posted as it's own thread. I have found out in my Latin America travels that the concept of building your own custom or aka salvage vehicle and then legally registering and insuring is not commonly allowed. Now there are situations where there is a loophole to allow very limited options of said. For instance if you buy a vehicle in some countries you can strip the motor out and use it as the legal VIN of existing registration and build anything else.,..but you can just buy a motor out of a yard or a crate motr and build you own thing. Does the DR allow the registration of 'built it myself' aka salvage vehicles? If anyone cannot figure out why this is even desireable I will give you and example. If I wanted to build my own Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Mud Buggy as a you understand better. Anyone know the answer to this in the DR? Anyone done it or know someone who has done it?
paladino replied most recently with:
yachts66, same in Colombia, they flat out will not allow it and i suspect for the same reasons, Colombia is full of theifs and they would be stealing parts of cars left and right building new ones.
yachts66 replied most recently with:
It seems to me it would be a pretty easy question to ask the local Motor Vehicle office. In my experience it is fairly common in many countries, but not all. You can't do it in the Philippines as an example. That due to the vehicle theft problems they have.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Thinking of retiring in the Dominican Republic? One member shares advice about moving to Santo Domingo. (Continue)
wilsibo replied most recently with:
Does anyone have any information about living in zonal colonial? I will be looking for a furnished 2 BEDROOM WITH ALL AMENITIES fro $600-$800 for long term for 2 adults and a small child.
A reader replied recently with:
As someone who has also moved to the Dominican Republic, I'd say this submission includes a of good advice.
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