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granca replied to the thread I want to move to Santo Domingo by 2016 on the Dominican Republic forum on April 24, 2015:
joflo initially posted:
I have visited the Dominican Republic about 4 times now and decided I want to move there soon. I need to know what does it take to move there,what are the best places to move and where can I find a good,safe place to make my home. Can someone give me help with my transaction to the DR?
granca replied on April 24, 2015 with:
In my opinion you must be bloody mad wanting to move to Santo Domingo, it's noisy, dirty, smelly and more. I have to go there several times a year due to the weird Dominican habit of wanting to do all kinds of documents for foreigners, cedulas, driving licences,residency whereas ordinary Dominicans can nearly all do them in their own town. Cor blimey, what a sigh of relief when I get on the guagaq (bus) to come home.
lasterrenashomes replied on April 21, 2015 with:
Sorry, the question you posted is too broad and generic. No one will be answer it the current form, as people do not know your needs, preferences, language ability, financial situation, etc. I'm sure someone will be able to suggest some of the better areas in SD, rentals you can find on the net. Immigration process is quite involved.
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joflo posted How can I move to Santo Domingo this year? on the Dominican Republic forum on April 21, 2015:
I am trying to find out about an apartment in the Santo Domingo area. Do anyone know of some apartments that I can move to. I speak no Spanish and i work in the cable business.
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rajk0313 posted home stay in santo domingo on the Dominican Republic forum on April 20, 2015:
I am planning to visit DR in Month of may or june and i would like to get an home stay facility where in i can enjoy and learn the local culture and living style.
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sunnylady replied to the thread Cost of living on the Dominican Republic forum:
Azure initially posted:
I've heard that cars and fuel are expensive. Can you tell me the names of any dealers for second hand car like Opel Astra about 4-5 years old? How much is gas, electricity, water, council tax for a 3 bed villa/house? How much is grocery shopping for 2 adults including meat and fish per week? Beer and wine? We will be retiring to DP but we'd like to eat out too, how much would a 3 course meal in a mid range restaurant be? Would appreciate some idea of costs as you've all been in this boat I'm sure!!
sunnylady replied on April 13, 2015 with:
lasterrenashomes: forgive me, I was not referring to your posts! I have always found you to have helpful info. There are a few on here who are very negative and discouraging, but you are not one of them. I was hoping that Azure would see my comments before throwing in the towel. :)
lasterrenashomes replied on April 12, 2015 with:
I take it back. There is actually some useful info in the blog section. My apologies. Boater is also right, the DR1 forum can be interesting for some variety of opinions.
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JNP replied to the thread dominican investments on the Dominican Republic forum:
rawromantic initially posted:
I'm looking for friends/associates who want to retire or make money in the dominican republic
JNP replied most recently with:
What's your area of competence or expertise? This knowledge can be helpful to you. What kind of investments types are you looking for...Small Businesses, hotels, restaurants...real Estate? Let me know and maybe I can help you... if you have a direct email address let me know so we can communicate. JNP
Janin replied most recently with:
@ rawromantic Somehow I get the impression that you are fishing for victims.... Janin
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Sosua Musicians? on the Dominican Republic forum:
hawkesk initially posted:
Are there any musicians playing in Sosua? I live in Thailand where it's illegal for foreigners to play music in public and I'm tired of it. Please tell me Sosua isn't a similar situation.
lasterrenashomes replied most recently with:
There's a restaurant called Lazy Dog in Sosua (got one in Cabarete also). They have live music almost every day for the happy hour, as well as several other bars and restaurants oriented towards expats.
Mikeytraveller replied most recently with:
WOW, I have never heard of anything so funny! Yes, musicians of any nation can play anywhere in the Dominican Republic. Check out if you want additional information about our beautiful gated community just outside the city of Puerto Plata.
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LaryJ replied to the thread Opening co-op restaurant in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
mirandakate initially posted:
Hi friends, My best friend and I are moving to the DR in January '18. To prepare for our arrival, we are visiting as many times as possible prior to moving and exploring as much of the island as possible (we've already been a handful of times). We will be fostering connections and networking. When we arrive in 2018, we plan to spend 4-8months expanding our basic knowledge of Spanish and Kreyol to be as fluent as possible to prepare us for being owner/operators: we both have lots and lots and lots of experience in hospitality and have decided to open a restaurant/bar/boutique hotel in the DR (whatever we feel fits, open to the opportunities that arise and confident we can run whatever comes our way). We wish to run our restaurant as a co-op. Hiring locals, perhaps working to provide hospitality education with hands on, paid learning and job opportunities. We'd ultimately like to own a family of restaurants that those who work with us can become shareholders/partners of. Giving them an opportunity to be small business owners. We are in this to make a profit: we do not believe in charity. We believe in business, and in sharing the wealth. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS: have you heard of anything in the hospitality industry in DR/Haiti that operates along these lines? That has a socially responsible way of going about business? Obviously, many places hire locals. But job advancement/opportunities to learn/opportunities to become part-owner/partnering with local charities or orphanages to provide life skills and job training to those interested etc... When we visit in April 2015 I would love to visit any existing properties that value this and meet the owners. We're also going to put the idea out there to some close contacts we have that do humanitarian work in the DR/Haiti, as well as our friends local to the island to hear if we are on the right track. Is this something that is needed, wanted etc. I have a background in non-profit, social enterprises and hospitality. This was one idea on how I can combine these passions and the privilege that I have of living in Canada and being able to afford to open a restaurant. Thanks for reading & contributing! Cheers, Miranda
LaryJ replied most recently with:
Another place up on the North Coast that is worth checking out is the village of Cabrera, between Nagua and Rio San Juan, about 45 minutes from Cabarete. This is a quiet village atmosphere that I found out about by watching a bunch of expat videos on a website called They used to even offer a free 4 or 5 day tour of the whole North Coast. I assume they still do. It was very helpful to me when I was exploring the area. When I took the tour, we covered everything from just west of Puerto Plata all the way to Las Terrenas from a base camp in Cabrera.
Mikeytraveller replied most recently with:
I am a Canadian expat that has lived in the Dominican Republic for over eleven years. Myself and a friend have a website that has just about every detail ( restaurants, rentals etc. )regarding this beech front gated community. It is located just outside the city of Puerto Plata . Please feel free to email directly if you have some specific questions.
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Kiskeyanos replied to the thread Does anyone know if you can send mail to the United States on the Dominican Republic forum:
tonyb764 initially posted:
Good day, I am wondering if there is a less expensive way, to send mail to the United States other than FedEx or UPS in the Sosua/Cabereta area?
Kiskeyanos replied most recently with:
We receive packages and mail all the time from the DR using their postal service. We frequently have travelers bring us heavy packages with them.
Janin replied most recently with:
You can use the Dominican postal service (which is not all that bad). Letters may be given to a returning tourist. Janin
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Kiskeyanos replied to the thread 2014 Hurricane Season on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30. Time to get yourselves ready and check on your supplies and plans. This seasons predictions are for few storms but they are not always correct. We also know that it only takes one. I also have my own weather station and hope to get it back on-line on wunderground soon. Our rainy season from Nov. to March did not happen this last year. Hot and very dry. Then it started raining at the end of April and has not stopped here on the North coast and it has been unseasonably cool. May 22. 6:45AM; Playa Chiquita. We have had over 6 inches of rain this month with 2.66 inches in the last 24 hours. 69.2 F. Highs in mid. 80s F with rain forecasts for the next 10 days. (Sorry Planner. Don't shoot the messenger.) Sereno
Kiskeyanos replied most recently with:
That is probably the smartest thing to do, live off the grid.
Kiskeyanos replied most recently with:
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Janin replied to the thread Bought car. Need to register. on the Dominican Republic forum:
JustinDiGiulio initially posted:
I bought a car last year and haven't registered it yet. I'm here on and off every few months but don't have citizenship. Jumped the gun last year and got a great deal on a car. Have no idea how to register it. I believe all of the paperwork is in order and already took it to have it registered. I'm located in Santiago. Glad I found this site. Looks like this can be a great resource for a part timer, not quite expat yet.
Janin replied most recently with:
@Justin Let us know how the registration goes. Once the 'matricula' is in your name you are safe... well, hopefully. Not having registered the car asap was a mistake and may cost you. Janin
Sereno replied most recently with:
Paperwork? If all is in order then no problem. If ONE LITTLE GLITCH... then you have YEARS before it is figured out and legal. You should have had an atty. look at everything before you gave your money. Over FIVE years working on a trailer title that should have been not problem. I now have 2 attys working on this. But I'm a gringo.
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