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Azure replied to the thread Cost of living on the Dominican Republic forum on March 31, 2015:
Azure initially posted:
I've heard that cars and fuel are expensive. Can you tell me the names of any dealers for second hand car like Opel Astra about 4-5 years old? How much is gas, electricity, water, council tax for a 3 bed villa/house? How much is grocery shopping for 2 adults including meat and fish per week? Beer and wine? We will be retiring to DP but we'd like to eat out too, how much would a 3 course meal in a mid range restaurant be? Would appreciate some idea of costs as you've all been in this boat I'm sure!!
Azure replied 6 hours ago with:
Thanks for the replies. It seems there are not too many British expats living there, and it is a nightmare to get to with a small dog re: flights. If there are any Brits, maybe they can reply and give me the heads up?
lasterrenashomes replied on March 27, 2015 with:
As far as shopping, you're better off shopping where locals shop for fruit, veggies and meats. It's generally fresher and cheaper than bigger supermarkets. If you absolutely must have imported cheeses, steaks and such, it's not cheap here. We go to a small fruit market, so a weeks worth of fruit and veggies for the two of us is around $12. couple of fresh chickens from a local guy at $5 a piece. dorado (fish, i think its mahi-mahi in english), around $4.50 per poundIn restaurants, a main course in a good restaurant, not one of the most expensive ones, is between $9-12. I hope it helps.
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craigenglund replied to the thread Monthly furnished rentals in Santo Domingo on the Dominican Republic forum on March 28, 2015:
nicolenejati initially posted:
I'm looking to work remotely from Santo Domingo for 3 months (June-end of Aug). Ideally everything would be included, including internet, etc. What are some websites or areas I should look in? Would it be easier to come here first then find one or try to secure one before I get here? Any recommendations are much appreciated! Thanks!
craigenglund replied on March 28, 2015 with:
Furnished 16th century home in the Colonial Zone available for rent. Contact Noris 809-973-4266
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nicolenejati commented on the Expat Report Moving to Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
I would be sure to study Spanish as it makes the transition much easier. I would just come initially, if possible, for a six month period every year, and then go back. I would not buy anything for at least two years, until you decide that you really like it and until you have seen the entire country. (Continue)
nicolenejati replied most recently with:
Do you have any recommendations on where to look for monthly furnished apartments in Santo Domingo? Is it easier to get there first then look for a place or try to secure something before I arrive? Thanks in advance!
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread buying without renting on the Dominican Republic forum on March 27, 2015:
Azure initially posted:
Has anyone retired to the Dominican Republic and bought a house without renting first? We have had previous problems selling a UK house with obstructive tenants who would not let people view at weekends, and it took ages to sell. We're not keen on doing it again. If you did buy straight away, which agents are the best to use, and solicitors? How many trips did you do before you found your home? These are all important questions to us.
lasterrenashomes replied on March 27, 2015 with:
By the way, we've been going to different places in DR and other countries like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, before settling down in Las Terrenas. It took us about three years coming here before we made a decision to buy a property, but it was worth it, as we've been living here on a full time basis for four years now, and have no regrets.
lasterrenashomes replied on March 27, 2015 with:
Do yourself a favor, do not jump into buying too quick. There are lots of furnished places around that you can rent, check out different areas, live a couple of months here and there, and then make an educated decision. Come in a low season, from second half of April, when there are more rentals available. It's very easy to fall in love with some places here, but once you live here a bit, you might start to notice that some amenities that you absolutely need might be missing. Like larger grocery stores, mechanics, good doctors, etc. Good luck!
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Car hire on the Dominican Republic forum on March 27, 2015:
Azure initially posted:
We were thinking of hiring a car for our visit to find an area we like to retire to, but a travel agent said we would be at risk and a target for thieves. Is it ok to travel around in a hire car, has anyone else done this and did you encounter any problems?
lasterrenashomes replied on March 27, 2015 with:
I agree with previous posters, a better idea is to start getting used to driving here little by little, and not in a large city. I personally still have a bit of a problem getting around SD, as not too many intersections have signs with street names, so sometimes it's a bit difficult to figure out where you are. Also, driving in the right lane can get a bit crazy, with local taxis and small buses picking up passengers, stopping in the middle, no signals, and so on. If you're not used to it, it's pretty easy to get your car banged up
LaryJ replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Yes, drive defensively and be alert. A large part of the population in the DR gets around on scooters and small to mid sized motor cycles (they are cheap and use less gas) and most of the driver believe they are invincible and are quite adept at swerving in and out of traffic. If you are not used to that, it can make you very uncertain about your moves. You will generally get used to it. Of course, as in most countries, the larger the city the more frantic the pace and the crazier they seem to drive. But again, if you roll with the flow you will get used to it. I have always rented a car at the airports on many dozens of trips, mostly with no hassle. 10 or 12 years ago the roads on the North Coast were pretty dodgy with large potholes that could take out a tire or wheel pretty easily and the rental companies were bad about ripping you off for replacements. Now the roads are in very good condition in general and I have not had any problems for years. Again, I believe the "unsafe driving" scare is a bit overplayed.
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Bikilinda replied to the thread dominican investments on the Dominican Republic forum on March 22, 2015:
rawromantic initially posted:
I'm looking for friends/associates who want to retire or make money in the dominican republic
Bikilinda replied on March 22, 2015 with:
You are really optimistic!!!
Mikeytraveller replied on March 21, 2015 with:
If this is a serious post, you can email me at . If not, please do not. Thanks, Mike
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Mikeytraveller replied to the thread Work on the Dominican Republic forum on March 22, 2015:
Marieduncan initially posted:
Looking for some work for English woman of 38 has been working in child care looking for accomadation too near Puerto plata
Mikeytraveller replied on March 22, 2015 with:
Hi Marie, I can't help you with work, but the website has about 35 listings for apartments in a gated community just outside the city of Puerto Plata.
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adrou072 posted Which Visa to get?? on the Dominican Republic forum on March 21, 2015:
Hi there, I am planning to move to the Dominican Republic in the next few months and am unsure which Visa I should apply for. The plan is to find employment in Santo Domingo but I have yet to confirm a position (I am a PhD Student in Clinical Psychology). Should I wait to find a job and apply for a work visa even though it seems that most companies will not hire me until I have moved to the country and have a Cedula? Or should I purchase a property (which I plan to do anyway) and apply for a Temporary Resident Visa? Looking at the process, it sounds like I would still need to show a substantial amount of assets beyond my property purchase which I am not sure I would be able to do. I welcome any feedback you guys might have. I should add that I am fluent in Spanish, that I have many friends in the country, and that I am quite familiar with the country, it's culture, financial situation, etc. Bottom line is, I am not jumping into this blindly but I want to proceed with this move asap and want to do it right!
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JustinDiGiulio posted Bought car. Need to register. on the Dominican Republic forum on March 17, 2015:
I bought a car last year and haven't registered it yet. I'm here on and off every few months but don't have citizenship. Jumped the gun last year and got a great deal on a car. Have no idea how to register it. I believe all of the paperwork is in order and already took it to have it registered. I'm located in Santiago. Glad I found this site. Looks like this can be a great resource for a part timer, not quite expat yet.
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Kymster replied to the thread Opening co-op restaurant in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
mirandakate initially posted:
Hi friends, My best friend and I are moving to the DR in January '18. To prepare for our arrival, we are visiting as many times as possible prior to moving and exploring as much of the island as possible (we've already been a handful of times). We will be fostering connections and networking. When we arrive in 2018, we plan to spend 4-8months expanding our basic knowledge of Spanish and Kreyol to be as fluent as possible to prepare us for being owner/operators: we both have lots and lots and lots of experience in hospitality and have decided to open a restaurant/bar/boutique hotel in the DR (whatever we feel fits, open to the opportunities that arise and confident we can run whatever comes our way). We wish to run our restaurant as a co-op. Hiring locals, perhaps working to provide hospitality education with hands on, paid learning and job opportunities. We'd ultimately like to own a family of restaurants that those who work with us can become shareholders/partners of. Giving them an opportunity to be small business owners. We are in this to make a profit: we do not believe in charity. We believe in business, and in sharing the wealth. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS: have you heard of anything in the hospitality industry in DR/Haiti that operates along these lines? That has a socially responsible way of going about business? Obviously, many places hire locals. But job advancement/opportunities to learn/opportunities to become part-owner/partnering with local charities or orphanages to provide life skills and job training to those interested etc... When we visit in April 2015 I would love to visit any existing properties that value this and meet the owners. We're also going to put the idea out there to some close contacts we have that do humanitarian work in the DR/Haiti, as well as our friends local to the island to hear if we are on the right track. Is this something that is needed, wanted etc. I have a background in non-profit, social enterprises and hospitality. This was one idea on how I can combine these passions and the privilege that I have of living in Canada and being able to afford to open a restaurant. Thanks for reading & contributing! Cheers, Miranda
Kymster replied most recently with:
Hi Miranda, I would be interested in joining your efforts in this pursuit. I just returned from D.R. and found a very profitable area for your specific interest. Kym ;-)
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