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adrou072 posted Professional looking for work in Santo Domingo on the Dominican Republic forum on January 17, 2015:
I am a Canadian Clinical Child Psychologist (PhD trained) with experience in general mental health, family therapy, and health/pediatric psychology. I am in the process of moving to Santo Domingo to live with my husband who is a Dominican National. I hope to work as a Child Psychologist. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French. I am wondering if anyone knows where to start my job search?
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property in Dominican-RepThis is a great investment if you are interested in a vacation condo/villa as well as an income-generating property. During the down time, your island home has the potential of earning you a substantial rental income.
SOV2014 replied to the thread canadian looking for 6month rental on the Dominican Republic forum:
Denbee initially posted:
I am looking for a 6 month rental(house)in a safe gated community near Puerta Plata from Nov to May.Does anyone know where I should look?I
SOV2014 replied most recently with:
Hi, Message me private I own a condo in a private gated community 8 minutes from Sosua. I will give you the link to my airbnb and flipkey adv and you like it we can continue talking.
Mikeytraveller replied most recently with:
Hi, Try our website . It has all the information and potential rental properties in this lovely gated community just out side the city of Puerto Plata where I live. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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domrep2011 replied to the thread Moving from Canada on the Dominican Republic forum:
Diney initially posted:
Hello All, we have bought a new home in Sosua and are planning our move for September 2015. Wondering if we should bring our vehicle- a 2010 Ford Escape, low mileage, or should we purchase a vehicle when we move to DR? Thanks!
domrep2011 replied most recently with:
Have not seen any ford garages in sosua / pop area or around island to be honest
Diney replied most recently with:
Thanks! We definitly need a car to travel and explore . We can take it to Ford for service parts etc.
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Can I buy a return flight ticket one year in advance?
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richardalaird replied to the thread Gov't Rules & Regs for Working & Residency on the Dominican Republic forum:
achoyt initially posted:
Hello All, I am need to know of the referenced. I can be a real estate agent and/or work in banking there hopefully. Please give me anything you possibly know concerning costs, etc. to move to The Republic. I've already visited Punta Cana once and loved the island. How is the government and are they ok with Americans?
richardalaird replied most recently with:
Punta Cana is not a good example of life in the DR. Try Santo Domingo for a while.
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property in Dominican-RepWelcome to El Encanto, House #11
Kiskeyanos replied to the thread does anyone know! on the Dominican Republic forum:
jbouquet initially posted:
does anyone know any motels in uerto plata where i can pay 500 pesos a day but in a safe zone?
Kiskeyanos replied most recently with:
Stay away from el Batey neighborhood. The hotels are full of mujeres qual quiera (ladies of the evening) and Europeans looking for happy endings. Luckily I did not have my kids with me on that trip.
bobby7110 replied most recently with:
Try Juan at 809-842-9957 - good luck & have fun
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Prevailing wages?? on the Dominican Republic forum:
yachts66 initially posted:
Do any of you living there know what the prevailing wage is for: Domestic Help Welders Carpenters Furniture grade carpenters Electricians Plumbers Farm Laborers My thanks in advance for your input.
lasterrenashomes replied most recently with:
We're in the process of hiring a whole bunch of people right now for a new apart-hotel project, and the majority of "unskilled positions", such as maids, security, pool maintenance, gardeners, etc make between 8500-11000 pesos per month. The other ones you mentioned, carpenters, etc, a bit more, 15-20k depending on qualification. If they do smaller jobs, they normally charge more (shorter contract= higher average pay)
boater replied most recently with:
There is a lot of variability, but figure the daily wage in the DR would be lower than what the hourly wage is in the US, in some cases a lot lower.
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Condo's management fee on the Dominican Republic forum:
SOV2014 initially posted:
Why are real state management fees so high in Sosua/Cbarete?
lasterrenashomes replied most recently with:
Do you mean condo fees charged by condo association for maintenance or management fees charged by real estate agent for renting it out and taking care of it? And what do you consider expensive?
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