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boater replied to the thread 2015 Drought. on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
We have posted under the Hurricane thread concerning our Drought but thought that being in our second year of being actually recognized as a Drought that a new tread should be started. I've talked about putting in rain harvesting gutters/systems and they work great BUT ya need da rain. WELL? A deep subject? Not really. A well was put in 300' feet inland from us and it has some salt. 500' from the Ocean. OK... good for the lawns and pool. (after over a year without any city water I'll consider anything.) The residence of that "community" rejected the water. OH... the water company has DOUBLED the price of water to them. Our well was drilled and produced water the next day and we being much closer to the ocean got .....SWEET WATER with no salt taste. We have topped off the guest pool and filled one cistern. 7,000 gallons of clean fresh water in less then 5 hours. Our neighbors just had one drilled too. Clean fresh water. After over 15-16 months of water problems you would not believe our collective sigh of possible relief. Still conserving but you can not believe what a difference being a little bit more dependent, secure and ???? I'll provide details when asked. Cost was around US $1,500 for the whole thing. BUT it was like a crap shoot... salt water or fresh?
boater replied on July 31, 2015 with:
Well I see now why you're writing so much about the drought and water problems. Fortunately, I just have four cats and have not yet put in my landscaping on my small (460 sq meters) lot, half covered by my house. I have a few trees and they seem to be doing okay although I rarely water them. Reading your posts, I am going to keep water conservation and sustainable vegetation firmly in mind. I have a 13,000 gallon cistern filled from my roof. This more than meets my modest household needs. I have a plan to catch runoff from my driveway area and store it in a couple of large plastic tanks (tinacos) usually used on roofs. I certainly hope global warming is caused by human activity because then we may have a chance to avoid some of its effects. A small farmer I was talking to here said he know of five cows that have died recently from the drought in the area between Imbert and Luperon.
Sereno replied on July 31, 2015 with:
A 130 acre golf course in Des Moines, IOWA, U.S.A. July with about 5" of rain still requires irrigation. 731,120 to 1,005,290 gallons per day. That's 6,538 gallons per acre every day. I'm mainly trying to water 3/4 of an acre and using their figures comes to 8.717 per day. So looking at this from a different angle, I figure that I'm using about 9,600 gallons a day on my 3/4 acre. This pretty much supports what I have figured before just looking at the cisterns for 1/4 acre and calculations of well pressure for the half acre of pastures. Lots' of over variables to consider: soil, drainage, sun/temps, wind, shade, evaporation rate and how much gets eaten. We did buy 170 bails of hey yesterday. It took us over a week to find any. 6 hours to get there, load and return using a rented truck. The cost was over double. Believe me boater. I look at our water situation every day for most of the day and have more areas that I can write off if needed. I have a half acre that I rent and no way can I water so we haul hey to the two animals there. One of the above 1/4 acre has 2 horses on it that I do water with 1 sprinkler that I move every 3 hours. The other areas get as much water as I can supply to bring back the grazing grass, crop rotation. I also know that I'm better off then many other of our local farmers trying to feed and water their cows. They are very worried and very mad at the water company. I really don't know how to help them with them having several acres of dead vegetation with nothing for the cows to eat. They truck in water for them but that does not feed them.
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paladino replied to the thread Can ATVs be registered for legal street use? on the Dominican Republic forum:
paladino initially posted:
If I might explain nuance of this. I am curious to know if the DR permits the operation of ATV Quads and / or Mule style vehicles as legal on-road transportation with registration and insurance of course. For those that don't get my Mule reference ..those larger 4-6 passenger ATV usually 4WD that you might think of as 4wd golfcarts are commonly referred to as Mules borrowing the the very popular and pioneer product Kawasaki Mule. Can these be used legally in the DR? Quads? For the life of my I don't understand why country after country prohits these while permiting scooters and motorcycles both being much less stable than Quads/Mules. Anyone know?
paladino replied on July 30, 2015 with:
Followup: from another Expat DR forum I have learned as I suspected.. that ATVs, quad, UTVs can be registered, insured and driven on the public roadways but I don't about to be honest if there are 'any' restrictions, just confirmed that it is commonplace.
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paladino replied to the thread Legal salvage/custom built vehicles for on-road use on the Dominican Republic forum:
paladino initially posted:
I felt this was better to be posted as it's own thread. I have found out in my Latin America travels that the concept of building your own custom or aka salvage vehicle and then legally registering and insuring is not commonly allowed. Now there are situations where there is a loophole to allow very limited options of said. For instance if you buy a vehicle in some countries you can strip the motor out and use it as the legal VIN of existing registration and build anything else.,..but you can just buy a motor out of a yard or a crate motr and build you own thing. Does the DR allow the registration of 'built it myself' aka salvage vehicles? If anyone cannot figure out why this is even desireable I will give you and example. If I wanted to build my own Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Mud Buggy as a you understand better. Anyone know the answer to this in the DR? Anyone done it or know someone who has done it?
paladino replied on July 30, 2015 with:
yachts66, same in Colombia, they flat out will not allow it and i suspect for the same reasons, Colombia is full of theifs and they would be stealing parts of cars left and right building new ones.
yachts66 replied on July 23, 2015 with:
It seems to me it would be a pretty easy question to ask the local Motor Vehicle office. In my experience it is fairly common in many countries, but not all. You can't do it in the Philippines as an example. That due to the vehicle theft problems they have.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Thinking of retiring in the Dominican Republic? One member shares advice about moving to Santo Domingo. (Continue)
wilsibo replied most recently with:
Does anyone have any information about living in zonal colonial? I will be looking for a furnished 2 BEDROOM WITH ALL AMENITIES fro $600-$800 for long term for 2 adults and a small child.
A reader replied recently with:
As someone who has also moved to the Dominican Republic, I'd say this submission includes a of good advice.
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yachts66 replied to the thread no residency in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
tonyb764 initially posted:
Good day everyone. Hopefully someone can me give an answer, about the Dominican government allegedly trying to deport any foreigner that is living in DR but doesn't have residency by the end of June?
yachts66 replied on July 25, 2015 with:
I find myself a bit confused. From what I am reading it seems there is a 3 week tourist Visa and a permanent residence Visa with nothing in between. Is that an accurate summary of the situation now? I'd love to come there for 3-6 months to see if the housing and opportunities I'm seeking are available. I just can't imagine being able to do that in just 3 weeks.
Sereno replied on July 24, 2015 with:
They are coming. Haiti and other NGO's have insulted and that is a slap in the face. The D.R. will respond and carry out the law.
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yachts66 replied to the thread Bank Accounts in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sclinton initially posted:
I am planning on living in the DR for at least 6 months and if I like it I will stay for years. I work from home on the internet and will be transferring funds to myself from the US to the DR. Any suggestions on opening a bank account in the DR and transferring funds?
yachts66 replied on July 23, 2015 with:
Xoom has a really bad reputations among many expats in the Phils. They seem to have an annoying tendency to decide to cancel your account when you need them the most. I stopped using them and now use Wells Fargo. Their system is somewhat like Xoom, and they send to many of the money stores like Xoom, but they also allow you to send money directly to your overseas bank account. Something I find very useful. Xoom charges $4.99, Wells Fargo charges $5.00 however WF gives a much better exchange rate so it ends up costing a lot less than Xoom. That said, Xoom was just bought out by PayPal and no one knows how this will effect them. It won't change my mind because I've had worse experiences with Pay Pal than Xoom, so I hate them both! LOL
paladino replied on July 19, 2015 with:
I recognize this is not a new thread, but there is good info here and I wanted to add one additional option that might help new arrivals trying to rend a place etc. A couple of things: 1) I highly recommend that you have at least two debits cards at two different banks either offshore or in your home country. Reason: theft. If you lose your card or someone clones it your bank is going to instantly cancel your card the minute you report or respond to theft. NOw you are stuck in the DR with no card and no money. Going to take maybe a week or six to get your card replaced from your bank in the USA or other country. A backup debit card at another bank will allow you to hold over and even move some money into from your other account and life goes on. 2) have a small account balance on your debit card account in case of fraud. Keep the bulk of your money in an account with no debit card or even credit card attached IMHO. 3) consider [do ahead of time and run a test transaction through before hand] establishing an account at you can use it to send other money in other countries but you can also use it to send yourself money in foreign countries. So like for instance, you found a place to rent in the DR and you need $3000 for the lease... login into Xoom and send yourself 3000 to caribe express or banco popular in the DR, you can retrieve your money at any time with your passport and the xoom # of the transaction. If by chance you decide you done need the money xoom will automatically cancel the transfer is not real cost if the money is not picked up in I think 10 days OR you can log on and cancel the transaction. Fee is like $5 to send quite a lot of cash, there are limits per months but I think its like thousands. Last note xoom is affordable on fees but I should mention they brag about their cheap fee and then rape you a little on the conversion rate. But hey it beats not being able to do what you want and not having to walk around with $3000 in your pocket looking at real estate or leaving it in your room. Gotit?
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yachts66 replied to the thread Entering with tourist visa, staying a year on the Dominican Republic forum:
adrou072 initially posted:
Hi there, I am less than two weeks away to moving to the DR for the next year. I will be entering through the Punta Cana airport. I have decided not to apply for a Visa and will enter on my 30-day tourist card with the intention of paying a fine for my extended stay upon leaving the country next year. I have travelled many times for month-long trips to the DR but never stayed beyond the 30-day tourist-card limit. I am wondering how I should go about completing the customs forms? My guess is that Inshould be honest and say that I intend to stay in the country for over 300 days but I am afraid to be rejected entry. For those of you who have done this before (stayed longer and paid the exit taxes), how did you go about this process? Thanks!
yachts66 replied on July 23, 2015 with:
I agree to a point. After 5 years in the Philippines I've come home. There are hundreds of thousands of Expats from many Western Countries abandoning the Philippines now for good reason. DR is next on my list to check out, then Panama. I'm excited about coming to the DR, but 3 weeks is hardly enough time to form an opinion. I'm very sorry to hear they have not made any other arrangements for longer term visas. Most countries do that.
paladino replied on July 06, 2015 with:
I aplogize to reference to my suggestion about a simple system for long term tourists. IMHO, there is going to continue to be a steady stream of Gringos leaving other their home countries seeking better lives and less taxes that their home countries. I am a part of this stream, I left my USA career two years ago to escape the USA. I believe this stream of expats could become a flood and the DR has a great relationship with Gringos and believe... lots of Gringos visit the DR and really like it and really really appreciate that Dominicans are not only nice to everyone but especially USA Gringos. There is a tremendous opportunity for the DR to embrace many thousands of new residents from places like the USA as this trickle becomes a deluge. I hope that the DR gets ahead of the ball and seizes this opportunity. In my travels in LA I meet all kinds of expats visiting and looking..Panama, Colombia, Cost Rica, Nicaragua, etc. Every time I enter an airport in LA i meet another expat, often currently looking for their future nest to settle. Many many billions of dollars are held in bank accounts in the USA and countries that embrace these new 'visitors' could change the course of the future of their countries if they really seized this opportunity.
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sunnylady replied to the thread comments onf residency "proof of economic solvency" on the Dominican Republic forum:
paladino initially posted:
First let me say that I am hoping to get specific comments here on a specific subject in regards to applicaiton for residency. I am hoping this thread will stay on topic long enough to get some realy info and hope that it does immediately degrade into a battle of gringos vs. dominicans on the subject of non-compliance that I keep seeing here. If you got a beef there are other threads already going where you can vent on the residency thing. Here is my situation and question. I am about to arrive to live in the DR, I hope to make that arrangement legal by seeking legal residency status. I am not married, have not Dominican children therefore I will have to said as simple expat wanting to live in the DR. I don't have a big investment account, I don't yet collect social security nor do I have a pension. Among the various requirements that I will not repeat here is a requirement... "proof of economic solvency" Since I don't have a retirement income presently only cash savings I am curious to know if anyone has an explanation of what amount of savings aka cash is enough to satify a residency application to be able to become legal. Though my intention is not to work in the DR as I make my income trading FX on-line I do have highly valued skills with 25 years of experience in computer consultancy and software engineering and if that would help my application in any way I would lean on that also. Opinioins are accepted but I hope there is someone who has talked to someone who knows and can give me a reasonable impression of what the expectation is as "proof of economic solvency".
sunnylady replied most recently with:
From what I gather, there is an "investment" visa for residency also, if said investment is related to tourism etc. This would include for example a guest house or B & B, hotel, tour business - dollar value is maybe $200,000 (?). This eliminates the need to prove monthly "solvency". My advice is to consult a good immigration attorney in the DR before making the leap. Worth every penny and could save you from making costly mistakes...good luck with your move!
paladino replied most recently with:
Thanks for your input, I understand you explanation. Glad you took the time to help me understand. So in short I have no option for 'proof econcomic solvency' in the eyes of the DR without getting a equal sustaining DR job and I assume that even if I had a foreign job income that would also not satisfy? Seems I might be another illegal in that case until I find a solution. thx again.
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paladino replied to the thread Farms and quarries on the Dominican Republic forum:
ddvahle initially posted:
I am considering the DR. I live on a farm and would like to live on one there as well. At least a small own. What are my opportunities? Also I am trained in QC for aggregates at a quarry and asphalt and concrete company. Are there opportunities like that for foreigners? Thanks
paladino replied most recently with:
ddvahle, I am investigating commencing a agriculture project in the DR starting later this year, toward the end of the year. As things are now with the drought I realize that traditional farming will be challenging. PM me if you wish to connect, that I could use a reliable partner. I am going at things a little different and the drought will not be an issue for my project IMHO.
Sereno replied most recently with:
You are dealing with two different animals. Farm and mining. Lot's of info on the net concerning the mining situations and appears to have a lot of changes concerning that. Farming? Depends on what you want to farm? Lot's of opportunities MAY be found in the remote areas but it really depends on what you want to grown/raise. Being a new comer will NOT be easy but could be done depending on what your wanting to do. Please be more specific so we can advise better. good luck, Sereno
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