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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread DR for the winter on the Dominican Republic forum:
Capms54 initially posted:
My husband and I are looking into spending our winters in the DR. We would like to go sometime this fall for a month too look at some areas. We don't want a large city. We live outside a small town in Michigan. We would like a small town. Any suggestions?
lasterrenashomes replied on July 27, 2014 with:
Come check Las Terrenas, there is a lot of info on the Internet about it. There are a couple of direct flights weekly from NY
Capotillo13SJM replied on July 27, 2014 with:
We reside in Michigan also. Yet, we have been spending Winters in Boca Chica DR for the last 8 seasons. It is a small beach town 10 minutes from international airport and half an hour from Santo Domingo. Easy access to other beaches. Good restaurants. Near many major league baseball camps.
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senormike replied to the thread Unfair treatment to DR by some expati in this forum on the Dominican Republic forum:
mianette initially posted:
After reading some post in this forum, I feel nauseas.. I am not Dominican, but I live in here for the past 13 years How you people have the audacity of living in this country, for whatever reason you have and then come to an international forum and trash talk about the place and his nationals?.. You guys are in the wrong place.!.. DR is not different to any other 3rd world country on the globe; go out look around open, your eyes to the reality. In the world are good people, bad people; people living in poverty, rich people. There is not one country in the world that do not have corruption at some level; crimes; drug; prostitutions, broken health and educational systems, thieves, etc,etc.; even thoses how call themselves riches country in the world have some kind of troubles. If the country is so miserable, why don't you go back where you come from. If you country is so perfect what the heck are you doing in here? Go back..!... and don't tell me it is because the weather.. There are plenty of islands around the globe, even with better weather.. go there..! Lets Dominican alone with their miserable country, their corruption, their broker system and poor education, it is their choice and only them have the right to go alone with or to change it, when the time come. At least, they do not pretend to be something they are not. Others, hide themselves behind a computer screen to run their mouth, putting outside others people defects so,, the world can see theirs...o probably doing just that "hiding".. or" running", who knows why or from what? As I said before, if the country is not the perfect world you are use to live...Get out.. Leave them alone..! because apparently in your perfect world they do not teach; "you are not suppose to poop where you eat" Thanks
senormike replied on July 26, 2014 with:
this message is to the forum. this bashing back and forth will continue because as you reply in a negative way you are just inviting the other basher to continue. so don't give them the opportunity, don't reply to that type of post. I am not an expat, but I have spent the last two winters in costambar and loved it. why don't we keep the forum for the purposes of helping each other. you expats are a very helpful bunch by answering questions to people like myself and I am very thankful, thanks keep the good work
jpw14 replied on June 21, 2014 with:
i have lived in Santo Domingo for a year 5years ago and absolutely loved the place and yes the people too. my husband and I traveled to Punta Cana to Puerto Plata in that time and we always only found good people. I remember once we were driving towards Punta Cana for his work and had to stop to feed the baby and just across in the distance on the road a car stopped and a blond guy and a local girl came out of the car having an argument and as it heated up the guy hit the girl. no clearly we realized what was going on there specially since he hit her the driver of the car came out as well and asked the man nicely to not hit the girl and he started getting angry at him as well that's when the driver threw the car keys in the grass and him and the girl went away walking. It was sad to see that for whatever reason the girl was doing what she did but the guy had no right to hit her no matter what specially because she wasn't hitting him. second incidence where we were in Puerto Plata and I had over thousand dollars in my bag and we were staying in a resort near Ocean World we decided to go for a walk and me thinking if I left the purse in the room someone might steal the money too it with me and when we were quite far in and practically abandoned area of any service or guests only few laborers working on something in the distance my son started crying and thought to bring him back to the room forgetting about my purse at one of the tables there. After putting my son to sleep in the room I decided to get things together and then I realized my bag was missing and we rushed back to the spot the labours were gone but my purse was still laying on the table and the money still in it. Im not saying that there are no problems there but we have travelled a lot on DR in our one year there to different cities and all I have to say about the people there is that they are extremely warm and where ever you go or whomever you meet even the strangers are always greeting you with smiles and not just men but women in the supermarkets or banks. I heard a lot of stories and they are probably true too but the DR I know I loved it
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senormike posted gated community near puerto plata on the Dominican Republic forum on July 21, 2014:
there is a place called costambar on the outskirts of PP. look at their site- I spent the last 2 winters there and loved it
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Sereno replied to the thread 2014 Hurricane Season on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30. Time to get yourselves ready and check on your supplies and plans. This seasons predictions are for few storms but they are not always correct. We also know that it only takes one. I also have my own weather station and hope to get it back on-line on wunderground soon. Our rainy season from Nov. to March did not happen this last year. Hot and very dry. Then it started raining at the end of April and has not stopped here on the North coast and it has been unseasonably cool. May 22. 6:45AM; Playa Chiquita. We have had over 6 inches of rain this month with 2.66 inches in the last 24 hours. 69.2 F. Highs in mid. 80s F with rain forecasts for the next 10 days. (Sorry Planner. Don't shoot the messenger.) Sereno
Sereno replied on July 18, 2014 with:
OH... wayyyy faraway is like.......... over Cuba. Far enough away for ya?
Sereno replied on July 18, 2014 with:
It's dark and I watching this great lighting show to my west. LOT'S of it and though I see stars above me, some of the bursts of light blot out the stars. But wait.... NO thunder? Not even our very sensitive "Dunderdogs" hear a thing and going nuts. I see on the weather stations a system WAYYYYYY to our west. --------------------- Heat lightning From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heat lightning is the name used for the faint flashes of lightning on the horizon or other clouds from distant thunderstorms that do not have accompanying sounds of thunder. This happens because the lightning occurs very far away and the sound dissipates before it reaches the observer.[1] The term is a little misleading because it has nothing to do with the heat of the lightning itself. At night, it is possible to see the flashes of lightning from very far distances, up to 100 miles, but the sound doesn't carry that far.[2] Lightning results from the discharge of negative ions created from the friction of ice and water particles bumping into each other at the bottom of a cloud. Heat lightning can be an early warning sign that thunderstorms are approaching. In Florida, heat lightning is often seen out over the water at night, the remnants of storms that formed during the day along a sea breeze front coming in from the opposite coast. Heat lightning is not to be confused with electrically-induced luminosity actually generated at mesospheric altitudes above thunderstorm systems (and likewise visible at exceedingly great ranges), a phenomenon known as "sprites". ------------------- This isn't going to do nada for us BUT a great show. Have a good night all.
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Planner replied to the thread Drought! on the Dominican Republic forum on July 18, 2014:
Sereno initially posted:
We have been talking about this in the weather thread but thought that this topic should have its' own. It is getting worse with no end in sight. More areas without water and riots have started. Here is a list of places to go and learn. We don't have direct link options so you will have to copy/past to see them. ----------- --------- ----------- ------------------ My area is at the end of the water line and we have not had a drop of city water for about 4 months. We are now using pool water for some things. We also harvest rain water from our roof that has helped us considerably but with less then 3 inches in 3 months just is not enough. Up the line some still get some water and ... water their lawns, fill pools, wash cars and leave the hose running. Trying to tell them we are in a drought does nothing until ...... they run out and they start screaming. Most middle class and above have cisterns so we can go a long time IF we conserve. The small Dominican towns don't. They have only the city water and when that stops they have none at all. I don't know of any area in the central north coast that is not having major problems and yet I see water being wasted everywhere I look. S.D. looks like it is in BIG trouble. Save water.... shower with a friend? (On the porch using pool water.)
Planner replied on July 18, 2014 with:
It was 94F early this morning in the capital and no rain to be found We are overcast so here is hoping for some rain later!
Sereno replied on July 18, 2014 with:
At 9:30 AM it was 86 F in the shade. Oddly, the humidity had dropped to 55%. The wind off the Ocean was much cooler feeling but the sun was brutal. Our main man told me that we are getting low on hay for the horses and he is trying to find some. We THINK that he has found 80 bales at a much higher price. Fine.... buy them. We will also triple up on sacks of horse grain and dog food. Another indicator of things to come in the D.R. agricultural area. My neighbor has already used all his pool water with the last 1/3 being so bad that he had to pump it out as waste water. Dont' bother looking at the weather tread.... Stocking up and PLANNING can be fun. ;) Sereno
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Kiskeyanos replied to the thread Monsanto on the Dominican Republic forum on July 17, 2014:
Kiskeyanos initially posted:
We here, stateside, have heard very distressing news. Monsanto has convinced some legilators to introduce a law proviiding for the privatiztion of agricultural seed in the DR. That would open the flood gates for them to introduce GMO crops to the DR., bamboozling farmers that this is the wave of the future. Once they plant the seed, they will be forever in debt to monsanto for seed, and any farmers whomtry to revert back and not pay monsanto could be sued. We are organizing with organizations in the DR against this. We are sending the 4 major TV stations a spanish language copy of "Genetic Roulette", a documentary about the foils of GMOs , their impact on our health, our livestock and the agricultural economy. We are hoping that this will be aired to inform the Dominicans in DR about what the politiciams are getting them into. If you want more information, we have contacts and organizations you can contact.
Kiskeyanos replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Oh, just to let you know, most Latin American countries have banned Monsanto's GMO seed, with the exception of Columbia, and now Costa Rica.
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Planner replied to the thread Dominican News. on the Dominican Republic forum:
Sereno initially posted:
We all know that news associations spin things. This one of several that I look at; cause it's in English and easy for me. I do scan others too. Reading and learning is a mixed bag here and I sometimes don't know what to make of what is going on. We are in a major drought but the money spent on other projects and not the basics just has me shaking my head not understanding why the basics are not addressed. Yet high cost of unnecessary projects that require other country's to do is the normal way of doing business.... for the "kick backs" to a few. It now is a problem of WHAT needs the priority and get done. Riots in some areas and many without water at all. Not to stir the pot, just my opinion. You that live here add yours and let others know along with the "news". BTY. NO one tells us the real reason for no water. NO one. I send my own people out to learn. "It's NOT MY fault!". The always heard Dominican chant. Sorry for my rant? No. It's sharing and learning experience. ; Sereno
Planner replied on July 17, 2014 with:
HYSTERICAL and they "lead" this country..............
Sereno replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Now for something to make you laugh. Oops! Congress forgot Ban Ki-moon speaks English Santo Domingo.- Dominicans again laugh at their own foibles Wednesday as Congress forgot to hire translators for UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon’s speech in English, leaving most lawmakers looking at each other throughout. Since only a few had access to translation, many legislators told reporters that they don't know “for sure” what Ban had said in his speech. The media also report inconveniences and disorganized protocol when they tried to enter the National Assembly Hall.
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Kiskeyanos replied to the thread New highway? on the Dominican Republic forum:
Kiskeyanos initially posted:
On my last trip to the DR, i saw improved infrastructure and highways (I hadn't been there in quite a few years), I was told were built in short order (for the land of mañana?) I heard there are plans for a new Highway from Santiago and San Juan de la Maguana.. How likely is this to happen and how soon would it happen, if it does.
Kiskeyanos replied most recently with:
Oh well. Not too surprised though. Would have made it a simple choice for me to move to the north coast, but now...back to looking at azua and Bani. Thanks for the heads up!
Sereno replied most recently with:
OK Kiskey. This how things work down here. Or DON'T ? High cost forces Dominican Republic leader to scrub pledged road Santo Domingo.- The Presidency’s administrative minister on Tuesday announced that president Danilo Medina’s Administration will not build the controversial cross-mountain road because of its high cost of around US$$500 million. José Ramón Peralta said Medina had met with the bishops to inform them of the decision, noting out that it would be irresponsible for the government to embark on a work of that magnitude at this time. Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo recently said work on the Santiago-San Juan de la Maguana (Cibao-Sur) road would start no later than August. The official said Medina, after receiving all proposals, flew over the road’s proposed route twice and became aware that its cost was too high. "It would be irresponsible for this Government to assume that investment, because it would overwhelm the initial plans." The construction of the road had been one of Medina's few campaign promises.
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Sereno replied to the thread Long term lease on the Dominican Republic forum:
jgrace initially posted:
I am retiring in Dec. 2014 and planning a 2 week scouting trip in Sept. I hope to find a place in a long term lease. I don't even know where to start. I would be great full for suggestions.
Sereno replied most recently with:
PLEASE WATCH AND BE CAREFULL OF SPAM. Over time I've had a couple of PM's trying to sell me property. I got one soon after posting this. These people don't contribute to the forum usually but quick to send you a PM. Keep it on the board, in the forum so everyone can see is a good rule for me. ;) Sereno
Sereno replied most recently with:
Hello and welcome. You've got your job cut out for you.... I mean you have an ADVENTURE in front of you. About page 5. Finding a Home (something like that) started by Kiskey... It's pretty good and should help you. I recommend that you read as many treads that you can. Good luck and please feel free to ask questions. Sereno
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Planner replied to the thread Educator/Solar Entrepreneur Seeks Job on the Dominican Republic forum:
TrishFlanagan initially posted:
Hello, I am looking for part time, consultant work in the Puerta Plata region. My background is in education, start up companies and solar. I would love any job contacts in these fields. Thanks, Patricia
Planner replied most recently with:
HI, how long have you lived in Puerto Plata? Do you speak Spanish? Jobs in Puerto Plata are really really hard to come by. the area has been hit badly by the economy and is now struggling to get back on their feet. Your best option will be to contact all the private schools if you can teach. Both consulting and solar are tough to break into if you do not have a developed network.
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