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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Prevailing wages?? on the Dominican Republic forum:
yachts66 initially posted:
Do any of you living there know what the prevailing wage is for: Domestic Help Welders Carpenters Furniture grade carpenters Electricians Plumbers Farm Laborers My thanks in advance for your input.
lasterrenashomes replied on December 19, 2014 with:
We're in the process of hiring a whole bunch of people right now for a new apart-hotel project, and the majority of "unskilled positions", such as maids, security, pool maintenance, gardeners, etc make between 8500-11000 pesos per month. The other ones you mentioned, carpenters, etc, a bit more, 15-20k depending on qualification. If they do smaller jobs, they normally charge more (shorter contract= higher average pay)
boater replied on December 03, 2014 with:
There is a lot of variability, but figure the daily wage in the DR would be lower than what the hourly wage is in the US, in some cases a lot lower.
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Condo's management fee on the Dominican Republic forum on December 19, 2014:
SOV2014 initially posted:
Why are real state management fees so high in Sosua/Cbarete?
lasterrenashomes replied on December 19, 2014 with:
Do you mean condo fees charged by condo association for maintenance or management fees charged by real estate agent for renting it out and taking care of it? And what do you consider expensive?
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boater replied to the thread Seeking Advice about life in DR on the Dominican Republic forum:
yachts66 initially posted:
I've been living in the Philippines for going on 5 years now and its time to leave and try something new, so I'm giving a close look to the DR. I build boats for fun, sometimes I do some commercial fishing (usually hire locals for that) and I have an Ag background, so I like being in the countryside. Please do tell me about the DR , where I should look, not look, do, not do, etc. Thank You Very Much!
boater replied on December 17, 2014 with:
I'd second, or third, the suggestion of Luperon. I've lived here six years and from your description of your preferences, I think it might be a good fit, assuming you like a laid back and "Dominicanized" atmosphere. It has been for me. Luperon is different from some of the other destinations mentioned in that many of the expats are sailboat cruisers or former cruisers that have moved ashore here. An interesting crew, I've found. The town is primarily an agricultural center and fishing port, with some tourism mixed in. (Our all-inclusive beach resort is currently closed but rumor has it that it might reopen in a year or so.) Village population is about 6,000 and expat community is probably 200 plus. Hard to tell because expats live all over town and in the surrounding campo, as well as on boats in the harbor. I suggest you check it out as one good possibility.
StevenBarr replied on December 11, 2014 with:
I lived in Luperon for several years I loved it still visit it must of been How Hemingway lived in Cuba 100 years ago, lots of boating even boat building, great bunch of boaters who r swalling the anchor and moving ashore, even the great Bruice Van Saint (not dead yet) loves it and returns often, it will make a place in ur heart steve in dr
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property in Dominican-RepHilltop Villa with Pool on a Finca with spectacular Ocean views
property in Dominican-RepHilltop Villa with Pool on a Finca with spectacular Ocean views
boater replied to the thread Picking a good reasonable moving company on the Dominican Republic forum:
tonyb764 initially posted:
Does anyone know a good reasonable moving company to help me move from the United States to the Dominican Republic? I am moving from New Jersey to Sosua/Cabarete. within the next few months. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
boater replied most recently with:
With its large Dominican population, New Jersey has lots of local shipping companies specializing in the Dominican Republic. I used two located in Perth Amboy for my move. Check the Yellow Pages. I'm sure you could also find companies in Paterson, Hudson Country or Elizabeth. I would not get a container myself because, especially when arranged by foreigners, these tend to attract attention from customs officials and I have heard lots of horror stories about high fees and long delays. My experience with the local Dominican shippers in NJ was that they quoted reasonable prices that covered all fees, plus door to door delivery from US to DR. You do have to pack things carefully - they provide boxes and plastic barrels for smaller items -- because handling can be less than delicate, but I was very happy with the convenience of the shipping process, which took about three to four weeks door to door. Hope this is helpful.
yachts66 replied most recently with:
I'm not a follow the crowd kind of guy, so when I've moved in the past I've pretty much done it on my own. I don't see why arranging to have a container 20' or 40' delivered to your house for you to pack and then picked up and taken to the Port when you've finished. Delivery charges for that will be a lot less than what a moving company will charge you and you'll probably do a better job of packing. Freight forwarders can handle the paperwork for a nominal fee. That's how I see it anyways!
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CelesteP replied to the thread WANTED FURNISHED APARTMENT IN SANTIAGO, DOM. REP on the Dominican Republic forum:
ramdd1 initially posted:
I am looking for a three-bedroom furnished apartment at Los Jardines Universitarios 2 in Santiago, Dominican Republican for up to $600/month. I do not want to pay a month commission. I would be staying there from 21 December to 21 February.
CelesteP replied most recently with:
Hi, I can probably help you find a furnished apartment in Los Cerros de Gurrabo, Santiago. I also live here in Santiago. email me at
StevenBarr replied most recently with:
Call Peter he is a Dominican taxie driver who lived in the US, he is a family guy who speaks good English and understands Gingos way of living, hls # is 809 6093861. I have lived here in Santiago for 4-5 years, I live here with my family. Let me know (through Peter when u get into town. Steve
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aali4 posted ESL Teacher on the Dominican Republic forum:
Hello DR Expats, I recently completed my TESL/TEFL/TESOL Certificate in Canada and am eagerly searching for employment in Santo Domingo (preferably). I am having a bit of trouble getting bounce back emails from schools suggested by Oxford Seminars. Does anyone know of good, reputable schools that I can apply to? Thanks for you help, Alicia
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paladino replied to the thread Community Building on the Dominican Republic forum:
sharith initially posted:
I have read many excerpts or blogs about The Dominican Republic. Since I'm coming to live in the Dominican Republic for six months or more then apply for my residence. Why not male it comfortable for all us Expats. We should establish a welcome package for Expats and provide a sponsor for individuals who are going to stay in the DR for 3 months or more. I've heard so much about the crime, trash problem, unsafe night life lets make it safe for ourselves. We should start an investment club and but properties and we can, meaning members of the community we created can live in the property we buy for ourselves. Example purchase a building with 10 or 15 renovate for cheap and bring up to building code and specification to DR regulation and standards and live for free, the rest of the apartments we can rent out to other Expats for an affordable cost. Between US $250-&350.00a month. We can have a minimum investment of $,2000 and with 50 Expats that will be US $100,000, then we can create business and other things to suffice our needs. It will be a community, society, and our own little Utopia with in there society. We will have to elect council members on the board such as secretary, treasure, public relations, security advisor, sergeant at arms, chaplain, trustees, and community executive officer and have a membership dues for $ 20.00 a month to have funds for emergency funds for expats, parties and or celebrations for vip's or dignitaries. We would elect council members every two years and have secret password to enter our meeting. We can have our security for our properties to be safe, from unsavory individuals who want to violate us, rob us, or cause us harm. Since I'm a former retired Military Police and Protective Security Specialist we can protect ourselves and other expats in our community. This way we can enjoy walks at night or nights at the beach with our family and significant other. I read blogs about the trash and the uncleanliness of our locals. We can bring in an waste management consultant from the US or Canada to show us and teach us innovative ways to rid our self of the trash problem and ways to dispose of our waste. Possibly recycling it for monetary efforts to help our community to go green and we can make rubber products , fuel and energy. Use some of the money to sponsor our own youth organization and life foundation to help other people in the DR who are less fortunate, we have to give back. Last but not least people we have to have sponsors to donate in our cause making us a non-profit organization. The more funds we have we can buy more properties and business we create, we can help more people less fortunate than ourselves. Then we create and generate and income for ourselves and all of the investors will have shares in our organization and an income to live on while we reside happy in the DR. We have to reach out to major political figures, law enforcement agency, prominent business figures, and tourist commission. We have to have this support before we start to rise and do positive things. The more we do and we are professional, thorough, and effective they will listen to us. We have to have them on our side or we can say in our back pockets, since most of them are corrupt we make them honest. We make them feel good and treat them important, even if we think they are not important. My father told all the time even when he passed away,treat other men like their a gentlemen not because they are gentlemen, because you are. Lets us not forget, it's not what you know its who you know. If anyone out there think this is a good plan give me your honest opinion and be critical not offensive or disrespectful. We have to protect ourselves in the DR and make it safe and livable for us and our loved ones. Thank you for your time and effort they are greatly appreciated. May the peace and blessings of God be upon us all.
paladino replied most recently with:
Sharith, I have read your post three times now and I truly feel for your desire and interest. Having spent several years visiting and investigating opportunities in the DR I can immediately feel the depth of your interest and appreciate your details. Now there is the rub as we say...if you actually ever identify an area suitable and controllable to pursue this type of development I would be interested to see and hear about it. Having spent many months thinking about a similar effort I came to the conclusion that it will be almost impossible to achieve. Why, because virtually no one in the DR wants it...Oh, I believe the Dominicans would benefit from such an infusion and addtion to reality I see no interest. Dominicans are some of my favorite Latinos yet seeing a way to a prosperous future is not within their vision and there is not sufficient critical mass of resident outsiders in any specific area to date to support your idea. The current standard is for foreigners to visit, get some sun, drink some booze and then leave. There are many other countries courting expats much harder than the DR. If the DR government was smart they would fast track a massive infusion of foreigners by aggressive pursuing expats seeking a second passport and perm residencia.. but the government cannot see that far IMHO.
paladino replied most recently with:
I suggest that people discount any poster, like this one, who begins their post by denigrating some 'group of people'.. in this case Republicans.. but it makes not difference as bigotry is bigotry and nothing more. I expect someone who behaves this way does it on a regular basis and it's only a matter of time that you will become their target because you don't agree with them. If a group has a platform for and supports some offense like hurting or enslaving others then I can say that it deserves disrespect or even obliteration, otherwise question the validity of the person claiming harm. FYI: for those not from the USA ... Republicans are one of the two dominant ruling parties controlling politics in the USA and BTW I am not a's just this type of political bigotry that I left the USA to get away from as it's just childish tribalism .. my tribe versus your tribe. Hope everyone has a good day. I will be in Santiago in two weeks and can't wait.
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rpagan0203 posted Forum Admin, please cancel my account... on the Dominican Republic forum:
Dear Forum Admin, I do not wish to receive anymore emails from this Forum, please cancel my account since I haven't found the way to do it myself. Thank you
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lasterrenashomes replied to the thread Meet a nice Dominican Lady on the Dominican Republic forum:
tonyb764 initially posted:
Does anyone know where is a place close to Sosua, to meet a nice Dominican lady (hopefully knows some English) for friendship? I am a retired police officer from New Jersey whom just bought a retirement home in Sosua. I would like to meet someone to hopefully start a friendship, however in Sosua everything is about money. Should I expect that everywhere in DR? Thanks for your reply in advance.
lasterrenashomes replied most recently with:
Two of my friends use a dating website and have met some normal women there.
tonyb764 replied most recently with:
Thanks for your time.
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