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property in Dominican-RepThe beautiful 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms condo is located at minutes from the international school of Sosua.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Did you know that you have to have residency to drive a car after you've been in the Dominican Republic for 30 days? Did you know that call centers are a main source of jobs in the Dominican Republic? Continue reading to get advice for expats in the Dominican Republic. (Continue)
guapodr replied most recently with:
REFRAIN FROM SHOWING OFF ! Yes, i do mean, keep low profile, do not wear this shiny watch or gold chain of yours or even bright ring ! And, when going to restaurant or shopping mall, no need to get the big roll of money, be discreet and swift. Do not use cellphone walking or carry purse, handbag or even cellphone in hand. Those are tips from public safety officer who has lived in DR 4 years and plan to return for retirement !
Sereno replied recently with:
I don't see a date on the OP by Betsy but it must have been before Jan. 2013. She tells a lot of good information BUT the Dominican Republic can change laws faster then some people change their cloths. Immigration is one area that has changed, and continues to change, so I would recommend that you ask for current information in a post in the D.R. forum. Of course, some of us "old timers" will try to help with any current question that you have. Thanks and good luck. Sereno
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Small profitable hotel for sale. Well recommended on trip advisor, best suited for owner-operator. Hotel sleeps 25 people, plus apartment for owners. Motivated seller, needs to go back to Canada.
wilsibo commented on the Expat Report Moving to Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
I advise you to visit the better area of town which is called Piantini and Naco. They are very cosmopolitan areas, located in District National Santo Domingo along ave Winston Churchill. Ask Apolo Taxi which I discovered to be the most safe and trusted Taxi, to take you to the Blue Mall on Ave Winston Churchill. Also Go to The Acropolis which is a few blocks from the Blue Mall on the same street. Walk the neighborhood for three blocks in each direction from Ave Winston Churchill and you will see many buildings with condo's for sale(vende) or rent ( alquiliar). There is a Holiday Inn Hotel located 5 minutes from this area on Ave Abraham Lincoln. Both malls have resteraunts and movies. Your supermarket is across the street from the mall. there are at least six banks betwee the two malls along with resteraunts and Pharmacies. Everything you can walk to, if you get your apartment there. Plus the area is quiet and secure. You will not have the loud Dominican music playing 24 hours a day. it is a normal tranquile neighborhood. A 3bedroom unfurnished can cost US$800.00 a month. I recommend you do not fall for the fully furnished apt. ads. If you do, make sure you sign a month to month lease. This will protect you from the bad feeling of living in a place with someone's old trashy furniture and having to put up with it until the lease expires. Also be sure to make certain that your deposit is not listed on the contract as a security deposit. Make sure it is listed as your last months rent. Visit the area for a week on each visit. If you decide to live in a Dominican area with the Bodega's and places that sell beer this is good if you are 27 years old, but if you are retired you will dread the day you did this. Trust me. Banking you should open a checking account and only deposit enough for your rent and utilities each month. The banks constantly suspend your account for no apparent reason. Keep the lion's share of your cash in the bank of your country and use your debit card to take money out. (Continue)
wilsibo replied most recently with:
Great information. I am looking for a long term 2 bedroom apartment in Santo Domingo for myself, wife and small child, preferred furnished in a gated community with all amenities like internet, cable, wifi, electricity. I would like to be contacted if anybody knows a quiet neighborhood close to stores, shops and other markets.
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1 bedroom/1bathroom or 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms option in small house available starting in MARCH for short or long term. private yard, great patios & furnished. close enough to the action - 3min drive yet far enough from the noise
adrou072 posted Professional looking for work in Santo Domingo on the Dominican Republic forum:
I am a Canadian Clinical Child Psychologist (PhD trained) with experience in general mental health, family therapy, and health/pediatric psychology. I am in the process of moving to Santo Domingo to live with my husband who is a Dominican National. I hope to work as a Child Psychologist. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French. I am wondering if anyone knows where to start my job search?
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property in Dominican-RepThis is a great investment if you are interested in a vacation condo/villa as well as an income-generating property. During the down time, your island home has the potential of earning you a substantial rental income.
SOV2014 replied to the thread canadian looking for 6month rental on the Dominican Republic forum:
Denbee initially posted:
I am looking for a 6 month rental(house)in a safe gated community near Puerta Plata from Nov to May.Does anyone know where I should look?I
SOV2014 replied most recently with:
Hi, Message me private I own a condo in a private gated community 8 minutes from Sosua. I will give you the link to my airbnb and flipkey adv and you like it we can continue talking.
Mikeytraveller replied most recently with:
Hi, Try our website . It has all the information and potential rental properties in this lovely gated community just out side the city of Puerto Plata where I live. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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shell5200 replied to the thread Moving from Canada on the Dominican Republic forum:
Diney initially posted:
Hello All, we have bought a new home in Sosua and are planning our move for September 2015. Wondering if we should bring our vehicle- a 2010 Ford Escape, low mileage, or should we purchase a vehicle when we move to DR? Thanks!
shell5200 replied most recently with:
they have one of highest fatality rates , driving is scary there you will get fender benders and dings galore! Probably cheaper to buy there and something not to precious!
Kiskeyanos replied most recently with:
It is my understanding is a vehicle must fall in these categories to be accepted in DR. 1. Be less than 5 years old 2.six cylinders or less 3. You must owned it for at least 2 years 4. Must have a clean title without leans. We specifically bought a new wrangler unlimited this year because we plan to move to DR in 2 years.
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Can I buy a return flight ticket one year in advance?
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