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House for Rent

House for Rent in Merida, Mexico

Merida, Mexico

4 Bedroom / 2 Full Bath / 1 Half Bath

Price: $368 000 US

Living Space: 3,000

About the Property

La Ceiba Community -- Family-oriented Friendly, Upscale -- Gated/Guarded 24/7, Equi-distant to Merida and Gulf of Mexico Beach, 20 minutes in either direction, environmentally respectful home, hacienda-style, rustic architecture, with modern amenities, internet / WiFi / Satellite -- Flat-screen TV -- Perfect for semi or full-time retirees -- Tranquil -- Tropical -- Affordable!

La Ceiba Home for Sale

Who are we? We are Canadians who are lucky enough to have had a vacation home since 2008 in the beautiful colonial city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Our children are grown, working hard, and committed to their families and professional careers back home. We are selling because we wish to spend the next years of our lives travelling throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, China, Africa and wherever the road will take us.

Where is Merida? Merida is on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, about three hours west of Cancun and 20 minutes south of the Gulf of Mexico coast. Merida is a modern city of 1 million people, with a rich history reaching back to the Maya civilization of millenniums past, the settling of the Spanish colonialists in the mid-1500s, and the hacienda sisal plantations of the 18th and 19th centuries. The historic centre (Centro) of Merida is a colonial treasure. Here you can visit the traditional Spanish-era central square, surrounded by the oldest Cathedral in North America, the opulent Governor’s Palace, and Municipal Buildings, all of them erected in the early 1800s.

Why Merida? Merida is known for its support of the arts and culture. The French-styled opera house presents regular operatic and symphonic performances, as well as recitals of renowned international pianists, violinists, string quartets, and so on. Local festivals, including Marti Gras are a treat. Art galleries and museums are numerous. Merida is also known for its institutes of higher learning, many of which have exchange programs with established US universities. Importantly, medical services are available in modern hospitals staffed with specialists, many of them educated in the US. Medical, vehicle, and other insurance is affordable and reliable. Moreover, Merida is one of the safest cities in North America and prides itself on its Maya roots, friendly people and welcoming traditions, not to mention the expanding entrepreneurial class, operating commercial outlets known to all of North America—Costco, Home Depot, Office Depot, WalMart; car dealers like Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda, Suburu, Hyundai, and many more; and, of course, fast food outlets like McDonalds and Burger King….the list goes on. While these businesses are there if you need—or want—them, other parts of the city are far more European in character and evoke a more continental lifestyle with boutiques, cafes, and chic restaurants lining the wide boulevards.

What about the region? Outside the city are ecological and historic findings that are beyond description. The fresh-water, underground rivers and lakes, known as cenotes, are awesome. Nearby flamingo sanctuaries are among the most bountiful in the tropics. The ancient Mayan ruins with their stunning pyramids are abundant and include the famous World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza. Historically preserved henequen haciendas were the envy of Europe in the early in the late 19th century and served to attract huge investments in the region, for this rare and valuable resource. All of these attractions are just a short drive away from the city. If snorkelling or diving is your thing, the Caribbean Coast and coral reefs make for a great weekend excursion.

Who are expats? Expatriates (expats) are people who hold passports from their home country, but have renewable temporary residence visas to live abroad, for an indefinite period. Most people go home for holidays and special occasions then return to Merida. Perhaps not surprisingly, the expat population of Merida is growing every year, as is the city itself. Estimates indicate there are some 25,000 expats (from Canada, the US, and Europe) living in the city full-time. Nor are they all retirees—many young families, artists and exchange students are choosing Merida as a safe and economical haven. The tourist numbers swell considerably during the winter tourist season, also known to some as Snowbird season.

Where is the property located, what are its features? In Merida, you can have it all, and particularly where we are located—an upscale, gated, golf community, called La Ceiba. La Ceiba is just minutes from Centro to the south and the Gulf to the north. We call our home Casa Maya and consider it to be a treasure in and of itself. It is fashioned in the traditional quardrangle (inside-outside) hacienda-style, with an open-air courtyard and central private pool, surrounded by enclosed rooms—think rustic Andalusion, with a modern interior and all the contemporary amenities. An architecturally-designed spiral staircase winds its way up to an amazing rooftop terrace. Custom lounging chairs and palapa wet bar perfect the space. The interior of the house is tastefully furnished, and includes modern appliances, as well as internet and Satellite TV. Wifi access for your flat-screen TV, with DVD player, plays your DVDs and USBs, and prime entertainment programs, like Netflix, YouTube, sport stations, American network programming and more are at your fingertips. The house has an open-concept LR/DR, den; four bedrooms, 3 baths, a kitchen, laundry room and storage shed. Amenities are included with the house: several architecturally designed original pieces, like dining room table and chairs, office desk, and entertainment centre. The house comes completely furnished, with all the furniture (sofas, beds, tables, chairs, custom-made loungers; etc) and technological pieces (flat-screen TV, wireless DVD player, land line telephones, lamps and fans, master bedroom A/C, as well as all miscellaneous items (dishes, glassware, linens, towels, patio chairs and mini-fridge, etc etc) A special feature of the house is that it is specifically designed to be “green” and environmentally respectful. La Ceiba has many well-manicured contemporary homes, but we are unique both in structure and rich tropical vegetation, including several fruit trees like coconut, mango, banana, and orange. These as well as other species, not to mention our bamboo groves, attract colourful birds who fill the air with their pleasant twittering throughout the day. The back gardens lead to the golf course green, providing year-round privacy. More greenery, especially if you are coming from a winter climate.

What about La Ceiba? If you are a golfer, this home is ideal! But even if you aren''t (we’re not) you will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this community, as well as its proximity to Merida (20 minutes south) AND the beach (20 minutes north) along a modern four-lane highway. We have bicycles on the property so you can cycle around the La Ceiba neighbourhood, which has about 300 homes bordering a golf course circumference of eight kilometres—biking or walking is a fun activity in and of itself. The monthly fees for this well-maintained community are a reasonable $100 US. Water is included in this fee, as well as grounds maintenance, garbage disposal, and security. You will find that your utilities are completely manageable, and much less of what you are paying back home. If you wish, La Ceiba runs a Country Club where you can take advantage of reduced green fees, driving range and putting green, a large pool and tennis courts, and a restaurant. The entire community is pet friendly, and you’ll never have to worry about pets escaping—the La Ceiba is entirely enclosed.

Why should we consider this house? This home is a jewel in the crown of La Ceiba and Merida. It is the ideal retirement – or starter ! – home you have dreamed about. Photos are included with this ad, to give you a peak at what will be your new tropical paradise. More can be provided.

Don’t wait! Our unique and “green” home is a steal at $368,000 US.

Please contact us at (Merida landline) 999 922-0135 or (Merida mobile) 999 355 4090 or (Canada) 780 444-3161.

Contact Details

Sonianad Maryn
780 444 3161

Additional Photos

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