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An expat in Madrid recommends HM hospitals, says that prescriptions are a fraction of the prices that they are in the US and has a warning about US health insurance policies for expats.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Madrid

Try to find someone who speaks your language or have an interpreter.

Emergency Medical Care in Madrid

I live outside of Madrid. I found HM hospitals are excellent. They are very detail oriented and are an international hospital so communication is not a problem.

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Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

HM has many specialists here. I am i a serious situation now and all the doctors are working as a team.

Prescription Medicines

All of my medicines are available here. Often much lower in cost than the US. I take Advair for my asthma. in the US my co-pay is $100 with Walgeens saying my insurance saved me $550.00.Here my over the counter price for the exact same medicine from Smith Glaxo Kline is $63.

Expat Health Insurance in Spain

Buyer beware. The US insurance company I have is trying to find every reason to not pay for my surgery. They are trying to find an exclusion for everything. I will switch companies as soon as possible.

Quality of Healthcare Compared to Home

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Availability of Medical Care Compared to Home

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Primary Method of Payment for Medical Care

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