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Be aware of the intricacies of renouncing your US citizenship.

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While renouncing citizenship has become a popular thing to do, you should know it doesn't automatically help you avoid US taxes. In order to renounce, you must prove that you've been compliant on the last five years of US taxes. Also, depending on your income and net worth, you may be subject to an 'exit tax' when you renounce.

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David is an IRS Enrolled Agent, an MBA and an experienced finance professional and entrepreneur. David and his wife, Carrie, were frustrated with the process of filing their expat taxes. They found plenty of accountants, but few who could accurately prepare expat taxes. There were expensive accountants who treated them like a number and US CPAs who were well meaning, but not up to date on the rules as they apply to expats. Together they decided there had to be a better way. So they created the kind of company they wanted to work with - and Greenback Expat Tax Services was born!


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