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Land for Sale

Land for Sale in Chanduy, Ecuador

Chanduy, Ecuador

Bedroom / Full Bath / Half Bath

Does Not Apply to This Listing

Price: 25,900 U.S.

Living Space: 325 sq meters

About the Property

Oceanfront Land for Sale $25,900 U.S.. Lot on Ecuador's Pacific Ocean in the small tranquil village of Chanduy just 2 hours from Guayaquil International airport (GYE) and 20 minutes from the city of Santa Elena and it's famous neighboring town of Salinas - the 'Little Miami of South America'. Property taxes just $26 U.S. a year.

The government is trying to promote the village as an up and coming place and has just finished a brand new highway into the village and added a new stone retaining wall along the oceanfront. There are new stairs down to the beach directly in front of the lot. The lot was originally 475 sq meters but the government took away some land for the new wall and street in front of the lot so it is now about 325 sq meters (3500 sq feet). It''s dimensions are about 15.2 meters (east side) X 16.7 meters and 9.5 meters (north side) X 15.6 meters (south side) X 15.0 meters (west side). The oceanfront corner on the north side is now part of the side street joining the street in front of the property resulting in the ''5th side''.

The lot faces west with beautiful sunsets and views across the small bay of the town of Port of Chanduy which is a busy fishing center with lots of big ships and fishing boats in the harbor.

The lot may qualify for one to apply for an Ecuador Permanent Residency Visa 9-II: Investor of Real Estate. This is for real estate investors who are investing at least $25,000. U.S. Dollars is the currency of Ecuador

The price of $25,900 U.S. can also be paid in Canadian dollars at prevailing rates to save foreign exchange fees.

Contact Lou Defrain at 1-561-372-2483 U.S. phone number or email

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Lou Defrain

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