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An expat in Lisbon, Portugal says to find a health insurance plan that specializes in your region of Portugal. She talks about the quality of medical care, filling US prescriptions at local pharmacies and more.


Expat Healthcare Advice for Lisbon Coast

Choose a healthcare insurance company that has a strong network in your area; some are focused on the Southern region, some across the middle and so on. Look into brokers for lower rates rather than buy the coverage directly from the insurance company or from your bank.

Emergency Medical Care in Lisbon Coast

Close to CufCascais hospital and the Cascais Public Hospital. Emergency services from low-cost ambulances to quick hospital admissions are accessible and good. Care at the private hospital is a private room with a care giver assigned to you. While we Americans will have to purchase private insurance we also have access to the Country's lower priced prescriptions and public clinics for minor cuts, exams, immunizations.

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Choosing an expat health insurance provider is an important decision. Get a quote from our trusted expat health insurance partner, CIGNA. With Cigna Global Health Options, you can create an international health insurance plan that's perfectly tailored for the needs of you and your family.

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Quality of Healthcare in Surrounding Area

Specialists in every field are no more than 30 mins away. Serious health issues are handled at our private hospital, 10 mins away. Care is quickly provided and done well. Tests are given immediately and results available the next day.

Prescription Medicines

Every pharmacy is able to handle your US prescriptions if you bring a request from your US doctor. Pharmacies are usually within 10 mins of most cities and towns and one is always open within 30 mins. Many medications, such as antihistamines and cold, pain and heartburn are available over the pharmacy counter compared to the US. Prices for hypertension meds in the US might cost $300 a month that are $13 for two months here.

Expat Health Insurance in Portugal

We are required to have a private policy that meets the Schengen Community requirements (go to their website). The highest quality of coverage won't cost more than 3,000 euros a person/year (2017) and most retirees are paying only 2,000 euros annually. This includes dental and eye care, surgeries, private hospital room, unlimited doctor visits and tests.

Quality of Healthcare Compared to Home

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Availability of Medical Care Compared to Home

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Primary Method of Payment for Medical Care

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[  ] Social Program (Medicare, Nationalized Health Insurance or Similar)
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