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Expat Healthcare & Health Insurance in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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An expat in the coastal city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia talks about the quality of healthcare, availability of prescription meds and why many expats go to Bangkok for medical treatment. He also explains why he would no longer recommend Sihanoukville.


Quality of Healthcare in Sihanoukville, Cambodia for Sihanoukville

Specifically, the International Clinics are preferred. CT Clinic can be good or not so good. My doctor here is Russian. Here, 4 years of college and a score of 50% on the final exam qualifies a Cambodian to become a doctor. Best to avoid of course.

Emergency Services in Sihanoukville

About a mile. Hospitals are limited to the International Clinics and CT Clinic. All are open 24/7 and the health care, of course, varies from poor to good. I assume they are private.

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Expats Travel to Bangkok for Better Healthcare

For serious health issues many people go to Bangkok, Thailand. I haven't needed to go but I've heard the care is top notch.

Availability of Prescription Meds in Cambodia

I can walk into any pharmacy and buy anything they have in stock. No prescription needed. What they carry varies considerably, but the standard meds, ibuprofen, anti-biotics, et cetera are readily available and quite inexpensive. I simply walk in, say what I need, and write it down clearly if they don't understand English well enough.

Cost of Healthcare & Health Insurance in Cambodia

I don't have health insurance. The cost of medical care is quite low. A typical consultation is typically $20. PS I would no longer recommend Sihanoukville. 10,000+ Chinese have moved there and buying up hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and land. It's not the pleasant beach town it used to be.

Quality of Healthcare Compared to Home

[  ] Better
[  ] Somewhat Better
[  ] Same
[x] Somewhat Worse
[  ] Worse

Availability of Medical Care Compared to Home

[x] Better
[  ] Somewhat Better
[  ] Same
[  ] Somewhat Worse
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Primary Method of Payment for Medical Care

[  ] International Health Insurance
[  ] Insurance Purchased in the Country I Live Abroad In
[x] Out of Pocket
[  ] Social Program (Medicare, Nationalized Health Insurance or Similar)
[  ] Other


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