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House for Sale

House for Sale in Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato, Mexico

3 in communal house + cottage/duplexes to be built Bedroom / 2 in communal house+ cottage/duplexes to be built Full Bath / 1 in garage studio apt. Half Bath

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Price: to be determined

Living Space: land 6650 sq.meters + house+garage+studio apt + cottage/duplexes to be built

About the Property

GTO cohousing is forming a group of 12-16 adults, ages 30-70 whose members seek a sharing and caring bilingual, multi-cultural community

Our aim is: to live comfortably and economically by sharing a fully-equipped communal house bordered by cottage/duplexes for couples or individuals; to pledge our generosity and caring support to one another; to provide a secure home base from which to explore and gain appreciation of the culture, customs, and traditions of Mexico; to live in harmony with the surrounding community of Guanajuato. We''re looking for emotionally-mature, dependable, considerate people who appreciate good food and wine, music and the arts, and stimulating conversation in a relaxed, low-key atmosphere; who would enjoy sharing their skills, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of our community; who have lively minds and a calm demeanor; who are active listeners, compassionate advisers, and respectful of the natural environment.

Contact Details

Jan Copeland
52 473 118 2774

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