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Tips for Living in Spain

Tips from expats and experts about moving to Spain and living in Spain.

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Cost of Living

Cheap places to eat in Barcelona

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If you're new in any city, it can be a pretty expensive exercise at first, since you are still thinking like a tourist and want to try out all the places that you typically see in the touristic spots. (Continue Reading)

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Expat Finance

Banks in Spain

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Recent financial turmoil has forced bank to re-evaluate the way they charge their customers for any little thing, and Spanish banks are no exception. (Continue Reading)

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Living Overseas

NIE in Barcelona

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Do you know how to get your Numero de Identidad de Extranjero in Barcelona? No, you don''t go to Calle Balmes 192, show them your passport and walk out with your number. Here goes: You need to make an appointment online on www.seap.minhap.gob.es. Pick Certificado UE if you are from Europe. Print the application form from the website. Fill it in, don''t sign it yet. For your appointment take the form and your passport. Go to Rambla Guipuzcoa 74. They give you a number at the front desk. On your first visit there they look at your form, get you to sign it, put a stamp on it, and give it back to you, asking you to get a copy of the form and of your passport and go to a bank to pay 9.92Euros. Now the banks in the area only accept this kind of payment during very limited hours. So it''s hard work to get the payment done. On your second visit they take the receipt and the copies off you, give you your form with a stamp on it (there may be places you need the NIE for urgently and which accept the preliminary number), and they tell you to come back on another day to pick the actual NIE up. Rambla Guipuzcoa is an extension of Calle Arago to the west. No. 74 is about 5 km from Placa Catalunya. The metro station Sant Marti is very near. So if you don''t fancy long walks, use line 2. 3 trips! But once you have that number, it''s yours for ever. (Continue Reading)

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Moving Abroad

Meet new people in Madrid

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If you're new in town and don't know many people yet, there is a welcoming community of people interested in practising languages for FREE with native speakers in Madrid. Join them and you’ll meet lots of nice people from all over the world: English, American, German, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese, Spanish. (Continue Reading)

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