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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Indonesia

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Indonesia.

Share Your Healthcare Experiences Share Your Childbirth Experiences
Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia

many prescriptions are available over the counter - you need to know what require. When I got prescriptions from the doctors down the street from me (2 different doctors at 2 different times), they did ZERO to help me - I had an infection both times - coughing up green, nasty crud. I had to heal on my own. Don't waste your money on Doctors in Bali - treat yourself with medicine from a local apotek. They'll charge you extra because you're not local - you're a Bule.

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AXA PPP International Health Insurance for Expats

Expat health insurance to suit your needs. Get affordable healthcare cover that gives you more. AXA - Global Healthcare has supported members globally for over 50 years; including professionals and their families, expatriates worldwide, workers in remote regions, and many others embracing life abroad.

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Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1. Fly to Singapore (if you can afford it) or Fly to Malaysia if you are not as wealthy. 2. Don't get sick ie make sure that you cut out on things that could become an issue like smoking, lack of exercise, overeating junk foods etc. If you get sick make sure that you have already built up a network that, through word-of-mouth, has provided you with names of medical specialists that will alleviate some of your conditions without sending you to the morgue...

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Having a Baby in Jakarta, Indonesia

My wife gave birth to a baby girl in Indonesia one month ago. Before we moved here i was recommended to getting a private health insurance that will cover us anywhere on Earth (except for USA) from Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers (http://www.pacificprime.com/countries/indonesia). Lucky for us it worked well. we were directed to a good doctor and then to a good hospital for the delivery. So, i am writing to suggest others to find the right health insurance plan before they move.

Having a Baby in Jakarta, Indonesia

Doctor at international SOS clinic was my obstetrician. Gave birth in a high class local hospital called "Pondok Indah Hospital" - stayed 2 nights for normal delivery. No pain management pure natural birth. Yes, a very positive experience, you are being treated very special. You can afford to stay in a VIP room, for which in Singapore you would not even have a normal standard room!

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