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carlskaife posted Right hand drive vehicles into El Salvador on the El Salvador forum on December 17, 2014:
Can anyone help me? Im trying to find out if i can export a right hand drive late model truck into El Salvador. It will be put to work and driving on public roads for a few months doing some work. After this time it will be shipped out of country for work else where. Any ideas on registering the truck under a temporary licence etc..? Thanks Carl
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Enetpulse replied to the thread Employment in English on the El Salvador forum:
crazylike initially posted:
I am a Candian living in San Salvador and have been working for an Agribusiness in which I am an investor. I have finally decided that working in Spanish is just too much to add to my plate, as I try to adjust to a new culture, as my Spanish is functional, but nowhere near my English skills. I have a degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship from the University of British Columbia and a very wide range of experience (from Administration to Construction to Small Business Owner) and skills. I am not looking for online sales or telephone sales. Flexibility is a plus, as I am taking morning classes in Spanish. Do you know of any opportunities? I'd love to hear about them.
Enetpulse replied most recently with:
Hi, If you are still looking for flexible job in El Salvador, maybe I can help you. Enetpulse is looking for Stadium Reportres there. You don't need previous experience. All you need is good spoken English and knowledge in the soccer rules. Training is provided as well, so don't worry :) If you are interested, visit scouting.enetpulse.com, go to the apply section and submit an application. You can also contact me on scouting_careers@enetpulse.com. Kind regards, Stefka
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beachlifecasting posted New Travel Channel Show! on the El Salvador forum:
Now casting for a new Travel Channel series called LIFE'S A BEACH! Our travel doc show will be centered around interesting stories and people who have left the 9 to 5 grind and are now living the beach/island dream. If interested, please contact beachlifecasting@gmail.com.
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El Salvador Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
svol501 replied to the thread Searching for a safe beach town with waves and good for familys on the El Salvador forum:
TheRoninn initially posted:
Hello, I will be going to ES in August with my family. We are searching for a beach town with waves as we love to surf and is safe for family's and children. Anys suggestions?
svol501 replied most recently with:
We have a house for sale in Playa San Diego. Here's my email. Contact me & I'll send pics. svol501@yahoo.com
busman7 replied most recently with:
Playa San Diego is safe and is nice sandy beach, for bigger waves you can take the bus to the party beaches Sunazal or El Tunco.
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Jlsunspot posted Weather - Can I take the heat? on the El Salvador forum:
We are researching El Salvador for possible relocation next year. We will most likely be near a beach. Can someone tell me how hot (real feel) it is there most of the time. Are there breezes or is it just humid and hot. We of course will vist for ourselves. Just researching the country right now. Peace
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garyny posted owner export company on the El Salvador forum:
looking for a contact that can help me get customer in elsalvador-sansalvador i sell anything from america and looking to buy and sell items from elsalvador thank you.
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busman7 replied to the thread Moving on the El Salvador forum:
Jessicasparks initially posted:
Looking to move abroad in the new year with my husband. But, we have some questions. We traveled to Costa Rica recently and it was too much like america and there were few jobs available for us. I am currently a teacher and he is a boat mechanic / in school finishing his AA degree. Our first question is. Is it better to drive or fly? Then, we want to live a "normal" life in el salvedor standards. Are there jobs for us? Plus my husband would like to be close to surf. Any ideas and/or comments !?!
busman7 replied most recently with:
Sorry I missed the drive/fly part, driving is perfectly safe, just take a newer vehicle as El Salvador has a 7 yr limit on the age of vehicles that can be imported. I can assure you that international schools pay way more than $200 per month, that would be the pay at language schools. Mechanic work would mean taking a $1.00 job away from a local, kind of a scuzzy thing to do.
farinc replied most recently with:
I didn't know Paraguay had surf/beaches. Did they take some land from Argentina or Brazil while I was asleep???
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busman7 replied to the thread Overstayed Passport on the El Salvador forum:
chaselagarde initially posted:
Hey guys does anyone have any information about overstayed passports in El Salvador? Currently I am in Guatamala and I will be paying a fine of Q10 a day for my overstay in CA-4. I have heard El Slavador will not recognize it and will charge me another $114 to leave. Anything would help.
busman7 replied most recently with:
El Salvador has a flat rate charge of $114 but you'll have to pay Guatemala their fine when leaving so it's a moot point.
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moonraytours replied to the thread looking for a screen printing and embroidery company. on the El Salvador forum:
rasta initially posted:
I am looking for a family owned/ operated screen printing and embroidery company. I have been ordering custom shirt and hat from China. I figure out trying south of me do to the distance to china
moonraytours replied most recently with:
I can help you with that. You can email me at moonraytours@yahoo.com...
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