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themayor commented on the Expat Report Retirement in La Libertad, El Salvador
What have been the most rewarding aspects of being retired abroad?
Cheap living, palm trees, beach, house with pool, living near the beach 1/2 hr from the airport and the capital city San Salvador. (Continue)
themayor replied most recently with:
Thanks Busman7. Its great to know one can retire to a simple, inexpensive beach lifestyle. If I may ask, you mentioned you can drive from Canada. Have you done it> How long and any tips on border crossings in Mexico and central America?
busman7 replied recently with:
2cartalkers I am not much for fancy entertainment, just make do with the Saturday or holiday night music at the local Bamboo Bar on the malecon or local entertainment events. The local restaurants also have good food at good value for the buck. However in the city less than an hour away there are clubs, movies, dining and sports events. The main tourist time is Dec thru Feb mainly on the surfing beaches near La Libertad but never an influx of "snowbirds. However on holidays there are lots of locals from the city invading the beaches. The US dollar is the currency used in El Salvador, currently I use a debit card to access funds which I then deposit in my local account however once I get my residency my US bank has an agreement with a local bank where I can do a monthly transfer of funds for free. I own my home so no rent, the electricity bill can only be paid in cash but other bills can be paid by debit/credit card though I usually pay everything in cash.
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aaronbennis replied to the thread Interested in living in El Salvador and jobs? on the El Salvador forum:
runi initially posted:
Hello everyone! I have lurked in this community for a little while and am glad that there is a community of Ex-pats online that I can reach out to. I also signed up for the internations.org website, so I will likely crosspost there. I am a recent university graduate and I am looking to find work in El Salvador, hopefully sometime next year. I am trying to start my footwork early and also get some idea of the chances that I have and am looking for any suggestions and information. I have visited the country once before for five weeks when I volunteered teaching English to 1st-5th graders. I have a bachelors degree and working experience in Graphic Designer. I also have a minor in Education. I'm interested in teaching in either of these areas. My boyfriend lives in El Salvador and we hope to start a life together. I won't go too far into this sob story though. I have contacted some schools already, even if I have a low chance of being employed by them. For example, I contacted Escuela Americana, but I don't hold teaching certification... I am a native English speaker and I speak conversational Spanish. Any thoughts, ideas , suggestions, opportunities, etc? I know about call centers, but I am an American citizen and a gringa, so I don't know how well that would work out. Thank you very much!
aaronbennis replied on August 11, 2014 with:
Good for you. You never need to apologize for presenting the facts, and telling the truth.
aaronbennis replied on August 11, 2014 with:
For heavens sake GROW_UP! This is an adult "real world" forum. If your sensibilities are too "delicate" to deal with reality, then perhaps you should find a "dainty lady's" forum, instead. Personally, I agree w/ busman7. He's not being rude: just factual. Expats, with no professional qualifications, or self-supporting means of income, should go home, get their acts together @ home FIRST. Then return. They should not be allowed to compete against locals for local menial jobs. That young lady with her "college degree" , apparently didn't learn a (well-known) phenomenon called "topic research", prior to trekking-off to a foreign country. My best advise to her, get a TEFL (online) cert. (minimum), if she's "serious" about teaching in either Central or South America. Just the facts.:-) And, BTWhere's a "poor-baby" hug to you (plaintiff) . Cheers & Caio,
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lazelaya replied to the thread Moving services/Mudanzas on the El Salvador forum:
mychevy57 initially posted:
My are wife and I are moving back to El Salvador around September this year. I would like to get some advice on any reputable moving company from Northern California (Bay Area) to El Salvador. Any advise welcome!
lazelaya replied on August 08, 2014 with:
Try this link: http://es-es.facebook.com/pages/TRANSPORTES-FLORES-EXPRESS-INTERNATIONAL-CARGO/129591773719229 They move boxes from LA to El Salvador. If they are like our local box-moving companies (I live in Maryland) they should charge for the box size not the weight and deliver within 4-6 weeks. They should also help you to move furniture as well. I have no personal experience with them so, do your Google before purchasing any service.
TaraG123 replied on August 08, 2014 with:
Have you found a moving company I am in San Diego and looking to move to El Salvador with in 5 months?
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kwelsh replied to the thread Excellent San Salvador Handyman Available on the El Salvador forum:
kwelsh initially posted:
Our amazing handyman, Victor, is available for any maintenance and repair needs to your home or office. Victor is a highly skilled painter and restoration specialist. He is also an all around athlete for any type of repair work you may have. Victor lived in the US for 13 years and speaks excellent English. He took care of my home as well as several others and is exceptionally trustworthy and faithful and always a gentleman. He became part of our family and we miss him greatly! He returned to San Salvador to be reunited with his children and is now available to help you with your property. He can be reached at 7571-5763. I would be delighted to answer any questions and give you further recommendation about our friend. Please comment to this post or private message me. Thank you!
kwelsh replied most recently with:
To PapaPoopy, Yes- contact Victor with your request for an estimate. He will be happy to help you. He can be reached at 011-503-7571-5763. Good luck!
PapaPoopy replied most recently with:
Hi do you think Victor and help me with a quote? I need on a quote on what it would cost to build a house in Santa rosa de lima. A small house, almost shack like, but with running water and electricity. I realize that is very broad but it just needs to be a general ballpark estimate. I have no idea what labor, or material costs are in El Salvador i want to build this for my mother
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PapaPoopy posted Minimum cost to build a house on the El Salvador forum:
Hi guys my mother owns land in san miguel, santa rosa de lima. It's a little country area, kind of remote. She wants to build a house there, nothing fancy really. Just something that has running water and electricity those are the minimum requirements other than that it could be a wooden shack for all she cares. I am planning to pay for this as a surprise to her, she always dreams of going back to her pueblo and living a simple life again. what is a ballpark estimate? do you guys think this is doable with 10,000-20,000? Remember, this can be a super simple house
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busman7 replied to the thread Searching for a safe beach town with waves and good for familys on the El Salvador forum:
TheRoninn initially posted:
Hello, I will be going to ES in August with my family. We are searching for a beach town with waves as we love to surf and is safe for family's and children. Anys suggestions?
busman7 replied most recently with:
Playa San Diego is safe and is nice sandy beach, for bigger waves you can take the bus to the party beaches Sunazal or El Tunco.
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Hello, I will be going to ES in August with my family. We are searching for a beach town with waves as we love to surf and is safe for family's and children. Anys suggestions?
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busman7 replied to the thread mature singles on the El Salvador forum:
Mocita initially posted:
Moving to ES in July. What recreational/social opportunities are available for athletic, adventurous, single 53 year old Gringa women?
busman7 replied most recently with:
Playa San Diego 10 minutes east of La Libertad.
Mocita replied most recently with:
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busman7 replied to the thread how to find a place to rent on the El Salvador forum:
Fwaddy initially posted:
Please direct me on how i can find a decent rental property with a little courtyard in safe area! Do u look online or is there a real estate agent that can help? Just some good advice please! Thanks guys.
busman7 replied most recently with:
To add to pato23's excellent advise, rent a room at a hostel or guest house in the area you are interested in, the owner can give you the contacts needed. You can do this in different areas until you find one that suits your needs.
pato23 replied most recently with:
Are you in ESV now? Do you speak, read and write well in Spanish? There are Realtors and expect to pay a commission. Best on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the classified Ads in the 2 large ESV Daily Newspapers - Print, hundreds of Ads for Real Estate from apartments, Houses, Beach Houses-Ranchos in all areas of Metropolitan San Salvador, often for sale or rent directly from the owner, If you have no Spanish skills hire a native speaker to make calls for you and ask prices, if you have no vehicle hire a native driver-guide who speaks at least basic English. Also a good resource is the "El Salvador Ex Pats" Group on Facebook, lots of people on there who rent, all bi lingual, the Group is Closed so you must apply. There are Realtors on the Internet but initial f2f contacts are best. Nice homes in upscale areas go from $500/600 up a month, unfurnished, 1 Month's security and 6 Month contract, references required on house/apartment rentals.
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Panchimalca replied to the thread El Salvador now 10th Happiest Country in the World. on the El Salvador forum:
pato23 initially posted:
Panchimalca replied most recently with:
Now it's my duty to warn others!
busman7 replied most recently with:
Ah I see my #1 fan from Y'all land is still stalking me, must suck to b so jealous of anothers good foutune, EH!
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