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jorgemuñoz posted looking for a job on the El Salvador forum on March 27, 2015:
hey. i need a job, i gradulated from high school in the U.S . I speak english very good , ill like to find a good job. let me know my number is 7658-7956
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EFromNY posted Doctor in San Salvador on the El Salvador forum on March 24, 2015:
I'm moving from the states to San Salvador to care for a sick relative. I was hoping to find a good primary care physician for myself and also for the sick relative. Doesn't have to be English speaking, I am fluent in both English and Spanish, but someone highly recommended and possibly able to make house calls. Thanks everyone.
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Expat Report Review of International School Of San Salvador in San Salvador , El Salvador by Johnstevenslorde was published
Review-of-International School Of San Salvador
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The facilities of the schools poor, it includes a small eating area, compiled with minute classes and 1 basketball court for 400 students. You can walk around the whole school in less than thirty minutes and the school only has 2 boys and girls washrooms, not enough for the student size. My boy has to crouch to use the down stairs restroom because it was made for little kids. The AP classes are not widely available, my child can't take app class's until he was in tenth grade, and it was forced AP psychology and in 12th with forced AP Spanish. AP calculus is available, but the teacher only orates from 6:30 am to 7:30, so one has to get up early. Technology is poor, 4 projectors, and only 20 computers for a class size of 23 students isn't favourable. The Internet connection for students is not available, so my child has to take his own 3G connection to do research papers in class when the computer lab isn't available. (Continue)
geoffcorleone posted Amazon fire tv on the El Salvador forum on March 20, 2015:
Amazon fire tv for sale.. $115.00.. Located in San Salvador..Works great. No more missing your favorite tv shows! Still have box .. Hdmi cord not included! Do a quick google search to see what can be done with this streaming device. Need subscription for some apps!
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busman7 replied to the thread Moving to Playa San Diego on the El Salvador forum:
cacgarden initially posted:
We just got back from visiting family in El Salvador and found a couple of properties in Playa San Diego we are interested in buy one of them. We are getting ready to retire and would appreciate any in put anyone has to offer regarding this area be it good or bad the properties are right on the beach. We thank you for all your help with this..
busman7 replied most recently with:
Hola dave216m Thanks to you I do know that Playa San Diego is a good place to avoid as it seems to be inhabited by some jerk with nothing better to do than get on this forum and make rude condescending remarks in response to peoples legitimate inquiries Typical US/Canadian cop response to a legitimate response to a question asked about a fantasy TV show. Please do NOT consider Playa San Diego as we don't need your type here. BTW Gringos are NOT allowed to own firearms in El Salvador!!!
dave216m replied most recently with:
Well darn, I guess you are. I am glad to hear you have not met with any misfortune living ES. You know people write to this forum with what they consider to be very real and legitimate concerns. They hope to get back responses from people with first hand experience in the area. While I still do not have much evidence one way or the other about the safety of living in ES, Thanks to you I do know that Playa San Diego is a good place to avoid as it seems to be inhabited by some jerk with nothing better to do than get on this forum and make rude condescending remarks in response to peoples legitimate inquiries.
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Chata posted Good school in Santa Ana on the El Salvador forum:
We are moving to Santa Ana with our elementary age kids. I am looking for recomendations for private, secular, religious schools. Im more concerned with quality than religion vs secular. The children are fluent in french and english. We want them to learn spanish. I understand that the top schools are in san salvador. That is not an option for us as kids get motion sickness, so we must stay close to santa ana. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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TravelDawg replied to the thread Felafel? on the El Salvador forum:
RobertinRI initially posted:
Where can I get good felafel in, or around, San Salvador?
TravelDawg replied most recently with:
There's a restaurant called Mr. Souvlaki that serves something like a falafel. A greek man and his Salvadoran wife own it. But to manage expectations, most places serving falafel here are making it out of the box - the only box of falafel available. There is no one, that I know of making it from scratch as I'm not sure you can even get all the ingredients here.
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pato23 replied to the thread Moving on the El Salvador forum:
Jessicasparks initially posted:
Looking to move abroad in the new year with my husband. But, we have some questions. We traveled to Costa Rica recently and it was too much like america and there were few jobs available for us. I am currently a teacher and he is a boat mechanic / in school finishing his AA degree. Our first question is. Is it better to drive or fly? Then, we want to live a "normal" life in el salvedor standards. Are there jobs for us? Plus my husband would like to be close to surf. Any ideas and/or comments !?!
pato23 replied most recently with:
For those driving to Central America check out the forums on http://www.southboundtravels.com/ be prepared, they will NOT speak English with you at border crossings!!! Also check out http://www.99DaysToPanama.com/
pato23 replied most recently with:
If you two had Social Security and or pension amounting to plus $2,000 a Month for both of you, El Salvador would be perfect, even the Call Centers require you to be legally in El Salvador, resident with permission to work or work permit, average Salary in Call Centers $600 a Month, for 44 hours a week, Teachers in the English speaking International Schools need be certified Teachers at home and to apply 6 months in advance of School Year which begins late August as in USA, if you have money to invest and live on for a year you could open a small travel related business, the few luxury boats that are in El Salvador are docked at the Marina in Bahia de Jiquilisco, some 80 km. SE of the Capital City, I doubt there are jobs for Boat Mechanics, if you have no income nor substantial savings do not come expecting employment, especially do not sell your home stateside if you bring a vehicle you will have to matriculate it and pay high import taxes or take the vehicle out of country and return again and again. Unemployment is high here and as for teaching English in a small school with no work permit, you would have no benefits, long hours and low pay around $400 a Month or so, they have schools here that hire native speakers, pay low, benefits zero and high turnover! Many Ex Pats that come here are married to a Salvadoran, with family and connections, without those, would recommend an English speaking country where it is easier to get residency, Belize. Good luck.
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Seven7 posted Zippy. on the El Salvador forum:
I am lookin for Zippy. AKA Jim, he is an American, 60 years old, grey hair. Last seen in El Sunzal. Been in El Salvador for 30+ years. If anyone has seen him please send me a note. I will give you my email for him to contact me.
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carlskaife posted Right hand drive vehicles into El Salvador on the El Salvador forum:
Can anyone help me? Im trying to find out if i can export a right hand drive late model truck into El Salvador. It will be put to work and driving on public roads for a few months doing some work. After this time it will be shipped out of country for work else where. Any ideas on registering the truck under a temporary licence etc..? Thanks Carl
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