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steamychaos posted moving to estonia! on the Estonia forum on October 16, 2014:
Hi, My name is tom, im a head chef in ireland, earning good money. I have an offer for a years contract in an amazing restaurant in tallinn for a salary of 900 euro per month. Is this good money in tallinn? Also is 150/200 per month enough to get a nice apartment? Any advice would be great. Cheers
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Edvin replied to the thread Job with Czech/Polish language on the Estonia forum:
lienocka initially posted:
Tere! :) I am Czech, but I can also speak Polish, English, Slovak and Russian. I have 3 years experience in payroll and with SAP system. I also used to study at Tallinn University as an Erasmus student and it was wonderful year. Now I would like to go back to Estonia, but I can see that its not easy to find a job. My idea is to find a work connected with languages, it doesnt have to be related to accounting. Can you advice please? Thank you!
Edvin replied most recently with:
You can apply here: There you have most of the jobs being posted, and also you have jobs which don't require Estonian knowledge.
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Estonia on the Estonia forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Estonia. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area!
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A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
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Handtohandcombat posted Self defense course on the Estonia forum:
Hey, there's a self defense course starting for expats in Tallinn. Check it out in Facebook
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shiraz83 posted Looking For jobs on the Estonia forum:
I am a English speaking married man looking for a job in Estonia with a good pay. I have done my bachelors in Mechanical Engg and have 8 years of work experience in Project Management. Am also willing to teach in college/schools also. My key subject are Math, Physics, Chemistry and English. IMy work experience is in the field of EPC based Power Plant Contracts of super critical type.
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What are your favorite holiday events in your area of Estonia? Help other expats in search of some holiday cheer by sharing information on events that are open to the public or for expats. If you would like to plan your own gathering to celebrate the holidays with other members of Expat Exchange in your area, we encourage you to plan it here. You could meet up with others at your favorite restaurant, a local coffee shop, a bar -- anywhere that's public!
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adminee posted Thanksgiving Celebrations in Estonia on the Estonia forum:
If you know of any Thanksgiving gatherings (at restaurants, clubs, etc.) that other expats could join, please post details here.
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adminee posted Semi-Retired in Estonia? on the Estonia forum:
A journalist working on an article for a popular finance publication is interested in connecting a few Americans over age 60 who have moved abroad after retiring from careers in the States and either found part-time jobs, started businesses or transformed their former careers into remote consulting gigs. We've talked with her about general trends in overseas retirement. She would also like to speak with a few retirees who fit this description. If you are interested, please e-mail me at -- tell me a little about yourself and your job and how the journalist can reach you. Thank you! Betsy Burlingame Expat Exchange
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adminee posted Halloween Events for Expats in Estonia on the Estonia forum:
If you know of any Halloween parties, trick-or-treat gatherings or other events in your area that are open to expats, please post a reply with the details here. Thank You! Betsy Expat Exchange
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