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11/14/2011 15:55    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Hi all, my German Fiance (& I, an American) are seeking advice on what EU Country we can get married in where [I] won't have to leave the EU while things are being processed, and where it doesn't take a very long time to process.

Also, does anyone one know what an American needs to be legally married in Europe? Please tell me if I'm wrong but I heard I need: 1.) a legal document from America stating I'm currently not married, and, 2.) my Birth Cert. I've never had a B-Cert. because I was born in Europe of American Parents -all I ever had is a 'Cert of Naturalisation' with the photo missing, and of course I have a valid Passport. Can someone please accurately tell me what paperwork I really need for what Country, etc.?

We're trying mostly to create a situation where I won't have to leave Europe. I heard Germany takes too long to process, Denmark is the fasted but we don't speak Danish, etc. Can anyone please make some experienced & accurate recommendations? Is nearby Leichtenstein such a suitable place to marry in? Were should we probably not marry in, etc.?

Thanks everyone!

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