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9/22/2015 19:32 EST

Hello to all,

i am new to the site and trying to get work in afghanistan.
I am currently applying to coprporations such as PAE & Dyncorp.
was wondering if anyone out there could provide any assistance or help on this.

Currently living in Australia and happy to work abroad for extended amounts of time.

thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.


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9/28/2015 11:39 EST

sorry i cannot offer assistance. but can give some current info on work there. PAE has reduced their work force/pay benefits. it was v. good work a few years back but no longer. Dyncorps has a group there but the company just pulled out. to rebid for bigger/better/same. no one likes to say much. a small contractor has taken over Dyncorps contract and workers (spouse is one of them). all temporary. AND it has gotten more dangerous (perhaps). rocket attacks roughly twice a week against Bagram base. you may want to rethink employment options. best of luck!

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9/28/2015 17:37 EST

thanks very much for the reply.
can the same situation be said for the Kabul & Kandahar sites.
Also, can i ask where you are from and how did your spouse get the work there?
thanks again.

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9/29/2015 14:07 EST

endless internet searching. a major key is "classification". you must have some kind of clearance. secret is really a start although you might be able to work with less. they don't want you on a military base, seeing what you might see for example, without some kind of "clearance". it is about security and secrecy. but also money i am sure. i am from the US. watch/read any news for how dangerous it is nearly everywhere in Afghanistan. none of what i am saying is 'classified' just current and could be discovered by anyone that looks/asks.

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11/9/2015 05:44 EST

Kabul is safer than other provinces as most expats live here. Wish you all the best.

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11/10/2015 00:15 EST

Thanks for the info.
very much appreciated.
Do you know of any companies that would be best contacted for work over there.
Have a vast work experience history
- Data
- Call Centre Management
- Business Development Manager
- Director
- Team Leader
- Construction
- First Aid Certified
- Test & Tag Certified

cheers and thanks again.

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3/6/2017 07:31 EST

I am looking for tele com work over there pls keep me updated,,.

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9/24/2017 13:09 EST

you can check Rushan telecome and ATN.

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