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Moving/Marriage in Algeria

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11/21/2016 16:22 EST


Hi all! I have been reading a lot on the forums here and probably read everything I can about marrying and what I need when I come to Algeria, but most posts are not updated currently? :)
I will be moving in January to Algiers to marry my fiance and while he is doing his best to help me figure out what I need to bring such as my documents for marraige...can anyone give me any ideas or tips?

Also length of time. I'm not sure but want to make sure that things haven't changed too much. I certainly don't want to get there and not have something.

Any other conversation about living in Algiers and/or Algeria from other foreign women would be amazing too!

I am an American Muslim woman btw!


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2/1/2017 22:31 EST

If you and your fiancé are about the same age, muslim, and plan to have a family you may not have a problem to marry in Algeria. You need a passport, your birth certificate, proof that you are not married currently. If you have been married you have to bring your divorce papers. If you are more than 10 years older than your fiancé then it gives their government a pause as to the true reason for you marrying. My fiancé and I tried to marry there but there is an age difference so our marriage contract that we submitted at the police department in his district was denied. You have to submit a marriage fee which is not cheap but it is not returned if your application is denied.

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2/1/2017 22:36 EST

If you are denied in Algeria you can go to Tunisia. They do not have such restrictions but you have to go to the American embassy and fill out a form stating your intention to marry a non-American. You find a notary in Tunisia and make an appointment for the ceremony. Your marriage documents take time to be recorded and to receive a marriage contract for you. It took us 4 months to get it recorded and get our marriage contract/license for our copy.

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2/4/2017 13:10 EST

Thank you for your reply! We are actually only a year apart in age and do plan on staying. Inshaallah it won't be long for us to get married. Thank you for your response and I hope you are doing well!

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2/4/2017 15:02 EST

I'm not sure why it made me change my name when I reset my password...weird...

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2/9/2017 22:10 EST

Hi! I do not live in Algeria, but I did marry an Algerian. We met in USA, he returned to his country and then we did a K1 fiance visa, he came to USA and then we married here. Lots of paperwork, but it was easy. I am also an American Muslim, I became Muslim when I met my husband. I have been in Algeria for a few months - on the outskirts of Algiers in Draria. It was very, very different than the USA, but was amazing to be around all of the family and how close they are. Though I could go outside (by car) with my husband, I was not allowed to go outside the home and walk around the neighborhood or go to the corner market or things like that - would have to be careful not to show myself in a window, etc, etc. Very different for women there. I'm sure each family and neighborhood is different. I wish you the best of luck. Are you now living in Algeria?

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2/10/2017 18:46 EST

Thanks for your response! I will be there the end of the month, Inshaallah! Really excited. We'll be living there.

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