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5/29/2017 10:59 EST

Hello my name is Shadrach. I am Spanish by blood but born in the United States. My wife is Algerian I wanted her to come here but her education wouldn't hold much value here, and she has a good job in Algeria. So I have decided to want to move to Algeria. I carry an associates of applied science in Electronic Engineering. I am also in the process of getting some networking certifications in Information Technology before I move. When I move I will sign up at a school here in the states so I can continue my education online. I would like to get my bachelors in Information Technology or Project Management. So I am left here with a few questions. I have a lot of tools that I use for work. These tools are very expensive but they make my life a lot easier. I would like to take them with me because I know in Algeria I wont find this kind of quality of tools. Once again my education is in Electronics so my tools are mostly tools to repair and build Electronic Equipment.(Drills, Impact Guns, Meters, Scopes, Function Generators, DC Power supply, Circuit boards and Resistors, Capacitors, diodes, Motors, Led lights,Transistors and some other basic tools. Now I know Algeria is a little strict on importation but I don't know if such items are allowed to be imported. Now for the last few years I been to Algeria twice I have also visited Spain my homeland and Italy and I love to take pictures. So I own a professional camera with different type of lens, This is something I would like to take also but once again i don't know if Algeria will allow these items into Algeria. Other then that I have some basic stuff I would like to take like Electronic and programing books a couple of desk a bookshelf some cloths and a guitar and maybe a year worth of cologne and hygiene products. I just am more concerned for my tools and camera. I would also like to know what someone at my level of education should expect for pay. also what places would be great to apply at I would be more interested in something that's in Algiers and I can come home everyday.

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