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Is it safe to work for an oil company?

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From: Canada
6/6/2007 22:29 EST

I would like some information about working for oil field companies in Angola. My boyfriend has been asked if he would like to work there for 2 months this comming summer for a big oil company and I am trying to find out as much as I can for him so he can be informed before he decides. please tell me as much as you can about working there.

Thank you!

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From: South Africa
6/20/2007 10:52 EST

My boyfriend has just completed a trip to angola and will be arriving home on friday. What I want to know from you is if he will be working onshore or offshore and where he will be staying if onshore. My boyfriend has just been in Luanda waiting for a connecting flight back home so I will hear all about what it was like over the weekend. I am also nervous of what happens as one of our friends was kidnapped in nigeria recently. Thank goodness he was released after 2 and a half weeks. My boyfriend did say that they had bodyguards as this thing has been threatening to happen in angola as well. No kidnappings have happened as of yet. But let me know what he will be doing there and then I will chat with my boyfriend over the weeknd and will relay as much info to you as possible.

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1/8/2008 14:37 EST

Hi I've just been offered a job there I'd like to know too...pls let me know what you find out from your boyfriend.

Thanks in advance & very much appreciated.


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1/8/2008 16:34 EST

Hi! Pls let me know what you find out...I'm in Calgary, Ab., and I've been offered a job out there in Angola too...and I know absolutely nothing about this country...
Thanks! :o)
John (403) 272-5621

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1/22/2008 19:03 EST

Hello, Please I have an offer also for an oil company and i would like to know if it is safe or not.
Thank you in advance

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