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Pregnant and moving!

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1/27/2017 21:05 EST

My husband who is an Australian citizen and I, who am a US Citizen have been planning on moving to Australia for the past several months. I do not have a visa yet as I did not realize it will take 6-12 months for it to be processed. We are planning on leaving in 6 weeks. I believe I can just get a visitors visa and get there then once there apply for the partner visa onshore. Well..... I have become pregnant!! Since I am already pregnant and do not have a visa I am afraid I will not be able to get ANY health coverages at all. So lost as to what to do about getting there and getting a visa. Help!!!

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1/28/2017 08:53 EST


Look there are two options :
1) You can apply for a visit visa then apply for PM whilst in Australia, the advantage is that you are saving time as it would take the same amout of time to process your PM is you were overseas. The disadvantage is that you would be paying more for the application than that if you were in the states.
Option 2: is to wait until your application is processed (depending on the time frame that you were given by the immigration)

As for the health cover, again there are two options:
Take out a health cover here in Austrlia under (overseas health cover) there is a site where u can compare between the different covers, (www.iselect.com.au) and can purchase it online, they are reliable but again it is a little bit more expensive than taking a regular health cover, but considering it would be a temporary step until you apply for the PR.
the second option which I am not sure if it works that you take out a US health cover for overseas.

Hope this helps

Good luck

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3/9/2017 07:28 EST

All the best with pregnancy! I hope all will resolve itself :)

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