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1/26/2012 00:28    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Hello everyone, I am going to be moving to Nassau next month and I was curious what is the best/cheapest way to get cell phone service locally in the Bahamas as well as being able to call/text back to the U.S? With my current cellelar plan in the States the roaming charges are huge. So what would be the best/cheapest way to get cell service in the Bahamas?

Thank You

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1/26/2012 09:50    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Magicjack is the way to go for calling the US. For texting, I use textfree on all my devices as well as my computer (there's an ap for everything now a days). Locally there is only one option, BTC. Most people use a pre-pay cell phone. You can buy the cards on the street or in stores. There are prepayment cards even for your data service. Or you can do a monthly plan (that's what I use for my blackberry). Or you can opt for a home phone. Just remember to suspend your US phone until you are back there or you will pay each month for something that will cost you an arm and a leg to use. If you have more questions, I will help however I can.

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1/26/2012 13:57    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Well for calling the US, I would recommend Vonage or MagicJack (personally I like Vonage better). BTC is the only cellular carrier in the Bahamas (as far as I know?) I have a pre-paid phone through them for when I travel. I recommend buying a blackberry or any other phone in the States that is GSM-unlocked, so that when you get to Nassau you can buy a SIM card for $20. I recommend TextFree as well to text as long as you have the internet on your phone. BTC just got 4G service so if you get a post-paid account you can get the data as well. (I recommend getting post-paid account...seems like I am buying a phone card to re-up my mins every couple of hours when I am there, but I am a text-a-holic also).

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2/14/2012 10:06    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Expect, even withe the 4G network however to have dropped calls here. They have yet to figure out how to address this issue with cellular services. Like the other suggestions, use some other web based phone service. Cable company has cable phones too as part of a monthly plan if your looking for land based phone service. Welcome to the island.

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2/16/2012 16:25    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

yeah i am not a big BTC fan myself, but for cellular service its about the only option, my phone works better international roaming here in missouri than it does in the bahamas, go figure :-)

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