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Son has a job offer in Nassua - many questions

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7/22/2017 18:10 EST

My son received a good job offer in Nassau that requires a response by next week.

They want him there by August 10th.

The company will supply housing for one month, after that he's on his own.

He will have a monthly housing allowance of $1500.00.

Can he rent a furnished one bedroom apartment/condo for in a decent area for $1500 - $1800 a month?

I saw another post where it was said that most rentals require first, last and one month's rent to acquire a lease. Is this accurate?

He is negotiating a moving package at the moment, so this would be helpful to know.

He plans on storing the majority of his belongs stateside - we're in Texas.

Are there durable items he should definitely pack because they are too expensive in Nassau? Sheets, towels, blankets, etc.

How expensive are Scooters? He will need transportation due to late/early hours at work.

Info on cost of car insurance and difficulty of getting a driver's license would also be helpful.

Thank you.

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7/23/2017 10:29 EST

Congratulations to your son!

He should be able to find something in his price range. There is not much in safe areas in that range, but there are a few. What area will he be working in? This may help to determine where he chooses to live, especially if he is working many early and late hours.

Most places would rent furnished, including linens and all kitchen needs.

Most rentals do require first, last and 1 month’s security deposit.

As for Scooters, I have no idea how much they are! In terms of driver’s license, if he already has a US license, he can apply for his Bahamian license once he has his National Insurance # (like a Social Security #).

Car insurance is reasonable here. They do not insure for collision after a vehicle surpasses 5 years.

The cost of living here is rather high, but he would have the tax incentives of not having to be income tax on the first $90K that he makes (I believe – I am not American so do not know the exact amount).

Hope this helps. Please feel free to PM me with any other specific questions.

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7/23/2017 17:47 EST

Thank you for the helpful information.

He will be working at the Baha Mar Resort at a new sushi restaurant they're opening next month. He's a chef.

He's hoping to live somewhat close to work if possible. He has a monthly housing allowance of $1500, so can afford more but would prefer to keep that expense to an out of pocket minimum if possible.

Because of the high rates of night time crime we've seen reported, being in a safe neighborhood/complex is rather important to him.

Any suggestions of good areas nearby or ones to avoid would be greatly appreciated.

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7/23/2017 20:38 EST

There are a handful of places BahaMar and west that would likely suit his needs. I would not recommend living further east if he is working late nights - too much exposure to additional risk that is not necessary. Given that he has accommodations for his first month, it will give him a chance to connect with others already living here and give him a chance to check out everything west of BahaMar. There are definitely options that would be good for him.

As for transportation, given that he is at BahaMar, if he lives along Cable Beach and west, the buses going TO work will likely work, but yes, a scooter or car may really help for the late night trips home.

Be sure to use Google Earth to look at anything that he finds. Feel free to PM me with more specific questions. Given that he has a monthly housing allowance, he can definitely find something in the $1500 - $2000 range, and there are some properties available at less.

Hope he enjoys and does well!

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8/3/2017 07:58 EST

I lived in Nassau for about 6 months and this is my input:
- very expensive. 4 rolls of toilet paper were like 7 dollars.
-get an apt in a gated community or bldg.
- west side is nicer and feels safer.
- Do your homework and take every expense into account. Again very expensive.
- Crime rate has gone up. Be careful.
Good luck. Its a beautiful country with beautiful people.

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8/3/2017 09:37 EST

Keep in mind that while the cost of living is quite high, for US citizens, the first 90K (or so - I'm not sure as I am not a US citizen) is income tax free! This is huge. If you are a single person living and working here, this could be an opportunity to save some money, especially if you have a living allowance to offset these costs.

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