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moving to Dhaka from Mumbai, India

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10/3/2014 02:05 EST

hi all,

My husband is being transferred to Dhaka in December 2014. My 4 year old son and I will be coming along. I'm a bit concerned/ curious about moving here from Mumbai, India, (even though I'm sure Dhaka is not much different from Mumbai in terms of its population and living conditions).

I have a few questions and would be eternally grateful for some answers!

school : could someone recommend a good international school for my son

residential areas + rental:
what is a safe, good, centrally located residential area to live in? With a park nearby where my son can play and a hospital not too far.
What is the going rental rate for an unfurnished 3bhk ?

water and electricity:
is it true that there are 3 hour power cuts on a daily basis or is it a myth?
is water shortage common?

does the city have good healthcare?
does anyone have any recommendations for a good Pediatrician and general physician/ family doctor.

please do write in with pros and cons! I find it always helps to be fully-equipped :)


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10/4/2014 09:11 EST

Dhaka is not as developed as a big Indian city. In a way you are thinking right that many living conditions and population is similar, but you could feel even more restricted w food and opportunities in Dhaka .
The American school is an excellent choice. You have a good small clinic in the school ( if still the case, as I have left Dhaka 2 years ago) . Hospitals are acceptable . Try united hospital. You should live in Gulshan or Baridhara the usual expat residential areas. Re parks ,I think you need to give up this myth as in Dhaka it is more suitable to be in the
Clubs : the Nordic , American, German , international.
It was lots of constructions at the time and not walking friendly .
I cannot remember the rent in details ,as the company which hired me paid for it ,but it was at the time about 1500 eur for 3 bedroom apt in Gulshan road 79 ,good condition. But rents kept rising ,I remember .
As in India ,the country functions on generators. check if there's one in your building. Usually there are ,in the above mentioned areas .
We lived in Dhaka 2 years with 2 kids : one elementary school and one middle school . Dhaka can drive you nuts at times, but we had good social life there. People stick together at the clubs .You may not find all the food and western things you want , tough poor places all around, but there are plenty of good experiences as well. The people are warm and from my experience more reliable than what I have experienced in India .
We did not have issues with water .

All the best and do let me know if I could help more


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10/5/2014 23:35 EST

Thanks very much Dana. You've helped me get some sort of perspective. I'm guessing my apprehension Will die down once we actually move and start getting settled. My main concern is my sons schooling. Other than that everything else can be adapted to.

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7/8/2015 17:10 EST

I think I can help you out but depends. I live in west - have a pretty duplex equipped secured in Banani nearby diplomatic zone- only would rent it out to foreign expat, preferably diplomatic staff for residential purpose only. Details can be discussed if matter can take ahead. If you still need drop me line.

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7/8/2015 17:16 EST

Hi Dana
I was went through your lines - no doubt that you tried to empty your tank to help others. Can you make suggestion or help me to rent my beautiful vacant duplex situated in leafy green Banani nearby Diplomatic zone to rent out to expat. I am a Brit live work in EU.

Sabour London

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1/23/2017 01:51 EST

Hi, I can help with some of your queries regarding Bangladesh, Schooling has surely improved soo much now in Bangladesh. There are many of the Internation and good English medium schools now present in Bangladesh. There is a link for the list of good schools: https://schooling24.blogspot.in/2013/06/top-12-english-medium-schools-in.html

The hospitals and healthcare have also improved with the growth of the country, There are many of the qualified doctors and hospitals around. Every area has some or the other.

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1/30/2017 01:45 EST

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3/19/2017 04:19 EST

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If you are and expat and if you know any expats who are working in Bangladesh, i would really appreciate if you could share their contact with me and i will liaise with them directly. If you can please share this around too

thank you and hope to hear from you

Jon ??
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5 Tips For Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Expats in Dhaka, Bangladesh live in a developing nation, yet a city that is also home to a significant part of the nation's technology, industrial and financial base. Some of the sites are beautiful, yet the poverty is also difficult for some to see over an extended period of time.

Expats in Dhaka, Bangladesh live in a developing nation, yet a city that is also home to a significant part of the nation's technology, industrial and financial base. Some of the sites are beautiful,...

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