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Belgium is good for Africans

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12/29/2015 08:57 EST

Europe is good choice for citizens of Eritrea, where people are just being exploited by authorities as sort of slaves! I also faced there the "nice perspective" of being enrolled into the army for 10-15 years! I was really lucky to flee Eritrea and now I'm living in Belgium where I'm really happy having a well-paid job to keep my wife and two kids. In this country they appreciate strong and good natured men from Africa especially those having some skills in construction sphere speaking English fluently. If You fit the criteria you may well try your luck here.

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1/3/2016 11:24 EST


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8/14/2016 11:44 EST

Nice to know you feel that way about it. I heard that Belgium is NOT good for people with brown skin who are NOT Africans, not African-descended, just native Aboriginals of North or South America who people think "look African." I'm Red Indian and I'm not looking to be treated like an entire ethnicity that I'm not, so there's that. I heard that also France is pretty "good" for North Africans only in that some of those countries being former French colonies, are already citizens of France so France can't turn them away. I'm told that they don't get treated all that well, though. I applied for PhD programs in pretty much every university in Wallonia and Brussels that had one in Mathematical Physics, so what I'm looking for is to be taken seriously in that field even though I have brown skin and am female (which is NOT happening in the USA so don't even suggest that. I was born in CANADA lest you jump down my throat with "you're an American!" as people tend to do...and Canada is no better, either).
So, then, if Belgium is "good" for Africans it won't be good for people with similar colouring who are NOT Africans. But France won't be either.

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10/13/2016 14:52 EST

Hi Im from Africa as well and like to relocate to Belgium, any suggestions on where to start looking for a job? Its urgent! Please mail me campbellkarine@yahoo.com

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3/25/2017 17:59 EST

HI, how are you doing now? Have you found a position in Belgium?
Belgium is very open-minded and people are not being discriminated based on their skin or their origin. I know of several Mexican girls, who have done a PhD in Belgium, and have been offered jobs with local companies. However, in Belgium language skills, work ethic and references are very important to land a job. Do not despair! If you speak English and you are motivated and skilled, you have a good chance of landing a job in Belgium. However, there has been a gradual increase in job applications from abroad, and competition is really hard. That does not mean Belgian companies/universities discriminate.

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