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If you are going to move to Belize, post a message below to connect with expatriates already living in Belize City or other cities in the country. Find information about the average cost of living in Belize for expats, how to retire Belize and more.

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no new messages bobbyveee Gude to Florida - Forget Belize! (12) DFil 7/25/2016 9:25 PM
no new messages pets (3) heidistock 7/25/2016 8:00 PM
no new messages coming to Corozal (25) coach2016 7/25/2016 5:07 PM
no new messages Move (0) msevin 7/25/2016 3:14 PM
no new messages A 6 month experience (12) Stuie36 7/25/2016 2:23 PM
no new messages Woot!! Back to Hopkins (7) Sittee4Boat 7/25/2016 12:19 PM
no new messages Where Oh Where To Move (10) timsjungle 7/25/2016 8:01 AM
no new messages Surveyor (2) CharlesJan 7/25/2016 7:55 AM
no new messages Chiropractors in Belize? (2) purplekarma 7/24/2016 3:38 PM
no new messages Retirement Requirements or Why I shose Sittee River (10) DFil 7/24/2016 3:37 PM
no new messages Living in Belize City (2) Quinnlaurie 7/24/2016 7:23 AM
no new messages Somebody said: Florida is safer than Belize! (2) DFil 7/23/2016 11:23 PM
no new messages what is the Free Trade Zone (2) jsephinflorida 7/23/2016 8:47 PM
no new messages Lessons Learned? (1) purplekarma 7/23/2016 5:55 PM
no new messages Nurse considering move (10) Nikkey 7/22/2016 2:20 PM
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