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From: Cape Verde
11/7/2006 01:44 EST

Hello everyone

I have been searching sites in the hope of finding out what the laws are regarding immigrating to Bermuda (we are retirees).

My son-in-law will be coming into a great deal of money within a couple of months, following a large injury lawsuit. He is permanently disabled so won't be working. His family consists of wife, 4 children (2, 9, 14, 15). My husband are also thinking of coming with them, and we are quite well off too.

Can we buy property on the island? If so, what would a large 5-6 bedroom cost? I realise cost of living is high but that won't be a problem.

Is the schooling good for the children? I see there is a limit of 2 children, but if the parents are wealthy, would this be a problem?

Any help you can give would be appreciated. We are all looking to retire to sun and sea, and Bermuda seems perfect. What are the drawbacks?

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From: Bermuda
11/14/2006 09:25 EST

Yes you can buy property but you have to apply to government for a license and you are limited to availability as you can only buy from a non-Bermudian.

Email me directly and I'll give you more information:


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2/14/2008 07:41 EST

Bermuda changed the immigration law since 1989 August and the immigration to Bermuda is no longer allowed, no matter how rich you are!

The only way to get a status is to marry with a local Bermudian, and wait for 10 years to become a long term resident (LTR).

Also, LTR is not allowed to buy the house on the island, as LTR is not Bermuda citizen. Non-Bermudian can only buy the house from non-Bermudian and the price should be USD2.3M and above (in 2006). Before buying the house, you have to get a license from government etc.

check from e-moo for the buying/renting information.

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2/14/2008 07:46 EST

Regarding to the school, your children can only stuyd in private school as they are not Bermudians. The tuition fee is around USD15K per year.

No limitation on no. of children. However, not many activities for the children due to the small size of the island.

Don't expect any fresh vegetable in the supermarkets, all are canned food. You have to buy the fresh from the farm and super expensive!

If you are looking for sunshine and beach, I suggest you to pick CA, but not Bermuda. All the shops close at 5pm and whole day on Sunday and public holidays.

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4/24/2008 22:18 EST

You simply cannot do what you are proposing without tons of money and nobody will be able to work. 5-6 BR houses will be about $5M each. I think if you buy property (only a small portion of the most expensive property which foreigners are eligible to buy), you can live there but then you still have to apply for work permits for anyone that wants to work. I would be amazed if your whole lot are able to move here.

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5/15/2013 12:33 EST

This is ridiculous. All the supermarkets have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. (Miles Market in Hamilton, which is like Whole Foods, and Lindo's are the best.) There are plenty of activities for kids — many outdoors. All shops do not close at 5 p.m. though Sundays can be challenging if you're not prepared in advance.

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