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1/29/2017 17:43 EST

Hello fellow expats :)

I'm fairly new to Bermuda (only moved a few months ago from the US) and can understand how tough it may be to adjust to a new place, with a different culture and lifestyle, especially if you have questions or struggles along the way. Its always more fun when you get to meet other expats that are going through or have recently gone through the same. I don't think this ExpatExchange page organizes events, but I've discovered the following community (back when I was living in NY) that also has a Bermuda chapter. Their next event is coming up on February 23rd - hope to see you there and hear about your move to Bermuda!

The more the merrier :)

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1/29/2017 18:11 EST

Hello from an Ex-Pat American:

While living in Bermuda (I have since returned to the States) I found it very difficult to meet other ex-Pats.


1. The American Club organizes events around U.S. holidays, and I believe it welcomes ex-pats from other countries;

2. The International Women's Club (IWC) (a.k.a. Rich Husband's Club (RHC)) welcomes women of all ages from all countries. The IWC sponsors many events and is involved in philanthropic activities. It is a great group if you don't have to work and have a lot of time and money on your hands.

3. The Bermuda Music and Drama Society (BMDS), is fantastic if you are artistic or creative. BMDS was my life line to sanity on many a lonely night on this dark island. BMDS sponsors many social events. You don't have to be talented in the arts, but it helps. I highly recommend this organization.

All of these clubs are Google-able.

Good luck!

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1/29/2017 19:16 EST

Thank you so much :) The only one I haven't heard about is the American Club...or perhaps I have, just never about any events that they organize. I'll do some more research. I'll also look again into BMDS, if you say that artistic talent is not a prerequisite :)

As for the IWC, I am not able to get to most of their events as they happen during the day, on weekdays and I work full time. Its much easier for me to attend events later at night or on the weekends. In fact, I was a bit surprised at the beginning that the island gets sleepy Saturday nights / Sundays, as those are the days I'm actually ready to do things and explore! :)

Hope you are enjoying life back in the States.

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1/29/2017 21:47 EST

Yep. The island life is not conducive to the single life as it pretty much closes at 6:00 PM week days and is also dead on Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the bars on Front Street which after a week are boring. Hang in, and know it's not you if you are not meeting people. What you are experiencing is normal. Best of luck to you!

Oh, join a church - Christ Church of Scotland in Warwick is wonderful .

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5/24/2017 05:27 EST

I second the BMDS recommendation. Just go in to the bar one day and ask for a membership form. The barman was willing to sponsor my membership application. I went in there once or twice a week for cheap drinks and some friendly conversation.

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