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beyond the initial 3 month tourist visa

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9/1/2017 07:52 EST


I was wondering what visa/immigration barriers there might be should I, after the initial 1-3 months of visiting Bulgaria, decide to extend my stay - possibly for another 3 months or longer, even.

Is there any advice from British citizens regarding this?

One reason is the rentals are typically long-term, it seems (minimum 6mnths), and the airbnb options are a little out of my budget or are booked up. Seems to me there is a bit of a gap in the middle so I'd like to hear from anyone with any advice on this, speaking personally or otherwise.

Has anyone visited for 3 months and then decided to stay longer?

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9/2/2017 02:23 EST

Hi, again!

We were here for over a year before we applied for our Long Term Residency and this appears to be quite a common phenomena. As passports are no longer stamped between EU countries there is no immediate evidence as to when you arrived. We didn't do this purposefully we were A) busy hitting the ground running and B) fannying around worrying about a very easy process. It took a blow by blow account of the process posted by another ex pat applying for Long Term Residency that spurred us into action. If you do eventually decide to apply for long term residency (Lichna Karta) the expiry date of your passport and EHIC will determine the length of the Lichna Karta issued. So if you have, for example 8 years on your passport but 18 months on your EHIC card then the Lichna Karta will be issued for 18 months.

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