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College Student Wanting to Move

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8/8/2017 13:27 EST

Hi, I'm a sophomore in college becoming a junior. I have been to Canada a couple of times and I just fell in love with the country. I've been to Ontario and Quebec. My plan after college was to move abroad, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm originally from Colombia and grew up in Atlanta. I speak, read, and write fluently English and Spanish. I will be graduating with an BBA in Management Information Systems. Would there be any use to my degree in Canada in the Ontario area? When should I start the application? Anything I should know? Any advice to a young fellow, Recommend me doing anything, really mainly looking for advice and to be point in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

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8/8/2017 14:16 EST

Canada is a wonderful place. Go to the Canada immigration website, I believe they have lists of 'in demand' jobs there. Plus you can go to job search sites like INDEED Canada, etc to see what is up there. Craigslist is a good source for jobs and everything else too.
I visited Toronto last Sept and loved it too. Afraid of the horrible winters though. Vancouver is a lot warmer all year round. The east coast is beautiful off season but must be HORRIBLE in the winter.
The other problem I see with Canada's big cities is that there is NO way you can afford to buy your own place. A house near Toronto begins at over a MILLION USD. Vancouver is worse. BIG negative. IF you think you can end up earning a couple thousand dollars per year, you might be ok.
One other option is to live in Point Roberts WA. That is a small piece of land attached to Vancouver. You have to go through Canada to get there or take a long boat ride from the Washington coast. Houses there are more seasonal and not so expensive. Problem is that you still can't work in Vancouver unless you become a Canadian, but you can't do that unless you LIVE in Canada, catch 22. Find yourself a nice Canadian girl and get in that way. Vancouver has a bunch of Latinos living there ; Brasilians, etc. Good luck

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8/14/2017 19:08 EST

Hi there,
I just moved to Vancouver for school. Getting a degree in Canada seems to be a shortcut for staying. Wish you all the best!

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8/14/2017 19:12 EST

Hi there,
I just moved to Vancouver for school. Getting a degree in Canada seems to be a shortcut for staying. Wish you all the best!

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8/17/2017 02:22 EST

Funny, I'm a Canadian spending every spare moment in Colombia. lol.

I don't have much advice for you that hasn't already been given. Check out the Government immigration website and see what paths are open to you. With an advanced degree, it's pretty easy to get in. With a bachelors, it's harder but still quite possible.

I have to agree with OutOfHereUSA about the real estate prices. They're crazy. The challenge with a place like Point Roberts is even if you do find yourself legally able to work in Canada somehow, it's a hell of a commute unless you get work in Tsawwassen or somewhere close. Work for people with your degree is much more likely to be in Vancouver proper or maybe Burnaby which is a really awful commute. Much better if you are willing to live in a smaller city and avoid Vancouver and Toronto completely.

Oh, one final thought: I'd avoid most "agencies". Immigrating to Canada legally is relatively straightforward and a guy with your degree can obviously read a website for content and start the process without going into huge debt to some agency for doing the same thing.

Best of luck!


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8/25/2017 03:16 EST

Do you know French? Try to get PR in Canada

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