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Need Some Tips on Moving to Ontario

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9/21/2017 11:30 EST

Hello, my name is Robert Glenn and I was looking for some tips from people who have moved from Michigan to Ontario about how I can move to Canada by becoming eligible fro a VISA and if Canada is worth moving to.

In terms of plans and experience I am a student in Trade School within a Retail Program. I am studying for my Driver's License and attempting to find Community Colleges to apply to so that I can get my associates. I am also trying to find ways to become eligible for a VISA by either doing an apprenticeship or finding a company that can take care of me.

My interest is that I want to work as a Freelancer Artist, and also to use Retail and Grocery Business as a way to achieve an income for money to sustain myself.

So now that introductions are just about done, any things I should know about or add to my plan currently?

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9/21/2017 13:56 EST

Robert, you sound like a good kid. As a Canadian, my guess is you'd be an asset to our nation. This said, it's going to be very hard for you given your current plan. Canada focuses its immigration priorities on people who meet specific needs we have. Needs that aren't being filled by Canadians currently. Unfortunately, freelancer artists and grocery/retail people are not among those needs. We have lots of those, especially the former, and they starve up here just like they do down there.

There is a lot of information online about what those needs are and which occupations qualify. I would stick to the Government of Canada official sites (ending in .gc.ca). Most other sites are just trying to sell you their services.

A more realistic plan would be to try to complete your education in the US (in one of the qualifying fields, not as a freelancer artist) and then apply.

As to whether it's worth it, all I can give you is my opinion: absolutely yes. Best of luck to you.

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9/21/2017 14:27 EST

Thank you! I was hoping to get some more insight on things since I did have a plan but wasn't entirely sure on a few things as of the moment.

Even though I am aware of my current education, I do however, hold one question. I have heard that people who are official citizens of Michigan and New York have an easier time getting into Canada (especially into Ontario) due to being closer to it. I heard it was a partnership of sorts, but I'm not entirely sure about the specifics since all I have heard regarding the subject was vague mentioning of it from an instructor. Would you or anyone else perhaps know more about that or if this is to be true?

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9/21/2017 14:41 EST


I don't believe that's correct about Michigan/NY residents getting preferential treatment. I certainly have never heard of such a thing. I am no expert in this area, though.

One thing you might want to investigate is a TN visa. This is part of NAFTA which lets citizens of one country work in the others for up to 3 years, and which can be renewed indefinitely. Again, however, the list of approved professions is quite small. You will find it towards the end of that link. Most require an undergrad degree.


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9/21/2017 14:52 EST

Oh boy...Looks fun.

Seems that has been backed up a bit. So I suppose this may be a bit harder than I hoped. Though I am still looking into things. Thank you for the help, and I will be sure to see what other openings make themselves apparent.

But now for some other questions. How is it like in Canada, any specifics or differences here than the states? What are some benefits and setbacks I would get there and not here? Sorry if I sound like I'm interrogating you.

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9/23/2017 15:20 EST

Well, let's see.

It's cold in Canada, obviously. Winter is crappy for about 4 months a year and cool for another 2, then you get 6 months of good weather of which 3 may be a bit too warm. On the west coast where I've lived most of my life in Canada, it doesn't get cold but it rains a lot in winter.

It's socialist here and we like it that way. There's a sense of shared responsibility, which means that when someone gets sick, we all agree to chip in to help pay for their medical bills. We don't care if that's not very capitalist. This general attitude pervades our whole society.

Same for gun rights. Nobody cares about them. Actually we do care in that we want to take them away from as many people as possible. We don't care if that means some guy has less freedom to own a gun. We feel our freedom to not be shot is more important.

Same for freedom of speech. If you want to say things that are highly controversial, or insult people because of their race or other things, you'll get in criminal trouble here. There is no first amendment, and freedom of speech has limits here.

As a result, this is a very peaceful society with very little desperation among its citizens, but it is definitely not a "free" society the way the US is. We have exchanged some personal freedoms for greater safety and greater peace.

I like it that way, but many Americans do not. Choose as you will.


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9/28/2017 14:35 EST

Hm, so nothing out of the ordinary, or atleast nothing I didn't know of before. Seems like this is exactly as I expected it, a peaceful, quiet and overall calm society.

Which is mostly what I was hoping for since America for me has been pretty stressful and kind of selfish in it's build. But thankfully I do have something to go to if I don't feel I fit here. Anyways, thank you for your time in helping me stay informed!

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